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Note from George AA4GT. Mary NV4Z has been in hospice or the last eight (More) WB4FFV 7/18/2018
Hang in there George. We are thinking of you both and hoping for Mary's recovery. K2MF 7/19/2018
It should read " for the last eight days". WB4FFV 7/18/2018

REMEMBER-Aug 1st is the deadline to be eligible for the FT 857 drawing. Forum info (more) AB7NK 7/18/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 7/18/2018

Thanks N9JF for last in IL for CW 24 left N8KIE 7/18/2018

15m seems to be open today N8KIE 7/18/2018

Short trip to a few Iowa counties Wednesday NUQ 7/17/2018
A Very Pleasant Surprise to Pick Up Long-needed Grundy Today, Thanks N4UP 7/18/2018

ON THE ROAD AGAIN.... KBBA 7/17/2018
ND: Steele LC for 4th Star, NB=Adams K4YT 7/17/2018

Trip Posted July 16-20 = 39 x Ohio and 3 x West Virginia N4UP 7/13/2018
Yes, thanks ! ( more regarding 80m and 12m ) N4UP 7/17/2018
Using Amp on 12 meters K4AMC 7/18/2018
Good Idea ( more ) N4UP 7/18/2018
Thanks Bill, K0DEQ, for the relay to N4UP today. Lousy condx on all bands. 73, Norm, w3DYA W3DYA 7/16/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 7/12/2018

A county hunting factoid... (more) WA4UNS 7/12/2018
A similar situation in Eastern Shore of Maryland.... KA3DRO 7/14/2018
Or you could straddle the center line like we do out here in the west and give out cl N7JPF 7/14/2018
Passing Someone N2MH 7/13/2018
I will tuck that one away with all the other rando... W4SIG 7/12/2018
I learned quite a few things about running counties in NJ during the 20 years I leved here WA4UNS 7/13/2018

LC1/2 not being accepted AB7RW 7/12/2018
Just successfully submitted a LC1. Even got the co... W4SIG 7/12/2018
sent one LC1 got reply that it was processed and a note that delivery failed N8KIE 7/12/2018

"15 minute warning"... I'm heading to Monmouth, NJ... I'll start on 40M CW @1900Z WA4UNS 7/12/2018
I'm ready if I don't fall asleep first N8KIE 7/12/2018

National Registration deadline for the FT-857 is AUG 1st! Get your payments in the mail. Tnx AB7NK 7/12/2018

For CHers who chase parks..there will be a week long event taking place throughout (more) KA2LHO 7/12/2018

Monmouth, NJ today... (more) WA4UNS 7/12/2018
Ok... no requests for Burlington or Ocean on SSB... So... CW only. WA4UNS 7/12/2018

K5GE I'm sure glad that peanut whistle made it to you. Will be listening for you on down the road. W7FEN 7/11/2018
Thanks Larry! You have a good signal and we all appreciate you running counties K5GE 7/12/2018

Awards NA8W 7/11/2018
Much of the website is broke because of a bug in web hosting companies automatic WMU 7/11/2018
Ok Mike! No problem I can wait. At least now I know I didn't mess up. Ha. NA8W 7/11/2018
I just tried it using Internet Explorer NA8W 7/11/2018
Failure again. I Just tried submitting again and.. NA8W 7/11/2018
Not from. Logger N7JPF 7/11/2018
Yes Paul I did that. I remembered a prior message to not do that. :-) NA8W 7/11/2018
No email confirmation. Apparently my LC didn't make it. NA8W 7/11/2018

several logger problems who do I send help request to?????? K9MIX 7/11/2018
What are the problems. Many of us can help. WMU 7/11/2018

30 meters N4RS 7/11/2018
OK .. thanks for the info N8KIE 7/11/2018

I will be leaving for NJ around midnight (0400Z)... (more) WA4UNS 7/10/2018
I need burlington for B5 and stars, Somerset 8th, B5 & stars Monmouth, Ocean Stars N8KIE 7/11/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 7/10/2018

