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Have you signed up for the 50th Anniversity National Convention in Kansas City?
It will be held from 3th October to 6th October, and it is not to be missed!
Click here for details

As of 21 Sept, 107 people have signed up to attend! Make sure your name is on that list!

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Kittitas WA 9/26 is a go KC7YE 9/24/2018

possible Kittitas WA activation KC7YE 9/23/2018

2018 Pa Qso Party Rover KA3QLF 9/23/2018
Will listen for you.. K8ZZ 9/23/2018

I just posted my trip to and from the National convention. I need a lot of help for my MD award, Pse KC3X 9/22/2018

I plan to be mobile in TXQP next weekend (29th and 30th). Here's my planned county list. W3DYA 9/22/2018

Convention payment - if your check is NOT already in the mail (more) AB7NK 9/21/2018

Latest, baffling news. -- more WB4KZW 9/21/2018
Vietnam/Asia N7IPG 9/22/2018
Hoping that they get to the bottom of this mystery so they can treat you properly, Gene. K2MF 9/22/2018
I wish you best of luck N8KIE 9/21/2018
Your in our prayers Gene!!! 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 9/21/2018
Your on my prayer list Gene.. K8ZZ 9/21/2018

WSJT-X vs county N8OYY 9/21/2018
LoTW AD1C 9/21/2018
New software for FT8 K8QWY 9/21/2018
Grid Challenge - need to work each month N4CD 9/23/2018
Grid Challenge - need to work each month N4CD 9/22/2018
Looking at your totals on Top List wouldn't think there are many left. To boring for me. :) KC3X 9/21/2018
County FT 8 K8QWY 9/21/2018
JT-Alert or free-form message N9JF 9/21/2018
Version II coming N4CD 9/21/2018

Health update. -- more WB4KZW 9/20/2018
Gene hoping for better days for you! N1API 9/21/2018
Sorry to hear all the bad news and some future possible good news for relief. WG6X 9/21/2018
praying for relief for ypu KM9X 9/21/2018
Hang in there, Gene! Hopefully these surgeries will be what you need. K2MF 9/20/2018

W0GXQ (More) KC3X 9/20/2018
I do not plan to build a new antenna until . . . WGXQ 9/23/2018
What a strange accident :( Try and avoid any more falling tree limbs and stay safe, Jerry! K2MF 9/21/2018
If you could use a 40M coaxial dipole and maybe 20M let me know. WG6X 9/21/2018

Antenna trubles KMAF 9/20/2018
I'm sorry you are having antenna issues, Jack. Don't worry about the counties. Arrive safely! K2MF 9/21/2018

Yeah!!!! WD4OIN has power restored. KC3X 9/19/2018
Excellent news! K2MF 9/20/2018
That is good news and know the feeling when you get power back! WG6X 9/20/2018

CountyHuntersMaster.mdb (More) N6PDB 9/19/2018
When going to MARAC web page (more) WA3QNT 9/20/2018
When going to MARAC web page (more) WA3QNT 9/20/2018
Sorry KC7OD #1265 and 1266 AC0CU Still Missing From Logger N1API 9/20/2018
Thank you for your work and the note explaining the problems N8KIE 9/19/2018

W5PKE - Curtis now SK. I just received the news & was asked to let everyone know. AB7NK 9/19/2018
So sorry to learn of Curtis' passing. Our prayers to his family. K2MF 9/20/2018
RIP Curtis and prayers for the family. W7FEN 9/20/2018
Sorry to hear the sad news. RIP. KC3X 9/19/2018
R.I.P. I am sure the gang up there welcomed you with open arms & hearts. WG6X 9/19/2018
Very sorry to hear this! Got many contacts from him. RIP! NA8W 9/19/2018
RIP Curtis - our prayers are with your family & dear friends. You will be missed. K7SEN & AB7NK 9/19/2018

WHOOPY!!!! N4RS 9/19/2018
That must have been a hard one for sure. Congratulatins! WG6X 9/19/2018
Call and/or district? AD1C 9/19/2018

