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July County Hunter News On line N4CD 6/28/2017

Trip Posted for 7/9 - 7/15 K5VYT 6/28/2017

Fourth AK. Here is a list of possible spot spelling for Logger WQ7A 6/28/2017
When Don was revising the AK JD spellings on this site to get synced with Logger... (more) K2MF 6/28/2017

W0GXQ QRT for today Custer, NE. Will sart in Logan< NE tomorrow KC3X 6/27/2017

N9JF on today from 4th AK N8KIE 6/27/2017

Nebraska Trip posted for June 29, 2017. NFN 6/25/2017

New address as of June 28th WGXQ 6/24/2017
Hello Jerry, Maybe I need to travel next time to Colorado? Good luck for a new apartment! 73, cu He OH3JF 6/26/2017
Praying the move goes smoothly W4SIG 6/25/2017
Congratulations on your move to central Colorado, Jerry! K2MF 6/25/2017
Gee, not Rocky Mountain High! WG6X 6/24/2017

FD W4IY prince William va 9a KA4RRU 6/24/2017

County Challenge Award Certificates K2MF 6/24/2017
Thanks, Barry, a great idea! W4SIG 6/25/2017
Thanks Barry, a fun thing to print out... BUT WQ7A 6/24/2017
We all have different tastes so ... ( more ) N4UP 6/25/2017
Thanks Barry super idea and thanks for my two 73 WE7G 6/24/2017

Field Day WB4FFV 6/23/2017
FD KC7YE 6/24/2017
4A WWA KC7YE 6/24/2017

Field Day KN4Y 6/23/2017
Our club, WW4L, will be operating in Watauga, NC. I'm not sure how many xmtrs... WA4UNS 6/23/2017
Our club, WW4L, will be operating in Watauga, NC. I'm not sure how many xmtrs... WA4UNS 6/23/2017

Route 66 (more) K5KDG 6/23/2017

Adak Island WYA 6/22/2017
I did a tour there in a ANTI-SUB squadron during the winter & 7.4 earthquake. WG6X 6/23/2017
I also ran many a phone patch between Moffett Field area and Adak P3 guys. WG6X 6/23/2017
I run bunches of PP from AIZ... W4ODR at Memphis NAS was the station I used most WA4UNS 6/23/2017
Of additional interest... (more) WA4UNS 6/23/2017
Entire movie on You Tube N4CD 6/25/2017
This is so interesting because.... AE3Z 6/23/2017
Maybe fine for RM folks, but taking off and landing in blinding snow storms not fun. WG6X 6/25/2017
Flying.... AE3Z 6/25/2017
Wow! WG6X 6/25/2017
Adak (more_ K5KDG 6/23/2017
I learned alot about the history of Adak... Read "The Thousand Mile War" WA4UNS 6/23/2017
Outstanding book ! KC7YE 6/23/2017
Author is Brian Garfield WA4UNS 6/23/2017
I was there for 1970 attached to the COMMSTA... operated out of the KL7AIZ shack WA4UNS 6/22/2017
KL7AIZ K7VAY 6/22/2017
When I got to Adak, the NAVSTA had "shut down" KL7FGG... (more) WA4UNS 6/22/2017
Communications Technician, Doug ? WA3QNT 6/22/2017
Also CTR - HFDF- '66-'70 Guam, Phillipines and Kelly Field TX N2JNE 6/23/2017
Adak - Misawa, Japan and finished up in Camp Lejeune, NC WYA 6/23/2017
       Spend two days at Misawa after the navy took over from the air force, wow nice base. WG6X 6/23/2017
C/T WYA 6/23/2017
Learned the code at Corey Field in 62 NFN 6/24/2017
       Corey Field WYA 6/25/2017
My Dad was during his career: Leading CPO, CPO of Fire Dept., Leading CPO field 5 WG6X 6/24/2017
       I meant Greenland lost squadron not Adak or Alaska.VP-93: PBY-5A #02977 WG6X 6/25/2017
              Subject was Adak, I was wrong in posting about Grenland & all, sorry. WG6X 6/25/2017
Small World, Butch (more) WA3QNT 6/23/2017
The only trees on Adak were the plot of Christmas trees referred to as the Adak Forest WA4UNS 6/23/2017
       Adak NF KC7YE 6/23/2017
              I have a pic (on slide)... can't remember if it's been ingested into the computer. WA4UNS 6/23/2017
Radioman attached to Special Communications Division... (more) WA4UNS 6/22/2017
Yepper and that was were the guys worked that I took the ham gear up to. WG6X 6/23/2017

