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need IA counties KMAF 9/16/2019

Kentucky counties 9/17 Estill, Franklin, and Jackson, Anderson. N0XYL anD KB0BA KBBA 9/16/2019

WA Salmon Run KC7YE 9/15/2019
No Self Spotting Allowed.... AG6V 9/16/2019
Salmon Run - me too AG6V 9/16/2019
Good deal ! KC7YE 9/16/2019
More WASR KC7YE 9/16/2019

Our prayers and condolences to your family and friends. RIP Dave! K7SEN & AB7NK 9/15/2019

David H. Hyatt, KU4YM SK N1API 9/14/2019
RIP Dave... we will meet you on the CL soon enough.... de ka3dro KA3DRO 9/16/2019
Rest in Peace David WY8I 9/16/2019
So sorry to hear the news. You will be missed. Sympathies to Dave's family. NKV 9/16/2019
Heartfelt sympathy to Ellen and the family WGXQ 9/16/2019
So sad. He was wonderful to work with. RIP, Dave. K2MF 9/16/2019
So sorry to hear. Will miss Dave, his happy demean... W4SIG 9/15/2019
Very sorry to hear. Dave was a great guy and asset to County hunting.... AE3Z 9/15/2019
RIP 73 Dave. WMU 9/15/2019
RIP OM K9MIX 9/15/2019
Rest in peace my friend. Dave was a great friend of MARAC. WQ7A 9/15/2019
Always sad to hear the passing of our friends and County Hunters. R.I. P. WG6X 9/15/2019
Sad indeed. RIP Dave. K4EXT 9/15/2019

I feel bad about this, but after being mobile today I think it's time for me to give it up! W3DYA 9/14/2019
was wondering WB2ABD 9/16/2019
Thanks Norm (more) K4AMC 9/16/2019
Norm, I have you in my log 44 times since 2012 when I got active again (more) K2MF 9/16/2019
Got you a few times in TXQP. Thanks, Norm for all ... W4SIG 9/15/2019
Thanks for the nice words. I know I'll miss it but it's no longer as much fun W3DYA 9/15/2019
Thanks for all the contacts we have had. (more) W9MSE 9/15/2019
Nice to hear from you, Jeff. I was wondering how you were doing! 73, Norm, W3DYA W3DYA 9/15/2019
Norm, there comes a time when.... AE3Z 9/15/2019
Well said, I am fighting lung small cell cancer since first of year. WG6X 9/16/2019
Chemo doctor is now pushing TECENTRIQ treatment. WG6X 9/16/2019
Same here Ray.... Six months of Chemo and Radiation killed it but... AE3Z 9/16/2019
Tks for all the contacts over the years. I stopped a few years back-spotting, traffic and age got m K4XI 9/15/2019
For whatever reason choosing to quit CH'ing it is never easy & a major change . WG6X 9/14/2019
A thousand thanks, Norm, for all of the counties over the years! N9JF 9/14/2019
My apologies, Jim. I forgot the fun times in ILQP on Sunday several times! Norm W3DYA 9/15/2019
No apologies needed! N9JF 9/15/2019

Sunday, Sep 15 run KB0BA/N0XYL KBBA 9/14/2019

Saturday tqp N4CD 9/13/2019

Trip updated beginning Sept 19 *Happy Hunting* AB7NK 9/13/2019

Leaving early Sat morning.. Will monitor 80 meters for first hour or so.. K8ZZ 9/13/2019

Try again KN4Y 9/13/2019

Saturday KN4Y 9/13/2019

friday N4CD 9/13/2019
Was hoping you were headed south need stars and DD in all of them N8KIE 9/13/2019

heading out tomorrow in Boone 1300 KC3X 9/12/2019

KC3X QRT for the day WGXQ 9/12/2019

TNX N4CD KMAF 9/12/2019

Alabama QSO Party 2019 AB4B 9/12/2019

flying to Calif this thursday, returning Tuesday afternoon KB6UF 9/11/2019
How about an Air Mobile over the Grand Canyon ?? KD5YUK 9/12/2019

