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QSO Parties this weekend N4CD 2/26/2021

Maybe I fixed all the Question Marks now K3IMC 2/26/2021
The two characters I tried to use were the apostrophe (') and hyphen (-) K3IMC 2/26/2021
Tested ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _- + = 12345677890 and they all workl KE3VV 2/26/2021

March 2021 County Hunter News N4CD 2/25/2021

FL Panhandle trip continues tomorrow. MORE KA2LHO 2/24/2021

W3CR Silent Key KBØBA 2/24/2021
Condolences to the family.. Many contacts in the log.. RIP K8ZZ 2/26/2021
Prayers and condolences to your family. We’ll certainly miss you. RIP dear friend. K7SEN & AB7NK 2/26/2021
I am very sorry about Chuck's passing. My sincere condolences to his family. RIP. K2MF 2/25/2021
So Sorry to hear. Our prayers are with Chuck's family. RIP Gods Speed KC3X 2/24/2021
Many, many contacts with Carl... So sorry to hear... Great, great guy... Don AE3Z 2/24/2021
Sorry to hear about chuckles passing. RIP KB6UF 2/24/2021
Sorry to hear this sad news. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 2/24/2021
Sorry to hear - he was the Gov't Quality guy when I was one of those Contractors! Will miss him!!! K4XI 2/24/2021
So sad to hear. Another great county hunter gone. ... W4SIG 2/24/2021
So sorry to hear of Chucks passing. My condolonces to the family. WØGXQ 2/24/2021

Work related trip posted into Florida Panhandle next week. Hope we can help you out. KA2LHO 2/20/2021

Don, you're one of the bastions of county hunting! W9OO 2/20/2021

The website is fully function. The needs and the trips pages are operating correctly (I hope) K3IMC 2/20/2021
Don, you're a wizard. Thanks for all you do! 73 Jim N9JF N9JF 2/20/2021
Thank you Don for all that you do! KA2LHO 2/20/2021
Thanks Don KC5P 2/20/2021
Thanks for the great effort Don. The only thing I have noticed (more) WØGXQ 2/20/2021
Ahhhh, now I see it's an issue throughout. WØGXQ 2/20/2021
Tnx Don! Your site is such a valuable tool! N8MD 2/20/2021
Thank you Don ! W8OP 2/20/2021
Outstanding Don - tnx K8ZZ 2/20/2021
Don: Thank You. KC3X 2/20/2021
Understand completely Don. Thanks very much. W4YDY 2/20/2021

Back at house-finished my quest. KB6UF 2/19/2021
Super effort Ron! Picked up 18 Mobile Diamond and 17 CW WØGXQ 2/21/2021
Thank you so much for all the counties! W5GND 2/21/2021
Tremendous run! W9OO 2/20/2021
Great trip Ron. Thanks for the many new ones. W8OP 2/20/2021
Well deserved rest Ron - gud job on CW and SSB.. K8ZZ 2/20/2021
Thanks for Letting me Ride Along 21 New GA Counties K4AMC 2/20/2021

Update on Changing your needs K3IMC 2/18/2021
TNX for all your work on this program! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 2/19/2021
Don, as a programmer of sorts myself, I always get very annoyed when a hosting (more) K2MF 2/18/2021
Don, thanks for all your work on this. After all, ... W4SIG 2/18/2021
Just saw the post from W8OP says that the you can's post trip either. My next project K3IMC 2/18/2021
Thank you so much for all that you do to keep this site up. We appreciate it ! W8OP 2/18/2021

Transmitted white/van Buren Tn no takers- heading home tomorrow 8:00 am central time KB6UF 2/18/2021
Alert Bulletin - County Movements Today KE3VV 2/19/2021
Darn, needed both. No copy on 20ssb. Drive safely!... W4SIG 2/18/2021
Transmitted on 20 Ssb, cell, 40cw,30 KB6UF 2/18/2021