K0FG - Thanks for all the counties, Fred WA3QNT 9/19/2018

I'm heading up to Blacksburg today. Look for me in Floyd, VA around 1800Z WA4UNS 9/19/2018

We are going home this morning. WD4OIN was hit the worse 30+ inches of rain KC3X 9/18/2018
Good news from you, but sorry to heard the otehr bad news. WG6X 9/18/2018

Pitt County, NC and Florence W4YDY 9/16/2018
Thanks for the update.. K8ZZ 9/17/2018
Thank you for the report, Dave. Hoping for the best for you and Hollis. K2MF 9/17/2018
Hopingh all goes well. WG6X 9/17/2018

On the Radio this weekend N4CD 9/13/2018

MARAC is still looking ... (more) KA2LHO 9/13/2018
Hello all. I am new to the Board after some of the departures. Here is my take on things (more) KA2LHO 9/20/2018
sorry for the typo... should be "I have been" KA2LHO 9/20/2018
looks like you need more than that. 3 directors vacant too KM9X 9/15/2018
I see this as being important to all members of MARAC so I'm sure Dan meant to say "we". K2MF 9/15/2018
no I meant you- more... KM9X 9/16/2018
My feelings exactly Dan.... KD5YUK 9/16/2018
NO... Dan said exactly what he meant... Don't put words in his mouth...! AE3Z 9/15/2018
I wasn't trying to put words in anyone's mouth. (more) K2MF 9/15/2018
       Sad part is, most of us that have been around for more than 10 years don't feel... AE3Z 9/16/2018
              Agreed...!! KD5YUK 9/16/2018
Obviously also looking for someone who can post here better than me!!! :o) KA2LHO 9/13/2018
Hi! Yes, we need someone to step up and take this ... W4SIG 9/13/2018

Evacuating today. KC3X 9/13/2018
Any updates on conditions of the house and family yet/ WG6X 9/17/2018
Sounds like a smart and safe thing to do. WG6X 9/13/2018

Hurricane Watch Net has been activated on 14.325 NFN 9/13/2018

WA Salmon Run KC7YE 9/12/2018
I see N7AME has posted SR trip KC7YE 9/12/2018

Special event station W0A. WB4FFV 9/11/2018

The antenna will be lowered tomorrow. (more) KC3X 9/10/2018
Florence is here! (more) W4YDY 9/13/2018
Tnx for the update but please be safe... K8ZZ 9/13/2018
Stay safe, my brother WA4UNS 9/11/2018
Be safe and take care!! WY8I 9/11/2018
Stay safe. If you need to come south to avoid that one, we have an extra room here. KA2LHO 9/11/2018
In preparation for Hurricane Florence and maybe flood again. Not sure when all will be over. KC3X 9/10/2018
We have family in Apex and they are telling us that water is already in short supply. (more) K2MF 9/11/2018
Be safe. Praying for our friends on the east coast... W4SIG 9/10/2018
Be safe and sound. Hopefully the storm will decrease and do less damage. WG6X 9/11/2018
Good Luck N8KIE 9/10/2018

What is best Tablet for Mobile Op ? KD5YUK 9/10/2018
I just use my cell phone which has pretty good int... W4SIG 9/11/2018
I'm a member of the "Big Fingers" Grp..why thinking abt larger display. KD5YUK 9/11/2018
Not low cost but I use the Surface GO. Tablet size but a full PC. I use it with a hotspot via my pho KA2LHO 9/11/2018
I use the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 LTE NFN 9/10/2018
If you are going to post with it (w6rk) it either needs to connect to your phone or directly ... N8KIE 9/10/2018

Trips posted from Convention (more) WYA 9/10/2018
I'll be listening for you.. KD5YUK 9/10/2018

CO trip AI5P 9/9/2018

Trip Posted Niagra NY thru PA and home Sep 8th K4YT 9/8/2018
Karl, did you finish your trip ? DL3DXX 9/9/2018
Yes I stopped after Chemung, NY as I was running out of time to drive home. That was at 1800 local. K4YT 9/9/2018
heavy rain in NY/PA he may not run today N8KIE 9/9/2018
Had 5 hrs of heavy rain thru PA and home in VA Rained heavy here all night and during the day. K4YT 9/9/2018

