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Subject: There is currently a cookie issue on the W6RK spotting site if you use email alerts (more)

Message: The editalert.php pages appear not to be allowing you to log in and is causing some kine of cookie issue in browsers. If you try and log in to one of these pages you will likely be unsuccessful and your browser will also stop displaying the main spotting page on

The fix for this is to delete all cookies for the site and the main spotting page will become displayable again. Obviously, don't try and log into the editalert.php pages until they are working again.

I have a communication with Risto open about the issue, but I only discovered it on Friday evening and it is, ater all, the weekend, so my guess is that we will have to live with this through at least Monday.

Call: K2MF 7/12/2020

Email direct response to

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