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National - 33 signed up from 16 different states.. Lets keep it going.. Check out attendee list.. K8ZZ 5/25/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 5/25/2018

June County Hunter News N4CD 5/25/2018
As usual a good read Bob. I like the accounts of your trips, they remind me of the WB4FFV 5/25/2018
Excellent issue!!!! (more) WA4UNS 5/25/2018

First leg of trip aborted more WB4KZW 5/24/2018
Good call to rest and start fresh. Will listen for you N8KIE 5/24/2018

Go to this (more) K5KDG 5/24/2018

Unicoi, TN... (more) WA4UNS 5/24/2018

Cataract surgery successful left eye next wednesday N8KIE 5/24/2018
After wearing glasses or contacts for 60 years (more...) KBBA 5/25/2018
WTG!!! WA3QNT 5/25/2018
Bob... Did mine 4-5 years ago.,.. No pain, nothing... Wife just did hers... Same... Good luck Don AE3Z 5/25/2018
Great news Bob. WQ7A 5/24/2018
It makes a big change, I can see better today then I ever have. I don't need glasses anymore except WB4FFV 5/24/2018
Great. Hopefully the other one will equal success. KC3X 5/24/2018
Yes had mine done and nice change. WG6X 5/24/2018
Excellent news!!!! WA4UNS 5/24/2018

First leg of trip to MS. . more WB4KZW 5/24/2018

Pacific NW ARRL Convention WMU 5/24/2018
Will be there on Saturday WQ7A 5/24/2018

Pse register for KC National early as possible to give me a feel of attendance.. Thanks K8ZZ 5/24/2018
Done. Thanks for hosting this big event Ed. WQ7A 5/24/2018
KC National Convention

K8ZZ 5/24/2018

Johnson, TN... (more) WA4UNS 5/23/2018
Tnx folks... 8 contacts on 3 bands... (more) WA4UNS 5/23/2018

Trip posted - it's graduation time in TX!!! AB7NK 5/22/2018
Have a safe and enjoyable trip N8KIE 5/22/2018

County Hunter Database on MARAC.ORG WMU 5/22/2018
Thank you for all you do to keep the MARAC site running, Mike! It requires a lot of thought and care K2MF 5/23/2018

Congrat's to all the R.A.S. award winners for all their effords to run counties! WG6X 5/22/2018
I second that, thanks for putting all those counties on the air folks. N2JNE 5/22/2018

AB4WL RAS Alabama #22 Dtd 5/11/2018 AB7RW 5/22/2018
Congratulations Ken. WB4FFV 5/23/2018
Congratulations Ken!! WY8I 5/23/2018
Congratulations Ken and thanks for many of the KC3X 5/23/2018
AL counties KC3X 5/23/2018
Many congratulations, Ken! K2MF 5/23/2018
Congratulations!!!!!!!! Well done Ken WA4UNS 5/22/2018

K4YT Completed Combo 1X3 #23 Dtd 5/2/2018 AB7RW 5/22/2018
Well done Karl. WB4FFV 5/23/2018
Way to go Karl WY8I 5/23/2018
Congratulations. KC3X 5/23/2018
Many congratulations, Karl! K2MF 5/23/2018
Congratulations!!!!!!!! Well done Karl WA4UNS 5/22/2018

K2HVN RAS South Dakota #35 Dtd 10/2/2017 AB7RW 5/22/2018
Congratulations on the new wallpaper Bill. WB4FFV 5/23/2018
Congratulations KC3X 5/23/2018
Many congratulations, Bill! K2MF 5/23/2018
Congratulations!!!!!!!! Another well done Bill WA4UNS 5/22/2018

K2HVN RAS Ohio #31 Dtd 4/25/2018 AB7RW 5/22/2018
You have been busy, congratulations Bill. WB4FFV 5/23/2018
Congratulations KC3X 5/23/2018
Many congratulatons, Bill! K2MF 5/23/2018
Congratulations!!!!!!!! Well done Bill WA4UNS 5/22/2018

KB0BA RAS Lousiania #27 Dtd 2/28/2018 AB7RW 5/22/2018
Keep racking them RAS awards up. Congratulations Lowell. WB4FFV 5/23/2018
Congratulations. KC3X 5/23/2018
Many congratulations, Lowell! K2MF 5/23/2018
Congratulations!!!!!!!! Well done Lowell WA4UNS 5/22/2018

