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Looking for anyone with good or better HTML and or PHP experience for a little project WMU 10/21/2017

Oh well... I was hoping to hear Wayne, NY (CW) during NYQP... not enough mobiles WA4UNS 10/21/2017
Don't feel bad. I've been waiting for a "W" in Ess and Ham since 1959 WQ7A 10/21/2017

SD QP - is it for real?? K4XI 10/21/2017

2 remain for 5th time... PIKE and UPSON, GA (share a C/L)... Help!!! WA4UNS 10/21/2017
Bingo III is now down to 9... (more) WA4UNS 10/21/2017

Thanks, Silver, N9QS for Screven, GA - Need 2 for all CW WA3QNT 10/21/2017

WBOW - Hancock, GA for Bingo II - Big THANK YOU to Silver, N9QS, for special side trip.. K8ZZ 10/21/2017
Way to go Ed! WGXQ 10/22/2017
Congratulations Ed! N2JNE 10/21/2017
Congrats,Ed! Thanks, Silver! W4SIG 10/21/2017
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 10/21/2017
Congrat's! WG6X 10/21/2017
Congratulations Ed and a "way to go " to Silver.. K7TM 10/21/2017
Grats! WMU 10/21/2017
Well done, congrats to both. W7FEN 10/21/2017
Awesome accomplishment! Congratulations!! Sandra and Lowell. N0XYL and KBBA 10/21/2017
Congratulations, well done. WQ7A 10/21/2017

2 - day CH trip to Western NC -- more -- WB4KZW 10/20/2017
Gene, thanks for all the good counties!! W4SIG 10/21/2017
I appreciated you being out there and the counties in which I worked you, Gene! K2MF 10/21/2017

FT8 Digital Mode NKV 10/20/2017
CH with FT8 KC7YE 10/20/2017
I agree... I'm seeing stations that I usually cannot hear on SSB and even CW... (more) WA4UNS 10/20/2017
Need to figure out a way to include counties in reply so my poor station in Florida will work. (More NA8W 10/20/2017
You can do it... we used to have a guy in SD years ago that ran tractor mobile. WA4UNS 10/20/2017
That was Leon, K0LU (formerly WA0NZO) in southern North Dakota. K2MF 10/21/2017
I used to have metal in my tractors also, now it's mostly plastic. Ha NA8W 10/20/2017
Just drag a counterpoise behind you (grin!!!!) WA4UNS 10/20/2017
       My counterpoise today behind the tractor was the cable pulling the truck out. Lol NA8W 10/20/2017

Thanks Bob,WA3QNT, for Sullivan and Clinton PA - 7 to go for Bingo!! N2JNE 10/20/2017

Is the Awards Chairman taking new applicaitons? N8CIJ 10/20/2017
Training in progress! WMU 10/20/2017
Not yet. Can't open the LC1-LC2 page on the MARAC website. N2JNE 10/20/2017

Report forthcoming for 2017 Convention, etc . N0DXE & NKV 10/19/2017
I'm ready for 2018... unless a bad date for us WA4UNS 10/20/2017
Had a great time!!! W4SIG 10/20/2017
Tnx for your efforts to make the Convention a great success.. K8ZZ 10/19/2017
And a great time was had by all. Many thanks. WQ7A 10/19/2017

ZERO contacts today .....?? bad conditions? N7JPF 10/18/2017
MUCH better today...and.... N7JPF 10/19/2017
MUCH better today...and.... N7JPF 10/19/2017
Could not hear you from the mobile here in PA either. KA2LHO 10/19/2017
Not hearing you today either Paul, 20Phone to the Right Coast not working N2JNE 10/19/2017
I think band conditions have mostly been very bad and noisy. (more) K2MF 10/19/2017
Barry, thanks for the explanation. I learned somet... W4SIG 10/20/2017
I see the same thing... go off frequency and find a station to work... (more) WA4UNS 10/18/2017
guess nobody listens on "the net freq" N8KIE 10/18/2017
LOL !! WGXQ 10/19/2017

1 Day Trip WA3QNT 10/18/2017
THANKS BOB for Last County Bingo III (Been waiting over a year!) N8CIJ 10/20/2017
3 of last 9 for Bingo are in PA - Sullivan, Clinton and Schuykill - if you get a chance N2JNE 10/18/2017
1 Day Trip WA3QNT 10/18/2017

paper log of trip complete will have MRC's checked and mailed this week N8KIE 10/18/2017

