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Anyone interested in a well-used IC-706MKIIG? W3DYA 2/18/2020

Update on WG6X. I just got off the phone and got no responds to Ray's phone. WB4FFV 2/18/2020

MI Mini April 23 24 25th, 2020 Its time to sign up - MARAC site K8ZZ 2/18/2020

OK counties this weekend N4CD 2/17/2020
Now back home after romp around OK N4CD 2/17/2020

Surprize AB7RW 2/17/2020

Jack, I hope everything goes well WGXQ 2/18/2020
I hope your surgery goes ok, Jack. Heal quickly! K2MF 2/17/2020

Thanks N7JPF! N9JF 2/15/2020
Jim, what is the final one you need? W4SIG 2/16/2020
Ferry/Okanogan WA my last 2 for Bingo II NUQ 2/16/2020
Ferry WA N9JF 2/16/2020

OK counties this weekend N4CD 2/15/2020

Kentucky Counties N8OYY 2/14/2020

MI Mini April 23 24 25th, 2020 Its time to sign up - MARAC site K8ZZ 2/14/2020
As usual heading to Maine during Mini KB6UF 2/14/2020
I remember one year you stopped by to say Hi WGXQ 2/16/2020
Sure Did Jerry-had the time-more KB6UF 2/16/2020

Trip to Missouri starting today to. KBBA 2/12/2020
Congrats on anniversary! Enjoy the pass-arounds ... W4SIG 2/14/2020
Congratulations to you two lovebirds! Or would that be "love roadrunners"? :) K2MF 2/13/2020
congrats K9MIX 2/12/2020
Congratulations to a very great couple WA9DLB 2/12/2020

UR5CDX (more) K5KDG 2/11/2020
I have considered the CT 755 Single Lever Paddle NFN 2/12/2020
I have considered the CT 755 Single Lever Paddle NFN 2/12/2020
I have considered the CT 755 Single Lever Paddle NFN 2/12/2020

Valentine trip to Yuma hamfest & beyond. See trips page (more) AB7NK 2/10/2020
Back at house will be listening KB6UF 2/13/2020
Sevier UT added & an extra day. Happy Hunting! AB7NK 2/13/2020
A True Radio Ops' Valentine Gift! AG6V 2/11/2020
Ill agree to almost anything to get out of cooking!!! :) AB7NK 2/11/2020
Surprize!!! AJ5ZX 2/13/2020

MI Mini April 23 24 25th, 2020 Its time to sign up - MARAC site K8ZZ 2/6/2020

Radio Install in 2019 Subaru Forester K5VYT 2/5/2020
Also looking at Subaaru Ascent.... ??? KA3DRO 2/17/2020
My Subaru ain't new by any measure KC7YE 2/5/2020
Number 1 thing I recommend is power direct from battery to isolated fuse box. (more) K8ZZ 2/5/2020

today N4CD 2/5/2020

RE: WG6X KA3DRO 2/2/2020
WG6X infor. WB4FFV 2/3/2020
About wg6x update WA9DLB 2/5/2020
I know Ray would appreciate a visit from another County Hunter KA3DRO 2/5/2020
Thanks Ron... I called yesterday and got no answer... Prayers for my friend Ray.... Don AE3Z 2/3/2020

MI Mini April 23 24 25th, 2020 Its time to sign up - MARAC site K8ZZ 2/2/2020

February 2020 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 2/2/2020

No new counties via MN qso party. Maybe again next year. KC3X 2/1/2020
I got the smiley...thanks to NU0Q. Got my last for... N4RS 2/2/2020
Got my last two in MN. All done there now. WQ7A 2/2/2020
I got my last for all MN mobile CW but none of last three for USA-CW-II. Better luck next time. K2MF 2/2/2020
I lucked out1 Got the last four needed for USACA8. W4YDY 2/2/2020
MNQP DL3DXX 2/2/2020

K0LG Les Green USACA # 1072 SK KM6HB 2/1/2020
RIP.. Many times in my logs.. K8ZZ 2/7/2020
Sincerest condolences to Les's family. He will be missed. K2MF 2/5/2020
Our deepest condolences. RIP Les! 73 K7SEN & AB7NK 2/2/2020
RIP Les, we had many long QSO's over the years at the conventions. KC3X 2/1/2020
Thanks for letting us know - worked Les many times but not in last 10 yrs - bad news!! K4XI 2/1/2020

url N4RS 1/31/2020 K2MF 2/1/2020

If you worked me in Scott MN... NUQ 1/31/2020
countylines in APRS.FI DL3DXX 2/2/2020

