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Grant, North Dakota AB7RW 7/15/2019
Grant, ND N4RS 7/15/2019

Monitor SDR all over the world AB7RW 7/14/2019

Posted trip. Utah/Idaho county runs July 24-29. W4SIG 7/14/2019

Thanks to K3IMC for goiong to get my last in AL fo... W4SIG 7/14/2019

I bet N5MLP is going to have a fun time getting over the big river on the way home N8KIE 7/13/2019

now 4th AK N9JF 7/12/2019

I have a couple decent looking D-104 mikes for $10 + ship each for sale WG6X 7/12/2019
Another clearing of extra items due to on going cancer and treatments. (more) WG6X 7/13/2019
One sold and still have one or two left. I think neat looking on a radio desk . WG6X 7/13/2019
Wrong still three left as he was asking about just the round head of the D-104. WG6X 7/13/2019
Two sold , see a flash for another one came on. I have one more for a total of 4 WG6X 7/13/2019
Looks like they are all gone in a flash. WG6X 7/13/2019

Bridge out, taking alternate route . Cass NE next. WGXQ 7/12/2019

Trip from Champagne/Urbana IL to Plainfield IL Saturday morning ... more KA4RRU 7/12/2019

second district according to dx news KV7N 7/11/2019

Thanks to W0GXQ, we have completed the Fifth Time NFN 7/11/2019
Congrats Mike! NA8W 7/14/2019
Way to go Mike!! WY8I 7/14/2019
Many congratulations, Mike!! K2MF 7/13/2019
Congrats on #5 Mike! We need to do another trip together (#17). WGXQ 7/12/2019
5th time (more) K5KDG 7/12/2019
Congrats!! KA4RRU 7/12/2019
Fantastic, Mike!! Way to go! W4SIG 7/12/2019
Congrats, Mike KB8OMG 7/12/2019
Congrat's Mike and big at-a-boy to W0GXQ! WG6X 7/11/2019
WAYTO GO, MIKE! Congratulations!! N0XYL AND KBBA 7/11/2019
Great Job ! Congrats ! W8OP 7/11/2019
good job and hope I make it to first time. WELL DONE K9MIX 7/11/2019
Congrats.. K8ZZ 7/11/2019
Congratulations KC3X 7/11/2019
Congratulations!!!!!!!! WA4UNS 7/11/2019

Sorry AJ5ZX 7/11/2019

AK 3rd N9JF 7/10/2019
AK 3rd N9JF 7/11/2019
3rd not tonight N9JF 7/11/2019
Ak more K5KDG 7/10/2019
start 0300Z (10 pm CDST) N9JF 7/10/2019
RBN and results tonight N9JF 7/10/2019

Thank you Ron, N1QY for Norfolk, MA, LC on 17M Now have 13 left for all 17 meters. KC3X 7/10/2019

W6RK Spots more WB4KZW 7/9/2019
Probably wrong link K8QWY 7/9/2019
W6RK Spotting site NFN 7/9/2019
story? W6RK 7/9/2019
W6RK SPOTTING WB4KZW 7/9/2019 W6RK 7/9/2019
Check with KA2LHO for his spotting app for spotting via w6rk. KC3X 7/9/2019

Collection of US amateur radio license plates WD9HAW 7/9/2019
I had one stolen off my yardsale table one month ago... Who the hell would want it...! AE3Z 7/9/2019

TEST WD9HAW 7/9/2019

CHOTY 2nd and 3rd Places AB7RW 7/9/2019

Quick trip to Memphis, TN this morning, return this afternoon. _ more WB4KZW 7/9/2019

CHOTY was announced at last night's MARAC Annual Meeting (more) KA2LHO 7/9/2019

CHOTY was announced at last night's MARAC Annual Meeting (more) KA2LHO 7/9/2019

Polaris award vs Logger N8OYY 7/8/2019
The Polaris Award database is very messed up, but I am trying to fix it K3IMC 7/9/2019
It is not the date of YOUR WAC. It is the date of the WAC of the station worked. WQ7A 7/8/2019
Polaris N8OYY 7/8/2019
Special Rules below... WQ7A 7/8/2019

AK so far N9JF 7/7/2019
Thanks so much, Jim, for all your efforts and keep... W4SIG 7/7/2019
Will keep listening. Nothing from East Coast. KC3X 7/7/2019