W4SIG KDEQ 6/22/2017
Thank you for all the counties, Kerry! Glad you're home safe and sound. K2MF 6/22/2017
Yes, Many thanks WA3QNT 6/22/2017
Yes ! Keep Kerry on the road. KC7YE 6/22/2017

Life goes on... (more) WA4UNS 6/22/2017
I currently count 495 USA-CA holders who are SKs and ... K2MF 6/22/2017

K5IID Tom Horton USA-CA 661 SK WMU 6/21/2017
Requiescat in pace, Tom N8HAM 6/23/2017
RIP Tom K7SEN 6/22/2017
Very sorry to read this. Prayers to his family. K2MF 6/22/2017
Sorry to hear this . . . God speed WGXQ 6/22/2017
Rest in peace Tom (more_ K5KDG 6/22/2017
RIP Tom KC3X 6/22/2017
RIP OM..... safe trip...... KA3DRO 6/22/2017
R.I.P. Tom. Remember him well. KC5P 6/22/2017
RIP Tom and prayers for his family. W7FEN 6/22/2017
RIP Tom WB4FFV 6/22/2017
Rest in Peace Tom. WG6X 6/22/2017

My phone number AA4GT 6/21/2017

Update - Rt 66 AI5P 6/21/2017

Getting close to WBOW AA4GT 6/21/2017

Trip posted for tomorrow and Thursday. Iowa and Mi... W4SIG 6/20/2017

Logger KN4Y 6/20/2017
Every month I email the instructions, but nobody reads them. Email me... WQ7A 6/21/2017
Logger KN4Y 6/21/2017
Careful N4RS 6/22/2017
You sure are up early in the morning, Terry!! WYA 6/21/2017
Old guys don't sleep well.. WQ7A 6/21/2017
Old guys don't sleep well.. WQ7A 6/21/2017
that is for sure W8FNW 6/21/2017
Logger problems WYA 6/21/2017

Rt 66 AI5P 6/20/2017
Enjoy the tourist stops!!!! Have a great trip WA4UNS 6/20/2017
Thanks for doing the trip Rick. Maybe - Just Maybe - Cndx will get better "W" WE7G 6/20/2017

Shocked and pleased today that 10,12,15, and 17 me... W4SIG 6/19/2017
May have been first time I worked a mobile in same county on 5 Bands! N8CIJ 6/20/2017

Just got Taylor KY-Down to 4 for USACA-CW N8CIJ 6/19/2017

WHOOPY!!!! N4RS 6/19/2017
Glad to help! W4SIG 6/19/2017
Happy that the planets finally aligned WA4UNS 6/19/2017

Ohio Marion & Morrow counties.... W8FNW 6/18/2017
could even be a Sunday afternoon W8FNW 6/19/2017
This next weekend is Field Day and non-warc bands will be busy N7JPF 6/18/2017
could even be a Sunday afternoon W8FNW 6/18/2017
I will try to give a 2 or 3 day heads up post here, a day thru the week and can be there an hour or W8FNW 6/18/2017
Please no Saturday's KC3X 6/18/2017
I will try and make whatever you pick. :) K2MF 6/18/2017
Your pick which day ! Need both for 2nd Time, CW & Bingo W8OP 6/18/2017
Take your pick... mobile's choice WA4UNS 6/18/2017
The mobile rules Just pick a good day N8KIE 6/18/2017

Some LC for Master Platinum.. Tnx in advance K8ZZ 6/18/2017

14.336 activity WBCQO 6/18/2017
Majority of active mobiles were run off by the bad... W4SIG 6/19/2017
Some of us tried for 15 years to KA3DRO 6/22/2017
The few that are running will not run there N8KIE 6/18/2017

In VE6, headed to KL7 N9JF 6/17/2017
I'll be without radio access from Sunday through Friday night next week so might miss you. (more) KA2LHO 6/23/2017
I'll be without radio access from Sunday through Friday night next week so might miss you. (more) KA2LHO 6/23/2017
Are you headed to District 2 by chance? Last WBOW :)))) WEAR 6/17/2017
It's possible N9JF 6/19/2017
Jim, Just checking the forum....also need 2nd for WBOW ....Barry KB8OMG 6/24/2017
if your going to the 1st don't go to skagway Haines is much better for prop N8KIE 6/19/2017
it is abt 250 to coldfoot and another 75 to the chainup area on the pass N8KIE 6/19/2017

