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storm warning - groan - propagation N4CD 9/26/2020

My wife and I are getting out of the house a bit and running Gulf Coast and (more) KA2LHO 9/26/2020

Long day . . . we will run Malheur Saturday morning around 8am local WGXQ 9/25/2020
Conditions awful - no copy at all from Fl. Hope today is better- thanks for doing it!!! K4XI 9/26/2020
Today, Sat, no better - no copy - condx bad!! Need my 70 ft tower and beam!! Long gone! K4XI 9/26/2020

QST Silent Key: Bill Nash, W0OWY W3DYA 9/25/2020
RIP Bill.... another OT OM bites the dust.....more KA3DRO 9/26/2020

(Posts) more K5KDG 9/25/2020

October County Hunter News N4CD 9/24/2020

Thanks for hanging in today (more) WGXQ 9/24/2020
For some reason 17 mtrs was open and less QSB than... KE3VV 9/25/2020
Geomagnetic storm N4CD 9/24/2020

Goal of 1,000 LC's reached! Special thanks to WA9OUE, WD5CSK, NUOQ (more) AB7NK 9/24/2020
Congrats! Time to work on another 1,000! W4SIG 9/24/2020
Guess I better get on road-your catching up. :) :) KB6UF 9/24/2020

Postings N4RS 9/24/2020
Postings N4RS 9/25/2020
Maybe they don't have texting capability - I don't either - too much trouble-didn't know that optio K4XI 9/24/2020
I don't know why either. I have sent emails asking them to please stop. Nothing works. KC3X 9/24/2020

my dentist has some ham books and stuff from 30's to 50's anybody have any interest N8KIE 9/22/2020
So do I Bob.... Must be about same age... hi.... AE3Z 9/23/2020
sure.... (more) AG6V 9/23/2020
I don't know what he has. from father in law will ask N8KIE 9/23/2020

Sept 21 trip KDEQ 9/22/2020
Thanks, Bill ! LY5A 9/23/2020
Thank you for the QSOs Bill, good signals on 20 and 30 and one new county DL3DXX 9/23/2020
Nice working mobile to mobile.. K8ZZ 9/23/2020
Thanks, Bill, for the counties!! W4SIG 9/22/2020

Awards Issued 9/22/2020 AB7RW 9/22/2020
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 9/23/2020
Congrats.. K8ZZ 9/23/2020
Many congratulations to AJ5ZX, NUQ and AB7NK! K2MF 9/23/2020
Congratulations to all awards winners, well deserved. KC3X 9/22/2020
Congrats to each!!!! W7EEC 9/22/2020
Wow! A MG, Bingo II, 5 Star, and 1000 LC levels! S... W4SIG 9/22/2020
Congrats to all the awardees! N8HAM 9/22/2020
A big congrats to everyone! WGXQ 9/22/2020

Destination today is Evergreen, Colorado.. K8ZZ 9/22/2020

Tomorrows run cancelled do to tropical storm/depression. KB6UF 9/21/2020
Me too but at the Orthopedic surgeon and Physical Therapy. Good lock Ron on the next departure date K4YT 9/21/2020
thanks have to go spend a fun day at the dentist anyway tomorrow afternoon N8KIE 9/21/2020
Me too KC3X 9/21/2020
Thanks for letting us know. KC3X 9/21/2020

80/160 meter and (more) K5KDG 9/21/2020
Antenna (more) K5KDG 9/23/2020
Just going by memory.... KA3DRO 9/21/2020
80/160 N9JF 9/21/2020

We are home again After getting the three counties to finish MASTER PLATINUM! Thanks (more) KBBA 9/21/2020
Congrats.. K8ZZ 9/23/2020
Way to go Lowell !! WGXQ 9/21/2020
Congratulations, Lowell on Master Platinum!! And t... W4SIG 9/21/2020
Congratulations and thanks for the counties I was able to hear you in. KC3X 9/21/2020

Keeping eye on storm heading my way and my trip route. Will have better idea tomorrow. KB6UF 9/20/2020

Leaving early in AM.. will monitor 80m 3556.5 on way to Cheyenne county Colorado.. K8ZZ 9/20/2020

Added Boliver and Jefferson to Tuesday run. KB6UF 9/19/2020

Awards Issued 9/18/2020 AB7RW 9/18/2020
WAY TO GO, GUYS! Congratulations to both!! N0XYL and KB0BA KBBA 9/21/2020
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 9/20/2020
Congrats to both Ed and Jerry for these achievements! N5MLP 9/20/2020
Congratulations Ed and Jerry!! WY8I 9/20/2020
Congratulations. KC3X 9/19/2020
Many congratulations to K8ZZ and WGXQ! K2MF 9/19/2020
Congrats to Ed and Jerry! Wow!! W4SIG 9/19/2020

