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I know some of you are waiting for me to run other islands/counties Covid over here is .. N8KIE 1/24/2022
Stay where you are Bob...It's not really "that" important... Have a good day.... Don AE3Z 1/25/2022
The most important thing is for you to do what is most safe. Running counties can wait. K2MF 1/25/2022
Maybe it will clear up some day. I didn't even hear you from Honolulu. KC3X 1/25/2022
It is what it is, Bob.. Be safe!! WYØA 1/24/2022

trip posted N4CD 1/21/2022
Congratulations Bob. Well done. Now for the 2nd time. KC3X 1/24/2022
Thanks for Avoyelles, Bob - last one! (more) K1RO 1/23/2022
Congratulations.... it just gets better KE3VV 1/24/2022
Congratulations!! N8MD 1/24/2022
Mark, congratulations! WØGXQ 1/24/2022
Congrats , Mark! NS2N 1/24/2022
Many congratulations, Mark! K2MF 1/24/2022
Way to go, Mark!! W9OO 1/23/2022
Congratulations!! N9JF 1/23/2022
Congrats!! WYØA 1/23/2022
Congratulations! W8GU 1/23/2022

I've really screwed, and i can't fix it for a week K3IMC 1/20/2022
Can't wait to see them incorporated into Logger 2, Don...... K7REL 1/21/2022
Finally got my license back in 1961, aged 14. K7REL 1/21/2022
Glad to see the state maps being integrated into Logger II.. Always found them to be most helpful.. WYØA 1/21/2022
Don-I would day that finding warm temps at this time of year is more important--- 6.2 degF here! N8HAM 1/21/2022
It was ''""""""MINUS 20"""""" in Big Flats, NY this morning about 6:30am....Where's the heat...!! AE3Z 1/22/2022
Should say: Unfortunately, I did NOT bring my development environment. K3IMC 1/20/2022
Enjoy your respite.... KE3VV 1/21/2022

Trip to Winterfest Jan. 21-23, try to run some counties NFØN 1/20/2022

I hadn't powered down and restarted recently. Did that and now have 2.5.11 N8CIJ 1/20/2022

If you just downloaded V2.5.10, be sure to download V2.5.11 in its place. K3IMC 1/19/2022
click tools and go to update KA9JAC 1/20/2022
Yes, that works. NFØN 1/20/2022
Last version available to me is 2.5.8 N8CIJ 1/19/2022
Pop Up says "Special Version - Cannot download" WØGXQ 1/19/2022
Mine popped up with special version too...can't download. N8MD 1/19/2022

Awards Issued 1/17/2022 AB7RW 1/17/2022
Congratulations to John, Butch, Kerry and Ed! K2MF 1/18/2022
Congratulations to all the winners. KC3X 1/17/2022
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 1/17/2022
Congrats to all of the award recipients! WØGXQ 1/17/2022

An anniversary that makes me smile (more) WØGXQ 1/16/2022
keep smiling Jerry (what are you up to?) K7TM 1/20/2022
Participated in many ham radio activities over the years, but... KE3VV 1/20/2022
Agree! WØGXQ 1/20/2022
Congrats!! KA4RRU 1/18/2022
Congrats! Break open an 807 ! NS2N 1/18/2022
Happy anniversary Jerry! KØAP 1/17/2022
Thanks for all of the comments. I see there are several of you WØGXQ 1/17/2022
fat fingers . . . "Old Old Timers" still around. WØGXQ 1/17/2022
Good times! Congratulations! W4SIG 1/17/2022
3/6/1952 K4XI 1/17/2022
1951 PA3ARM 1/17/2022
Congratulations Jerry. You have me beat by 9 months! (more) W4YDY 1/17/2022
WOW! WA3QNT 1/18/2022
I also remember when you held K5NC, Dave! :) K2MF 1/18/2022
Yes Barry. Had K5NC as a second station call sign om OKC. W4YDY has been primary call since 1952. W4YDY 1/18/2022
Dave, I too was attached to my original call (more) WØGXQ 1/18/2022
Yes Barry. Had K5NC as a second station call sign om OKC. W4YDY has been primary call since 1952. W4YDY 1/18/2022
Yes Barry. Had K5NC as a second station call sign om OKC. W4YDY has been primary call since 1952. W4YDY 1/18/2022
Yes Barry. Had K5NC as a second station call sign om OKC. W4YDY has been primary call since 1952. W4YDY 1/18/2022
I only sent it once!!!! W4YDY 1/18/2022
Dave, our paths were similar (more) WØGXQ 1/17/2022
Good grief Jerry.... Are you "that old"....! Hi... Don AE3Z 1/16/2022
Yup, sad to say, I'm that old! Hi hi! WØGXQ 1/17/2022
Wonderful retrospect! The process was still rather slow in 1964. :) K2MF 1/16/2022
WOW what a Milestone! Thanks for sharing! N8CIJ 1/16/2022
Congrats, Jerry! I was still in the playpen at ag... W9OO 1/16/2022
Don . . . destined to be a "phone guy"? :-) WØGXQ 1/17/2022
Congratulations! I'm sure that brings back many memories!! N8MD 1/16/2022
AWESOME! And, as Paul Harvey would have said, “the rest of the story”.... (more) KBØBA 1/16/2022
Yes, all of that and more . . . WØGXQ 1/17/2022
Congratulations ! Wow, 70 yrs. W8OP 1/16/2022
Congratulations and wishing you many more years. W7FEN 1/16/2022
Congratulations. KC3X 1/16/2022
Congrads!! (More) K5KDG 1/16/2022

