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Trip posted starting Wed March 29 and going to Mar... W4SIG 3/28/2017
Thanks Kerry for running on 80 meters N9QS 3/28/2017
It's one of my favorite bands, and after dark I c... W4SIG 3/28/2017

Michigan Mini

K8ZZ 3/28/2017

MARAC web site update...... AA8R 3/28/2017
It's great to have such great talent volunteering... W4SIG 3/28/2017
Tnx Dave and Gene.. K8ZZ 3/28/2017
Yes, thank you so much for all the hard work Dave & Gene! (more) K2MF 3/28/2017
Thanks Gene and Dave for donating your time and talent N2JNE 3/28/2017

Many thanks, K0DEQ (more) WA3QNT 3/28/2017
Thank you aor a last 20m CW county and lots more new-band counties, Bill! K2MF 3/29/2017
Very productive couple of days KC7YE 3/28/2017
Also many thanks ! ( more ) N4UP 3/28/2017

We are in Grand County UT for a couple of days. Will try and run several times while here. K7TM 3/28/2017

I will be running to parks in Citrus County, Florida on Saturday (4/1/17) for the FL POTA (more) KA2LHO 3/28/2017
Sorry TWO parks not TO parks. Fingers faster than the brain today. KA2LHO 3/28/2017

All of MARAC.ORG is back up and running W8FNW 3/28/2017
oooops,, logger updates is not runnng, sorry for miss information W8FNW 3/28/2017
oooops,, logger updates is not runnng, sorry for miss information W8FNW 3/28/2017

I have a buzz saw noise S9+ on 7.056.5 as of 1200z W8FNW 3/28/2017
Was also (more) WA3QNT 3/28/2017
1305z noise gone W8FNW 3/28/2017
I hear it in FL, too. It sounds like somebody's data signlal is on autopilot. :( K2MF 3/28/2017

March 28 KDEQ 3/28/2017

Cannot access - anyone else having the same problem? K1TKL 3/27/2017
Looks like even more problems with easyCGI. WQ7A 3/28/2017

2017 Dayton HamVention County Hunting Forum Confirmed W8JJ 3/27/2017

Planning your route to the MI Mini? I need 3 to complete 2nd Time --more-- N2JNE 3/27/2017

Posted trip to ND . . . . the last time from this QTH WGXQ 3/27/2017

Spotting KC7YE 3/27/2017

Ran Island & Skagit this afternoon KC7YE 3/26/2017

April County Hunter News OnLine N4CD 3/26/2017

Last call -see following KB6UF 3/26/2017
Bencher is sold. KB6UF 3/26/2017
It sounds like ur getting out of county hunting or are they just extra radios..... more W8FNW 3/26/2017
Yep no more county hunting for me. KB6UF 3/26/2017
I sure hope to hear you giving out more counties when you go on all those trips. have safe travels W8FNW 3/26/2017

Logger updates... WQ7A 3/26/2017
worked... KD5YUK 3/29/2017
Worked great Terry = Thanks to all who made this work around happen WE7G 3/26/2017
Thanks WA3QNT 3/26/2017
Thanks Terry WA3QNT 3/26/2017

I need an email for KC6AWX and the MARAC db is down. Please send it to my email address below. KA2LHO 3/25/2017
Never mind. I looked up his email address in Logger. Forgot about that option. Tnx. KA2LHO 3/25/2017

Hotel sold out for mini, got the last available room N8KIE 3/25/2017
If someone needs a room get with me and I will try to negotiate.. K8ZZ 3/25/2017

Leaving South Texas in A.M. AK8A 3/25/2017
Hey, Steve! Get out of hte po W3DYA 3/26/2017
Damn "enter" key! W3DYA 3/26/2017
car loaded..90 degrees...pool time AK8A 3/25/2017

Pain Pump update -- (more) WB4KZW 3/25/2017

Michigan Mini

K8ZZ 3/25/2017

Keep those MRCs coming!!! As of tonight I have gone from just under 1600 confirms to (more) KA2LHO 3/24/2017
Gosh it took me an awfully long time to earn USA-CA but I think it might take you longer. (more) K2MF 3/25/2017
Thumbs up on retirement. :o) KA2LHO 3/25/2017
Can't wait for my retirement but gonna be another... W4SIG 3/25/2017
I retired 22 years ago - cannot remember what I did before that!! K4XI 3/25/2017
:o) KA2LHO 3/25/2017