Thanks Mary and Neil for 8th time LC in AZ N8KIE 7/10/2018

Disorganized trip is over, no lab animals were harmed. N9JF 7/9/2018
Thanks, Jim! Glad all worked out well! W4SIG 7/10/2018
But were you able to add any new entries to your twitcher list???? WA4UNS 7/10/2018
Absolutely! N9JF 7/10/2018
Always fun working you Jim.. Great CW op.. K8ZZ 7/10/2018
Thanks Jim! KAP 7/10/2018

Party Time N4RS 7/8/2018
40 KN4Y 7/10/2018
It looks like you will be the 2nd person to accomplish all 40m CW. Good luck, Tom! K2MF 7/9/2018
Wow! I had no idea that N4AAT worked them all CW WGXQ 7/9/2018
When I started maintaining the Top List in January 2016 (more) K2MF 7/10/2018
He came close to finishing Star XX N8KIE 7/9/2018

Congratulations to the list accomplishments WA4UNS 7/8/2018
Congratulations Everyone! NA8W 7/11/2018
Congrats.. K8ZZ 7/9/2018
Congratulations to all! N2JNE 7/9/2018
Second that! WG6X 7/9/2018

N5MLP Ran All Alabama on 6/21/2018 for # 23 AB7RW 7/8/2018
Congratulations Ron on your two Marac awards, good job. WB4FFV 7/13/2018
Many congratulations, Ron! K2MF 7/9/2018

N5MLP Ran All South Carolina on 6/18/18 for # 34 AB7RW 7/8/2018
Congrats, Ron! W4SIG 7/10/2018

K2MF was awarded #52 for completing County Challange #10 AB7RW 7/8/2018
Congratulations Barry. WB4FFV 7/13/2018
Way to go, Barry! W4SIG 7/10/2018
Congrats, Barry KMAF 7/9/2018
Good job Barry, congratulations. WQ7A 7/9/2018
Congratulations Mr Top List !! WGXQ 7/9/2018

WA3QNT Completed all CW on 6/16/18 for #157 AB7RW 7/8/2018
Congratulations Bob, you got a tough one to get, good work. WB4FFV 7/13/2018
Congratulations Bob. K7TM 7/11/2018
Fantastic, Bob!!! W4SIG 7/10/2018
Thanks all!!!! Only took 45 years. WA3QNT 7/10/2018
Great! Congrats! WQ7A 7/9/2018
Congrats Bob!!! K7SEN & AB7NK 7/9/2018
Congratulations KC3X 7/9/2018
Long time coming Bob. Congratulations! WGXQ 7/9/2018
Congratulations on getting a tough one - W WE7G 7/9/2018
Congrats your all CW K4AMC 7/9/2018
Many congratulations, Bob! K2MF 7/9/2018
Did it the hard way-congrat's on the award! WG6X 7/9/2018

Tnx Terry, WQ7A, for special trip for Ferry, WA WBOW for Masters Platinum.. Been a long grind for th K8ZZ 7/8/2018
Home now. Good drive and glad to help. I only wish prop whould have been better. WQ7A 7/9/2018
congrats. another one I can use on MD KM9X 7/9/2018

Latest Space Weather/Prop forecast from T Skov N4CD 7/8/2018

RE: K7ii heads up KC7YE 7/8/2018
Sorry to hear. Maybe he will reconsider running mo... W4SIG 7/8/2018
Yeah he was sorta over whelmed. KC7YE 7/8/2018

DuPage and Winebago Illinois NN9K 7/8/2018
De Kalb is a LC for cw in IL N8KIE 7/9/2018
Tnx Pete.. K8ZZ 7/8/2018

EQSL: For those on first time around (like me) I just found out (confirmed by eQSL) (more) KA2LHO 7/8/2018
eQSL KN4Y 7/8/2018
I am hoping that is the case. I always document my county and park (if applicable) and (more) KA2LHO 7/8/2018
eQSL county confirmations KAP 7/8/2018
K0AP I printed out my list of contacts with you from my log today and put them in an (more) KA2LHO 7/8/2018
It was my understanding that the USA-CA program DOES accept eQSL confirmations (more) K2MF 7/8/2018
Agreed. I hope that is the position that Ted takes. Yes, I think LOTW even with the faults (more) KA2LHO 7/8/2018
Yes, this is definitely a problem. Wish eQSL would... W4SIG 7/8/2018
I will not use eQSL's here. To hard to enter data for each county you run. KC3X 7/8/2018