N0XYL RAS Lousiana #26 Dtd 2/28/2018 AB7RW 5/22/2018
Way to Go Sandra, congratulations. WB4FFV 5/23/2018
Congratulations KC3X 5/23/2018
Many congratulations, Sandra! K2MF 5/23/2018
Congratulations!!!!!!!! Well done Sandra WA4UNS 5/22/2018

WQ7A RAS Iowa #31 dtd 5/1/2018 AB7RW 5/22/2018
We hope you enjoyed visiting all 99 counties in our beautiful state of IOWA. N0XYL and KBBA 5/23/2018
Did you you leave a dollar bill under the entry door? Nope. congratulations Terry. WB4FFV 5/23/2018
Congratulations KC3X 5/23/2018
Many congratulations, Terry! K2MF 5/23/2018
Congratulations!!!!!!!! Well done WA4UNS 5/22/2018

Thursday May 24 K2HVN 5/22/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 5/22/2018

Pse register for KC National early as possible to give me a feel of attendance.. Thanks K8ZZ 5/22/2018

Need 4 to finish W-Prefix... (more) WA4UNS 5/21/2018

I finished All CW on Sunday... (more) WA4UNS 5/21/2018
Congrats Doug ! A job well done ! W8OP 5/22/2018
Congrats WBOW and Thanks New Counties K4AMC 5/22/2018
Congrats anyway. Likely I will do the same thing. 26 left all fairly close N8KIE 5/21/2018

Seeking APRS Advice ) more ( N4UP 5/20/2018
My experience with APRS N2MH 5/24/2018
My experience with APRS N2MH 5/24/2018
Thanks for the Byonics info. I might just try the Byonics smart trak and ( more ) N4UP 5/21/2018
I'm running the MTT4B Byonics... internal 2M XCVR... 10W... works great WA4UNS 5/21/2018
I also use a Byonics to 45 watt radio dedicated to an external antenna. Very happy! NA8W 5/21/2018
been using a Byronic setup with an old 2m 50w rig and external ant. Works great. WQ7A 5/21/2018
I had #3 installed and found it to be less than effective due to lack of towers for accurate (more) KA2LHO 5/20/2018
I know that using a smartphone app isn't quite in the spirit of hamdom, but... (more) K2MF 5/21/2018
From what I can see the app is not available for Android phones ( more ) N4UP 5/21/2018
I recommend APRSISMO by KJ4ERJ N2MH 5/24/2018
Thank you, Kraig. That is helpful ( more ) N4UP 5/20/2018
RE: Cell phone coverage...yes been there many times. We tend to go to many places (more) KA2LHO 5/21/2018

Tnx N4UP for LC N1QY 5/19/2018
Only a Small Scoot to Amelia, but Happy to Help N4UP 5/19/2018

Trip posting - more WB4KZW 5/19/2018
Trip now posted! WB4KZW 5/19/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 5/19/2018

VA Appomattox, Cumberland, Prince Edward, and Nottoway SAT morning ( more ) N4UP 5/18/2018

4 needed for 3rd time - any help REALLY appreciated!!! AB7NK 5/18/2018
Will go get them all for you in June.. K8ZZ 5/19/2018
:) AB7NK 5/19/2018

Thanks to Kerry W4SIG for Hart, KY: LC WBOW for 20M ALL CW. LC-2 on the way. KC3X 5/18/2018
Finally got'er done . . . congrats! WGXQ 5/21/2018
Just WOW, the hard way...congrat's! WG6X 5/20/2018
Another fine job Hollis!! WY8I 5/19/2018
Great job Hollis... WB4KZW 5/19/2018
Ky Counties All I could do was listen K4AMC 5/19/2018
Many congratulations, Hollis! K2MF 5/19/2018

K8ZZ Ran all Montana for #28 10/13/2017 AB7RW 5/18/2018
Congratulations!!!!!!!! WA4UNS 5/21/2018
Congratulations Ed! WGXQ 5/21/2018
Outstanding job Ed!! WY8I 5/19/2018
Way to go, Ed KB8OMG 5/19/2018
Congrats Ed K4AMC 5/19/2018
Many congratulations, Ed! K2MF 5/19/2018
Congratulations Ed. WQ7A 5/18/2018
Congratulations Ed! NA8W 5/18/2018
Congrat's on the award! WG6X 5/18/2018
Congrats Ed!!! K7SEN & AB7NK 5/18/2018
Congrats "W" WE7G 5/18/2018
Congratulations KC3X 5/18/2018