The following is a partial list of N4AAT equip. for sale .. more .. N8KIE 3/24/2017

ICOM 756 Pro II with hand and desk mike for sale. KC3X 3/24/2017
ICOM 756 (MORE) K5KDG 3/27/2017

Double last county in KY for the right qualified mobile.... (more) WA4UNS 3/24/2017

I'm BAAAAAAACK! - (more) WB4KZW 3/24/2017
Great news Gene.. Nito hearing ur smooth\\le CW.. K8ZZ 3/25/2017
Nice hearing ur smooth CW.. K8ZZ 3/25/2017
Glad to hear the pump is doing the job & sure hope it stays that way for you. WG6X 3/25/2017
Sorry I missed you, for some reason no prop. I am so glad the pump is working for you. Our prayers KC3X 3/24/2017
Glad pain pump working. Would love to see you at National in Colo. N0DXE & NKV 3/24/2017
Great to hear you again! WMU 3/24/2017
How about running over to Dare for Bingo 3... that's my only east coast NC need WA4UNS 3/24/2017
Ooooooooo! Should I be scared??? Glad you had fun... gud hearing you on my radio. WA4UNS 3/24/2017

Thanks to Don, K3IMC, for gettting the County Hunter Web back up - more - N2JNE 3/24/2017
I agree with other comments. Thanks Don for your service to CHing. KA2LHO 3/24/2017
HMMM KJ8V 3/24/2017
This forum and the MARAC web site are not related. MARAC site still working on a fix. KM6HB 3/24/2017
Sorry My Bad KJ8V 3/25/2017
HMMM KJ8V 3/24/2017
Thanks a bunch, Don! Many of us are lost without the tools on this site! K2MF 3/24/2017
Much thanks Don. Appreicate all your efforts. N0DXE & NKV 3/24/2017
This is the greatest forum, and I read it every day, Thank you Don for all your hard work W8FNW 3/24/2017
Ditto!!!!!!! WA4UNS 3/24/2017
Ditto the "ditto"! W4SIG 3/25/2017

FL Panhandle Trip Summary (more) KA2LHO 3/22/2017
Thanks for the runs and filling in some FL needs i... W4SIG 3/25/2017
Thanks for all the new ones. Great trip. I could only hear you on 40M but occasionally 30M KC3X 3/24/2017
And thank you Kraig for taking this trip and your diligence during difficult conditions! K2MF 3/22/2017

Michigan Mini

K8ZZ 3/22/2017

This evening I will be mobile starting about 2200z... W4SIG 3/21/2017
Another great southern KY run. Thank you, Kerry! K2MF 3/25/2017
Trip into KY postponed til Wednesday eve. Major st... W4SIG 3/21/2017
Much thanks Kerry for quite a few new MD's. NKV 3/24/2017
I'm figuring you will NOT be in Logan, KY any time before 0000Z... (more) WA4UNS 3/22/2017
Thanks Kerry... big help with Logan WA4UNS 3/24/2017

Will be mobile tonight on way to Nashville. Will p... W4SIG 3/20/2017
I need Carroll and Clinton for 3rd time, not sure where u will be, safe trip W8FNW 3/21/2017
I need Logan for Bingo 3 WA4UNS 3/20/2017
If you make the KY swing, I need Todd WGXQ 3/20/2017

trip Sun/Mon N4CD 3/20/2017
now home - de N4CD N4CD 3/20/2017
Didn't hear you from out here, darn ! KC7YE 3/20/2017
Good to see you had a good trip WA4UNS 3/20/2017

Heading to Richmond (city), VA area on March 31 for a race. (more) WA4UNS 3/20/2017

Tentative route planning for Dayton Hamvention... (more) WA4UNS 3/20/2017

Logger Updates WA3QNT 3/20/2017
Parts of the MARAC web site is not working...(more) AA8R 3/20/2017
Same problem here. Gives Error 13 when I try K4XI 3/20/2017
Ditto WA3QNT 3/20/2017
Ditto. AA9JJ 3/20/2017

