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N8HAM Ran all KS. He Received #33 on 30 September 2018 AB7RW 11/19/2018
Many congratulations Jim! K2MF 11/20/2018
Congratulations KC3X 11/20/2018
Congrat's! WG6X 11/19/2018
Congrat's! WG6X 11/19/2018

KC3X, Hollis needs ONE county for Mobile Diamond award... HOKE, NC.... Come... AE3Z 11/19/2018

N8HAM Ran All IL. He received #32 on21 September 2018 AB7RW 11/19/2018
Many congratulations, Jim! K2MF 11/20/2018
Congrat's! WG6X 11/19/2018

And Then There Were Two N1API 11/16/2018
I got my USACA in '95, but still need 90 for BINGO . . . dang W5GND 11/17/2018
Anything in NE TN, NW NC, or SW VA??? WA4UNS 11/18/2018
5 to go for Bingo here. N9JF 11/17/2018
And then there was ONE -- Coos, OR NFN 11/16/2018
Coos is one of hte few I need for platinum... KA9JAC 11/16/2018
Coos, that the county on a curve in road & hit a broken limb lost antenna. WG6X 11/17/2018
I'm still sitting at 8 to go for BINGO... WYA 11/16/2018

K7SEN earned 250 Last Counties. He received #95 on October 30, 2018 AB7RW 11/15/2018
Congrats.. K8ZZ 11/17/2018
Congratulations KC3X 11/17/2018
Congratulations Neil! K5GE 11/17/2018
Congrats Neil. N8HAM 11/16/2018
Many congratulations, Neil! K2MF 11/16/2018
Congratulations!!!!!!!! WA4UNS 11/15/2018
Congrat! WG6X 11/15/2018
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 11/15/2018

AB7NK earned 800 Last Counties. She received #19 on 22 October 2018 AB7RW 11/15/2018
Well done Mary, Congratulations KC3X 11/20/2018
Congratulations Mary! K5GE 11/17/2018
Congrats.. K8ZZ 11/16/2018
Wow! N8OYY 11/16/2018
Congrats Mary. N8HAM 11/16/2018
Many congratulations, Mary! K2MF 11/16/2018
Congrat's on keep doing the work. WG6X 11/15/2018
Congrat's on keep doing the work. WG6X 11/15/2018
Congrat's on keep doing the work. WG6X 11/15/2018
Congratuations, N9QPQ & AA9JJ 11/15/2018
Congratulations!!!!!!!! WA4UNS 11/15/2018

Well... so much for that... (more) WA4UNS 11/15/2018
Just a clarification... these units ARE fully functional... except... (more) WA4UNS 11/15/2018
These two units are now for sale... (more) WA4UNS 11/15/2018
good luck. Did you report the seller directly to ebay? more KA9JAC 11/17/2018

charter spectrum email print problem more K9MIX 11/15/2018
Happenson ie but not crome K9MIX 11/15/2018
Try right click on the email and you should get a choice with "Print" being one. Left click on " Pri WB4FFV 11/16/2018
right click on "Print". That might work. WB4FFV 11/16/2018
I messed up, once print comes up ,left click and that might work. WB4FFV 11/16/2018

AK4N - Grady Robinson USA-CA #175 became a Silent Key on September 17th, 2018... K2MF 11/15/2018
Always sad to hear the passing of our CH'ers: Rest in Peace! WG6X 11/15/2018

AA9GZ - Bob Schrader became a Silent Key on November 9th, 2018... KA9JAC 11/13/2018
Sorry to hear the sad news,. Rest in Peace Robert! WG6X 11/14/2018

Garmin - county line maps? N8OYY 11/13/2018
A few years ago I purchased a new Garmin Nuvi 68 and it does accommodate (more) K2MF 11/15/2018
I have nuvi 2595's and county lines work just fine on them.. WYA 11/14/2018
My bad... Overlooked the fact N8OYY was looking to buy new... WYA 11/14/2018