Lastest 2019 IC-7300 manual is on internet: A7292-4EX-8 2016-2019 WG6X 7/6/2019

Logger (more) KC3X 7/5/2019
Don is working on it AB7RW 7/6/2019

Correct 2nd district wording KM6HB 7/5/2019
Good signal coming in at 02:30 to 02:50. Posted a couple times, different ways, always in red, sorry NA8W 7/5/2019
I just go to logger and insert ak in state and select the district, then I copy the county and paste KC3X 7/5/2019
2nd AK N4RS 7/5/2019
Yes, but... there is a disconnect between how Logger wants to see the JDs (more) K2MF 7/5/2019

search county db for a county K9MIX 7/5/2019
Have you tried, ch database, State Lookup? WGXQ 7/5/2019
V/E County Hunters, City (Should be Cnty) WQ7A 7/5/2019
Oops, V/E, Couinty Hunters, Home County WQ7A 7/5/2019

Westbound part of the trip posted N8KIE 7/5/2019

2nd AK N9JF 7/5/2019

N9JF/KL7 KC7YE 7/4/2019

Ten KN4Y 7/4/2019
58 Degrees here this morning. AB7RW 7/5/2019
Only 98 here in Asotin Cty at 4:45 PDT. W7FEN 7/5/2019
thanks for the 10m contact 10-10 # 56642 if you didn't get my poor cw N8KIE 7/4/2019

A lot of qrm on the selected 20m freqs but 336 is clear LOL N8KIE 7/4/2019
LOL WGXQ 7/4/2019
I'll bet you that they will work me there when I run N8KIE 7/4/2019

It's no big deal but why does the CH database error message: ADODB.Field error '800a0bcd' W3DYA 7/3/2019
mine does the same thing. it only lists roadrunner award and choy N8KIE 7/3/2019
Because someone entered a SPACE in front of the call sign K9IZ. Fixed now. WQ7A 7/4/2019
My awards list is still incomplete. But I did save the list when Gene fixed it last year. W3DYA 7/4/2019
mine is the same also still incomplete N8KIE 7/4/2019

N9JF to run 2nd District Alaska tomorrow on multip... W4SIG 7/2/2019
MORE! N9JF 7/2/2019
WBOW N4RS 7/3/2019
2nd AK N9JF 7/5/2019
Sorry I missed you in the 4th my last county, I did not know about your run. Have a safe trip north. KC3X 7/3/2019
Several more opportunities for 4th. N9JF 7/3/2019
Great, I did not hear you at 1828z on 20m 07/03/19 KC3X 7/3/2019
       Nothing heard KC7YE 7/4/2019
I wish you had a "W" with General or above with you... 2nd is LC for W-Prefix WA4UNS 7/3/2019
and still more... N9JF 7/2/2019
NW gateway KC7YE 7/3/2019

K5GE Htransmitted from 550 counties. He was awarded number 36 Dtd 25 April 2018 AB7RW 7/2/2019
Congratulations Gene. WB4FFV 7/9/2019
Congratulations Gene NA8W 7/4/2019
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 7/3/2019
Awesome accomplishment, Gene! Congrats!! N0XYL and KBBA 7/3/2019
Congrat's on gettng it done! Lots of time and driving! WG6X 7/3/2019
Way to go Gene! Congrats! W4SIG 7/2/2019
Great going Gene KC5P 7/2/2019
Congratulations Gene. KC3X 7/2/2019
Many congratulations, Gene! K2MF 7/2/2019

Congrats!! 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 7/2/2019
Oops wrong place AB7NK 7/2/2019

July 2019 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 7/2/2019
Correction to Top Lists at 1322Z July 2 (more) K2MF 7/2/2019