Monday N4CD 3/20/2017

Trip this week to SC and GA just posted N4UP 3/19/2017

I hope to never hear someone post that "mobiles can spot themselves now" due to (more) KA2LHO 3/19/2017
Just because the mobile spots one band doesn't mean he can spot another ( more ) N4UP 3/21/2017
True. Luckily I have two cell phones, one with Spr... W4SIG 3/20/2017
Not all people have smart phones either. W9MSE 3/20/2017
I've already bitched about this topic. I'm now losing out on TRANSMIT credits... (more) WA4UNS 3/20/2017
I'd prefer to get and give my contacts to CHers... (more) WA4UNS 3/20/2017
cell spot K9MIX 3/20/2017
that is why no one ever worked me when I was in Montana last month...more N7JPF 3/19/2017
Out here in the west KC7YE 3/20/2017
Well Said ( more ) N4UP 3/19/2017

Trip this week to SC and GA just posted N4UP 3/19/2017

POTA KU4YM 3/19/2017
I will forward you email to the right folks WMU 3/22/2017

VAQP a bust ? ( more ) N4UP 3/19/2017
VAQP N4CD 3/20/2017
VAQP N9JF 3/19/2017
Va QP (more) K5KDG 3/21/2017
very very few spots for VA, way more for the La qp WMU 3/19/2017
Spots. Just maybe everyone else is working on projects as well and don't the time either (more) KC3X 3/19/2017
Does anyone use ?? ( more ) N4UP 3/19/2017
Not a peep heard in Pac NW KC7YE 3/19/2017

Ham radio "fun" (more) KBBA 3/19/2017
Observation WMU 3/19/2017
You were minus 1 x 1 N9QS 3/19/2017
Condx have been weird for sure. Your mobile signal... W4SIG 3/19/2017
Weird for sure. Nil on either band. WQ7A 3/19/2017

Kansas counties today (Sunday) K8ZZ 3/19/2017

3 day ALL FL Panhandle Counties + POTA/R&R Trip starts today after church. Great WX on tap. KA2LHO 3/19/2017
Trip is going well so far. One more day to go as we head home on Tuesday (more) KA2LHO 3/20/2017

trip Sun/Mon N4CD 3/18/2017

7188 issues K6 freq cop WMU 3/18/2017
With a big 4 ele beam WMU 3/19/2017
Thanks for all your relays! Yes, that fellow is so... W4SIG 3/19/2017
Been a problem for a very long time. I use 7182 out west. Give them their space. WQ7A 3/18/2017

Michigan Mini

K8ZZ 3/18/2017

Thanks for riding along KFG 3/18/2017
Thanks for all the counties. Glad you had such a r... W4SIG 3/19/2017
Thanks for all the CW q's Fred ! Really appreciate it. W8OP 3/19/2017
Wow....76 that a record? AA8R 3/18/2017
Thanks for all the counties, Fred and it was great to see while you were in FL! K2MF 3/18/2017
Thanks for all those CW contacts. Great job. WQ7A 3/18/2017

W4VA in Virginia qso party from KA4RRU qth KA4RRU 3/17/2017
Not a peep out of the VAQP in the High Country on 40M (SSB or CW) WA4UNS 3/18/2017
Finally... something on 40M CW... an old college friend N4DJ WA4UNS 3/18/2017
I'll be looking for ya......... AA8R 3/18/2017
Have fun, Mike!!! W4SIG 3/18/2017

headed home april 11 anyone needing Honolulu for anything I'm good for? N8KIE 3/17/2017
Safe travels. KA2LHO 3/19/2017

MAR 27 AND 28 TRIP KDEQ 3/17/2017

ON THE ROAD AGAIN (more) KBBA 3/17/2017

Nevada Counties (Carson City) PA3ARM 3/17/2017
Harry, Carson City is an independent city (more) WGXQ 3/17/2017
Nevada PA3ARM 3/17/2017

Possible upcoming mobile ops for me -- (more) WB4KZW 3/16/2017
Link off of Toplist page KK7x K8QWY 3/16/2017
Tnx ED! Much appreciated. Hope I get out there soon. WB4KZW 3/16/2017

KY,NC, OR, WV needs updated KC7YE 3/16/2017

Presently in Cochise county AZ moving to Pima in the morning. K7TM 3/16/2017

Question regarding mobile credit for counties N9JF 3/15/2017
I've logged my first claim...(more) WA4UNS 3/16/2017
It is in effect now. It may be some time before Loggeer incorporates it. WQ7A 3/16/2017
Thanks Terry N9JF 3/16/2017
We have to keep track of these counties on our own. I think there is a spreadsheet somewhere for th WMU 3/17/2017

