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History of "Robert's Rules of Order" NFØN 6/29/2022

Looking to buy IC-7000 W7EEC 6/28/2022

Tentative plans to run two Florida State Parks on Thursday (more) KA2LHO 6/28/2022

July County Hunter News N4CD 6/27/2022

Going to be a late start today; flat tire! šŸ™ WØGXQ 6/22/2022
tks LC in WY DL3DXX 6/22/2022
Headed for Sublette! WØGXQ 6/22/2022
tnx lc wy 73 KE3VV 6/22/2022

Does any anyone control a IC7100 from software? K3IMC 6/21/2022
Never Mind. It was a Windows 11 problem K3IMC 6/21/2022
It's ALWAYS a Widows problem šŸ˜« WA4UNS 6/22/2022
Or Windows. :) K2MF 6/22/2022
Fat fingers... or arthitic fingers. WA4UNS 6/23/2022
As incentive if anyone can help me, I will tell you how I selfpost while mobile with 2 mouse clicks K3IMC 6/21/2022

Second District Alaska will be activated during Fi... W4SIG 6/20/2022
I did not hear any Second JD in FD. Did anyone else? W8GU 6/27/2022
The ARRL field day locator may be helpful in locat... W9OO 6/22/2022
Thanks... I still need a W-Pre in 2nd District WA4UNS 6/22/2022
First AK N4CD 6/21/2022

There are ONLY two counties left for Fifth Time N1API 6/18/2022
One left 6th time NS2N 6/22/2022
Montour, PA KA3QLF 6/19/2022
25 counties left for 5th time LY5A 6/19/2022

W5VS - Short VA run 6/18 posted W5VS 6/17/2022

WVQP Trip Posted W8OP 6/17/2022

National Convention Speaker - Brian Bird NX0X ... more AG6V 6/17/2022
Fantastic!! W4SIG 6/18/2022

New WWFF KFF-County lookup page is now online (more) K2MF 6/17/2022
That looks like a lot of work - thanks! AD1C 6/22/2022
Park # to county KC7YE 6/18/2022
The KFF-County lookup page has been up for a few y... K2MF 6/20/2022
Thanks!! W4SIG 6/18/2022

Return trip home updated, be leaving on the 19th WYØA 6/17/2022

WVQP trip posted Saturday WB8III 6/16/2022
Thanks to you I only need one (Wayne) to finish CW WV. Thanks for the other counties. KC3X 6/20/2022
Many thanks for the last WV ! LY5A 6/20/2022
Looking for you in Mercer WV for LC KE3VV 6/18/2022

Awards Issued 6/16/2022 AB7RW 6/16/2022
Congrats to all.. K8ZZ 6/18/2022
Congratulations! WØGXQ 6/17/2022
Congratulations to Ed, Bob & Ron! K5GE 6/17/2022
Congrats to all!! W4SIG 6/17/2022
Many congratulations to Ed, Bob and Ron! K2MF 6/17/2022
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 6/16/2022

National Convention .... (more) AG6V 6/16/2022

Help- Iā€™m running logger 2 and wsjt side by side on my computer-more KB6UF 6/15/2022
Don is the man. One 5 min call everything is running. KB6UF 6/16/2022

Trip Heads Up WYØA 6/14/2022
Tomorrow's Trip has been updated!! WYØA 6/14/2022

I all my years of County Hunting I've learned one thing N1API 6/13/2022
Amen to that... WA4UNS 6/15/2022

I will run the C/L of Clear Creek and Gilpin CO tomorrow (14 June) at 1600z. (more) WØGXQ 6/13/2022
QSX PA3ARM 6/15/2022
Harry, two more chances at Clear Creek . . . 21st and 27th. WØGXQ 6/15/2022
Will E-mail tmow; some light medical surgery was planned for next Tuesday today. PA3ARM 6/16/2022

Logger question W8OP 6/11/2022
I believe Logger automatically sets the start date... W4SIG 6/12/2022
The start date for ALL of my awards is the same of my start date for 3rd W8OP 6/13/2022
Guess I'll need to contact Don (when he's not really busy with updates). Thanks ! W8OP 6/13/2022
Have you updated your database after each update from AB7RW? KC3X 6/13/2022
       Yes, I have "updated" Logger II's "Database button" at the top of the page. W8OP 6/13/2022