My Kentucky trip N8OYY 11/13/2018
Thanks for my last 2 in KY (3rd Time around). :) :) K2MF 11/14/2018
Thanks for my last 2 in KY (2nd Time around). :) W8OP 11/13/2018
Many tnx for all the SSB contacts.. K8ZZ 11/13/2018
Interesting part is..... N8OYY 11/13/2018
Too funny.. K8ZZ 11/13/2018

CW NETS K7INA 11/12/2018
Thanks, Russ! W4SIG 11/14/2018
I will ID each 15 mins when I am able. K7INA 11/12/2018

Down to 600 stars needed for star XX N8KIE 11/11/2018
I need 287 N8OYY 11/11/2018
Down to 294 for XX K4YT 11/11/2018
total stars not counties 130 counties N8KIE 11/11/2018
Need 124 myself but I don't think I will ever finish the award. KC3X 11/11/2018
Great Bob, go get them. Need 1035 to go here. WQ7A 11/11/2018
Doing great Bob, only 1341 left here. NFN 11/11/2018
The last 1 % are tough N8KIE 11/11/2018

Happy Veterans Day to all our vets! WG6X 11/11/2018
Thank you... RM2 US Navy 1969-1973... 50 years with Navy-Marine Corps MARS WA4UNS 11/12/2018
Thanks to all who served! USN 1965 -1969 N1API 11/12/2018
US NAVY 1959-1979, Retired RMCS - E8 Radioman WB4KZW 11/12/2018
US NAVY 1947-1955 WDFK 11/12/2018
USAF 1966-1988 Aim high. K7VAY 11/12/2018
HAPPY VET DAY MSGT USAF 14 Years Active & Guard K4AMC 11/12/2018
Thank you to each and everyone of you for your service! K2MF 11/12/2018
US Air Force 1955-1958 AA9JJ 11/11/2018
Thanks to All...CMSgt N8MD 1967-1994 N8MD 11/11/2018
USN CPO Retired 1956-1975 WG6X 11/11/2018
USAF 60 - 64 USCG 74 - 86 KC7YE 11/11/2018
Happy Veterans Day to all who served in the Military K4YT 11/11/2018
ARMY NATIONAL GUARD 1960-1966 KDEQ 11/11/2018
Army National Guard 1965-1971 NA8W 11/11/2018
US Navy (1960-1964) WA3QNT 11/11/2018
US Air Force 1960 - 1966 K8ZZ 11/11/2018
USMC 1957-1963 KD5YUK 11/11/2018
Thanks Ray, USA 58-64. W7FEN 11/11/2018
Thanks Ray! USAF 59-84 WGXQ 11/11/2018
US NAVY N4RS 11/11/2018
US Navy 1973-1975 KBBA 11/11/2018
Same to you Ray... (RMC 1955-1978) AE3Z 11/11/2018
Yes Happy Vets Day from SSG K9MIX USAF 1962-1969 K9MIX 11/11/2018
Thanks for the card Ray. US Army 1964-1968 KC3X 11/11/2018
Thanks to all our Vets... USMC '73-'77 WYA 11/11/2018

Logger Updates K8QWY 11/10/2018

something wrong with logger, or my two computers???? K9MIX 11/10/2018
Tried 3 times to get the new version-no luck! Godt a code 740 "Requires elevation" each time K4XI 11/10/2018
Elevation KK7X 11/10/2018
Dennis- Tks a million - your fix did it!! Got a detail plan for next time!! K4XI 11/11/2018
There must be a better update procedure. It is really techinical and unnecessary and hard to repeat K4XI 11/10/2018
It might be more helpfull if you tell what the issue is. KA9JAC 11/10/2018
MAYBE N4RS 11/10/2018
The latest logger is working just fine here. KC3X 11/10/2018

W0AIH SK (more) WEAR 11/7/2018
Sad to hear - RIP Paul 73 BCNU agn - worked him or his operators many times WE7G 11/9/2018
RIP, Paul, he was probably in my logs over 50 times in the past decades. K8OOK 11/8/2018
RIP es 73 PAUL K9MIX 11/8/2018
W0AIH N9JF 11/7/2018