Looking for Icom Separation cable OPC-581 OR 587 AI5P 3/15/2017
cable KG5J 3/16/2017
cable AK8A 3/16/2017
eBay has a listing for the 581... asking $100.00... you might ask on the Icom forum WA4UNS 3/16/2017
CABLE AI5P 3/26/2017

Michigan Mini

K8ZZ 3/15/2017

County Hunter Dot Com KK7X 3/15/2017
Thanks Dennis. I did enjoy checking on your weather though! N7JPF 3/16/2017

My trip plann for Wednesday, 3/15 has been revised substantially ... N5MLP 3/14/2017

NM today AI5P 3/14/2017

Up dated needs, NC, TX KC7YE 3/14/2017

Please to announce K4YT USA-PA 'K' prefix 3/7/2017 W8TAX 3/14/2017
Congrats.. K8ZZ 3/15/2017
Congratulations Karl W7FEN 3/15/2017
Way to go, Karl! N5PR 3/15/2017
Congratulations Karl !!! NFN 3/15/2017
Congratulations Karl, you can check this award off the bucket list. WB4FFV 3/15/2017
Many congratulations, Karl! K2MF 3/15/2017
Congrat's on getting a hard one to earn. WG6X 3/15/2017
Congratulations Karl !!!! LY5A 3/14/2017
Congratulations Karl! N2JNE 3/14/2017
Congrats Karl.......... AA8R 3/14/2017
Way to go, Karl! Congrats!!! N0XYL and KB0BA KBBA 3/14/2017
Congrats Karl NA8W 3/14/2017
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 3/14/2017
Wat to Go, Karl! KPFV 3/14/2017
Congrats Karl !!! KD5YUK 3/14/2017
congrats. good job @ hard way KC5P 3/14/2017
Congratulations Karl !!!! NM1G 3/14/2017
WTG Karl, Job well done. WA3QNT 3/14/2017
Congratulations Karl, well done. WQ7A 3/14/2017
Congratulations!!!!!!! WA4UNS 3/14/2017
congrats karl N8HAM 3/14/2017

KD9ZP has been told..... AA8R 3/14/2017

New Mexico Trip Tues AI5P 3/13/2017

I have list of N4AAT equip. for sale anyone wanting list Email me or call Melda direct N8KIE 3/13/2017

Michigan Mini

K8ZZ 3/12/2017

Highest band/mode totals display expansion on the Top List K2MF 3/12/2017
I received a correction from one participant on his Digital contact totals (more) K2MF 3/13/2017

Thanks to NU0Q I am down to only one county needed in Oklahoma ! N4UP 3/11/2017
And now thanks to K5CM I have the last one ( Haskell ) N4UP 3/12/2017
So far, the participating in the OKQP has been really good this year. (more) K2MF 3/12/2017
Also thanks to him for my LAST in OK!!! Beckham! K4XI 3/12/2017

Last minute run listed for tomorrow 3/11. Three FL counties and two POTA sites. KA2LHO 3/10/2017
Difficult band conditions today on most bands except 20 CW and 30 Ok but not great. (more) KA2LHO 3/11/2017

First District, Alaska K8OOK 3/10/2017
Just worked kl7/ve7acn for last county but...... K2HVN 3/10/2017
Congrats, Bill. If I read your post correctly, this may a first, helping someone get the last for W K8OOK 3/11/2017
to continue--- K8OOK 3/11/2017
No way, you sold everything! 😊 WGXQ 3/10/2017

Michigan Mini

K8ZZ 3/10/2017

Got lucky on the weather in Hilo .. now there are floods and hail over there N8KIE 3/9/2017
Thank you again for taking the time and spending the funds to jump over there, Bob! K2MF 3/10/2017
Ditto!!! Thanks so much! W4SIG 3/10/2017

10 day trip starting Friday 3/10 to west TX, southwest OK, KS, MO, northeast OK just posted N5MLP 3/9/2017

TNX to N7JPF KC7YE 3/9/2017
glad to help(more) N7JPF 3/9/2017
glad to help(more) N7JPF 3/9/2017

