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logger abilities questions K9MIX 5/23/2019
The best thing to do is to not log the contact till confirmed. Do a paper log of unconfirmed N8KIE 5/23/2019

Tested only in box: Icom HM-151 mike mailed lower USA $59. Still have IC-7001 WG6X 5/22/2019
If you buy my IC-7001 will sell you the HM-151 for added $35 as a bonus deal. WG6X 5/22/2019

Leaving Maine next Tuesday, heading down eastern seaboard to South Carolina then right turn to home. KB6UF 5/22/2019
Have a safe trip!!! WA4UNS 5/24/2019

Trip Posted for Mostly Oregon Counties. AB7RW 5/22/2019

NU0Q Wednesday-Sunday NUQ 5/21/2019


NU0Q Tuesday counties. NUQ 5/20/2019

Random musings KC7YE 5/20/2019
I got ya, Mr Jack (more) WA3QNT 5/23/2019
RE: MRC, QSL anything K9MIX 5/21/2019
7QP AB7RW 5/21/2019
Send your log KC7YE 5/20/2019

NU0Q Monday counties. NUQ 5/19/2019

N4CD DL3DXX 5/19/2019
hot springs N4CD 5/20/2019
Nevada cty DL3DXX 5/20/2019

W4SIG DL3DXX 5/19/2019
Glad to help. You had a fine signal when the band ... W4SIG 5/22/2019

Logger - problem printing a book WB2ABD 5/19/2019

tnx W4SIG KMAF 5/19/2019

Today trip-more KB6UF 5/19/2019

head home tmw N4CD 5/18/2019

NU0Q Sunday counties. NUQ 5/18/2019

Installing Logger onnew computer HEEDHELP K9MIX 5/18/2019
Toss the CD and install using the method shown on MARAC.ORG WQ7A 5/18/2019
GOT IT WORKING !!!!! K9MIX 5/19/2019

Trip thru rare KY and TN counties Sunday is posted... W4SIG 5/17/2019
I will be looking for you K9MIX 5/18/2019

I was looking for my call in JUNE QST Silent Keys, but found WD6CKT instead. W3DYA 5/17/2019
It is always sad to hear the passing of a Ch[erL Rest in Peace. WG6X 5/21/2019
I also noted Alan, K6KLL and Vic W7VSE; both were active county hunters. WGXQ 5/19/2019
Gary is in log many times. Sad to get news... W4SIG 5/17/2019
I worked CKT a few times myself... Sorry to hear he is SK.... Don AE3Z 5/17/2019

Trip Sunday and Monday-more KB6UF 5/16/2019

thurs N4CD 5/16/2019

2nd District of Alaska opportunity KM6HB 5/16/2019
Nothing heard yet. WQ7A 5/17/2019

NU0Q Wednesday/Thursday NUQ 5/14/2019

wedn esdsy N4CD 5/14/2019

I don't expect anyone needs confirmation of contacts with me in ARQP, but if you do... W3DYA 5/14/2019
Ihave one coming for the ARQP.Thanks for the contact K9MIX 5/14/2019

Thirty two Colorado counties to be run in August (more) WGXQ 5/14/2019
Great! Need DOLORES for a last county - 18 to go for 7th!! K4XI 5/14/2019

unable to update logger says membershipexpired 3/31/2019 any help? K9MIX 5/14/2019
MARAC database on shows your membership ... DL6KVA 5/14/2019
Funny, I am the secretary K9MIX 5/14/2019
oh, ok. :) At least the online database says th... DL6KVA 5/14/2019
you need to update the master ... Manually KA9JAC 5/14/2019
More KA9JAC 5/14/2019
Does not work and cannot load from CD-R I have. Gives error K9MIX 5/14/2019
Using window 10 on new computer K9MIX 5/14/2019

I have several Heil single-sided headsets for sale; Traveler style require adapter WG6X 5/14/2019
You have any that works with a kenwood? KC3X 5/14/2019
Will send you a email KC3X WG6X 5/14/2019
Small single-sided or the bigger Pro-5 single-sided?? WG6X 5/14/2019
You want the small traveler style or the larger PRO5-ic single side Okay on 8 pin WG6X 5/14/2019
Yes, will work on the IC-7100 7000 with HSTA-iM adapter WG6X 5/14/2019