New York QSO Party counties to be run - more - N2JNE 10/18/2017

WSJT-x release r3 is out. Improvements mostly to FT-8 WQ7A 10/17/2017
Thanks! Working lots of new people and old ch friends daily WMU 10/17/2017

Nutmeg Hamfest and CT ARRL Convention This Sunday N1API 10/17/2017

Nutmeg Hamfest and CT ARRL Convention This Sunday N1API 10/17/2017

WBOW - Hancock, GA for Bingo II K8ZZ 10/16/2017
Look for me there Saturday morning.... N9QS 10/17/2017
Will do Silver.. Tnx K8ZZ 10/17/2017

Short CH trip to Western NC to Blowing Rick, NC 10/18 return trip via differeent route 10/19 - more` WB4KZW 10/16/2017
You will be just down the road from Boone... let me know when you are there... (more) WA4UNS 10/16/2017
Is your phone nbr in the MARAC dBase? WB4KZW 10/16/2017
Sorry... I just responded to the wrong enrty... see my e-mail about Dare WA4UNS 10/16/2017
Yes... but I just e-mail'd you WA4UNS 10/16/2017
Gene I need them all. KC3X 10/16/2017

Need four for all CW... (more) WA4UNS 10/16/2017
Needs/ oug, Do you still need Dare, NC? WB4KZW 10/16/2017
Yes... e-mail me first WA4UNS 10/16/2017

Down to 10 for BINGO III... (more) WA4UNS 10/16/2017
I'm harvesting corn or I would be listening for you. Can't mount an ant. All plastic combine. Hi. NA8W 10/16/2017
:) KC3X 10/16/2017

Any info or even a guess when we can submit awards info N8KIE 10/16/2017
Soon! WMU 10/16/2017
Good question, need to submit a few myself. WB4KZW 10/16/2017

Oct 25 trip KDEQ 10/16/2017

ILQP next Sunday. Clean up your needs! N9JF 10/16/2017
County Activations, etc WYA 10/17/2017
There is a Planned Activations map on the web page N9JF 10/17/2017
There is also now a Planned Activations listing on the web page N9JF 10/20/2017

I will be leaving Thursday 10/19 to travel to South Carolina....(more) N9QS 10/16/2017
Any idea which counties in GA??? (more) WA4UNS 10/16/2017

Thanks to KA3QLF for Susquehanna, PA for Bingo - 9 to go - Needs are current N2JNE 10/15/2017
Glad to help KA3QLF 10/16/2017

Good news from AA4GT and NV4Z../more N9QS 10/14/2017
Great news - always good to hear. Our best to you both. N0DXE & NKV 10/19/2017
I haven't been told "I'm cancer free" but, they got it stopped for now... I can tell you this.... AE3Z 10/15/2017
Fantastic news! Must be that good old Florida sunshine! KA3DRO 10/15/2017
Those are the best two word. Great news WA4UNS 10/15/2017
So glad to hear the great news!! WY8I 10/15/2017
Good news, NO great news! WG6X 10/15/2017
I have some familiarity with being told when you're cancer free and yes it is wonderful news! K2MF 10/15/2017
Glad to hear it N8KIE 10/14/2017

Getting close on CW-VII and looking for any suggestions for contacts (more) WGXQ 10/14/2017

Two QSO's in the FT8 Log! WMU 10/14/2017
Pretty cool to work people with a vertical and low power. WMU 10/14/2017
That's a great start! Hope to work you this winter from my puny mostly digital Florida station. NA8W 10/14/2017
Enjoy, fun mode. 728 in the log here. Use ADIFMaster to view/edit log. WQ7A 10/14/2017

Great trip with Jerry, W0GXQ, the CW guru.. Tnx all for the spots.. K8ZZ 10/14/2017
Thanks bunches for the new ones. NKV 10/19/2017
Thanks for all of the new ones!!! KA2LHO 10/15/2017
Thank you Ed and Jerry for all the cw counties and time you both took doing it. WY8I 10/15/2017
You are both amazing mobile operators and together you are like a super team. Thank you for all the K2MF 10/15/2017
Great Trip K4AMC 10/15/2017
lots of stars thanks N8KIE 10/14/2017
Stars, stars and more stars great tag team operation . BIG thanks to Jerry & Ed WE7G 10/14/2017
Thanks for all the counties. WMU 10/14/2017
FB Ops and FB gentlement! Thanks for all the count... W4SIG 10/14/2017
FB Operation.. N1QY 10/14/2017
W0GXQ AND K8ZZ (MORE) K5KDG 10/14/2017