on another note... I drove for the first time today... KM9X 7/8/2018
That's a 2....2... MAXIMUM MAXIMUM...Congrats !!! KD5YUK 7/8/2018
Good news my X brother. KC3X 7/8/2018
Great news and off to more and more. Glad you have over come so much. WG6X 7/8/2018
Glad to hear from you and that you are making progress. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 7/8/2018
WE CARE!! Looking forward to our meeting at the Reservation in September. Keep on keeping on! N KBBA 7/8/2018
Dan, so glad to hear of your progress. Slowly but ... W4SIG 7/8/2018
Great news! All things are possible with dedication & hard work. Keeo it up Dan. 74/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 7/8/2018
Great news Dan.. K8ZZ 7/8/2018
Dan--glad to hear of your improvement. Miss hearing you and Judy! N8HAM 7/8/2018
I am heartened to read of your progress and thank you for sharing it, Dan. K2MF 7/8/2018
That is good progress Dan, keep up the good work N8KIE 7/8/2018
Congrats! The great American freedom, wheels. WQ7A 7/8/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 7/7/2018

LC KN4Y 7/6/2018
LC KN4Y 7/6/2018

Saturday June 7 (more) WFP 7/6/2018

Heading to NJ on 7/11 (Wednesday). Planning to run Monmouth of 7/12... (more) WA4UNS 7/6/2018
I'll be "burping" WA4UNS-9 on APRS as usual on trips WA4UNS 7/9/2018
At present... I'm planning to leave NC a little after midnight (Wednesday AM)... (more) WA4UNS 7/8/2018

Mary NV4Z AA4GT 7/6/2018
Sending Prayers K1SO 7/18/2018
George... Prayers to you both from our hearts to your home...73. KA3DRO 7/9/2018
Prayers are with you W4SIG 7/8/2018
I hope Mary gets better soon, George! My thoughts are with you both. K2MF 7/7/2018
George, our thoughts and prayers are with you and Mary. WB4FFV 7/7/2018
prayers from dan and judy KM9X 7/7/2018
My thoughts and prayers are with her while hoping for a speedy recovery! WG6X 7/7/2018
Thinking of you both during this difficult time N2JNE 7/6/2018
You are both in our prayers. WA4CMH & WA4UNS 7/6/2018

Quick trip to Ferry WA on 8 July. WQ7A 7/6/2018
Great news Terry.. K8ZZ 7/8/2018
Have a safe trip, I'll be there July 15th W7FEN 7/6/2018
Be safe. WG6X 7/6/2018

Trip Friday/Sunday N4CD 7/5/2018
Hope that he runs Galveston and Brazoria tomorrow Good night all N8KIE 7/6/2018
Arrgh! Geomagnetic storm underway N4CD 7/5/2018
Ooops... Propagation gods are angry WA4UNS 7/5/2018

N0KV, Barry resigned as did Scott, KA3QLF.. Looking for someone to step up.. Thanks K8ZZ 7/5/2018
Did I miss something about why so many people are resigning? AA9JJ 7/8/2018

MARAC Website homepage (more) AB7NK 7/4/2018
The page is now showing the National links... hopefully... WMU 7/5/2018
Thanks Mike W4SIG 7/8/2018
Many thanks Mike.. K8ZZ 7/7/2018
the National announcement at the top was replaced WMU 7/4/2018
There is NO LINK,only a notice... KA9JAC 7/5/2018
Missed that. There is a link under events WMU 7/5/2018

Trip Home WFP 7/4/2018
Safe trip home Frosty WA4UNS 7/4/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 7/4/2018

Short trip in Northwest WV & Western PA 7/6 for parks/counties that may be of (more) KA2LHO 7/3/2018

All radios back where they belong... Avery, NC will run on Friday 6/9 @ 1900Z... (more) WA4UNS 7/3/2018