KE9OI Obituary KM6HB 1/15/2022

USA-CA WYØA 1/14/2022
CQ MAGAZINE itself is a contributor--often receive... W9OO 1/20/2022
from DX ... DL6KVA 1/15/2022
There are a couple of individuals getting close (More) WYØA 1/15/2022
Getting close...(more) K1RO 1/15/2022
I have a theory that may not be popular. N1API 1/15/2022
Totally different contest... There are several parks around here that cover more than one county... AE3Z 1/16/2022
Agreed, it is different, but it is a resource. W8GU 1/17/2022
There is a WWFF (KFF-) entity - to - county(ies) lookup page on the internet... (more) K2MF 1/18/2022
As far as I know, this is correct. And here are some more interesting USA-CA statistics... K2MF 1/15/2022
USACA holders (more) K5KDG 1/15/2022
Eighty four and 6 months here and just about done.... AE3Z 1/16/2022
I believe that there has been several that have fallen by the wayside do to the lack W7FEN 1/15/2022
Interesting (More) WYØA 1/15/2022
More WYØA 1/15/2022
Interesting Stats. More. WB4FFV 1/16/2022
       BINGO you got that right. In Sept made a trip to Wallowa and Union Oregon W7FEN 1/16/2022
              I remember the first time I ran Wallowa back in the early 90s I had two pages of contacts. More. WB4FFV 1/17/2022
       Tooo-Shay...! Ralph.... What a shame.... AE3Z 1/16/2022
              Your right Don. More. WB4FFV 1/17/2022
                     Good points, Ralph. Camaraderie is great in POTA/... W9OO 1/17/2022

Crawford/Richland, WI Error WYØA 1/13/2022
Glad the Richland part was right! That, and the other 7 counties gives me LC for WI! W8GU 1/13/2022

Wisconsin Trip II WYØA 1/11/2022
propagation NS2N 1/12/2022
same results Wednesday NS2N 1/13/2022

finally stopped raining will go up to the park tuesday to check out radios abt 2000z N8KIE 1/10/2022
Honolulu county N8KIE 1/10/2022
problems today will try again tomorrow N8KIE 1/11/2022
radio works got k7tm heard n5mlp but he didn't hear me may try Fri or Sat N8KIE 1/12/2022
I didn't hear you at all on the east coast. KC3X 1/12/2022

KE9OI is a SK this morning per family announcement on facebook KM9X 1/10/2022
Condolence to the family. W7FEN 1/11/2022
Dave was a good soul. Knew him since 1988 and vis... W9OO 1/10/2022

Trip Posted N8MD 1/9/2022

Wisconsin Trip WYØA 1/9/2022

Awards Issued 1/9/2022 AB7RW 1/9/2022
Congratulation, Ed, Karl,and Matt. You keep us listening for new couinty's. WB4FFV 1/11/2022
Congratulations guys! WØGXQ 1/11/2022
Congratulations to Ed, Karl and Alan! K2MF 1/11/2022
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 1/10/2022