N4CD was awarded #1 for 2675 last counties AB7RW 5/18/2018
Congratulations Road Warrior!!! WA4UNS 5/21/2018
A lot of time on the road . . . congrats Bob! WGXQ 5/21/2018
Congratulations Bob. That's a lot of driving. (Iron Butt Man) KC3X 5/20/2018
Very good Bob...Number 1 is hard to get!! WY8I 5/19/2018
What a monumental accomplishment, Congrat's Bob WB4KZW 5/19/2018
Congrats.. K8ZZ 5/19/2018
Ray was right....WOW...Congrats KB8OMG 5/19/2018
Congrats Bob K4AMC 5/19/2018
Many congratulations, Bob! K2MF 5/19/2018
Lots of miles Bob, Thanks for putting out so many counties. WQ7A 5/18/2018
Wow just covers it beautifully! WG6X 5/18/2018
Congratulations KC3X 5/18/2018
WTG Bob!!! K7SEN & AB7NK 5/18/2018
Hey thats Great Bob - "W" WE7G 5/18/2018

K7DM Completed 2nd time, #441 4/6/2018 AB7RW 5/18/2018
Congratulations!!!!!!!! WA4UNS 5/21/2018
Congratulations Don! WGXQ 5/21/2018
Congratulations! N2JNE 5/20/2018
Congrats.. K8ZZ 5/19/2018
Super Job Don!! WY8I 5/19/2018
Congrats, Don KB8OMG 5/19/2018
Congrats Now you can start all over K4AMC 5/19/2018
Many congratulations, Don! K2MF 5/19/2018
Congratulations Don, well done. WQ7A 5/18/2018
Congrat's on the award! WG6X 5/18/2018
Congratulations, I know it is hard from the West Coast. KC3X 5/18/2018
Congrats Don from K7SEN & AB7NK 5/18/2018
Congrats! Super feat - "W" WE7G 5/18/2018
Congrats from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 5/18/2018

W0GXQ Completed 7th Time, awarded #27 11/6/2017 AB7RW 5/18/2018
Congratulations!!!!!!!! WA4UNS 5/21/2018
Congrats.. K8ZZ 5/20/2018
You're the man Jerry!! WY8I 5/19/2018
Congratulations, Jerry KB8OMG 5/19/2018
Congrats Jerry K4AMC 5/19/2018
Many congratulations, Jerry! K2MF 5/19/2018
Congratulations Jerry. WQ7A 5/18/2018
Congrat's on all the hard work on your awards! WG6X 5/18/2018
Congratulations Jerry, well done. KC3X 5/18/2018
Congrats Jerry from K7SEN & AB7NK 5/18/2018
Congratulations! N2JNE 5/18/2018
WTG Jerry - That's a passle of counties - "W" WE7G 5/18/2018
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 5/18/2018

LC IN KY KC5P 5/17/2018

Soon will be leaving Perquimans, NC and moving to (Hopefully final) new home in Columbus, MS (more_ WB4KZW 5/17/2018
Well... I guess you've provided a good reason to move... we'll miss you here in NC WA4UNS 5/24/2018
Prayers for a speedy recovery listening for you... KD5YUK 5/18/2018
I'm glad that they found and fixed the problem. Have a successful move to MS, Gene! K2MF 5/18/2018
Glad to hear of the pain med problem solved.ood Luck on the move. WG6X 5/18/2018
All the best for you and your family N8KIE 5/17/2018
Your well being is far more important then putting out counties - glad that they - more - N2JNE 5/17/2018
Tnx for the update Gene.. Prayers your way and hope to have a coffee and chat in KC.. K8ZZ 5/17/2018

KC National Convention

K8ZZ 5/17/2018

Pse register for KC National early as possible to give me a feel of attendance.. Thanks K8ZZ 5/17/2018

Dayton Trip Listed W8OP 5/16/2018
Trip modified W8OP 5/16/2018

Thanks KC6AWX Harney, OR W.B.O.W. K prefix N8KIE 5/16/2018
Glad you got it Bob, Congrats!!! K7SEN & AB7NK 5/18/2018
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 5/17/2018
Congrats.. K8ZZ 5/17/2018
AWESOME ACCOMPLISHMENT! Congratulations. Sandra and Lowell. N0XYL and KBBA 5/16/2018
Congrat's on a hard one to get! WG6X 5/17/2018
Congratulations KC3X 5/16/2018
Many congratulations, Bob! K2MF 5/16/2018
WTG, Bob !! WA3QNT 5/16/2018