As you will note when we post the agenda for Monday's meeting (more) KA2LHO 11/7/2018
BOD Meeting Agenda K4EXT 11/9/2018
Agenda is posted on the MARAC homepage KA9JAC 11/8/2018
Tnx Bob.. K8ZZ 11/9/2018
Thanks KA2LHO 11/9/2018

New computer drive K8QWY 11/6/2018
I switched to a SSD a while back. Made a great difference in speed. WQ7A 11/6/2018

(Peter, Paul & Mary)... Where have all the mobiles gone... long time passing... WA4UNS 11/5/2018
PP&M N4CD 11/8/2018
PP&M N4CD 11/6/2018
Long time ago . . . W5GND 11/6/2018
We saw P,P&M in person at WA state fair just before Mary passed. KC7YE 11/6/2018
I saw them there as well KK7X 11/6/2018
Puyallup ! KC7YE 11/7/2018

Logger Ver 5117 K8QWY 11/4/2018
KD9ZP has released 5119 to fix this and other bugs. WQ7A 11/5/2018
Maybe thats why the TopList numbers are so out of wack N6PDB 11/5/2018
Reported to KD9ZP WQ7A 11/5/2018
Same problem with book not calculating WYA 11/4/2018
I reverted back to a prior version and it worked ok. NA8W 11/4/2018
Try contacting K8EMS for Logger help W4SIG 11/4/2018

Logger Ver 5117 K8QWY 11/4/2018

I believe it is only common curtesy when forwarding an email to other W7FEN 11/4/2018
Should read email address sent to strangers to me. W7FEN 11/4/2018
No me, but it could have been a mistake by accident. Yes not a good idea or smart thing to do. WG6X 11/4/2018

November 2018 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 11/4/2018
Another great job Barry, and congratulations to K5GE for moving to the top! WGXQ 11/4/2018

Question-is any body listening to 20 CW? Heading to west coast next couple of weeks, thinking of put KB6UF 11/3/2018
I, try to monitor 7056.5, 10124.5 & 14056.5 keeping my TS590 on quick-scan W5GND 11/5/2018
I try to monitor both 20 and 40, but not 7188 in the west N6PDB 11/4/2018
Right up to nov 18 when I pack up for the winter N8KIE 11/4/2018
All ears- hope I can hear you from Fl - K4XI 11/3/2018
Will listen for you Ron, tnx... K8ZZ 11/3/2018
Will have the radio tuned to 14056.5 KC3X 11/3/2018
20 cw (more) K5KDG 11/3/2018
yep, i stil lneed many counties for first time K9MIX 11/3/2018
Should have said car at end of sentence. My bad KB6UF 11/3/2018

Ok... We just went over to the dark side... (more) WA4UNS 11/2/2018
I tried the Internet connection to w6rk via my wifi... worked great... tnx all WA4UNS 11/5/2018
I have W6RK as a page on my iPhone can check & send spots directly w/coverage of course WE7G 11/3/2018
Emails sent to UNS and MIX. Should be able to get them set up this weekend. Thanks for (more) KA2LHO 11/2/2018
Talk to KA2LHO N9JF 11/2/2018
Yup-should work on any device with a web browser and Internet KA2LHO 11/2/2018
My wife spots me when on our trips using her Android just fine. WQ7A 11/2/2018
I used KA2LHO app to log my runs to the convention and back. Works Great! KC3X 11/2/2018
I need the same thing (more) K9MIX 11/2/2018
KA2LHO app works on any device. Uses your browser. We use in on Android and IPhone WQ7A 11/2/2018
Yup have used it on my desktop and spotted N9JF in some places where he had text (more) KA2LHO 11/2/2018
Why not go to Google,to W6RK and list it as a frequent! Worked for me! What am I missing? K4XI 11/2/2018
Sorry, did not know it had a logging feature, thought you were just trying for W6RK K4XI 11/3/2018
Thanks Terry... I'll check it out WA4UNS 11/2/2018

KD8DD - Mike Keely became a Silent Key on September 28, 2018 KA9JAC 10/31/2018
Had the pleasure of meeting Mike one fall when NN9K had made a trip to CO(more W7FEN 10/31/2018
I will miss my friend Mike (more) WGXQ 10/31/2018
Great QRP CW op.. RIP.. dit dit K8ZZ 10/31/2018
Formerly WU3H WA4UNS 10/31/2018
Sad to hear of another pasting of a CH'er: Rest in Peace Mike! WG6X 10/31/2018