Upcoming trip: Operation will be limited to 40/30/20/17/15 meters. WGXQ 9/18/2020
Looking forward to your trip!! Have not heard a signal on 15 or 21 in years- good luck! K4XI 9/18/2020
Should be 17 and 15 in years - also 10!!! K4XI 9/18/2020

Begging Time (more) AB7NK 9/18/2020
That is quite a testimonial to your dedication! N9JF 9/19/2020
You got all , do the paper work when I work LCs minutes after contact. Arent I nice. :) :) KB6UF 9/18/2020
I do the exact same thing. Literally, minutes following an LC contact. :) K2MF 9/19/2020
And its FREE to submit a LC award!! W4SIG 9/18/2020

Busy weekend with QSO Parties N4CD 9/18/2020
other IA mobiles WB2ABD 9/19/2020

Health/Welfare update KA3QLF, Scott. Scott informs... W4SIG 9/18/2020
Thank you for the update, Kerry! I am glad that Scott came through Hurricane Sally ok. K2MF 9/18/2020

Added Webster,MS to my run this Tuesday. KB6UF 9/18/2020

New Master on website K8EMS 9/18/2020
The Master is FIXED K8EMS 9/20/2020

N6PDB called in his report of Health and Welfare... WQ7A 9/17/2020
More WQ7A 9/17/2020

Thanks to Mike K8EMS - an email solved my Logger failure in about 20 minutes!! Tks Mike. K4XI 9/17/2020
Mike is my hero! W4SIG 9/18/2020
Mike is my hero! W4SIG 9/18/2020
Yes, Mike bailed me out also.. Thanks K8ZZ 9/17/2020
Mike is my hero! W4SIG 9/17/2020
Mike is the man! WGXQ 9/17/2020

Short List N4RS 9/17/2020

Digital 5 mode by w0nac WQ7A 9/17/2020
URL AD1C 9/17/2020
Tnx Jim.. K8ZZ 9/17/2020

Posted trip for Tuesday-see trip page KB6UF 9/16/2020

SK W0OWY AK8A 9/16/2020
Sorry to hear this sad news. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 9/19/2020
RIP Bill..... many QSOs and lots of time working conventions .... KA3DRO 9/19/2020
RIP Bill. K7TM 9/18/2020
Bill lived around the corner from me when we both lived in Phoenix. Many (more) K7SEN 9/18/2020
So sorry to hear!!!! WA3QNT 9/17/2020
Met Bill in person when I was send to Minneapolis to help the FGIS field office. Bill came to my ho W7FEN 9/17/2020
cont W7FEN 9/17/2020
One of the first call I ever heard on County Hunting... Still got some of his stuff... RIP Bill... AE3Z 9/17/2020
So sorry to hear W4SIG 9/17/2020
RIP Bill K7IOO 9/17/2020
Bill provided the Countyhunters with many useful materials and put on a very hot......cont N8HAM 9/17/2020
I am sorry to read this. Worked him several times in the 1980s and 1990s. (more) K2MF 9/17/2020

Short delay tire problem. Be back soo! KBBA 9/16/2020
have you been following N4CD ?? N8KIE 9/16/2020

Welcome To Solar Cycle 25 N1API 9/16/2020

K3IMC is done for the day on Tuesday, September 15... (more) K2MF 9/15/2020
No need to apologize. It has happened to all of us at one time or another. KC3X 9/15/2020
These things happen. Hope all goes well for Don ge... W4SIG 9/15/2020 Featured Member of the Day N2MH 9/15/2020 Featured Member of the Day N2MH 9/15/2020

Sept 21 trip KDEQ 9/15/2020

Congrats to K3IMC and W6RK for MARAC Lifetime Achi... W4SIG 9/15/2020
You guys earned it many times over.. Congrats K8ZZ 9/16/2020
Both gentlemen well deserving of this award . . . congratulations! WGXQ 9/16/2020
Congrats Don & Risto. Thanks for all you do for county hunting. K7SEN & AB7NK 9/15/2020
Congratulations to both on well deserved awards. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 9/15/2020
These are awesome achievements! Congratulations to Don and Risto! K2MF 9/15/2020
Congratulations to both. Well deserved for all their support to MARAC. KC3X 9/15/2020
Awards ( more) K5KDG 9/15/2020
Well done to you all K9MIX 9/15/2020

Looking For Remote Coax Antenna Switch For A Friend N1API 9/14/2020
How my email asking a question about 6 meter activity....?? AE3Z 9/15/2020
6 Opens From Time To Time N1API 9/16/2020

Bad spot, my bad KC7YE 9/14/2020

Have fun, be safe! W4SIG 9/15/2020

Awards Issued 9/13/2020 AB7RW 9/13/2020
Many congratulations to both K3IMC and KDEQ! :) K2MF 9/15/2020
Congrats! W4SIG 9/15/2020