Thanks for the memories! K1BV 7/1/2019
TKS so much Ted. Will send PM yet. PA3ARM 7/13/2019
Enjoy your retirerment, Ted WB4FFV 7/9/2019
Thanks for all youhave done & support for MARAC & well deserved awards! WG6X 7/3/2019
TNX Ted! AA9JJ 7/2/2019
A big thank you Ted for you tenure as Awards Custodian!!!!! WA4UNS 7/2/2019
Thank YOU Ted! KA2LHO 7/2/2019
Thanks for all the years of service N1API 7/2/2019
Thanks Ted for helping County Hunting Awards for so many years! WY8I 7/2/2019
Thanks Ted for all your hard work and dedication. KC3X 7/2/2019
Great job Ted - thanks for your service.. K8ZZ 7/2/2019
Tnx for your dedication & hard work. Enjoy retirement! 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 7/2/2019
Well deserved. Happy retirement. 73 WQ7A 7/2/2019
Thank you for all those years at the helm of USA-CA, Ted! K2MF 7/2/2019
Thanks for all those years Ted! WGXQ 7/1/2019
Many thanks to you for all your dedicated time and work in the USA-CA program KD5YUK 7/1/2019

N5MLP Completed USA-PA Letter "N" on 25 April 2019 AB7RW 7/1/2019
Way to go , Ron, congratulations on a tough one. WB4FFV 7/9/2019
Congratuations, N9QPQ & AA9JJ 7/3/2019
Cingrat's on a geting a hard one done! WG6X 7/3/2019
Fine job for Letter N award Ron! WY8I 7/2/2019
Congratulations Ron KC3X 7/2/2019
Congrats Ron! 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 7/2/2019
Many congratulations, Ron! K2MF 7/2/2019
Congrats on a hard one, Ron!!! W4SIG 7/1/2019

N0RQV Completed 1000 Digital contacts. He received number 17 on 25 June 2013 AB7RW 7/1/2019
Wow that's a lot of digital contacts. Congratulations. WB4FFV 7/9/2019
Congrat's! WG6X 7/3/2019
Congratulations Ed WY8I 7/2/2019
Congrats!!, 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 7/2/2019
Many congratulations, Ted! K2MF 7/2/2019

New Awards AB7RW 7/1/2019
Thanks for all your hard work, Phil! 73 Jim N9JF N9JF 7/3/2019
A big congrat's to all the award winners, your efforts sure is great! WG6X 7/3/2019
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 7/2/2019
Congratulations to all for being outstanding County Hunters! WY8I 7/2/2019
Congrats all. 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 7/2/2019
Congratulations to all of you really good mobile ops! Without you we can not do this. :) K2MF 7/2/2019
Congrats to all! Way to go! W4SIG 7/1/2019

County correction on my run today ! W8OP 6/30/2019

Home safe - tnx to all for riding along.. Ran over 250 counties plus Parks - 8600 miles. K8ZZ 6/30/2019
Awesome! What a great trip!! N0XYL and KBBA 7/3/2019
Thanks Ed! Glad you made it home safely. W4SIG 7/1/2019
Glad you made it safely. Thanks for all the new band counties. KC3X 7/1/2019
Glad you're home safe & sound, Ed! K2MF 6/30/2019

Thanks for all the hard work it took to make this happen. KC3X 6/29/2019
This post have been under K3IMC thread. KC3X 6/30/2019

The Upgraded Worked All Counties Application is operational K3IMC 6/29/2019
Thank you Don WY8I 7/2/2019
Tnx Don & others. Much appreciated. 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 7/2/2019
Thanks for the explanation and the hard work! Much... W4SIG 7/1/2019
Many tnx Don and crew.. K8ZZ 6/30/2019
Thank you for all your hard work on this, Don! K2MF 6/30/2019
Big TKS!! K4XI 6/29/2019
TNX! AA9JJ 6/29/2019
A lot of work . . . thanks guys! WGXQ 6/29/2019
Yes, Many Thanks Don (and Phil) WA3QNT 6/29/2019
thank you KDEQ 6/29/2019

Trip to Asheville NC on Sunday ... More KA4RRU 6/29/2019

Trip to GA and FL starts Saturday, June 29th .... more N5MLP 6/28/2019

Alaska 2nd Judicial District ... from KB6UF K4EXT 6/28/2019
Please replace all KB6UF's with KC6AWX's in the above Alaska 2nd posting from me K4EXT 6/28/2019
Are you taking someone with a "W" prefix and a General or higher license with you??? WA4UNS 6/28/2019

Headed home to Kansas - will zig zag and pick up some of my needs on the way.. K8ZZ 6/28/2019
The following counties are on his route: WGXQ 6/28/2019