Okanogan County N4RS 10/13/2017
I am watching your progress closely on the Top List for that one, Tom! K2MF 10/15/2017
Way to go! WMU 10/13/2017

Icom MB 65 Mobile base mount KA3DRO 10/12/2017
This is the unit that holds the control head.... not the CPU. KA3DRO 10/17/2017

W0GXQ/K8ZZ QRT for today. Will run Laramie, WY tomorrow morning. KC3X 10/12/2017

12m FT8 is open WQ7A 10/12/2017

Photos from the Colorado Springs National WMU 10/12/2017

Thanks to W0GXQ for Bingo contact in Bonneville, ID - 10 to go N2JNE 10/12/2017

Will start with Bonneville, ID in morning.. K8ZZ 10/11/2017
sure wish the bands would shape up, no copy most of the time, drive safely K8OOK 10/11/2017

PA qso party October 14th, 15th KA3QLF 10/11/2017

Arizona QSO Party Oct 14/15 WMU 10/11/2017

Thanks for calls during "quick" WV run today (more) KA2LHO 10/11/2017
Tks fer last WV Kraig > Marshall PA3ARM 10/13/2017
Thank you for those 30m counties, Kraig! K2MF 10/11/2017

masts and resonators bundle KA3DRO 10/11/2017
If Scott passes WMU 10/11/2017
email is kicking back KA3QLF 10/11/2017
Sorry.... the new address is: KA3DRO 10/12/2017

Will run my last two counties left... K2HVN 10/11/2017

Thanks to W0GXQ for l/c Walla Walla WA. KC5P 10/10/2017

MARAC databases are working again on the webpage WMU 10/10/2017
Thank you indeed for a great job. The DB is looking very good! K2MF 10/11/2017
Thank you Gene & Mike for all your hard work for the cause of MARAC W8FNW 10/11/2017
Looking good Mike... thanks for the efforts by all WA4UNS 10/10/2017

Tar Heel MT 3 FB hitch mount available KA3DRO 10/10/2017

Any have the time and patience to walk me through this new ft8? KC3X 10/9/2017
you also need an external time keeping app. WMU 10/10/2017
Yes understand the need as you have to set up the TX . Mode not for me sucks WG6X 10/10/2017
I'm using WSJT-X... (more) WA4UNS 10/10/2017
Revision 1.8.0-rc2 takes way the need for the halt button, it automatically stops (more) NA8W 10/10/2017
It's like JT65... just much much quicker!!!! Use the auto sequence. WA4UNS 10/9/2017
jtalert is supposed to let you know when someone is calling cq WMU 10/9/2017
JT Alert KK7X 10/10/2017
I took it off ! K8QWY 10/9/2017

Just worked digital county 1,000 KK7X 10/9/2017
Well done Dennis... fun... ain't it WA4UNS 10/9/2017
Great job Dennis. Having similar success on FT-8.... N7JPF 10/9/2017
I just checked my book summary, and I'm at 953..they add up fast N7JPF 10/9/2017
Wow! Way to go! WMU 10/9/2017
Thanks all KK7X 10/9/2017

trip changes KMAF 10/8/2017
everything ok now KMAF 10/8/2017

Roosevelt and Richland in the morning WGXQ 10/7/2017

California Qso Party is this weekend WMU 10/6/2017

Thanks N5MLP for wiping out my CW needs in TX N8KIE 10/6/2017
? W4SIG 10/6/2017
yes he does cw on a prearranged basis for some of us N8KIE 10/7/2017

Tks K8CC for last in NE K4AMC 10/6/2017

WBOW - need in Hancock, GA K8ZZ 10/6/2017
Maybe whoever goes there would consider at least going to Jasper, GA... (more) WA4UNS 10/6/2017

We're heading down to Francis Marion National Forest on Wednesday 10/11... (more) WA4UNS 10/5/2017
Where was everyone???? I called in a couple of counties on 40M and 20M... (more) WA4UNS 10/16/2017
Hope to leave around 12 Noon (1600Z)... (more) WA4UNS 10/9/2017

Thurs. 10/5 Santa Cruz SSB & CW (more) AB7NK 10/4/2017

LC's needed KMAF 10/4/2017
If you don't get together on Mason IL... N9JF 10/5/2017
Mason IL on October 10th, on my way home from Minnesota N4UP 10/4/2017
Mason KMAF 10/5/2017
Will email an estimated time for the 10th once I have updated my trip spreadsheet N4UP 10/5/2017
Hooker, NE tomorrow.. K8ZZ 10/4/2017
hooker KMAF 10/5/2017