K0DEQ Reports Trip Cancelled N1API 3/9/2017

State of the Union or County Hunting WMU 3/9/2017

Kerry w4sig/m. T.U. for the call for Callaway, KY. 73 KC5P 3/9/2017
Thanks Kerry, W4SIg, for Callaway, KY. NDXE 3/12/2017
Didn't want you to miss it! Glad to help W4SIG 3/10/2017

MRCs-as another run comes up for my wife and me I wanted to let folks know (more) KA2LHO 3/8/2017

Well I hate doctors app's .. more N6PDB 3/8/2017
I also hate the enter key here MORE N6PDB 3/8/2017
I also hate the enter key here MORE N6PDB 3/8/2017

Still have a Kenwood TS 450S with autotune available... any interest? KA3DRO 3/8/2017
If so... it is now listed on EBAY..... KA3DRO 3/12/2017

Western KY trip Mar 8&9. Details posted on trips p... W4SIG 3/7/2017
Thank you, Kerry, for that amazing run around western KY late yesterday! K2MF 3/9/2017

Michigan Mini

K8ZZ 3/7/2017

MARAC WEB PAGE DOWN 0330Z 7:26PST 3/7/17 KM6HB 3/7/2017
WEB PAGE BACK AT 04:37Z 8:37pst 3/7/17 KM6HB 3/7/2017

not sure about Kauai not many needs listed might wait till next winter N8KIE 3/7/2017
No worries. Don't go just for me. If you swim over there, let me know!!! :o) KA2LHO 3/7/2017
No worries. Don't go just for me. If you swim over there, let me know!!! :o) KA2LHO 3/7/2017
I need Kauai on 10m. Think I'm going to have to wait for the next solar maximum for that. K2MF 3/7/2017

MAR 9/10 TRIP KDEQ 3/7/2017

Planned county sequence for Florida Panhandle trip posted: March 19-21 KA2LHO 3/7/2017

10 cw contacts without the computer. Found out my paddles have a loose screw N8KIE 3/7/2017
I have been accused of having a screw loose too. WQ7A 3/7/2017
does the loose screw come before or after the loss of marbles? KA9JAC 3/7/2017
was on the dit side of paddles made sending very difficult adding dits N8KIE 3/7/2017

Had a nice telephone conversation with Ted (K1BV) today regarding the confirmation questions (more) KA2LHO 3/6/2017
I have vivid memories of how hard it was to collect all the confirmations, so I do for others as... K2MF 3/7/2017
Speaking of MRCs. Thank you all so much. In a week of cards coming back I already have (more) KA2LHO 3/6/2017
Mailed mine to you this morning at 5:30 am on the way out of town. N4UP 3/7/2017
Thank you Peter. I appreciate it. KA2LHO 3/8/2017

Found another piece of gear.... KA3DRO 3/6/2017
Also found a COBRA CB buried away.... offers? KA3DRO 3/6/2017
The CB is sold.... KA3DRO 3/8/2017

AR TRIP KDEQ 3/6/2017

I am in Park WY and will try to run once today and tomorrow. Los of snow N7JPF 3/6/2017
Park, Wy is the last in Wy for master gold, I hope I can hear you W8FNW 3/6/2017

hawaii county monday abt 1830z N8KIE 3/5/2017
Tnx Bob.. CW just fine.. K8ZZ 3/7/2017
Thanks for finishing all mobiles for me in HI, Bob! K2MF 3/7/2017
After listening to my attempts at cw ... my apologies to your ears. more N8KIE 3/6/2017
Your CW is better than mine! Thanks for the effort. WQ7A 3/7/2017
Thanks, Bob, for your efforts at putting out Hawai... W4SIG 3/7/2017
Bob is stuck on the tarmac in Honolulu with a mechanical on the aircraft. If... WQ7A 3/6/2017
Bob is stuck on the tarmac in Honolulu with a mechanical on the aircraft. If... WQ7A 3/6/2017

Michigan Mini

K8ZZ 3/5/2017

Home KC7YE 3/5/2017
Glad you made it home safely!! W4SIG 3/5/2017
As Kerry said glad you beat the weather. KA2LHO 3/5/2017

Planning ALL Florida panhandle 3 day county run later this month. Email me with needs asap (more) KA2LHO 3/5/2017
While you are up there.... KA3DRO 3/6/2017
Going to be a tight schedule to run them all in three days plus some parks. We'll see. (more) KA2LHO 3/7/2017