July County Hunter News N4CD 6/27/2019

Aneurysm surgery results WB4KZW 6/26/2019
Good news! Take care Gene. WGXQ 6/28/2019
Gene, fantastic news. Take it easy and let it heal so you will not have another problem with that. KC3X 6/27/2019
That is good news. We have a trip out west planned starting July 21 N8KIE 6/27/2019
Thanks Bob. have a safe trip. --(more) WB4KZW 6/28/2019
Sounds like good news. Will be listening WA4UNS 6/27/2019
Just do as the doctor said & after you do county hunting. Just get well is ur job! WG6X 6/27/2019
This is wonderful to read, Gene. Take it easy during your recovery! K2MF 6/27/2019
Good news, many prayers have been answered. W7FEN 6/26/2019
GREAT NEWS K9MIX 6/26/2019

Trying to reach W3DY (more) KBBA 6/26/2019

Those that ad on of FAKE contacts from W8KMA WG6X 6/26/2019
Fraud cashier check $1000 recieved for a $7.50 item. WG6X 6/28/2019
Did you send him his change via money order? WB4KZW 6/30/2019

Trip starting Wednesday NA8W 6/25/2019
20 counties, 1 contact. More NA8W 6/27/2019

Wednesday Parks in MN: Gooseberry KFF-2488 Split Rock KFF-2524 Tellegouche KFF-2526 Temperence KFF-2 K8ZZ 6/25/2019

How do I fix Run Time error K8QWY 6/25/2019
do you have enough room on the hard drive WMU 6/25/2019
Sure do K8QWY 6/25/2019

Logger II WMU 6/25/2019
IT team working on it, mainly K8EMS. But,from what... W4SIG 7/1/2019

Logger problems ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? KC3X 6/24/2019

Logger reload advise needed MORE K9MIX 6/24/2019
The book/edit screen is of centyer to the left cannot find fix in help screens K9MIX 6/24/2019

Park/County Run through West Central FL July 3-5. Details posted in the Trips Section. KA2LHO 6/24/2019

K8ZZ is planning to run some parks on Wed/Thur to include Lake & Cook MN WGXQ 6/24/2019

Getting worried! MARAC membership expires 6/30-paid renewal-check cashed 5/17! Do I lose Logger? K4XI 6/23/2019
You are good to 2024. Update Logger CountyHunterMaster now. WQ7A 6/23/2019
Did that, see no change in my membership date? K4XI 6/23/2019
It is updated in the MARAC database-guess that is whats counts! K4XI 6/23/2019
Wow! A second update did it - now good for more years!! K4XI 6/23/2019
No WGXQ 6/23/2019

I might be dumb, but can I apply for MARAC awards before getting ther USA-CA more K9MIX 6/20/2019
Absolutely! W4SIG 6/20/2019
Awards AB7RW 6/20/2019
You certainly can! WGXQ 6/20/2019

magnet roof mounts MORE K9MIX 6/20/2019
The easiest way to remove it is to use an open end wrench. Put your free hand behind the mount to k N8KIE 6/21/2019
to keep it from sliding. The longer the wrench the better. Makes it easy N8KIE 6/21/2019
When removing 4magnet mount dont slide it off roo... W4SIG 6/20/2019
Suggest you contact N4CD WG6X 6/20/2019

Anyone heard AG6V on her trip? KC3X 6/18/2019
Trip Update AG6V 6/18/2019
Return trip... AG6V 6/21/2019
Not yet but... (more) K2MF 6/18/2019
Not yet W4SIG 6/18/2019

Heads up. No promises. N9JF 6/16/2019

144.00-146.00 2 meter band WB4FFV 6/15/2019
Pushed by THALES GROUP, 10th largest defense co., abt 15B income,read more WG6X 6/16/2019
The main reason they want that particular 144.00-146.00 is because that is a (more) WB4FFV 6/16/2019

Thanks Paul, N7JPF, for going to Wahkiakum, WA for my WBOW for the N call sign. W4YDY 6/14/2019
Awesome accomplishment, Dave. Congratulations! N0XYL and KBBA 6/21/2019
Congratulations, Dave!! W4SIG 6/18/2019
Paul it was good to hear you out again. Congratulations Dave. KC3X 6/15/2019
That's a tough one, Dave! Congratulations on getting your last. K2MF 6/15/2019
Congrats Dave. Still waiting for my last three for "W'. WQ7A 6/14/2019
Congrat's on getting a hard one done! WG6X 6/15/2019

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