Thanks AB7NK last 2 Counties in NM 33 left for CW N8KIE 10/4/2017
Always a pleasure to make those noises!!!! :). 73/88 AB7NK 10/4/2017
Awwwww! WGXQ 10/4/2017

Last Cnty from k8zz. Will do paper wrk later. Thanks Ed KC5P 10/4/2017
Tks K8ZZ L/ K4AMC 10/6/2017
Tks L/ K4AMC 10/6/2017

October 2017 County Challenge Top List Now On Line (more) K2MF 10/4/2017
Barry, you've made the Top List and "art form". Nice job! N9JF 10/4/2017

SD and NE counties Oct. 4 (Wednesday) K2HVN 10/3/2017

16 Kansas Counties for Wednesday 4th CW Only ( more ) N4UP 10/3/2017

Thanks to Barry N0KV and Pat N0DXE for the great job they did on the 2017 National MARAC Convention K1SO 10/3/2017
We enjoyed the Convention especially the Banquet NFN 10/5/2017
At least the snow held off! WMU 10/11/2017
Yes! Everyone had a wonderful time. Great job Barr... W4SIG 10/5/2017
Barry and Pat -- we enjoyed the convention so much. A special thank you for making... KBBA 10/4/2017
Yes, TNX for a great get together. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 10/3/2017

Looking for any videos of County Hunters WMU 10/2/2017

Interesting day today.. PTT button failed just at start of run. Icom only good for a million cycles N8KIE 10/2/2017
Wow! was it a IC-7100 itself or the mike button? WG6X 10/3/2017
Was it the HM-151 mike? WG6X 10/3/2017
the ptt in the 151 mic N8KIE 10/3/2017

Trip from Allegheny PA to Clinton PA on Oct 5 posted. KA2LHO 10/2/2017
Trip includes a side trip to Huntingdon, PA and a side trip to Lycoming, PA. KA2LHO 10/2/2017

!!!! Special Thanks to AB7NK/K7SEN !!!! KD5YUK 10/2/2017
Glad it worked out. AB7NK 10/3/2017
Also tnx to wy0a for letting it happen..... KD5YUK 10/3/2017

Next to last county K5OH 10/1/2017

Tnx to all CH who worked me lately on fone confused some I think as I dont usually run voice mo WE7G 10/1/2017
You have to work em where they run. Good to hear you N8KIE 10/2/2017
Tnx Bob - Right - soon everyone on "Fone" will remember my call too LOL WE7G 10/2/2017
I thought I had taken too many meds for my head cold! WMU 10/1/2017

SD counties oct. 2, Monday K2HVN 10/1/2017

My antenna is down. Rotor stopped working. Not sure when it will return. Have fun everyone. KC3X 10/1/2017
Rotor rebuilt and antenna back in the air. KC3X 10/3/2017

Looking for a Dreamweaver 8 install disk WMU 10/1/2017

Recruiting new people WMU 9/30/2017
Great Idea Mike....more.... N7JPF 10/1/2017
I will ask the Awards Secretary to do this WMU 10/1/2017
Who is the awards secretary? KC3X 10/1/2017
AB7RW and his wife have accepted the position WMU 10/1/2017
An absolutely GREAT recruiting idea we should all use. Thanks... WB4KZW 10/1/2017

Guess I'll be going to Sioux and Grant ND WGXQ 9/30/2017
Sounds like you missed N8KIE :( WMU 9/30/2017

Making the refresh faster than 60 secs on ch.w6rk WMU 9/30/2017
Mike: Change "Show 10 Spots" to "Show 5 Spots" on the W6RK Page K4EXT 9/30/2017
Thanks! WMU 9/30/2017

Many thanks to N8KIE for Garfield, MT. Last WBOW 2nd time 9more) N2JNE 9/29/2017
Iy is great when you can someone else while getting one for yourself Congrats N8KIE 9/29/2017
Congrats! WMU 9/29/2017

I'm spending most of my time on digital from the home station... (more) WA4UNS 9/29/2017

Digital WAS N6PDB 9/29/2017
need Idaho? KV7N 10/4/2017
Any of your needs in NC???? WA4UNS 9/29/2017

FB help from W4SIG N1QY 9/29/2017
Awesome operator N4RS 9/30/2017
Agreed! WMU 9/30/2017
Thanks W4SIG for last cnty in Johnson, Ne. He can sure run cntys. KC5P 9/30/2017
Amen! WGXQ 9/30/2017