Trip Posting W8OP 2/18/2021

Texas WB2ABD 2/17/2021

Trip for tomorrow has been postponed. Sorry N8MD 2/17/2021

For reason I don't understand, the website has been done. It is up, but it may behave strangely K3IMC 2/17/2021
I just notices that some characters display as questions marks in black diamond/ Also you cannot cha K3IMC 2/17/2021
Tnx Don for all your hard work. KC3X 2/17/2021
Yes, thank you for all the hard work you do in the background, Don! K2MF 2/18/2021

K4SSU SK KM6HB 2/16/2021
Sorry to hear. He was so friendly. Always enjoyed contacting Dave. RIP Dave. W4YDY 2/22/2021
This is the report of Dave's passing in DXNews on 12-31-2020 after fighting COVID-19 (more) K2MF 2/18/2021

Welcome to Memphis! Yesterday shoveled my driveway... W4SIG 2/16/2021
Ahhh, at least you had a shovel! LOL. I used to help my father shovel (more) KBØBA 2/16/2021
The rest of the story... KBØBA 2/16/2021
Actually my neighbor from Indiana had one that I b... W4SIG 2/16/2021
I've seen pictures of snow blowers. That's as close as I've got to one! W4YDY 2/16/2021

NC QSO Party KG4CRJ 2/15/2021

Trip Posted N8MD 2/15/2021

So far State of Hawaii has said testing is required to enter or change counties even with shots N8KIE 2/14/2021

Award Issued 2/14/2021 AB7RW 2/14/2021
Congratulations Larry!! W4SIG 2/16/2021
YES - I wrote it down wrong AB7RW 2/15/2021
No doubt Phil meant N7LFX. :) Many congratulations, Larry!! K2MF 2/15/2021
Congratulations Larry WQ7A 2/14/2021

KW3F USA-CA #168 Silent Key K2MF 2/14/2021
Goodbye old friend W9OO 2/14/2021
RIP.. worked him many times.. dit dit K8ZZ 2/14/2021
Clickable link for KW3F K2MF 2/14/2021
KW3F K1TW 2/14/2021

Four Trips in the planning now that I have my second shot. So many do not have their needs updated. K4YT 2/13/2021

KB6UF Qrt. He plan to take a couple of days of and will return and run Dade, GA. KC3X 2/13/2021
Thank you so much Ron for fantastic trip ! W8OP 2/13/2021
Well deserved rest after such a fantastic run thru Georgia. Super CW operator. K4YT 2/13/2021
Hopefully he'll get home before the ice storm hits KE3VV 2/13/2021

Running counties- KB6UF 2/12/2021
We are having fun with you! Thanks for all the cou... W4SIG 2/13/2021
We are having fun with you! Thanks for all the cou... W4SIG 2/13/2021
Sorta like FD, you are "hearing" CQ FD until Tues or Wednesday K8OOK 2/13/2021
We are having fun with you! Thanks for all the cou... W4SIG 2/13/2021
shower WB2ABD 2/13/2021
We are having fun with you! Thanks for all the cou... W4SIG 2/13/2021
Just be safe and... KE3VV 2/13/2021

Trip-more KB6UF 2/11/2021
I agree with every point you made Ron. Tried to get you when I get to a radio. Thank you fior all!! KA2LHO 2/12/2021
A trick from my newfound contesting jones KE3VV 2/12/2021
I use that method including you when I here VV I know it's you same for ZZ and others. KB6UF 2/12/2021
Ur doing a great job Ron - I know the pain, I struggle every trip also.. K8ZZ 2/12/2021
I have been listening to your CW runs the entire time you have been in GA, Ron. (more) K2MF 2/12/2021
My first contact with Ron on this trip was in Burke, GA on 30m!. (more) K2MF 2/12/2021
I always miss Quitman, GA on CW N1API 2/12/2021
S/B WBOW CW! N1API 2/12/2021