Trip Posted May 17-19. Eastern Tennesse. Not going to Dayton. ( more ) N4UP 5/15/2018

Trip to Dayton posted. Will try to finish up wbow ... W4SIG 5/15/2018
Will try and follow you.. be safe K8ZZ 5/15/2018

Award Processing Delays WMU 5/15/2018
pang of it nor panic is not required. You do what has to be done, thanks! WG6X 5/15/2018
Thanks for the info N8KIE 5/15/2018

Kendall or Will/Kendall contacts WQ7A 5/15/2018
Sorry nothing here N8KIE 5/15/2018
Contact made. E-mail sent N7JPF 5/15/2018

Heading to Dayton on Thursday... leaving around 0930Z... (more) WA4UNS 5/14/2018

Time to register for National Convention in KC.. K8ZZ 5/14/2018
Already registered! Wouldnt miss it. Looking forward to seeing everyone! N0XYL and KBBA 5/16/2018
Done, looking forward to a good time. WQ7A 5/15/2018 K8ZZ 5/14/2018

Just wanted to thank everyone who followed me around in ARQP Saturday. W3DYA 5/14/2018
Ark QP (more) K5KDG 5/14/2018
you did a good job N8KIE 5/14/2018

FT8 Digital Mobile N1API 5/14/2018
While it may be possible to put out counties with FT8.... N9JF 5/16/2018
Spotting andTTiming N1API 5/16/2018
No way to tell people what county you are in WMU 5/14/2018
A possibility.... WA4UNS 5/15/2018
Hum, computer to computer more or less no human touch. Let that be what? WG6X 5/14/2018
No different them many other digital modes. WMU 5/15/2018
Agree it chooses.Seems most other I have used you clicked on, tuned, or etc Hee! WG6X 5/15/2018
Gee, low tech guy as I don't use a smartphone, so behind technology for sure. WG6X 5/15/2018
I think that would work... O just need a laptop for mobile with good CPU horsepower WA4UNS 5/14/2018

MARAC booth at Dayton Hamvention will be number 66... W4SIG 5/13/2018
Tnx all for your service in manning the booth.. K8ZZ 5/13/2018

AR QSO Party a bust here. (more) KC3X 5/12/2018
Conditions KN4Y 5/14/2018
20 Meters Open Short Skip K4AMC 5/14/2018
Strong here yesterday N7JPF 5/13/2018
I noticed in the past few weeks you signal is much stronger to the east coast. (more) KC3X 5/13/2018
Hollis: Glad you mentioned it. Because... W3DYA 5/13/2018
I got 6 new 8th timers from you Norm. Almost halfway done N8KIE 5/13/2018
Hollis: Glad you mentioned it. Because... W3DYA 5/13/2018
I didn't do that on purpose. Once was enough, not sure why it showed up twice. Norm W3DYA 5/13/2018
21 8th timers and 6 Dbl Diamonds FANTASTIC N8KIE 5/12/2018
Congratulations KC3X 5/12/2018

AR QP TMW N4CD 5/11/2018
Thanks for coming to 30M WA4UNS 5/12/2018

Dennis and Susan began the slow trip home with broken vehicle. We wish them well. KC3X 5/11/2018
APRS.FI shows they got home WA4UNS 5/12/2018
They seem to be doing okay on US50... good luck... hopefully the repair will hold WA4UNS 5/11/2018

LOGGER 2018 I'M GOING AGAIN KM9X 5/11/2018
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dan! (more...) KBBA 5/11/2018
thanks! KM9X 5/12/2018
Happy birthday, Dan! I need to do that too. Get a few Win7 PCs before I can't get them anymore. K2MF 5/11/2018
Congrats !!! KD5YUK 5/11/2018
Good move Dan; and happy birthday coming up! WGXQ 5/11/2018

Home safe.. Tnx for riding along under awful band conditions.. K8ZZ 5/10/2018
Tnx Ed for Elliott, KY LC. Now only 4 to go for 3rd. AB7NK 5/18/2018
Thanks for the herculean effort, Ed! Glad you're home safe and sound. :) K2MF 5/11/2018
Thanks for some new 30M counties WA4UNS 5/10/2018