IC-7000 Problem KU4YM 9/29/2017
If you find the problem please let me know W8FNW 10/3/2017
might try the ic-7000 yahoo group for ic-7000 for help or answers WG6X 9/29/2017

K4EXT WMU 9/29/2017
Both marac@ and ch2@ should be ok now - Box filled up with lots of National pictures! K4EXT 9/29/2017
email for K4EXT N1QY 9/29/2017
Thanks his marac@k4ext email in the db is what I tried. WMU 9/29/2017

Please avoid 7188 as it is still being used for hurricane support WMU 9/29/2017
7.182 as other freq on 40 have ragchewers groupd, so may need to be moved. WG6X 9/30/2017 Annual Report Link fixed WMU 9/29/2017

Trip to Minnesota early October ( more ) N4UP 9/28/2017

2017 National Colorado Springs is in the books WMU 9/27/2017
We all were treated to a wonderful time at the National Convention 2017 K1SO 10/3/2017
Pat/Barry---Thanks!!!! Jim N8HAM 9/29/2017
Kudos to Barry and Pat for a super job.. K8ZZ 9/29/2017
Great convention Thanks to Pat & Barry finally met some of the CW ops who helped get my USA-CA WE7G 9/28/2017
Many Thanks to P & B, and all the presenters. Great time! On to KC in 2018! cu there N7JPF 9/28/2017
We had a great time! Thanks to Barry and Pat WQ7A 9/28/2017

National and BOD meeting. WQ7A 9/27/2017
And thank you to the BOD for all you do to keep MARAC functioning and fun for its members! K2MF 9/27/2017

50th convention next year Kansas City by K8zz N8KIE 9/27/2017
End of September/Early October WMU 9/27/2017
Ntl KC (more) K5KDG 9/27/2017
Sounds great KA3QLF 9/27/2017

Last 2 counties for 2nd time K5OH 9/27/2017
Last county for second time K5OH 10/16/2017

Forecast is for good weather in MT end of the week so the plan is to run there. N2JNE still need?? N8KIE 9/26/2017
GARFIRLD N4RS 9/27/2017
I will try up 3 from ssb run 20 40 or 75 N8KIE 9/27/2017
Bob...Chouteau MT is LC-1 under11to go.... N9QS 9/27/2017
I will get it on Oct 8th if Bob cannot run it. WGXQ 9/28/2017
Yes, Bob - still need Garfield for LC 2nd time. (more) N2JNE 9/27/2017
prob Friday late follow on w6rk to estimate when I will be there N8KIE 9/27/2017

N5MLP your email bounces KK7X 9/26/2017

Super Mag mount (more) KC3X 9/26/2017
Try again Supper Mag mount KC3X 9/26/2017
Sold KC3X 9/27/2017

There seems to be a afternoon net here in or around NW Fl on 7.180 area WG6X 9/26/2017
There are groups rag chewing at both 7.183 & often at 7.180 WG6X 9/26/2017
Of course, I am as guilty of doing this in the past. WG6X 9/26/2017

Final Four K7DM 9/26/2017

Final Four K7DM 9/26/2017

ICOM REPAIR(more) N8CIJ 9/26/2017
ICOM repair WBCQO 9/26/2017
I've also used him twice. He did a good job N8HAM 9/26/2017

Ed and I will attempt to run the following CO counties today: WGXQ 9/26/2017

Will be on the road Wednesday and Thursday (more) KA2LHO 9/25/2017
Thanks for the calls today. Decided to go all CW. (more) KA2LHO 9/27/2017

Paul K1TKL KJ8V 9/24/2017
K1TKL KC7YE 9/25/2017
Thank you Jack WGXQ 9/26/2017

I am having a problem with my CW key on 30 meters.....(more) N9QS 9/24/2017
grounding N1QY 9/25/2017
grounding N1QY 9/25/2017
grounding N1QY 9/25/2017
RF choke N4CD 9/25/2017
That workeds Bob....(more) N9QS 9/26/2017
That is a great idea. WG6X 9/25/2017
Lets take a look at it WMU 9/24/2017
Roy, ground it nine ways from Sunday! N9JF 9/24/2017
Agree grounding & if possible to add say 5 ft more coax length or bad coil ? WG6X 9/24/2017