A heads up for pending trip by K7ii KC7YE 7/3/2018
Me too. :) K2MF 7/4/2018
Tnx - look forward to working him.. K8ZZ 7/3/2018

no mobiles K9MIX 7/3/2018
Violets are purple; daisies are gold. When there's no propagation, calling CQ gets old.... N9JF 7/6/2018
That's a good one! NA8W 7/6/2018
Back when we had a net with a net control we had a lot of activity, now just departed officers N8KIE 7/3/2018
We would have more mobiles ............ WMU 7/4/2018
sorry about the multiple postings.... did not realize I had done that! KA3DRO 7/14/2018
Not to rub salt in the wound... BUT..... KA3DRO 7/5/2018
Not to rub salt in the wound... BUT..... KA3DRO 7/5/2018
Not to rub salt in the wound... BUT..... KA3DRO 7/5/2018
Not to rub salt in the wound... BUT..... KA3DRO 7/5/2018
Not to rub salt in the wound... BUT..... KA3DRO 7/5/2018
Not to rub salt in the wound... BUT..... KA3DRO 7/5/2018
Not to rub salt in the wound... BUT..... KA3DRO 7/5/2018
Not to rub salt in the wound... BUT..... KA3DRO 7/5/2018
Not to rub salt in the wound... BUT..... KA3DRO 7/5/2018
Not to rub salt in the wound... BUT..... KA3DRO 7/5/2018
Not to rub salt in the wound... BUT..... KA3DRO 7/5/2018
Not to rub salt in the wound... BUT..... KA3DRO 7/5/2018
Not to rub salt in the wound... BUT..... KA3DRO 7/5/2018
Not to rub salt in the wound... BUT..... KA3DRO 7/5/2018
Not to rub salt in the wound... BUT..... KA3DRO 7/5/2018
Not to rub salt in the wound... BUT..... KA3DRO 7/5/2018
Not to rub salt in the wound... BUT..... KA3DRO 7/5/2018
Not to rub salt in the wound... BUT..... KA3DRO 7/5/2018
Not to rub salt in the wound... BUT..... KA3DRO 7/5/2018
lack of county running K7IOO 7/6/2018
Amen! WGXQ 7/4/2018

Looks like another day with no mobiles running N8KIE 7/3/2018

July 2018 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 7/3/2018

Per K8ZZ - congrats to KA2LHO - Kraig, new VP & N6PDB - Dennis, new secretary! (more) AB7NK 7/2/2018
Thanks to KA2LHO and N6PDB Wonderful News!! WEAR 7/3/2018
Thank you to MARAC's new officers for volunteering to serve the club! K2MF 7/3/2018
I second that whole heartly. WG6X 7/3/2018
Thank you both for filling those vacancies. All the best. N2JNE 7/2/2018
Thanks to Dennis and Kraig for volunteering to hel... W4SIG 7/2/2018
Congratulations!!!! Thank you both for stepping up. WA4UNS 7/2/2018

Mini AZ trip posted for 7/10-7/11. Happy Hunting!!! AB7NK 7/2/2018

Just saw in the Roadrunner where W0MU resigned as President N8KIE 7/2/2018
I resgined as President and Webmaster, N0KV resigned, KA3QLF a few days later WMU 7/5/2018
More Vacancies KM6HB 7/4/2018
How come the membership hasn't been informed of "all the other".... AE3Z 7/2/2018
This mess has been around for a long long time WMU 7/5/2018
I saw all of this on the FORUM and Mike gave details, and now it's in the Roadrunner, W7FEN 7/3/2018
Give us a Date and time when it was put on the FORUM.... Half the people that.... AE3Z 7/3/2018
I suggest you contact W0MU he is the one that made the post. Other wise just keep on W7FEN 7/3/2018
Don, you continue to amaze me! :) WGXQ 7/3/2018
I second that! W7FEN 7/3/2018
Notification was just made on the RoadRunner. This... W4SIG 7/2/2018
The editor of the Roadrunner had to put in a message WMU 7/5/2018
Oh, he has been belly aching since before 2006. W7FEN 7/4/2018

AZ counties - Tuesday, July 10-11. Will post later today. Happy Hunting. 73/88 AB7NK 7/2/2018