From Dennis and Susan: (more) KC3X 5/10/2018
I thought they were moving slowly... was watching them on APRS.FI WA4UNS 5/10/2018

Going down to NASCAR race in KC, KS May 11-13 NFN 5/10/2018

Are you going to Dayton? Please check my needs... NUQ 5/10/2018

Trip to Dayton N4CD 5/10/2018

I went to update Logger - I find that i have 5105 and 5103 is the update?? What did I miss?? K4XI 5/9/2018
The3re was a bug in 5105 so we fell back to 5103. WQ7A 5/9/2018
Thanks - I will go back to it K4XI 5/9/2018

Pierce county ND did you work me? WQ7A 5/8/2018

Thanks to N6PDB for Yolo CA on 30M, I now have 3 left for the WBOW for 30 meters. KC3X 5/8/2018

Icom 7200 KM4FO 5/7/2018
try the kenwood ts 480hx or 480s supper /m rig KC3X 5/8/2018
don't own one but KC7YE 5/8/2018
ignore this, misread post as 7200 not 7100 KC7YE 5/8/2018
ICOM-7300 and ICOM-7100 are both good rigs and Yaesu FT-991 good also NFN 5/8/2018
The big hype here is the IC-7300 or FT-991A N1API 5/8/2018
I recommend the IC-7300 & buy at GigaParts most likely best price. WG6X 5/8/2018
With Dayton coming up should have some great pricing for ham equipment. WG6X 5/8/2018
Stating to get email specials and discounts already. WG6X 5/10/2018

Wonder if Ed K8ZZ would go get my last for K .. it is only in Oregon .. LOL N8KIE 5/7/2018
Not that far away, but N7IPG 5/8/2018
Wish people would check the "Speical Need" List N1API 5/8/2018

Noble, IN remains as LC WBOW - All CW... I was not available during INQP... HELP!! WA4UNS 5/7/2018
Nevermind WA4UNS 5/9/2018

County Hunter of the year nominations are closing soon. WMU 5/6/2018

Trip KN4Y 5/6/2018

Mixed Bag of Happy and Sad ( more ) N4UP 5/6/2018
Thanks for the Sympathies and Suggestions ( more ) N4UP 5/7/2018
It will set me back but not break me K4AMC 5/7/2018
many times, this happens AFTER you spend the big money on new toys K8OOK 5/6/2018
A/C not as important as new tower!! Unless your ha... W4SIG 5/6/2018
and clothes are optional N8KIE 5/6/2018

SOLD..... went in 1 day on QRZ.... KA3DRO 5/7/2018

Next time there is a map update, might want to consider correcting the misspelled counties... WYA 5/6/2018
Have you let anyone know about these errors? WMU 5/6/2018
Yes, once upon a time... WYA 5/7/2018
Map is a seperate program.... more KA9JAC 5/5/2018
MAP K9MIX 5/6/2018

Trip home posted - leaving Michigan on May 7th.. K8ZZ 5/4/2018

Thanks to Mary AB7NK for Whitley KY LC WBOW CW II NUQ 5/4/2018
Congratulations! N2JNE 5/6/2018
Many congratulations, Bill! K2MF 5/6/2018
Congrats Bill! WMU 5/6/2018
Congratulations Bill, great to see you get it !!! NFN 5/6/2018
Fantastic Bill!!! Congrats W4SIG 5/5/2018
Way to go Bill !! WGXQ 5/5/2018

Thanks to K7SEN for Estill, KY next to last for WBOW "K" Prefix Harney, OR left N8KIE 5/4/2018
Never heard them all day, drat. WQ7A 5/4/2018

Awards Submission AB7RW 5/3/2018

Thanks to AB7RW for Camas, ID- now only 4 left for wbow 30 meters. KC3X 5/3/2018
What are the final ones? I don't see them on the ... W4SIG 5/6/2018

not much happening today N8KIE 5/3/2018
Thanks for being there. I only got skunked 50 WQ7A 5/4/2018
I only got skunked in 50% of my counties. Makes one wonder if it is worth it or not. WQ7A 5/4/2018
Not for me - I painted part of the driveway!! K4XI 5/3/2018