FT-8 KV7N 1/31/2020
updated my MAC to OS catalina, now my ft8 won't load??? KB6UF 2/18/2020
Great to see you there Kent. Expore FT4 too. I like it better and soon it will catch on. WQ7A 1/31/2020
FT4 twice as fast! WMU 1/31/2020
Glad to have you back on WD4OIN 1/31/2020
FT8 KC7YE 1/31/2020

Iowa State Park Special event all year N4CD 1/30/2020
That would be great! Need a bunch of them for MD W4SIG 1/31/2020

MI Mini April 23 24 25th, 2020 Its time to sign up - MARAC site K8ZZ 1/29/2020

Many thanks to KA4RRU for all the recent VA counti... W4SIG 1/29/2020
Thanks Mike for Running Ctys K4AMC 1/30/2020

State QSO Party Challenge - 2020 N4CD 1/28/2020

County Hunter News for Feb 2020 N4CD 1/28/2020
Thanks for the USCA breakdown. I have been wondering... K7IOO 1/28/2020

At least 5 mobiles active today in MN QSO Party. S... W4SIG 1/25/2020
This is the "Winter Field Day" contest.... AE3Z 1/26/2020
Sorry I jumped the gun, It is next Saturday, Feb 1... W4SIG 1/25/2020
Minn (cont) K5KDG 1/25/2020
Minn (cont) K5KDG 1/25/2020
Was wondering who CHK was! W4SIG 1/25/2020

WG6X Ray: WB4FFV 1/22/2020
Card sent... hope that he gets a big bunch KA3DRO 1/26/2020
Lets have a speedy recovery Ray.. K8ZZ 1/24/2020
We are very sorry to hear this sad news about Ray. He is a great guy! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 1/23/2020
Sorry to hear this WMU 1/22/2020
I am also very sorry to hear this. I hope Ray feels better soon. Mike, (more) K2MF 1/23/2020

MI Mini April 23 24 25th, 2020 Its time to sign up - MARAC site K8ZZ 1/22/2020
I'll be There! AG6V 1/22/2020

This KN4Y 1/22/2020
Trip KN4Y 1/27/2020
Ed, are iguanas falling out of the trees where you... W4SIG 1/23/2020
It's 54 in Vancouver WA this morning AB7RW 1/23/2020

Trip to Norfolk VA on Sunday will do Surry county VA KA4RRU 1/21/2020

January QST SK's included Elwood, KA3MMM, and Jerry, K5YAA. W3DYA 1/21/2020
K2MF reported on Elwood Jan 2nd, but this is the first I've heard about K5YAA (more) WGXQ 1/23/2020
Will miss these great CW ops and kind men. W4SIG 1/23/2020
Very sorry to hear this sad news. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 1/22/2020
OK, I got Dec CQ yesterday along with the QST... didn't realize it was FEB until.... W3DYA 1/22/2020
They are both listed in the February issue R-I-P "W" WE7G 1/22/2020
Not in January . . . do you have February issue? WGXQ 1/22/2020
N4PN, former W4YWX K8MFO 1/23/2020
Just got my Feb QST WMU 1/22/2020

Back Home Now NUQ 1/21/2020
Glad you are home safely. Thanks for all the count... W4SIG 1/23/2020
Great news, thanks for all the counties. KC3X 1/22/2020
Tnx for all the counties Bill.. Great CW in some nice pile ups.. K8ZZ 1/22/2020
Another great job on this trip Bill . . . thanks! WGXQ 1/22/2020
Thanks for all the counties WMU 1/22/2020
Bill, thanks for all the counties down south NFN 1/22/2020
Thanks for Q's and Counties K4AMC 1/22/2020
Thank you for all the contacts and the new county slots, Bill. Glad you're home safely! K2MF 1/22/2020
Epic 2 week run,many slots filled 73! KM6HB 1/21/2020
Thanks Bill! N9JF 1/21/2020
Thanks for all the contacts Bill esp. Alcorn, MS LC for that state! W4IHI 1/21/2020
Thank YOU for all the Q's ! (W8SP club) W8OP 1/21/2020

Anyone interested in 2019 CQ Magazines? You pay shipping. 73, Norm, W3DYA W3DYA 1/21/2020
GONE! W3DYA 1/22/2020

Extra Ham Gear, below N6PDB 1/19/2020

Extra Ham Gear, below N6PDB 1/19/2020

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