Short WV Run posted on Trips W8OP 3/4/2017
Same here... Sundays not good before 1800Z. Oh well... next time (hopeful) WA4UNS 3/5/2017
Bummer--will be in church. Great scenery in WV. KA2LHO 3/5/2017

Digital N9JF 3/4/2017
Looking forward to seeing your print on my screen... welcome to world of 1's and 0's WA4UNS 3/5/2017
Matt's full set of articles (DIGITAL-HAPPENINGS)f... N5PR 3/5/2017
It is a great source. I printed them all (more) N7JPF 3/5/2017
W0NAC KC3X 3/4/2017
Thanks! N9JF 3/4/2017

Not my County Hunting? KK7X 3/4/2017
Full Circle County Hunting W5GND 3/5/2017
Oh it happens on CW but it just happens through forum posts. That is why I seldom run (more) KA2LHO 3/5/2017
Parks and cw N4CD 3/5/2017
The only time I run a park on net frequencies... N9JF 3/6/2017
At the time in question I only ran counties. The parks were not on my radar yet. KA2LHO 3/5/2017
I think we all generally pick and choose what interests us and then stick with that. (more) K2MF 3/5/2017
I love the words "co-exist"...!! Apparently it's not possible for some people and... AE3Z 3/5/2017
Hate......... WMU 3/7/2017
Don you better go back and re-read my reply to Ron... AA8R 3/5/2017
Don I also don't understand the hate. I don't hate anyone on ham radio, more> NA8W 3/5/2017
Don I also don't understand the hate. I don't hate anyone on ham radio, more> NA8W 3/5/2017
Very well put Barry. I totally agree! NA8W 3/5/2017
Sage words indeed my sentiments exactly WE7G 3/4/2017

Mobile radios-see following KB6UF 3/4/2017
That's mark II, also have Manuels. KB6UF 3/4/2017
I sold both of my 706's last summer Ron... lDon AE3Z 3/4/2017

Just Posted a Three-Day Trip to North Carolina ( more ) N4UP 3/3/2017

March 2017 County Challenge Top List now online (more) K2MF 3/3/2017

Tks Bob!! PA3ARM 3/3/2017

SSB/CW net controls voting for maracas authorized nets-why not stipulate contacts only good on marac KB6UF 3/2/2017
Come on folks... it's a hobby... (more) WA4UNS 3/5/2017
Band conditions, antenna/radio problems, no NC, black list to name a few causes for any freq for con WG6X 3/4/2017
MY being blacklisted changed my operation considerably... (more) WA4UNS 3/4/2017
I have also found digital to be a joy and on occasion a cw contact is fun! NA8W 3/4/2017
Contacts for MARAC awards are allowed on any frequ... W4SIG 3/3/2017
Frequencies KN4Y 3/3/2017
Absolutely! W4SIG 3/4/2017
Just submitted my NCQP log as Lone Ranger mobile... 83 contacts in three hours... (more) WA4UNS 3/4/2017
       We had thoughts of driving over to Avery for the NCQP ... K4EXT 3/4/2017
nets. Some people can't let it go. KB6UF 3/2/2017
No - won't 'let go' for good reason N4CD 3/3/2017
There are still quite a few Black Sheep out here KA3DRO 3/3/2017
It's hard for me to "let go." I was persecuted for over a year on 14.336... (more) WA4UNS 3/3/2017
No I can't let it go....(more) AA8R 3/3/2017
Reply-see more KB6UF 3/3/2017
Ron, your departure is a loss to county hunting. Take care of yourself my friend and thank you (more KA2LHO 3/4/2017
Hope u will reconsider!! You are in my log 597 times! Don't let us run you away! K4XI 3/4/2017
We've heard before Ron.. Many times. Bye! W8JJ 3/3/2017
We've had W8JJ 3/3/2017
       Thank you. Just affirmed my decision. KB6UF 3/4/2017
              Hate to see you go Ron...CH used to be fun. KD5YUK 3/4/2017

Zone of Iniquity by N0AX - anyone want it? W3DYA 3/2/2017
The book has been claimed. Thanks. Norm W3DYA W3DYA 3/2/2017