I need a show of hands... who NEEDS Avery, NC???? This is for near planning purposes WA4UNS 7/2/2018
Tentative date/time... Friday 7/6 around 1900Z... (more) WA4UNS 7/2/2018
I will be listening for you on 30m, Doug! K2MF 7/3/2018
IF I can hear you Ill be there! Thats pretty country - will be close in Oct. be safe! 73/88 AB7NK 7/2/2018
Hey Mary, I'll be on the road north to NJ to pick up Connie WA4UNS 7/2/2018
That's when you are on the road (7/10 & 11) WA4UNS 7/2/2018
I would really enjoy working you in Avery NC on 30m CW Doug, it we have props! K2MF 7/2/2018

Work everyone everywhere they are good for something usually WMU 7/5/2018
My rule is if I can hear them I work them, whether... W4SIG 7/2/2018
Amen NM2L 7/4/2018
some of the advanced awards require 3 contacts on 2 bands to count for xmit credit N8KIE 7/2/2018
Number of contacts isnt the only thing (more) AB7NK 7/2/2018
Ditto... fully agree with Mary's comments WA4UNS 7/2/2018
Yes, definitely yes N4CD 7/2/2018
What N4CD said. If I am at a radio and hear someone I will try to work them. If I can, I'll try (mor KA2LHO 7/2/2018
You can go on the MARAC website and read the rules for each award... Or... used to be able too.... AE3Z 7/2/2018
On the MARAC page select AWARDS scroll down and you will see Click here for the MARAC Award Rules W7FEN 7/3/2018
This is a very good question... (more) WA4UNS 7/2/2018

Very Grateful N4RS 7/2/2018
No doubt. So glad you were able to snag one of you... W4SIG 7/2/2018

Back To County Hunting WFP 7/1/2018
Can you point me to those meeting minutes Dan? WMU 7/5/2018
I heard someone running on 14.336 but, too weak to get callsign... Ya gotta remember Frosty... AE3Z 7/2/2018
Everyone is waiting for spots. Use the spotting apps. WMU 7/4/2018
:) WGXQ 7/2/2018
I heard someone running on 14.336 but, too weak to get callsign... Ya gotta remember Frosty... AE3Z 7/2/2018
Hey Frosty... I know your frustration WA4UNS 7/2/2018
I will listen for you tomorrow N8KIE 7/1/2018

Anyone have any AZ needs other than whats on the needs list? (More) AB7NK 7/1/2018
Well I need Greenlee and La Paz (completely in opposite directions from Hav-a-pie) (more) K2MF 7/1/2018
Oops! Driver says make that 7/11!!! Where have I been? :) AB7NK 7/1/2018
In a deep sleep???? Was that your driver or your Prince Charming???? (HI HI) WA4UNS 7/1/2018
Yes I have needs that you can fill as follows: NA8W 7/1/2018
Need Graham and Greenlee with "A" prefix last 2 in AZ (CW). 73, Norm, W3DYA W3DYA 7/1/2018

First of the month .. backup files if you haven't already N8KIE 7/1/2018

Isn't this weekend exciting N8KIE 6/30/2018
Very Exciting!! N4RS 7/1/2018
Good Luck KC3X 7/1/2018
At that rate, you will be the first CH to complete (more) WGXQ 7/1/2018
Tom, you are getting very close on both 40m and 30m. (more) K2MF 7/1/2018
Wonders N4RS 7/1/2018
It is for some! (more) K2MF 7/1/2018
Yes, and I have to teach Matt 18:21 - it will be fun!! K4XI 6/30/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 6/30/2018

Is N9JF still in Island WA ? KC7YE 6/30/2018
We are home. Sorry I missed this. N9JF 7/9/2018

Just an FYI... the Jamaican scammers are out and about... (more) WA4UNS 6/29/2018
Check out Mr. Number for cell phones. It cuts down those sales calls. WQ7A 6/30/2018
I use a free program call truecaller that will alert you to scam calls WMU 7/4/2018
I-Phone only, I think -and not Andriod K4XI 6/30/2018
Works great on my non-iphone. Check google play store. W7FEN 7/6/2018
What a scam. I'm sure folks are also getting auto... W4SIG 6/30/2018
One of the laatest scams... (more) WA4UNS 6/30/2018
The FTC........ K8OOK 6/30/2018
Both of our cellphones are on the same exchange number... We get calls all the time... but AE3Z 6/30/2018
BTW,,, that $1.7M would have bought a lot of ham gear... to bad it was bogus hi hi WA4UNS 6/29/2018