Many Thanks, W8OP (more) WA3QNT 6/17/2017
Icing on the cake.... W8OP 6/18/2017
Condx were incredibly good on 20m between WV and NJ which I did not expect. (more) K2MF 6/18/2017
Prop & activity for WVQP W8OP 6/18/2017
Good to hear you out there . . . thanks for the LC WGXQ 6/19/2017
Thank you for running the counties. KC3X 6/18/2017

Rt 66 Start AI5P 6/17/2017

Will be mobile Monday in central to northwest Illi... W4SIG 6/17/2017

Thanks to N9JF and KC3X for LC-1 CW.... N7JPF 6/16/2017

10 Meters is open to Atlanta, Ga. KC4TVZ - 5 by 5 in Big Flats, NY.... AE3Z 6/16/2017
Summertime Sporadic E propagation. K7VAY 6/17/2017

Mich Thumb trip posted for Wednesday 6/21 N8KIE 6/16/2017

Wb0pyf- t u last cnty md cw KC5P 6/16/2017
YES, and Allegany LC-1 CW for me the day before. Thank you for running those! N7JPF 6/16/2017
LC1 for Bingo V .. Carroll, MD Thanks N8KIE 6/16/2017

NEEDS N4RS 6/16/2017
I always review the needs list when a trip is planned and see what we can do about those (more) KA2LHO 6/16/2017

June 16 trip cancelled KDEQ 6/15/2017

AA4GT when the mobile has you repeat your call several times why do you still send too fast for him N8KIE 6/15/2017
CW AA4GT 6/18/2017
cw AA4GT 6/18/2017
I'm thinking conditions AK8A 6/15/2017

Nottoway Amelia Powhatan VA 20m SSB this afternoon ( more ) N4UP 6/15/2017
need pohattan N8KIE 6/15/2017
need Powhatan on ssb N8KIE 6/15/2017
Sorry, No Cellphone Coverage Today in Powhatan ( more ) N4UP 6/15/2017

Heading from Hancock Ohio to Holmes Ohio >> NA8W 6/14/2017

WV QSO Party Trip is posted W8OP 6/14/2017
Sorry, there will NOT be any 80 meter operation from me. W8OP 6/16/2017

No 20 ssb KMAF 6/14/2017

Last counties AA4GT 6/14/2017

June 16 trip KDEQ 6/14/2017
sure wish you were good for MP, those that are seem to miss Cole... KA9JAC 6/14/2017
Sullivan is a LC1 for CW N8KIE 6/14/2017
Sorry no it isn't N8KIE 6/14/2017

Trip posted to Minnesota to finish Masters Platinum transmits NFN 6/12/2017
Thanks for all the contact on my Minnesota trip NFN 6/15/2017
And thank you for a stellar day of needed counties on 40m & 30m, Mike! K2MF 6/15/2017

Is the W6RK spotting site down? I can't access it... W4SIG 6/12/2017
Neither Can I N8CIJ 6/12/2017

Snyder PA Last for WBOW for Bingo III N8CIJ 6/12/2017

Call Sign Combo 1x2 #3 N6PDB N4CD 6/12/2017
Congratulations Dennis !!! NFN 6/16/2017
Congratulations Dennis! K5GE 6/15/2017
Fine job Dennis! WY8I 6/14/2017
Congrats, Dennis!! W4SIG 6/14/2017
Congrats.. K8ZZ 6/13/2017
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 6/13/2017
Congrats Dennis!!! 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 6/13/2017
Congratulations N2JNE 6/13/2017
Many congratulations, Dennis! K2MF 6/13/2017
Congrad's on the award. WG6X 6/13/2017
Congrats Dennis! WGXQ 6/12/2017
Way to go, Dennis!! W4SIG 6/12/2017
Congrats not many have that one WE7G 6/12/2017
Congratulations!!!!!!! WA4UNS 6/12/2017

USA-CA 4th Time #167 K2HVN N4CD 6/12/2017
Congratulations Bill !!! NFN 6/16/2017
Congratulations Bill! K5GE 6/15/2017
Way to go Bill! WY8I 6/14/2017
Cogratulations, Bill!!! W4SIG 6/14/2017
Congrats.. K8ZZ 6/13/2017
Congrats! 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 6/13/2017
Many congratulations, Bill! K2MF 6/13/2017
Congrad's on the award. WG6X 6/13/2017
Congratulations! N2JNE 6/12/2017
Congratulations Bill WGXQ 6/12/2017
Way to go, Bill!!! W4SIG 6/12/2017
That's a bunch of Qs congratulations WE7G 6/12/2017
Congratulations!!!!!!! WA4UNS 6/12/2017