CW (more) KC3X 2/11/2021
Pileups N4RS 2/11/2021
All good comments. The use of Lists is the #1 way ... W4SIG 2/11/2021
Lists while in motion KE3VV 2/11/2021
taping WB2ABD 2/11/2021
By the way ... WB2ABD 2/12/2021
Good words, Paul. W9OO 2/11/2021
Great comment - I am guilty of throwing my call into a pause K8ZZ 2/12/2021
cuz I pause intentional in a messy pile up and wait for that one call to appear.. K8ZZ 2/12/2021
       Diplomatic Hammunity W9OO 2/12/2021
Well said Hollis. I agree. K4YT 2/11/2021
Perhaps the meaning of QSK needs some explaination AB7RW 2/11/2021
Good points! W9OO 2/11/2021

MICHIGAN MINI CANCELED DUE TO COVID.. See you in 2022 at same place in Michigan K8ZZ 2/10/2021
Good I may be "stuck" in Honolulu waiting for the virus shots N8KIE 2/12/2021
See you in 2022! W4SIG 2/11/2021
See you in 2022! W4SIG 2/11/2021
Cautious move... and a good one. KE3VV 2/10/2021

ON THE ROAD AGAIN (Hopefully) KBØBA 2/10/2021
Have a great trip, Lowell & Sandra! K2MF 2/11/2021
Have a pleasant trip DL3DXX 2/11/2021
Forgot to mention Lowell is also good for Mobile Diamond! N0XYL KBØBA 2/10/2021
Yes he is! :-) WØGXQ 2/11/2021
Good news - ur back at what you folks do - put out counties.. enjoy K8ZZ 2/10/2021

Ron ( more) K5KDG 2/8/2021
Pileups N4RS 2/8/2021
Yes... and I would only add... KE3VV 2/9/2021

Qrt in berrien,ga will start out 1300-Z KB6UF 2/8/2021
Thanks, Ron! W4SIG 2/8/2021

Super good Minnesota QSO party------------------ K8OOK 2/7/2021
Propagation and Storm KE3VV 2/7/2021

Anyone have any use for a Portable CPU with Windows XP... W3DYA 2/6/2021
applaud your recycling effort .... (more) AG6V 2/7/2021
It's nice to find someone who understands recycling. Garbage is my last resort. 73, Norm, W3dYA W3DYA 2/8/2021
An xp makes it rather usless in todays world K4XI 2/6/2021
Yeah, sort of like me in my old age HI! But I try to recycle everything. Norm, W3DYA W3DYA 2/8/2021
We have a place here in Big Flats that takes anything electronic and strips it out for parts, etc... AE3Z 2/8/2021

Home safe - Tnx for riding along and a BIG thank you to the spotters.. K8ZZ 2/6/2021
Wow, a bit thank YOU for all the counties Ed. Glad... W4SIG 2/7/2021

OK folks! I'm finished with my trip page, it is up to date with some additional counties added-C U M KB6UF 2/5/2021
Start times 1300 to 1400-Z Daily. KB6UF 2/5/2021
I will listen for you but hard to imagine m/m from Honolulu will be very successful N8KIE 2/5/2021
heavy rain predicted Mon. and Tues here so won't be on the air N8KIE 2/7/2021

Ed will most likely cut his operating time down (more) WØGXQ 2/5/2021

added Butts, GA to my trip KB6UF 2/4/2021

ANOTHER 18 inches this weekend... Worst winter on record..!!! If you believe that.... I have AE3Z 2/4/2021
Don, when you and I were growing up, winter meant winter.The average snowfall in the (more) WB4FFV 2/8/2021

K8ZZ QRT for Today in Chaves, NM K8MFO 2/3/2021

upon reviewing my trip, I realized I left off some of my MD needs so I added them to trip. KB6UF 2/3/2021
Did you miss adding Irwin? WØGXQ 2/3/2021
ME miss something? How could you! I just looked and it's there right after I typed it . :):) KB6UF 2/3/2021