Home safe.. Tnx for riding along under awful band conditions.. K8ZZ 6/29/2018
Thanks Ed for a lot of new counties! WY8I 6/30/2018
Thanks for all the counties on all the bands. Glad... W4SIG 6/30/2018
Yeah... needed those 30M contacts.... oh well WA4UNS 6/29/2018
At least you didn't have to swim for it in the storms N8KIE 6/29/2018
Thanks for many new ones on your latest trip! I'm about 2/3 finished for 2nd time! W5GND 6/29/2018
Thanks for many new ones on your latest trip! I'm about 2/3 finished for 2nd time! W5GND 6/29/2018
Thanks for many new ones on your latest trip! I'm about 2/3 finished for 2nd time! W5GND 6/29/2018
Thanks Ed for all the multi-bands. KC3X 6/29/2018
Thank you for all the counties and making the extra effort in the face of those bad condx! K2MF 6/29/2018

I'll not be operating for the remainder of this trip. :( W8OP 6/28/2018
Enjoy the ride!! W4SIG 6/30/2018
Enjoy, I sure miss mine and that is a spectacular place to ride them. Keep the rubber down. KC3X 6/29/2018
I hope you have a spectacular trip on the motorcycles, Alan! K2MF 6/29/2018

If you use Verizon for your cell phone and meet the criteria you can save some bucks.... KA2LHO 6/28/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 6/28/2018

Disorganized trip N9JF 6/27/2018
check battery voltage N4CD 6/29/2018
Reasonable suggestion... N9JF 6/29/2018
What an eventful trip! Hope you enjoy the birds an... W4SIG 6/28/2018
It is clear to me that you have been doing yeoman's work by (more) K2MF 6/28/2018

Several problemswith Logger. Who do I address them tofor help?? Thanks K9MIX 6/27/2018
The data base is in limbo. Stand by for a while. KC3X 6/27/2018
You have to run it full screen, its not windows compliant. KA9JAC 6/28/2018

Trying to reschedule running Avery, NC and Johnson, TN for Thursday or Friday. WA4UNS 6/27/2018
It will have to wait until next week WA4UNS 6/28/2018

July County Hunter News N4CD 6/26/2018

That is not a logger problem. That is a W6RK problem. KC3X 6/26/2018
THANKS K9MIX 6/26/2018

MARAC Database lookup errors WMU 6/26/2018
I just tried to submit an LC-1 (more) K2MF 6/26/2018
That is a completely different set of applications. WMU 6/26/2018
Web Issues WMU 6/27/2018
Thanks! W4SIG 6/27/2018

2nd Ohio Trip on Thursday. Info is posted. Plan to head out about 7:00 AM EDT. KA2LHO 6/26/2018

Leaving Minnesota for Kansas Wednesday morning... K8ZZ 6/25/2018
Can you post the county sequence? Tnx DL5ME 6/26/2018
see his planned trip N8KIE 6/26/2018

Cincinnati Ohio (more) K5KDG 6/25/2018
KB8OMG is an active county hunter that lives very near Cincy! FYI NA8W 6/26/2018
Cincinnati Ohio (more) K5KDG 6/26/2018
45 MILES KM9X 6/26/2018
Cincinnati Ohio (more) K5KDG 6/26/2018

Ed is still on vacation in the woods up North. WQ7A 6/24/2018

Mary, NV4Z, was in the hospital Sunday June 17th and they gave her some medicine and sent her home(m WB4FFV 6/23/2018
My very best wishes to George and Mary for her uninterrupted recovery! K2MF 6/24/2018
Hope you are feeling better soon. Out best. N0DXE & NKV 6/24/2018
good luck on your recovery K9MIX 6/24/2018
Your wife is lucky to have such a caring, loving husband like you. WG6X 6/25/2018
That sounds like a worst case for you, seeing someone you love go away N8KIE 6/24/2018
Best wishes for a speedy recovery Mary! WG6X 6/24/2018
Mary (more) K5KDG 6/24/2018