Need 4 to finish W-Prefix... (more) WA4UNS 9/7/2018

Some activities listed under Tourist on Convention page.. K8ZZ 9/7/2018

MARAC Database lookup is down and the RR is now loaded (More) N6PDB 9/7/2018
Thanks, Dennis! W4SIG 9/8/2018
Why is the roadrunner not emailed like it always was previously?????????? KA9JAC 9/8/2018
Becasue there are problems with the software getting old. N6PDB 9/8/2018
Everything working fine here . . . thanks Dennis. WGXQ 9/7/2018

Thanks Jerry, Karl, and Scott for the counties you... W4SIG 9/6/2018
Thanks Jerry, Karl, and Scott for new ones K4AMC 9/7/2018

K4YT don't put Cl in spot it confuses Logger and doesn't trigger alerts N8KIE 9/6/2018

Okay, trip is a go for tomorrow. WGXQ 9/5/2018

Logger problem?????? more K9MIX 9/4/2018
If there are any errors in the spot then logger will show red and if enough errors then logger is er KC3X 9/12/2018
Have similar problem WB2ABD 9/7/2018
You are running a VERY old version of Logger. Get the latest update. WQ7A 9/5/2018
it could be comma instead of decimal point in freq N8KIE 9/5/2018

Thursday, possible trip to the following: WGXQ 9/4/2018
Thanks for Lake KAP 9/6/2018
Gilpin is last for 5th in CO NFN 9/5/2018
...and maybe condx will improve by next spring!! K4XI 9/5/2018
Lake is an LC-1 any band that is working....N4RS N4RS 9/4/2018
Unless you are going to run digital... I have no needs in CO. Have a fun trip!!!! WA4UNS 9/4/2018
I will be very grateful to work you Summit & Eagle on 40m and Gilpin & Pitkin on 30m, Jerry. K2MF 9/4/2018
I need Gilpin and Pitkin on 30m N8KIE 9/4/2018
di-dah-dit WGXQ 9/4/2018

Trip to Toronto, Canada Sept 6th-9th K4YT 9/4/2018

Jim N9JF Tnx for 12 new Ones for Bingo 4 K4YT 9/3/2018
Thanks to all who rode along today! N9JF 9/3/2018
Thanks, Jim! KG4CRJ 9/5/2018
Great job as always.. K8ZZ 9/4/2018
TU Jim. Great signal out here in the PNW again! N7JPF 9/3/2018

Looks like another day with no mobiles running N8KIE 9/3/2018
Wow... 30M died to IL... can just barely hear N9JF WA4UNS 9/3/2018

September 2018 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 9/3/2018
Great job Barry.. Tnx for your service K8ZZ 9/3/2018

IL200 and BiCentennial Challenge - update N9JF 9/2/2018
Great! K8ZZ 9/2/2018

Hope the TN QP has a few stations on the air need 41 for 8th time N8KIE 9/2/2018
got 12 of them N8KIE 9/3/2018
Oh well, I don't see any A-Preifx eligible stations in the County Activations list for needs WA4UNS 9/2/2018

Anybody out there use an Alinco DX-SR8T for mobile rig... Looking to put something in car... Don AE3Z 9/1/2018
Don, I don't have experience with the Alinco. I have a Yaesu 857D with remote head mount (more) KA2LHO 9/4/2018
I sold both of my mobile rigs (Icom 706's) two years ago after I went through... AE3Z 9/4/2018
Saw a nice TS-50 with a tuner & power supply for $400 on EBAY WG6X 9/2/2018
I have over 250K miles on the TS50S I'm using... great little rig!!!! WA4UNS 9/3/2018
Sorry, should have been more specific... I need to be able to mount the head... AE3Z 9/3/2018
Mobile rig (more) K5KDG 9/3/2018
Mobile rig (more) K5KDG 9/3/2018