May 2018 County Challenge Top List Now On Line (more) K2MF 5/3/2018
Thanks again for keeping this going Barry! WMU 5/4/2018

getting old sucks K9MIX 5/2/2018
hope you got it I called KM9X instead ... getting old for sure N8KIE 5/3/2018
TETON K9MIX 5/4/2018
Maybe tomorrow. Watch the spots KC3X 5/2/2018

Florida Qso Party K4AMC 5/2/2018
also DE QP N4CD 5/2/2018
It was fun but missed my last two for cw. They were run on 20 cw only. I had no copy. KC3X 5/2/2018
Me too, missed my last three on cw- only on 20! Need 40 or 80! Well, next yr !(the same?) K4XI 5/2/2018
FLQP N4RS 5/3/2018
Yep. needed the same two last year, only run on 20m and zero copy here on Mid to northern FL KC3X 5/2/2018

2018 MARAC National Convention October 3-6 Kansas City WMU 4/30/2018
I wouldn't miss it!! See everyone there! W4SIG 5/2/2018
Already registered! See you in KC!! Sandra and Lowell N0XYL and KBBA 5/2/2018
I will be there! KAP 5/2/2018

logger OS KM9X 4/30/2018
Win 7 Pro K8QWY 5/1/2018
Win 7 Pro K8QWY 5/1/2018
Slow as molasses on Win 7 KC3X 5/1/2018
Works great on Windows 10. WMU 4/30/2018
Logger works fine on my Windows 10 computers. XP is dead. WQ7A 4/30/2018
Fails on a Vista Home Laptop Dell Computer N1API 4/30/2018
WIN 7 K9MIX 4/30/2018
Dan, it works fine on my Win 7 Pro WGXQ 4/30/2018

Thank you Ed and Joe for another great Michigan mini--cold but great!!!!! N8HAM 4/30/2018
THANKS FOR A GREAT TIME, Joe, Janet and Ed. We understand (more...) KBBA 4/30/2018
I hope that someone will pick up this great event after next year. WMU 4/30/2018
We had a great time Thanks Ed, Joe and Janet WQ7A 4/30/2018
The Mini was terrific and I really enjoyed it. Thank you!! K2MF 4/30/2018

6m Open (More) N2MH 4/29/2018
Got back home OK N2MH 5/1/2018

For FL QP spots, forget Logger-only k0fg and k4xi do spots -got to DX GALAXY-they don't miss many!! K4XI 4/28/2018

Welcome to USA-CA All Counties to KC7OD K1BV 4/27/2018
Congratulations! NA8W 5/2/2018
Way to go George!! WY8I 5/2/2018
Congrats !!! KD5YUK 5/2/2018
Congrats! N4CD 5/1/2018
Congrats.. K8ZZ 4/30/2018
Congrats George. In my log many times. WQ7A 4/29/2018
Congrar's on the award! WG6X 4/29/2018
Congrats from K7SEN & AB7NK 4/28/2018
Congrat's!! N8MD 4/28/2018
Congrats from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 4/28/2018
Congratulations George. Now you can start over for more awards, enjoy. WB4FFV 4/28/2018
Congrats and welcome to the club! WMU 4/28/2018
Congrats !!! KD5YUK 4/28/2018
First time is the hardest. Onward to The second time and Bingo! Sandra and Lowell. N0XYL and KBBA 4/28/2018
Many congratulations, George! K2MF 4/28/2018
Congrats George - "W" WE7G 4/27/2018
Congratulations George. Now do it again! N5PR 4/27/2018
Congratulations! N2JNE 4/27/2018
Congratulation George W7FEN 4/27/2018
Congratulations KC3X 4/27/2018

Are these still being awarded??? WYA 4/27/2018
I received my 25 LC plaque automatically and did not make any application for it. KA2LHO 4/30/2018
Thanks for info (more) WYA 4/29/2018
I may be remembering incorrectly, but... (more) K2MF 4/29/2018
Roadrunner Award WYA 4/29/2018
I don't know what the rule book has to say now but my Road Runner Plaque (more) WB4FFV 5/1/2018
Yes they are W7FEN 4/27/2018
What is the real question? WMU 4/27/2018
Yes, you have it as written . . . and dated 3/01/18. WGXQ 4/27/2018

CQ sent me two copies of the April Magazine. Free copy to anyone who wants it. W3DYA 4/26/2018
Gone! W3DYA 4/28/2018

7 QP KC7YE 4/25/2018

Randolph, NC possible runs WA4UNS 4/25/2018

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