Good TXQP, finished up usaca but Lee and Stonewall wasn't run Thanks everyone. KC3X 9/13/2020
mobile +/- WB2ABD 9/15/2020
Texas qso party (more) Great party but only needed 20 counties to finish Texas and NOT ONE new one ! K5KDG 9/14/2020
Yes, a great QSO party. Lots and lots of mobiles. W8OP 9/14/2020
Lee and KC3X 9/13/2020
Lee and Stonewall wasn't run to complete my cw award. KC3X 9/13/2020
Was not very helpful for me. Loss of electricity for most of Saturday didn't help N8KIE 9/13/2020

SEPT 10/11 TRIP KDEQ 9/12/2020
thank you for rare IL and IN counties DL3DXX 9/14/2020
Tnx for the counties Bill.. K8ZZ 9/14/2020
Many Thanks N4RS 9/12/2020

flat tire N4CD 9/12/2020
thank you for the TX counties Bob. Your trip was very appreciated DL3DXX 9/14/2020
Screw in tire N4CD 9/12/2020
Those screws, nails and pieces of sharp glass will do it every time! :( K2MF 9/13/2020
Getting fixed N4CD 9/12/2020

1st quarter voting update (more) AB7NK 9/11/2020
Thanks for the update, Mary! W4SIG 9/12/2020
Thanks for the update, Mary! W4SIG 9/12/2020
Thanks for the update, Mary! W4SIG 9/12/2020

tx and AL QSO Parties tomorrow/Sunday N4CD 9/11/2020

Awards Issued 9/11/2020 AB7RW 9/11/2020
WOW! Almost to my goal of 1,000 LC's. Maybe time for (more) AB7NK 9/12/2020

Home safe - fun trip 6 weeks - oil change and tire rotation - put out about 325 counties in 12 state K8ZZ 9/10/2020
Thanks Ed for many new ones!! W4SIG 9/11/2020
Thanks Ed for the many new ones ! Glad you got home safely. W8OP 9/11/2020
Thanks Ed for many new ones!! W4SIG 9/11/2020
Glad you are home safe! Thank you for the SD and MN counties and the 2 LC-1s in IL and MI. K2MF 9/11/2020
Thanks Ed for many new ones!! W4SIG 9/10/2020

K8ZZ is done for today (1910z) . . . heavy downpour! WGXQ 9/10/2020

Mobile Diamond Listing On Needs Page N1API 9/10/2020

Thanks Don K3IMC last CW in NC 5 left N8KIE 9/10/2020

Forest Fire News AB7RW 9/9/2020
n6pdb N4CD 9/13/2020
Thank goodness the fire missed his house! Prayers for everyone affected by these fires. K2MF 9/15/2020
These fires are devastating. I am praying for everyone in the fire areas. Stay safe, Phil! K2MF 9/11/2020
Thanks for update. Be safe! W4SIG 9/10/2020
The 31st of August we traveled from the Lincoln City area to Albany. Yesterday just east of Lincoln W7FEN 9/9/2020

thanks to Ed K8zz 6 left for all cw N8KIE 9/8/2020
Thanks to Ed K8ZZ now down to 3 for all CWII NFN 9/9/2020

Thanks to the help of KA9JAC MoSpot is in the process of resurrection (sorry I work at at church!!) KA2LHO 9/8/2020
MoSpot update...All who had the link to their file sets should have everything updated (more) KA2LHO 9/8/2020
Thanks, Kraig !! WA3QNT 9/9/2020
Huge thank you to Bob, KA9JAC, for his behind the scenes service work.. K8ZZ 9/9/2020
Tnx Kraig for your service on this program - love it and missed it on my long trip.. K8ZZ 9/8/2020
My problem - What is MO Spot?? Is it something I need?? K4XI 9/8/2020
If you do mobile and run counties, many have found it helpful. It is a web based (more) KA2LHO 9/8/2020
If you do mobile and run counties, many have found it helpful. It is a web based (more) KA2LHO 9/8/2020
Sounds great - not currently running mobile - thanks! K4XI 9/9/2020
Mobile program to help mobiles spot themselves on their cell phones. KC3X 9/8/2020
Thanks for restoring this very useful tool! N9JF 9/8/2020
VERY happy to hear it's working agn! Makes spotting so easy! Tnx for providing this. AB7NK 9/8/2020

Record Breaking Results! Less than 24 hours after ... W4SIG 9/7/2020

Complaint Department AB7RW 9/6/2020
Thanks for all your struggles with us N8KIE 9/6/2020

RAS Award: KB6UF Completed New Mexico on 11/1/2016. He received Number 34 AB7RW 9/6/2020
that was 01/12/1993 KB6UF 9/6/2020