Short mobile trip on Tuesday to counties surrounding my home county. See Trips K3IMC 6/5/2022

Short trip Monday posted WB8III 6/5/2022

Question: Do most county hunters back up your logs before you start or after your stop mobile activi NA8W 6/4/2022
I backup after I am done entering all the new cont... W4SIG 6/6/2022
I backup after I am done entering all the new cont... W4SIG 6/4/2022
I always backup when I am done but>> NA8W 6/5/2022
Both, depending... KA9JAC 6/5/2022

Questions from a mobile newbie W5VS 6/4/2022
My wife drives and I log via computer using Amateur Contact Log by N3FJP (more) KA2LHO 6/26/2022
In all the 35 years that I ran counties..... My wife logged every county... While I was doing the ta AE3Z 6/13/2022 log. K2HVN 6/11/2022
It depends... WA4UNS 6/5/2022
I'm hoping to return to mobiling maybe in August. I need a mount for my screwdriver and will have t WA4UNS 6/5/2022
it professionally installed by a local dealership in the bed of the pickup WA4UNS 6/5/2022
The way I do it... (more) WYØA 6/4/2022
Best answer is, it depends. As Darl said, do what ... W4SIG 6/4/2022
It depends on what you are comfortable with. NA8W 6/4/2022
Hi Tom, Welcome to County Hunting! (more) N8MD 6/4/2022

Nice to see CH'ers on 6 meters FT8 KV7N 6/4/2022
I saw you on the screen once or twice working stations but was not able to connect. Maybe next time W4YDY 6/8/2022

I am beginning the process of importing data from WSJT-X and I have some questions about Freq and RS K3IMC 6/4/2022
Importing NA8W 6/4/2022
Importing KK7X 6/4/2022

Equipment test run Sunday AM: MN Lake of the Woods - Beltrami - Koochiching - Itasca K8ZZ 6/3/2022

I need GRANT, ND for a last one!!!! K4XI 6/2/2022
Grant added June 20th early AM.. K8ZZ 6/3/2022
I also need Grant, ND (for 3rd Time) and I 'might' be going thru there on the way to Convention in S W8OP 6/2/2022
Needed it for the past 3 years!! K4XI 6/2/2022

Don, K3IMC - Great job with Logger II Map Display (Ver 2.7.3)!! WØGXQ 6/2/2022
Yes, tnx Don, great for trip planning.. K8ZZ 6/3/2022

Yaesu FT-857D from an estate available W8OP 6/2/2022
I just saw on the FT-857 group page an 857 selling for $1200. I stand corrected. They have gone up i NA8W 6/5/2022
857d's have been sold on EBAY recently from 700.00 to 1300.00. 750.00 seems going market price now. KM6HB 6/2/2022
They're in big demand now that they've stopped making them. Good luck! NA8W 6/2/2022
They aren't made anymore but that's more then my new one cost and my new FT-891 last week cost $595. NA8W 6/2/2022
I don't know anything about the model. Price didn't seem crazy but not really sure what it's worth. W8OP 6/2/2022
As they say, It's worth what someone will pay for it. More is better if your the seller. NA8W 6/4/2022

June 2022 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 6/2/2022

June copy of RoadRunner has been sent to members. ... W4SIG 6/1/2022

Trip posted.. K8ZZ 6/1/2022

Awards Issued 31 May 2022 AB7RW 5/31/2022
Lot of effort to put out all those states. Way to go. N8HAM 6/2/2022
Congrats to all.. K8ZZ 6/1/2022
Many congratulations to Bob, Alan, Butch & Dave! K2MF 6/1/2022
Good work folks! WY8I 6/1/2022
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 6/1/2022
Congrat's to all! N8MD 6/1/2022
Congratulations! WØGXQ 6/1/2022

Trip Posted N8MD 5/31/2022

June copy of RoadRunner has been sent to members. ... W4SIG 5/31/2022

Added more trips, dates may vary (more) WYØA 5/31/2022
I'll be listening for you. Between you and your Dad, I could finish GA and collect several more! N8MD 5/31/2022

June copy of RoadRunner has been sent to members. ... W4SIG 5/31/2022

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