Don't hear or see much action in AL QP from here N8KIE 9/1/2018
Worked some in Al on 40 cw but heard only ONE station in CO where I need two!! K4XI 9/2/2018
What do u need in CO? WGXQ 9/2/2018
Hinsdale, Mineral, Pitkin, Saguache K9MIX 9/3/2018
Archuleta, Mineral N8KIE 9/3/2018
Dolores, San Juan K4XI 9/3/2018

ken pro 2000 rotor control KG5J 9/1/2018

Unable to post to Planned Trips . . . email sent to Don WGXQ 9/1/2018
Reboots do wonders! WGXQ 9/2/2018

Remember to Vote for Various Annual MARAC Awards by 9/8 at 10:59z! N5MLP 9/1/2018
Never received said email. W7FEN 9/1/2018
Sent you an email about your message above .... more N5MLP 9/1/2018
Sent you an email about your message above .... more N5MLP 9/1/2018
Email adr is correct, has been the same since I got the w7fen call. W7FEN 9/1/2018
Never saw any email either in in or junk. WG6X 9/2/2018
       Ray - added you to the database and sent an invitation to vote with link included N5MLP 9/5/2018
       Ray - added you to the database and sent an invitation to vote with link included N5MLP 9/5/2018
       Ray - added you to the database and sent an invitation to vote with link included N5MLP 9/5/2018

On the Radio this weekend N4CD 8/31/2018

September County Hunter News OnLine N4CD 8/31/2018
try again N4CD 8/31/2018

ALQP KN4Y 8/31/2018
I have no needs in AL, but will give you a Q if I'm in the shack and see you on w6rk WA4UNS 8/31/2018

Bitchin' time... last counties... (more) WA4UNS 8/30/2018
If there are no mobiles KA3DRO 9/2/2018
Take a look at my Bingo needs, let me know when ready. N4RS 8/30/2018
Possible Mitchell and Yancey help... not sure when WA4UNS 8/31/2018
Mitchell and Yancey would be awesome on 30m! :) K2MF 9/1/2018
I'll keep the light on for ya..... N4RS 8/31/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 8/30/2018

Congratulations to the all the LC level recipients... WELL DONE!!!! WA4UNS 8/30/2018
Congratulations to all the award winners! Amazing accomplishments with low sunspots and number of mo NA8W 9/1/2018
Wow! Congrats to all, great accomplishments! W4SIG 8/31/2018
Congrats from me as well . . . job well done to all recepients! WGXQ 8/30/2018
Many congratulations to all those who earned new LC Level awards! K2MF 8/30/2018
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 8/30/2018
Congrats to the award recipients N4CD 8/30/2018
Congratulations folks for your awards...fine job!! WY8I 8/30/2018
Congrat's to all! WG6X 8/30/2018

Congratulations on your MARAC AWARD for transmitted last counties. WB4FFV 8/30/2018

Congratulations on your MARAC AWARD for transmitted last counties Mike. WB4FFV 8/30/2018

Congratulations Don on your MARAC AWARD for last counties transmitted. WB4FFV 8/30/2018

Congratulations Mary on your Last counties trasmitted MARAC AWARD. WB4FFV 8/30/2018

Congratulations Larry on your MARAC AWARD for transmitted last counties. WB4FFV 8/30/2018

Congratulations on your MARAC AWARD for transmitted last counties. WB4FFV 8/30/2018

Congratulations Ed on your MARAC AWARD for transmitted last counties. WB4FFV 8/30/2018

Congratulations to all the new award holders. KC3X 8/29/2018
A hearty congratulations to everyone who has earned new awards! K2MF 8/29/2018
Yes cngrat's on all the award winners & sure a lot of LC awards also. WG6X 8/30/2018

N8KIE COMPLETED USA-PA-K ON 8/6/18. ISSUED #43 AB7RW 8/29/2018
Congratulations on this MARAC AWARD, hard one to get Bob. WB4FFV 8/30/2018
Congratulations Bob !!! NFN 8/30/2018
Congratulations Bob!! WY8I 8/30/2018
Thanks to KC6AWX for the last one and to all the other 3076 too N8KIE 8/30/2018
Congrat's on a hard one to earn. WG6X 8/29/2018
Congratulations!!!!!!!! WA4UNS 8/29/2018