Logger question N8CIJ 5/13/2019
If you are working through a "wi-fi" you might want to look at what you got going.... AE3Z 5/17/2019
SAFE MODE is the way to determine if you have a computer slowdown... WQ7A 5/14/2019
Everyone's is slow, not just yours. Just learn to be patient. KC3X 5/13/2019
Logger question N8CIJ 5/13/2019
In the Tools Menu, do a Backup & Compact Database twice. Sometimes that would speed it up for me. NFN 5/13/2019

monday N4CD 5/12/2019

Alaska(1st) and Hawaii(Kalawao) Anyone heading up there this summer? I was thinking of making a trip K4YT 5/12/2019
1st AK N9JF 5/13/2019

Later in week-more KB6UF 5/12/2019
Tnx Ron for the update.. K8ZZ 5/12/2019

Not a good day KC7YE 5/10/2019
Stopped at a WalMart auto store, pointed out my antenna to the write-up person and then..... N8HAM 5/12/2019
I pulled in to get an oil change... Asked the guy if my antenna on tow-hitch would... AE3Z 5/12/2019
So sorry to hear. Hope to get you back in operatio... W4SIG 5/11/2019
Stash came through KC7YE 5/12/2019

4-sale:Used once IC-7100 with extras items shipped 48 .$600.00 + $50 ship cost WG6X 5/10/2019
The traveler won't work different pin config. N8KIE 5/13/2019
Page 6-6:MIC AF OUT per Heil, Bob told me it would work????see below WG6X 5/14/2019
HSTA-iM adapter has a split cable to audio jack., but no mike recivie at mike plug, WG6X 5/14/2019
more: used Heil Single-sided style Traveler Headset/MFJ-281 Speaker WG6X 5/11/2019
Coming up Knwd & Icom Base Speakers, and other items WG6X 5/10/2019

Floyd Bowman W5OXK USA-CA #237 now Silent Key (more) K2MF 5/10/2019
Always sad to hear the passing of our county hunters. R.I. P. WG6X 5/10/2019
RIP Floyd... (oh boy... am I feeling old or what?) WA4UNS 5/10/2019

BINGO WD7JS 5/10/2019
Russ, thanks for the update and congrats on the ne... W4SIG 5/11/2019

I plan to be mobile Saturday (5/11) in ARQP. W3DYA 5/9/2019
Ignore the typing at the end... I'm just lousy at copying and pasting! Norm W3DYA 5/9/2019

Will be selling my used 1 time Icom IC-7100 w/exrras very soon. if interested pse WG6X 5/9/2019

AR QSO PARTY this weekend N4CD 5/8/2019

NU0Q trip to Dayton and beyond NUQ 5/8/2019
Looking forward to seeing you both... safe trip WA4UNS 5/9/2019
Tnx for the update.. K8ZZ 5/9/2019

FT4 mode has been added to Logger..... WQ7A 5/8/2019
Great on FT4. On Top List >> NA8W 5/8/2019

Verry sorry to hear Paul, our prayers are with you and your family. KC3X 5/8/2019

AR QSO PARTY this weekend N4CD 5/8/2019

Today - Nassau county, NY 1ish or so.. K8ZZ 5/8/2019

It is with deep regret that I report the passing of the wife of Paul Nelson N7JPF (more) KA2LHO 5/7/2019
Sad news WMU 5/18/2019
Synpathies: She will always live in the hearts & minds of thoses that loved her! WG6X 5/11/2019
We're thinking about you Paul... stay strong... I know what you're going through WA4UNS 5/10/2019
Sympathies and condolensces to you and family Paul..... RIP. KA3DRO 5/10/2019
Our sympathies and prayers are with you and the Family in this time of grief, Paul. WB4FFV 5/9/2019
Pam and I are very sorry to hear of Darlene passing. Please accept our sympathies. NA8W 5/8/2019
Very sorry to hear this sad news. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 5/8/2019
Paul, so sorry to hear this news. Prayers for you and your family. WGXQ 5/8/2019
Please accept our condolences and prayers. K7SEN & AB7NK 5/8/2019
Love and prayers are being sent to you, Paul. N0XYL and KBBA 5/8/2019
Very sorry to hear this news... God Bless Paul and his family.... AE3Z 5/8/2019
So sorry to hear of your loss, prayers for you and your family. W7FEN 5/8/2019
Sue and I saying prayer. KC7YE 5/8/2019
So sorry to hear, Paul. Our condolences to you and... W4SIG 5/8/2019
Sri Paul. Our hearts go out to you KC5P 5/8/2019
Paul, condolences and sympathy to you and your family.. K8ZZ 5/8/2019
A sad day indeed. God bless the family. WQ7A 5/8/2019
Paul condolences and sympthany fpr the loss of your wife. May she rest in peace. N1API 5/8/2019
Please accept my sincerest condolences for you and your family, Paul. K2MF 5/8/2019
Am so sorry to hear of this Paul - please accept my condolences and prayers. K4EXT 5/7/2019
Sorry for your loss Paul, prayers for you and the family. NFN 5/7/2019
Very sorry to hear of your loss Paul. N5MLP 5/7/2019