Looks like AB7NK is headed west on the freeway headed home? N8KIE 10/30/2018

What's wrong with latest logger won't load ?? KD5YUK 10/30/2018
never mind--but still flaky.. KD5YUK 10/30/2018

Tnx Mary and Neil for trying to give me Ousley, KY. No Joy! Still need 14 for 1st CA KMAF 10/29/2018

SSB must not be for me . . . W5GND 10/28/2018
Relays WYA 10/29/2018
Butch, you do a great job with relays. Thanks for ... W4SIG 10/30/2018
Left freq before i heard assistant net, my apologies to WY0A W5GND 10/29/2018
Conditions on 40 meters is horrendous...!! Don't blame the operators....! AE3Z 10/28/2018
Poor prop does not explain why the SSB NCS of the ... W4SIG 10/29/2018
No, not the mobile operators . . . we're all doing the best we can . . . W5GND 10/28/2018
Some of us don't have the time to stop and run cw while mobile or the cw skills N8KIE 10/28/2018
40m ssb works N4CD 10/28/2018
Hard to do on CQWW weekend N8KIE 10/28/2018

Logger N4RS 10/28/2018
You simply have to know what you need and look when you log your mobile run to see if it scored N8KIE 10/28/2018
in the summation of any run it will show what you got self-credit for N8KIE 10/28/2018

Day trip to run 2 Parks. KFF 2345 and KFF 2353. Wabaunsee Geary Clay Riley Pottawatomie K8ZZ 10/28/2018

MARAC archives have been returned to the historian, K4EXT. (more) AB7NK 10/27/2018
Excellent job by Mary & Mike with the presentation! NM1G 10/28/2018
The presentation of data was outstanding! Thanks for the hard work! WGXQ 10/28/2018
Viewing the material at the convention was a real treat! (more) K2MF 10/28/2018
Really enjoyed looking over all the treasures in t... W4SIG 10/27/2018
Tnx again Mary, AB7NK, and Mike, NF0N, for your efforts in a 5 star Historic display.. K8ZZ 10/27/2018
Thank you guys for a fantastic convention. KC3X 10/27/2018

Just did a "look-up" of my cellphone number on internet.... Guess what....? AE3Z 10/27/2018
Notify the sec NM1G 10/28/2018
Notify the secretary or your director and they will see that your info is deleted. NM1G 10/28/2018
I don't want it deleted from MARAC... Every one who is a member of MARAC..... AE3Z 10/28/2018

Tri-county lines just wondering K9MIX 10/26/2018
Many years ago when..... KA3DRO 11/1/2018
every qso party is different N4CD 10/26/2018
Some of the QSO parties only require you to be . More NA8W 10/26/2018
You can only use what is "legal" with MARAC rules.... Pick two.... AE3Z 10/26/2018
Don't just pick two!! - read the QSO Party rules. Many do not require the mobile - - N2JNE 10/28/2018
Sorry Charlie, "We" have to go by MARAC Awards rules... Not some state qso party rules....! AE3Z 10/28/2018

November County Hunter News N4CD 10/26/2018
Thanks for another great issue Bob! WGXQ 10/28/2018
Thanks for all the pictures (more) K9MIX 10/26/2018

The Sky is Going to Fall N4RS 10/24/2018

test K9MIX 10/22/2018
Does not cmpute. End of test...Hee! WG6X 10/23/2018

I was notified early this morning that Larry Lowe, KE9CA has become SK. WQ7A 10/22/2018
Aw, so sorry to hear of Larry's passing. WA3QNT 10/23/2018
Larry Info KA9JAC 10/23/2018
Sorry to hear this. Larry was a fun guy to be around. RIP Larry. KC3X 10/22/2018
Very sorry to hear this, RIP NA8W 10/22/2018
KE9 Captain America---RIP Larry. N8HAM N8HAM 10/22/2018

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