Congrtulations Don on your Master Gold MARAC AWARD. WB4FFV 8/30/2018
Congratulations Don !!! NFN 8/30/2018
Congratulations Don on your hard to get award!! WY8I 8/30/2018
awesome on to plutonium! KM9X 8/30/2018
Congrat's on earning the master Gold! WG6X 8/29/2018
Congrates from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 8/29/2018
Congratulations!!!!!!!! WA4UNS 8/29/2018

K4YT COMPLETED BINGO III ON 6/3/2018. ISSUED #41 AB7RW 8/29/2018
Congratlations Karl on your Bingo lll Marac Award. WB4FFV 8/30/2018
Congratulations Karl !!! NFN 8/30/2018
Congratulations Karl on three times around!!! WY8I 8/30/2018
Congrat's on the award. WG6X 8/29/2018
congratulations from N9QPQ and AA9JJ 8/29/2018
Congratulations!!!!!!!! WA4UNS 8/29/2018

Congratulations on 19th time Jim. WB4FFV 8/30/2018
Awesome award James!!!! WY8I 8/30/2018
Congrat's on doing it 19 times! WG6X 8/29/2018
Congrat's on doing it 19 times! WG6X 8/29/2018
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 8/29/2018

K2JG COMPLETED 14 TIME ON 8/2/18. ISSUED #2 AB7RW 8/29/2018
Congratulations on 14th time Jim. WB4FFV 8/30/2018
Congratulations James!!! WY8I 8/30/2018
Congrat's! WG6X 8/29/2018
Congrates from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 8/29/2018

KC6AWX COMPLETED USA-PA-N ON 8/14/2018. ISSUED #22 AB7RW 8/29/2018
Congratulations Bob, you got a tough one to get, good work. WB4FFV 8/30/2018
Congratulations Bob!! WY8I 8/30/2018
Congratulations KC3X 8/29/2018
Congrat's on a hard one to earn! WG6X 8/29/2018
Congratulations from N9QPQ and AA9JJ 8/29/2018

convention rooms FYI WB2ABD 8/28/2018
Made reservations today N4CD 8/29/2018
All OK WB2ABD 8/29/2018
Paul, call me @ 218-252-6848 WGXQ 8/28/2018

Thanks for the new AR and MO counties, Bill! KG4CRJ 8/27/2018

Another wonderful day in the neighborhood. Moderate storms sfi = 71 A=76 K=4 KC3X 8/27/2018
No propagation on 17m to Richmond, NY. KC3X 8/27/2018
I'm just having fun!! WY8I 8/27/2018
Gotta love optomism WA4UNS 8/27/2018
I can't complain. 9 stars collected just over 60,900 worked 635 left N8KIE 8/27/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 8/27/2018

The ones I missed were ran by n5na. KC3X 8/26/2018

KS QSP was great. Missed all my needs on Saturday morning/afternoon. Which was unable to operate. T KC3X 8/26/2018
Really great contest.... N7JPF 8/27/2018
Pleasant surprise Saturday afternoon KC7YE 8/26/2018
KS QP (More) K5KDG 8/26/2018
A special thanks to all the operators especially the /m ones. KC3X 8/26/2018

Looks like W6RK is having problems N8KIE 8/26/2018
Looks like whole W6RK site is down. W4SIG 8/26/2018

I wonder if K3IMC remembered to put his antenna on ;-) N8KIE 8/26/2018
Ferry rides are always fun, eh? WY8I 8/26/2018
No copy not even on 40. Terrible conditions including 40. KC3X 8/26/2018

KANSAS QSO Party starts in less than an hour!! WYA 8/25/2018
tnx N0W for Rawlins, KS LC 14 to go KMAF 8/25/2018
1400 Z WEAR 8/25/2018

Southern Tier of NY counties and parks KA3QLF 8/25/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 8/24/2018

IL200 and BiCentennial Challenge - update N9JF 8/24/2018
You have rules? That don't sound like fun N8KIE 8/24/2018
"Guidelines..." N9JF 8/24/2018

K3IMC in Rockingham, NC KG4CRJ 8/24/2018

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