Upcoming CCA Top Lists display change in February 2022 (more) K2MF 1/9/2022

MS: Jefferson Claiborne Warren Issaquena Sharkey Washington AR: Chicot Ashley Drew Bradley K8ZZ 1/7/2022

LA: St Charles St John St James Lafaurche Terrebone St Mary St Martin Assumption ?? K8ZZ 1/7/2022

Thursday - Perry Forrest Lamar Pearl River Hancock LA: St Tammy Orleans St Bernard Plaquemines ?? K8ZZ 1/5/2022

Today - Escambia, FL - AL: Baldwin Mobile Escambia Conecuh Monroe Butler Lowndes Wilcox ?? K8ZZ 1/5/2022
Ed, pse consider Covington. Last AL (last 4 years) PA3ARM 1/5/2022

K8ZZ headed back to the Midwest starting today WØGXQ 1/4/2022

Good Tnx for the help K4YFH 1/3/2022

Logger 2 K4YFH 1/3/2022
Logger 2 KV7N 1/4/2022
Don, K3IMC, is the architect and supporter of Logg... W4SIG 1/3/2022
He told he didnot do that any more K4YFH 1/3/2022
Old News - Don is back on the job.... KE3VV 1/3/2022

January 2022 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 1/2/2022

been raining almost every day. don't know if they are going to let us change islands N8KIE 1/1/2022
Any tentative dates for a Kalawao trip? K4YT 1/7/2022
no rental cars available N8KIE 1/10/2022
covid now to 4800 per day here N8KIE 1/6/2022

Information on NT9V, Ed Dranchak and Wife Katie. WB4FFV 12/30/2021

I apologize for having to terminate my Nebraska trip today (more) NFØN 12/29/2021
No apology needed -- hope it was fun (up until the antenna problem). AG6V 12/30/2021
Thanks for taking the time and spending the $$ to activate NE counties... KØAP 12/29/2021
Thanks for being there. Hope it is an easy fix. W8GU 12/29/2021

Award Issued 12/29/2021 AB7RW 12/29/2021

Ed is QRT for this Wednesday . . . may be scarce until 2022 :) WØGXQ 12/29/2021

Heavy traffic for K8ZZ . . . he will spot 80m (help spot pse) WØGXQ 12/29/2021

Test WØGXQ 12/29/2021

NF0N just called: more KC3X 12/29/2021
He got it moving again, re initialized and hope it works. If so he will give it a try. KC3X 12/29/2021

Buffalo will be first today NFØN 12/29/2021

NF0NH said that Adams would be his last for today. KC3X 12/28/2021
NFON said KC3X 12/28/2021

Will run southern Florida for the next 2 days - then off the grid for New Years weekend.. K8ZZ 12/27/2021

K1ER - John Peters USACA 871 SK N1API 12/27/2021
Deepest condolences RIP John K7SEN 12/29/2021
Sorry to hear, we worked many times. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 12/28/2021
RIP John AI5P 12/27/2021
A good man. RIP John. W9OO 12/27/2021

going thru old mobile logs-more KB6UF 12/27/2021
self credit for various awards N4CD 12/27/2021
didn't think abut that, guess will input data what sticks, sticks what doesn't doesn't. :) :) KB6UF 12/27/2021
self credit for various awards N4CD 12/27/2021
You didn't mention the award, but if you are referring to Self Credit (2/15/2017) WØGXQ 12/27/2021
all of them, but mostly Bingo , SSB,CW, 40 meter band, 30 meters KB6UF 12/27/2021
Startind dates for some awards are in the Award-Rules. But... WQ7A 12/27/2021

January 2022 County Hunter News N4CD 12/26/2021
Great job as usual, Bob! Happy New Year! W9OO 12/27/2021

The Needs Page is working again. I believe that all of the Needs were preserved intact K3IMC 12/26/2021
Thank you so very, very much, Don! K2MF 12/27/2021
Don, thanks for taking care of everything on your dime. We appreciate it. KC3X 12/26/2021
Thanks for all your time!!!!!!!! N8HAM 12/26/2021
Thanks Don! WØGXQ 12/26/2021
Thank You Don ! W8OP 12/26/2021
Thanks! W8GU 12/26/2021

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