For the ones that are also DXers, Monk Apollo, Mt. Athos, Passed away yesterday from cancer. NA8W 5/6/2019
Sorry to hear - now Mt Athos will be even more impossible to work! K4XI 5/7/2019

Tnx to all who attended the MI Mini - special tnx to K3IMC KA9JAC K8EMS for the tecky help.. K8ZZ 5/6/2019
A BIG thank you to all the mobile ops who tried so hard to run counties (more) K2MF 5/7/2019
Great to have been there. Home now...6500 miles and a couple of counties. WQ7A 5/6/2019

Masters Gold KA3QLF 5/5/2019
will try to work you in any I see you spotted in N8KIE 5/9/2019

Southwest Louisiana KA3QLF 5/5/2019
Welcome to the South! Peak of crawfish season is g... W4SIG 5/8/2019

Iv decided to run Box Butte in the morning. WGXQ 5/5/2019
QSX Jerry PA3ARM 5/6/2019

Any one have info on what happened to N8KIE and K5GE with schedule in VT and NY. Road accident or si K4YT 5/5/2019
We didn't hear anyone N8KIE 5/5/2019
What counties in Maine, or have no contacts, while Im here for rest of month will endeavor to run. KB6UF 5/7/2019
Maybe when you leave, I need KC3X 5/7/2019
Essex and Caledonia on 80 and Caledonia for USACA to complete all of New England. KC3X 5/7/2019
       and Norffolk MA to complete all New England on 17 meters CW. KC3X 5/7/2019
We did work each other in all of the counties for Double Diamond ... N8KIE 5/5/2019
prop more K9MIX 5/5/2019
I would guess "propogation..!! When I moved from Va. to NY 30 years... (more) AE3Z 5/5/2019

WBOW N4RS 5/5/2019
Wow! 3 Bands all cw is impressive, Tom. Congratula... W4SIG 5/8/2019
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 5/7/2019
Congratulations! Now to start on the next time. N0XYL and KBBA 5/7/2019
Congrats, Tom!!! KG4CRJ 5/6/2019
Congratulations to Tom And Jerry. USA-CA on 3 bands is impressive. WB4FFV 5/5/2019
Glad it worked Tom . . . Congrats on completing 30 meters and the first county to reach 3077 on 3 ba WGXQ 5/5/2019
CHer to reach 3077 on three bands WGXQ 5/5/2019
Many fine congratulations, Tom! Hope you report this to the Top List this month. (more) K2MF 5/6/2019
BUT... Tom N4RS is the *first* CHer to complete 3 bands in the CW mode! K2MF 5/6/2019
Congratulations Bob, don't know where NF0N fit into the picture? KC3X 5/5/2019
CONGRATULATIONS TOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! W9MSE 5/5/2019

Hamvention Activities K1TW 5/3/2019
dayton/xenia N4CD 5/5/2019
dayton/xenia K1TW 5/8/2019
Activities?? More K5KDG 5/4/2019
Info on Dayton and National Convention is in lates... W4SIG 5/5/2019
Will be setting up a MARAC booth again this year. ... W4SIG 5/4/2019
dayton/xenia N4CD 5/3/2019

Alaska KC3X 5/3/2019
Thanks Hollis making a note to listen for that contact. WY8I 5/3/2019