WQ7A came home from hospital this afternoon and doing well... K8ZZ 6/23/2018
Great to know you are home and doing well Terry! WY8I 6/25/2018
Terry. we didn't know you were in the hospital but glad to know your home. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 6/24/2018
I also did not know he was in the hospital. My best wishes to Terry and Boni. K2MF 6/24/2018
good deal K9MIX 6/24/2018
Gee, did not know & hopefully everything is okay and back on his feet! WG6X 6/24/2018

Buena Vista Amateur Radio Club will operate from Cherokee county Iowa (more) WB4FFV 6/22/2018

Buena WB4FFV 6/22/2018

Fun trip! (more) WGXQ 6/22/2018
Jerry it was a fun trip for me too! WY8I 6/25/2018
Thank you for the new ones on 30m, Jerry! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. K2MF 6/23/2018
It was fun for us chasers too Jerry Ya done good! WE7G 6/23/2018
Glad you had a safe and Fun NE Trip (more) K4AMC 6/23/2018
Thanks for all the new high band contacts NFN 6/23/2018
thanks for the higher bands county challenge now over 10k N8KIE 6/23/2018
Tnx Jerry for three new NE-counties DL5ME 6/22/2018
Thanks for 15 new NE counties!! KAP 6/22/2018
Glad you had fun... thanks for all the 30M Qs in NE WA4UNS 6/22/2018

Field Day KN4Y 6/22/2018
I'll let our CW team know. Watauga NC will be on with WW4L WA4UNS 6/22/2018

K5YAA is in the hospital again. No details. KC3X 6/22/2018

Big Accident on I-81 in West Virginia, southbound closed ( more ) N4UP 6/22/2018
Thanks Peter for New New Jersey Counties K4AMC 6/23/2018
A sinkhole opened near the WV/VA state line... 4 ft wide x 3 ft deep... what fun!!! WA4UNS 6/22/2018

12 and 10 have been awesome today and yesterday N8KIE 6/22/2018
It was tough here, when I turned my antenna west, the noise floor went to s9. Did work a few. KC3X 6/22/2018
You are lucky, have not hear a signal there or on15 and 18 for months in Fl!! No even anyone calling K4XI 6/22/2018
Same here from New York... DEAD...!! AE3Z 6/23/2018

The Watauga Amateur Radio Club - WW4L - will be operating Field Day this weekend WA4UNS 6/22/2018

Tentatively planning to run Avery, NC next Wednesday (6/27) WA4UNS 6/21/2018

W0QXQ "J" U R 1 FB CW OP Hope 1 day 2 get 1/2 as good TNX all band Ctys WE7G 6/21/2018

Thanks All for Contacts, Plan for Tomorrow ( more ) N4UP 6/21/2018
Be careful driving with all those trucks on I81 WA4UNS 6/21/2018
I will thanks, but it has to be better than I-95 which I try to avoid. N4UP 6/21/2018
YES!!!! I avoid I95 at all costs!!!!! WA4UNS 6/21/2018

Big thanks to N4UP and W0GXQ for all of the 30M contacts today!!!!! WA4UNS 6/21/2018

Roadrunner Awards AB7RW 6/21/2018
Tnx to all mobiles for making these LCs possible!!! 73/88 AB7NK 6/22/2018
Thanks Phil! W4SIG 6/22/2018
Phil, thanks for all your hard work N7JPF 6/21/2018

Congratulations to all award recipients listed below!!!!!!!!! WA4UNS 6/21/2018
Many congratulations to all the award recipients below! K2MF 6/23/2018
Congratulations to all !! Great achievements in these conditions. NA8W 6/22/2018
Congratulations folks for your awards...fine job!! WY8I 6/22/2018
Tnx to all who have achieved the award they were working on! 73 K7SEN & AB7NK 6/22/2018
Ooooppps! White out the tnx & add CONGRATS AB7NK 6/22/2018
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 6/22/2018
Absolutely! Congrats to all for all the accomplish... W4SIG 6/21/2018
For sure Congrat's to all! WG6X 6/21/2018
For sure Congrat's to all! WG6X 6/21/2018

RAS Virginia #22, K4YT Completed on 5/24/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018