Please read the following KB6UF 2/3/2021

Trip posted for Monday 8th of Feb. KB6UF 2/2/2021

just spent two hours typing my trip to trip page hit save trip it went somewhere not to page KB6UF 2/2/2021
I do mine in Word first and save it to my PC, then copy and paste it to the Trips page.. WYØA 2/2/2021

K8zz??? ( more) K5KDG 2/2/2021
Maybe he is enjoying some of the sights? K2MF 2/2/2021
That's exactly what he was doing for two hours! :-) WØGXQ 2/2/2021
Yes ( more ) K5KDG 2/2/2021
Overnight in El Paso WØGXQ 2/2/2021

February 2021 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 2/2/2021

checking needs list, if you don't have one send me your needs, will run as many as I can, so get up KB6UF 2/2/2021

anybody interested in some Georgia Counties, setting up possible run next week. KB6UF 2/1/2021
Need everything KC3X 2/3/2021
Needing three KV8Q 2/2/2021
Yes, need Chattahoochee Hall Mcduffie nearly the... DL3DXX 2/2/2021
I will be chasing you in all of them you run.. K8ZZ 2/1/2021
Yes Ron, will get my needs list to you tomorrow. Tnx for asking. K4YT 2/1/2021
Going thru my QSL cards, 1982 worked you when you were in Benin, AF, younger version in pic :) :) KB6UF 2/1/2021
Very interested KM6HB 2/1/2021
Oh yes! Twenty two for Mobile Diamond and 27 for CW WØGXQ 2/1/2021
Absolutely interested ! W8OP 2/1/2021

AF5Q - Ron - listed as SK in Feb QST N4CD 2/1/2021
I have worked Ron 17 times as AF5Q and 2 times as KS5P. (more) K2MF 2/7/2021
I worked Ron several times over the years... Wow... 57... Too quick... God Bless... Don AE3Z 2/2/2021
So sorry to hear. Worked Ron many times in QSO par... W4SIG 2/2/2021
So sorry to hear. Worked Ron many times in QSO par... W4SIG 2/2/2021
That's March QST N4CD 2/1/2021

Awards Issued 1/30/2021 AB7RW 1/30/2021
Many congratulations to Ron and Karl! K2MF 2/2/2021
Congratulations to Karl and Ron! W4SIG 2/2/2021

W0gxq and NF0N having mic trouble. No more ssb. Cw only. NFØN 1/30/2021
Magic post ???? This happened the 19th of December 2020. :-) WØGXQ 1/31/2021
"Magic" or repeat posts appear in this forum quite often. (more) K2MF 2/1/2021 near the speed of light! N8MD 1/31/2021
And . . . mic has been repaired by AB5N WØGXQ 1/31/2021

N0CKN / N4JRY. Does anyone have a good phone number for Jerry. More. WB4FFV 1/30/2021
Try 843-346-2412 AB7RW 1/30/2021
Thanks Phil , it worked. WB4FFV 1/31/2021
Hi Ralph... Your Email address don't work either... Tried to send one other day and it bombed... Don AE3Z 1/30/2021
Sorry Don, I submitted a change of email and home phone number to MARAC Sec. last week WB4FFV 1/31/2021
I am sorry to tell you that K9MIX was the secretary of MARAC and he became a SK on 1/13. (more) K2MF 1/31/2021

Trip home posted.. K8ZZ 1/29/2021
Santa Cruz PA3ARM 1/30/2021

4 counties tomorrow (Friday)..... W7EEC 1/28/2021

I will be making a trip down to Carteret county NC. I will run the counties between home and there. KC3X 1/28/2021
Thanks, Hollis! Got 2 of last 3 for Master Gold WBOW NUØQ 1/29/2021
Glad to help. Good luck on the last one. KC3X 1/29/2021

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