I am sorry to report that our friend Paul, K1TKL passed away on September 16th. I'll have more info WGXQ 9/24/2017
RIP Paul. You'll be missed. Deepest sympathies. N0DXE & NKV 10/7/2017
I also regret the death of Paul I remember when we ate together in Deadwood, SD in 2013. I RIP.... 7 OH3JF 10/6/2017
More sad news... RIP OM..... KA3DRO 9/30/2017
Sad news - terrific guy. RIP Paul. K7SEN & AB7NK 9/26/2017
RIP Paul. You will be missed. K7TM 9/25/2017
His strong San Diego signal will be missed... RIP Paul WA4UNS 9/25/2017
RIP Paul.. Great guy K8ZZ 9/25/2017
RIP Paul, a very true gentleman and will be greatly missed. W7FEN 9/25/2017
Paul will be missed.. another great loss...w8 & w4fnw W8FNW 9/25/2017
Rest in peace will be missed! WY8I 9/24/2017
Sorry to hear of the loss of Paul. Our prayers are with his family. KC3X 9/24/2017
Sorry to hear that A real loss to the CH community RIP WE7G 9/24/2017
So sorry to hear. Paul was great ham and friend on... W4SIG 9/24/2017
RIP Paul. Shocking news WMU 9/24/2017
Very sad news. Paul helped me frequently with NC roles. A great loss. KA2LHO 9/24/2017
Paul was a good mobile operator and a great county hunter. He will be missed. K2MF 9/24/2017
Sorry to hear of your lost of a dear friend, still he lives in your heart and mind. WG6X 9/24/2017
So sorry to hear that! N9JF 9/24/2017

I WGXQ 9/24/2017

Direct route to national - need a contact for MD (more) AB7NK 9/23/2017
Well I worked you in San Miuel and Mora. N9QS 9/24/2017
I think I may be good for other stuff. N9QS 9/24/2017
Yes you are good for the MD WG6X 9/25/2017
you can always call me and I will try any or every band. WMU 9/23/2017

So far the TXQP is very limited so far- maybe tomorrow?? At least from FL- K4XI 9/23/2017
TQP N4CD 9/23/2017
Lousey Conditions AB7RW 9/24/2017
Pretty good numbers Bob! WMU 9/23/2017

Anyone who worked K7TM on September 23 (more) K2MF 9/23/2017

Anybody have a guitar at the National? KU4YM 9/22/2017
I have some I can bring. WMU 9/22/2017

Well old age I guess, not able to get settings right for my IC-7300 FT8 WG6X 9/22/2017
I got a 7300 to use in Florida and used it for field day. More NA8W 9/22/2017
I have fidigi (no FT8). Ok, next time I try will try the vox. ? Rigblaster P & P WG6X 9/23/2017
PSK & CW with the rigblaster/CWGET/Fidigi work fine on the IC-7300. WG6X 9/23/2017
If you havent tried this, use the Vox option instead of CAT KM6HB 9/22/2017

Leaving Saturday Morning for trip to National....(more) N9QS 9/22/2017

Trip to National... NFN 9/22/2017

For TXQP, I plan to try operating 035 upthe CW band. W3DYA 9/21/2017

County Hunting on FT8 AD1C 9/21/2017
FT8 and logger KA3QLF 9/25/2017
WOW KA3QLF 9/25/2017
It's fun... but I think I've plateau's for a while... (more) WA4UNS 9/22/2017
Doug I can't believe you've run out of contacts on FT8. More NA8W 9/22/2017
I use no limit and it gives counties. NA8W 9/22/2017
Make that wc8voa NA8W 9/22/2017
       Use Hamqth with caution K8OOK 9/22/2017
Jim, I have operated FT8 from a couple locations on this trip to the National gathering. Worked Pau K7TM 9/22/2017
Great fun. Pleasure to have worked you Jim. WQ7A 9/22/2017
Grid Map N5PR 9/21/2017
Try this website... unfortunately it does NOT show county outlines... (more) WA4UNS 9/22/2017
Grids K8QWY 9/21/2017
FT8 , more NA8W 9/21/2017
I have the program downloaded. Still trying to figure out how to use it. KC3X 9/21/2017
Check out YOUTUBE many FT8 tutorials posted there by hams. KM6HB 9/22/2017
As posted above, I am still lost trying to get the IC-7300 working on FT8 WG6X 9/23/2017
Great fun. Pleasure to have worked you Jim. WQ7A 9/21/2017
FT8 counties KC7YE 9/21/2017
Let us know your needs..... N7JPF 9/21/2017
Got behind the curve, current now KC7YE 9/22/2017

GARMIN County Lines? NOT! W3DYA 9/21/2017
Zoom WA4PGM 9/22/2017
Never thought of that, Kyle! I was altering view - I'll be checking it againas I start my trip West W3DYA 9/22/2017

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