Thanks to everyone who is turning around the MRCs quickly for me. Much appreciated. KA2LHO 3/2/2017
If you have sent me any MRC's I will not be able to answer them until sometime in April when I get h NA8W 3/4/2017
Can't recall if I did but no worries-send them when you can. KA2LHO 3/4/2017

Logger version 5008 contains LC submission. Give it a try and let me know... WQ7A 3/2/2017
LC WA3QNT 3/2/2017
Just downloaded it - where do I find the LC feature?? K4XI 3/2/2017
View/Edit - MARAC - Last Couinty Application. WQ7A 3/2/2017
Thanks, found it. Looks great. K4XI 3/3/2017

Anyone interested in a TARHEEL Antenna? I Have a 400 for sale. KA3DRO 3/2/2017
Antenna is sold... TU KA3DRO 3/2/2017

ARRL PHone Contest This Weekend N1API 3/1/2017
JT65 is fun, give it a try. Over 1100 contacts in the last 60 days. WQ7A 3/1/2017
cw fine on all bands N4CD 3/1/2017
Not participating KK7X 3/1/2017
But what if Yadkin NC shows up on 20m SSB? :) K2MF 3/2/2017
I hate trick questions KK7X 3/2/2017
Adding Yadkin ? N4UP 3/4/2017
;-) N2JNE 3/1/2017

Thanks to KZ2P and N2FPM for a bunch of new GA counties today. KA2LHO 2/28/2017
Thanks Jim and Pat for a great run... Don AE3Z 3/1/2017
I wish I could have said that. i needed some of those counties but he won't answer me when I call.>> NA8W 3/5/2017

Get error 404 trying the spotme page K8QWY 2/28/2017

March County Hunter News On Line N4CD 2/28/2017
As usual... great issue!!! COMPACTRONS... YEAH!!!! WA4UNS 2/28/2017
ARRL K7IOO 2/28/2017
Also......... KK7X 2/28/2017
I agree 100% Bill KK7X 2/28/2017
Thanks for the DD only 68 left in Texas :- ) N8KIE 2/28/2017

leaving desert KC7YE 2/28/2017

Michigan Mini

K8ZZ 2/27/2017

Quick five county and three POTA run on Friday morning, March 3. See trips list. KA2LHO 2/27/2017

Nantucket and Dukes-see more KB6UF 2/27/2017
thanks will be listening from somewhere in MI N8KIE 2/27/2017

will try to run 30cw Thursday afternoon HST about 0300z N8KIE 2/27/2017
I hope to be listening !!! N9QS 2/27/2017

I'm transcribing my audio recordings from my AR trip and scratching my head... (more) WA4UNS 2/27/2017
I don't understand all the rules, but if I have w... K9MIX 2/28/2017
Yes work again N4CD 2/28/2017
Non-smart phone user too ! W8OP 2/28/2017
Hear...hear... I definitely appreciate the spotters... (more) WA4UNS 3/1/2017
Doug... package on the way.... 73/Ron KA3DRO 2/28/2017
Got it Ron... the extra was... well... a surprise!!! WA4UNS 2/28/2017
That was one of the reasons we altered the rules for mobiles. So that more would run and more would N8KIE 2/27/2017
more would listen. just a suggestion run 40 first, more action and more spotters. N8KIE 2/27/2017
I've tried that before (40M first) and have listened to a lot of static over time...(more) WA4UNS 2/27/2017
Seems like many are just expecting mobiles to self spot now. WMU 2/27/2017
       I always plan my route and stops so I can expect to have cell phone coverage ( more ) N4UP 2/27/2017

Thanks for the mobiles out today. A bunch of new ones for me plus four new parks as well! (more) KA2LHO 2/27/2017
A huge thanks to WA3QNT who knocked 4 off my most needed 20m CW list! K2MF 2/27/2017

Down to 6 in 4 states to finish W-Prefix. Thanks to W4BLA to finish NC during NCQP WA4UNS 2/27/2017
Down to 5 in three states here. Thanks to W8OP for Gilmer,WV WQ7A 2/27/2017
Missed W8OP in Boone & Lincoln WV... was tied up at a herpetology conference. WA4UNS 2/27/2017
Sorry you missed me in Lincoln. Developed keying problems had to abort after Lincoln. W8OP 2/27/2017

Monday N4CD 2/26/2017

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