USA-CA 3rd Time #256, W8FNW Completed on 8/27/2017 AB7RW 6/21/2018
Congrats, Jim...well done KB8OMG 6/23/2018

USA-CA 3rd time, #255, AB7NK Completed on 6/9/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018
Congratulations, Mary KB8OMG 6/23/2018
Special tnx to K8ZZ for making this possible!!! AB7NK 6/22/2018

USA-CA 1st time All CW, #156 Completed on 5/20/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018
I believe this is me WA4UNS 6/21/2018

Bingo III, #41, WA4UNS Completed on 3/15/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018
Congrats, Doug KB8OMG 6/23/2018
Already issued #40 on the same date WA4UNS 6/21/2018

USA-CA 2nd Time all CW, #39, NU0Q Completed on 5/4/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018

USA-CA 6th Time, #54, WA9DLB Completed on 4/21/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018
Good job, Tony...Congrats KB8OMG 6/23/2018

Callsign Combo 2X2, #6, K5GE Completed on 5/5/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018
Congrats, Gene KB8OMG 6/23/2018

Callsign Combo 2X2, #5, K4YT Completed on 5/31/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018

AB4WL's number is 22 not 91... AB7RW 6/21/2018

OOPS ABrWL AB7RW 6/21/2018

All CW 20 meters, #91, KC3X Completed on 5/17/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018
Congrats, Hollis KB8OMG 6/23/2018

RAS Alabama, #91, AB4WL Completed on 5/11/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018

RAS South Dakota, #35, K2HVN Completed on 10/2/2017 AB7RW 6/21/2018

RAS Ohio, #31 K2HVN Completed on 4/25/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018

RAS Lousiana #27, KB0BA Completed on 2/28/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018

RAS LOUSIANA #26, N0XYL Compleeted on 2/28/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018

THANKS TO ALL.... KBBA 6/21/2018
Many congratulations Lowell & Sandra! You're knocking off the states one by one! :) K2MF 6/23/2018
RAS Iowa #31, WQ7A completed on 5/20/2018 AB7RW 6/21/2018
Thanks again Lowell & Sandra WA3QNT 6/21/2018
Especially for Sullivan, PA last CW WBOW WA3QNT 6/21/2018

Thanks Jerry W0GXQ last county in NE for Star XX N8KIE 6/21/2018

There is Safe and There is Not Safe ( more ) N4UP 6/20/2018
I know exactly where you tried to run... yes!!!! Not safe... be careful up there WA4UNS 6/20/2018

I will be in Wallowa county Oregon tomorrow. Plan on running on 20 CW and 17 CW. approximately 180 K7TM 6/20/2018
Need Wallowa,next time Wheeler, OR. Cu on 14056.5.... LY5A 6/21/2018
15m ? KC3X 6/20/2018
1800 -1900z. any special requests email K7TM 6/20/2018

Unicoi, TN today... (more) WA4UNS 6/20/2018
Thanks to all who worked me in Unicoi... (more) WA4UNS 6/20/2018

699 stars left out of 61,540 star XX N8KIE 6/19/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 6/19/2018

I wonder what N5MLP's plan is for Sat. & Sun during Field Day 20 and 40 will be almost full N8KIE 6/18/2018
See posted changes to my planned routes .. more N5MLP 6/20/2018

Unicoi, TN... (more) WA4UNS 6/18/2018
A natural Bingo .. Logger says I have 463 left, never get there N8KIE 6/19/2018

New Jersey ( June 20-21 ) and Pennsylvania ( June 22 ) Posted N4UP 6/18/2018
Plan is Hudson 1920 hrs UTC Thursday and ( maybe ) 0945 hrs UTC Friday ( more ) N4UP 6/18/2018
Hudson my last. will try to be there KC5P 6/18/2018
Hudson my last. will try to be there KC5P 6/18/2018

K8ZZ abt 30 mins from Cook/Lake. Will start on 20 cw & go dwn the band. Pls listen for him. Tnx AB7NK 6/18/2018

Can't hear KA2LHO on any band or mode N8KIE 6/18/2018
Bands opened late morning and things got fun then. Thanks for all who called today. KA2LHO 6/18/2018

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