USA-CW #150 K4YT N4CD 6/12/2017
Congratulations Jim! 73, cu Henry OH3JF & OF3077F OH3JF 6/23/2017
Congratulations Jim !!! NFN 6/16/2017
Awesome award Jim! WY8I 6/14/2017
OOPS....error....errror N4CD 6/13/2017
Congratulations Jim! K5GE 6/15/2017
Congrats, Jim!! W4SIG 6/14/2017
Many congratulations, Jim! K2MF 6/14/2017
Congrats from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 6/13/2017
CONGRATULATIONS Jim! 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 6/13/2017
Congrats.. K8ZZ 6/13/2017
Many congratulations, Karl! K2MF 6/13/2017
Congrad's on doing it the hard way. WG6X 6/13/2017
Congratulations!! N2JNE 6/12/2017
Karl, congratulations! WGXQ 6/12/2017
Awesome, Karl! W4SIG 6/12/2017
Congrats on a tough one Karl WE7G 6/12/2017
Congratulations!!!!!!! WA4UNS 6/12/2017

Call Sign Combo 1x2 #4 KC3X N4CD 6/12/2017
Congratulations Hollis !!! NFN 6/16/2017
Congratulations Hollis! K5GE 6/15/2017
Great job Hollis! WY8I 6/14/2017
Congrats!!! 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 6/13/2017
Many congratulations, Hollis! K2MF 6/13/2017
Congrats.. K8ZZ 6/13/2017
Cingrad on doing a hard one. WG6X 6/13/2017
Ya done good!! WGXQ 6/12/2017
Congrats Hollis!!! W4SIG 6/12/2017
Congratulations! N2JNE 6/12/2017
Super Hollis congratulations WE7G 6/12/2017
Congratulations!!!!!!! WA4UNS 6/12/2017

County Challenge Level 8 - K2MF N4CD 6/12/2017
Congratulations Barry !!! NFN 6/16/2017
Congratulations Barry! K5GE 6/15/2017
Great award Barry! WY8I 6/14/2017
Way to go - N9QPQ & AA9JJ 6/13/2017
Congrats! 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 6/13/2017
Congrats.. K8ZZ 6/12/2017
Cngrad's WG6X 6/13/2017
Onward and upward Barry! WGXQ 6/12/2017
Way to go!!! W4SIG 6/12/2017
Congratulations N2JNE 6/12/2017
Great achievement congratulations WE7G 6/12/2017
Congratulations!!!!!!! WA4UNS 6/12/2017

Route 66 trip AI5P 6/11/2017

On the road Alain... KBBA 6/11/2017

Receiver AI5P 6/10/2017
Off the wall, assuming everything seems right, then try a master reset of the CPU. WG6X 6/14/2017
Check the obvious first. RF gain all the way up? I have had that problem. WQ7A 6/11/2017
RF gain AI5P 6/11/2017

Will be mobile in some Nebraska and maybe Iowa counties Saturday June 10 NFN 6/10/2017

Just d/l'd JT65-HF... looks like the setup worked... (more) WA4UNS 6/9/2017
Don't ignore 6 meters....... N7JPF 6/9/2017
6 meters KC7YE 6/9/2017

guess that nobody is running today N8KIE 6/9/2017
All quiet here WA4UNS 6/9/2017

Down to 4 for 5th time... (more) WA4UNS 6/9/2017
Sorry--won't be up in that area of Georgia with a radio or I would try and get them. Good luck! KA2LHO 6/9/2017
FYI... I'm going to try a sked with W4OWY for Hall, GA unless someone else goes there WA4UNS 6/9/2017
If u get a sched please post as thats my 2nd last in GA N3RM 6/10/2017

Missouri counties on Friday June 9th.. K8ZZ 6/8/2017

Desk sure bare with the equip off it, still waiting on check for the Tarheel & extras. WG6X 6/7/2017
Got check foor antenna and shipped off the radio & amp, gee miss them already. WG6X 6/8/2017

W8FNW & W4FNW will be headed for Spartanburg SC..... W8FNW 6/6/2017

AQP KN4Y 6/6/2017
Thanks Ed for the counties, especially my last for... W4SIG 6/6/2017