May 2019 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 5/3/2019

A reasonably successful visit to Dukes, worked K5GE and WQ7A and several more N8KIE 5/2/2019

Friday, May 3rd counties: :Plymouth, Cherokee, Buena Vista, and Clay Iowa. WGXQ 5/2/2019

May issue of County Hunter News N4CD 5/1/2019
Another great County Hunter News. ( More) WB4FFV 5/2/2019

Logger Questions? NA8W 5/1/2019
I reverted back to 5103 and everything matches and 2 meters is showing again in the book. NA8W 5/4/2019
All good questions. I would send the details to WQ... W4SIG 5/1/2019
Forwarded to KD9ZP. Sorry, I have no answers. WQ7A 5/1/2019

Today's Counties: VA: Surry, Southampton, Sussex, Greenville, Prince George K4YT 4/30/2019

Trip posted to New York.. K8ZZ 4/29/2019
liscense update WB2ABD 4/30/2019
Tnx Paul - that will save me some time when I get there.. hi hi Hope all is well.. K8ZZ 5/2/2019

my antenna broke K3IMC 4/29/2019
I thought southern's could fix anything with duct tape? WG6X 5/1/2019

Today's Trip Eastern North Carolina Counties and some VA K4YT 4/29/2019

I am giving serious interest into selling KA3DRO 4/28/2019
The radio is sold..... KA3DRO 5/6/2019

looking for power cord for SB-401 anyone have one??? K9MIX 4/28/2019

BIG QSO Party Weekend - May 4th and 5th N1API 4/28/2019
Check for 7QP planned ops KC7YE 4/28/2019

And a great time was had by all at the Michingan Mini. Sorry we missed you. WQ7A 4/27/2019
We will second Terrys comment! And are happy to know it will happen again in 2020! N0XYL and KBBA 4/29/2019

Michigan LC's. Cass 30m, St. Joseph 4th star Anyone going thru these on the way home from Mini? K4YT 4/27/2019

Ready KN4Y 4/26/2019
FLQP 1600z to 0159Z Sat., and 1200z to 2159Z Sunday K4AMC 4/27/2019

What freq should I use for 30 meters? KB6UF 4/26/2019
Tnx folks will program alt freq. into my radio. KB6UF 4/27/2019
Agree with Kraig... W4SIG 4/27/2019
Hi Ron, if no beacon I use 10122.5 if the beacon is there then 10124.5 is what people have (more) KA2LHO 4/26/2019
Hi Ron, if no beacon I use 10122.5 if the beacon is there then 10124.5 is what people have (more) KA2LHO 4/26/2019
Hi Ron, if no beacon I use 10122.5 if the beacon is there then 10124.5 is what people have (more) KA2LHO 4/26/2019

Trip to SE Virginia and NE North Carolina for MD April 28, 29, 30th K4YT 4/26/2019

Now two bands !!! ... WQ7A 4/26/2019
Thats the spirit!!! W4SIG 4/27/2019
K7SEN-more KB6UF 4/26/2019
K7SEN-more KB6UF 4/26/2019
Great News, thanks to all involved. KC3X 4/26/2019
... and that's what hammin' isall about. thanks folks. K9MIX 4/26/2019

7 QP coming KC7YE 4/25/2019
Times are UTC / Z KC7YE 4/26/2019

4/25/19 @ 1527 on 7182 correct line (more) AB7NK 4/25/2019

My route for Wednesday April 24 NFN 4/25/2019

Lost 20 meter resonator, still have 40 and 30, looking for ham store on my route. KB6UF 4/24/2019
HRO in Woodbridge VA, New Castle DE and Salem NH N1API 4/25/2019
Don't know where you are... I got one out in the shed... Don AE3Z 4/24/2019
Guess he didn't need a "freebbie".... AE3Z 4/25/2019
Don tnx for the offer, -more KB6UF 4/25/2019
Locctite! NN9K 4/24/2019
Fatfingers--sri--Loctite NN9K 4/24/2019

K8ZZ and W0GXQ counties today (ref. GXQ planned day trip) WGXQ 4/24/2019

My route for Wednesday April 24 NFN 4/23/2019

n5pht Thanks for Hardin IA LC/ST KC5P 4/23/2019

N9QS update KC3X 4/23/2019

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