TRIP KDEQ 9/6/2020

Are there any less expensive sources for MRC cards (other than Cheap.qsls) ? W8OP 9/6/2020
Logger W7EEC 9/6/2020
Thanks Paul. I've had Logger for several months and have never found time to install it. Must do it W8OP 9/6/2020

Viginia counties tomorrow... N8OYY 9/5/2020

Thanks for helping me finish MT for CWII and USACA 8th! W4YDY 9/5/2020
That's for AB4NK and K7SEN W4YDY 9/5/2020

Hm now - tnx for qs & spotting help. Hope you were able to get a few counties you needed. 73/88 AB7NK 9/4/2020
Thanks for several new ones in ID and MT. Great activation as usual. KAP 9/5/2020
Thank you for all the contacts and the 4 last counties. Simply awesome! K2MF 9/5/2020
I did Tnx KB6UF 9/4/2020

Route chg thru UT. No cw except for Wayne, Garfield, & Kane. AB7NK 9/3/2020
AB7NK: thank you for Kane, UT on 40cw, My total needs for 40m is now a single digit. (9) KC3X 9/4/2020
Cross Wayne off - sorry AB7NK 9/3/2020

September 2020 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 9/2/2020

Awards Issued 9/1/2020 AB7RW 9/1/2020
Congratulations folks! WGXQ 9/2/2020
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 9/2/2020
AA9JJ and N9QPQ: I hope you guys are doing well. KC3X 9/4/2020
Congratulations to all awards winners, well deserved. KC3X 9/2/2020
Many congratulations to AB7NK, N4CD, KA4RRU, AA8R and W8OP! K2MF 9/2/2020
Wow! Congrats to all!, W4SIG 9/1/2020

K8ZZ trip tomorrow WGXQ 9/1/2020

sept 5/6 KDEQ 9/1/2020
trip canceled KDEQ 9/2/2020

AB7NK Trip AB7RW 9/1/2020
More KC3X 9/2/2020
one theory WB2ABD 9/2/2020
Yikes! N9JF 9/2/2020
Conditions (more) K5KDG 9/2/2020
There are some that definatly don't listen, at least 3 lately that i could name and KA9JAC 9/3/2020
calls N4CD 9/2/2020
On the computer delays, I------- K8OOK 9/2/2020
Being spotted is a double-edged sword. N9JF 9/1/2020
Seems like some folks call even if they can't hear the mobile... NUQ 9/1/2020
Wondering N4RS 9/1/2020
Agree. Mary is very courteous and will not leave a... W4SIG 9/1/2020
yes .. I hear that all the time ssb and cw. Hard to hear your call when people call over N8KIE 9/1/2020

Why does HA8IB keep posting all this crap. If he doesn't hear them the first time they run N8KIE 9/1/2020
I can understand this with spotting delays, especially from EU. N9JF 9/2/2020
HA8IB N4CD 9/2/2020

Trip home posted.. K8ZZ 8/31/2020

Tomorrow OH: Wayne Ashland Loraine Huron Erie Sand Seneca Wyandot Crawford Richland K8ZZ 8/31/2020

FYI AB7RW 8/29/2020
Thanks Phil. Stay safe Dennis. Glad all is ok. NKV 8/31/2020
That's good to hear. Thanks Phil for the update. AA8R 8/31/2020
Good to hear W4SIG 8/30/2020
Good to hear. Thanks WQ7A 8/30/2020
This is VERY good news! Thank you for the update. K2MF 8/30/2020
Fantastic news. Glad to hear you guy are okay. God Bless. KC3X 8/30/2020
Good to hear W4SIG 8/30/2020
Tnx for the update Phil... K8ZZ 8/30/2020

Cell cov unlikely most of day. Spotting help appreciated. K7SEN & AB7NK 8/29/2020

CW OPS N4RS 8/28/2020
She is doing well. It helps to use the XIT knob to spread out a little bit DL3DXX 8/28/2020
I disagree with xit.... more KA9JAC 8/28/2020
I never call exactly on freq. WB2ABD 9/2/2020
Conditions (More) K5KDG 8/28/2020

Saturday: MI: Livi Wash Jack Hill Lena OH: Will Fult Defi Henr Wood Sand into Cleveland K8ZZ 8/28/2020

trip to KS N4CD 8/27/2020
Many thanks WB2ABD 8/30/2020
Elk is LC for MD, sure hope I can find you! WGXQ 8/28/2020
I will be looking for you in Elk on 40m CW. It is one of five remaining in KS on 40m for me. K2MF 8/28/2020
crawford on Sat N4CD 8/27/2020
wish i had a radio set up KM9X 8/27/2020

Looks like K8ZZ didn't run Clare, MI one of last 7 for cw N8KIE 8/27/2020
It's my last in MI for CW. W8OP 8/27/2020

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