One more request for info on van/mobile installations.... N9JF 6/6/2017
Jim: My dad told me once when I had just purchased a brand new truck.... AE3Z 6/9/2017
Come on up, I will help you punch holes all over that thing ;-) KA9JAC 6/8/2017
It's nice to know... N9JF 6/10/2017
All great info! N9JF 6/7/2017
I always use the radio and speaker installers.. 15 minutes and they had #10 twin lead thru firewall. K8ZZ 6/6/2017
Charged me $15.00.. K8ZZ 6/6/2017
0n my 2012 chrysler t & c I drilled a Hole inside the jack storage. which is on left side of van W8FNW 6/6/2017
Maybe go thur spare tire area as they nomall have drain holes in those areas. WG6X 6/6/2017
Spare tire is mounted outside under the front seats W8FNW 6/6/2017
Thats sucks, like using the installers the best, but buy twin pwr cable from say HRO WG6X 6/7/2017

Headed to southern Idaho on Wednesday. K7TM 6/6/2017
hope that I can hear you in Owyhee N8KIE 6/8/2017
Will run Owyhee county Idaho later in the week multiple times. K7TM 6/6/2017

WV Needs W8OP 6/5/2017
Marshall is my last PA3ARM 6/12/2017
WV County N8CIJ 6/7/2017
McDowell is my last WGXQ 6/6/2017
Lincoln and Boone would be nice WA4UNS 6/6/2017
If you run it there is a pretty good chance I'll need it!! :o) KA2LHO 6/6/2017
If you run it there is a pretty good chance I'll need it!! :o) KA2LHO 6/6/2017
Barbour - Mason tnx in advance.. K8ZZ 6/6/2017
Mason and Wayne will get you 2 LC-1's N4RS N4RS 6/6/2017
Need only Monroe and Wayne K4XI 6/6/2017
need : Mc Dowell, Taylor, Wyoming. Thanks. LY5A 6/6/2017

The KFF-County lookup page has moved to a new link (more) K2MF 6/5/2017
Thank you Barry for your work on this. I use this page on a regular basis. KA2LHO 6/5/2017
Absolutely my pleasure! K2MF 6/5/2017

June 2017 County Challenge Top List Now On Line (more) K2MF 6/5/2017

Four-Day Trip Posted OH MI KY Starting June 5th N4UP 6/4/2017

Trip to Ithaca NY on Sunday KA4RRU 6/3/2017
Say hi to my old stomping grounds. We lived about 45 minutes north of Ithaca right on I-81. (more) KA2LHO 6/3/2017

where did n5mlp go N8KIE 6/2/2017
Home KC3X 6/2/2017

Last 7 for all CW AA4GT 6/1/2017

Last 3 counties AA4GT 6/1/2017
Might be able to add Jackson early morning on June 8th. N4UP 6/4/2017
Now planned for late afternoon on 7th N4UP 6/4/2017
No Response. Will skip Jackson and try to pick up Knox early on Thursday. N4UP 6/5/2017

Colorado Trip July 17-25 Will post it when route has been determined K4YT 6/1/2017

AQP KN4Y 6/1/2017

Heads up... Planning trip to take XYL up to her mama's in mid July... (more) WA4UNS 6/1/2017

Garfield, MT - Last for 2nd Time. QRZ shows no licensed Hams in that - more - N2JNE 5/31/2017
More Bison then people also ! KC7YE 6/1/2017

June Road Runner WMU 5/31/2017
Most voted to change the way things were done and who was doing them WMU 6/1/2017
C WMU 6/1/2017
Newer CHers have no idea of what's happened in the past on 14.336. (more) WA4UNS 6/1/2017
unfortunately if your mobile without self spot nobody knows where you are or you them N8KIE 6/1/2017
Fortunately for MARAC we have talented folks volun... W4SIG 6/1/2017
It was very difficult for me to hear Doug much of the time. When I did and knew where he was I woul KC3X 6/1/2017
I appreciate all who spot me when I run... however... (more) WA4UNS 6/2/2017
Thank goodness my wife enjoys driving so that I can operate the radio and spot where (more) KA2LHO 6/2/2017
Spotting is an irreplaceable help to mobiles. N9JF 6/2/2017
I try to spot everyone I hear. WMU 6/2/2017

2017 MARAC National Convention, Sept 25-28, Colo Springs (more below) N0DXE & NKV 5/31/2017

Portable operation (more) K5KDG 5/30/2017
I use a Buddy Pole. 20' mast, Quick setup and eve... W4SIG 5/31/2017
Portable operation (more) K5KDG 5/31/2017
If you mean a portable antenna that does NOT go on the vehicle.... N9JF 5/30/2017
Portable operation (more) K5KDG 5/30/2017
If you have trailer hitch might consider a plate off ball for mounting antenna setup WG6X 5/30/2017
Portable operation (more) K5KDG 5/30/2017
Used govt. portable dipole antenna I use to see a ham flea markets :sectional WG6X 5/31/2017

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