TX trip N4CD 9/11/2019

How do I add my email addr to the needs pg N8KIE 9/11/2019
at the very bottom of need pageand saveyour email K9MIX 9/11/2019
Yup that worked N8KIE 9/11/2019


KC3X planned trip KC3X 9/10/2019
This will be a hard and fast if we complete the trip. Please stand by frequencies, don't wait on the KC3X 9/10/2019
spot channel or you may miss your needs. Thanks KC3X 9/10/2019
Hope you have a great fun full trip and everythinh goes smoothly for you. WG6X 9/10/2019

DATELINE CW - By: Ed, KN4Y K2MF 9/10/2019
Always a joy to read, W4SIG 9/11/2019
Thanks for posting this Barry! WGXQ 9/11/2019

Thanks Uncle Arthur I left out the trip is back on Thursday morning (thanks) KC3X 9/10/2019

The trip is thanks to Sandy. Will look for everyone make a contact on each band Thanks. KC3X 9/10/2019
Due to uncle uthor KC3X 9/10/2019

Trip posted.. K8ZZ 9/9/2019

Due to home AC unit problem my trip may be delayed of cancelled. stay tuned. KC3X 9/9/2019
Home comes first Good Luck N8KIE 9/9/2019

You can add you needs again to the NEEDS page K3IMC 9/9/2019
Tnx again for your service.. K8ZZ 9/10/2019
Thanks Bob WGXQ 9/10/2019
Thank you so very much for restoring this functionality to this site, Don. We all really appreciate K2MF 9/10/2019
what you do for mobiling and county hunting! K2MF 9/10/2019
Thanks for all you do, Don! W4SIG 9/10/2019
Thanks, Don! N9JF 9/9/2019
Don, Thanks for all your hard work. KC3X 9/9/2019
Your efforts are appreciated Don! WGXQ 9/9/2019
Thanks Don N8KIE 9/9/2019

Mobile KN4Y 9/8/2019

Quick trip to Lamar county, TX on Sunday, 9/8 posted. Return Monday. N5MLP 9/8/2019

W4DXCC Convention W8OP 9/7/2019

Hurricane Dorian KC3X 9/6/2019
Great news so far Hollis and hope the water starts to go down to normal heights in the river! WY8I 9/8/2019
Great News, Hollis !!! WA3QNT 9/7/2019
Glad to hear you and Sandy are well Hollis - Please continue to be safe! K4EXT 9/7/2019
Hollis, glad you and Sandy are safe for now. WGXQ 9/7/2019
That is good news. WG6X 9/7/2019
Good news! Stay safe W4SIG 9/6/2019
Let's hope your local creek doesn't crest too high. Hang in there, Hollis. K2MF 9/6/2019
Good news.. K8ZZ 9/6/2019
Good to see you weren't hurt yet N8KIE 9/6/2019
Good news. Thanks for letting us know. WQ7A 9/6/2019

New Master Gold holder N0XYL #71 KBBA 9/5/2019
Congrats Sandra!!! K7SEN & AB7NK 9/8/2019
Great award Sandra!! WY8I 9/8/2019
Congratulations Sandra !!! NFN 9/6/2019
Congrat's Sandra !!! KD5YUK 9/6/2019
Congratulations Sandra. WB4FFV 9/6/2019
Congratulations KC3X 9/6/2019
Way to go, Sandra!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! W4SIG 9/5/2019
Congrat's on the award after a lot of hard work and effort! WoW! WG6X 9/5/2019
Congrats.. K8ZZ 9/5/2019
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 9/5/2019
Sandra, congratulations! WGXQ 9/5/2019
Wonderful !!! Congratulations. WQ7A 9/5/2019
Many congratulations, Sandra! K2MF 9/5/2019

I am sorry to report - (more) K8ZZ 9/5/2019
Working KN4Y 9/8/2019
Job well done Dave and hope your health improves! WY8I 9/8/2019
Sorry to hear you are having health problems. You have done a fantastic job with our newsletter. KC3X 9/6/2019
Dave, thanks for your many years of service and friendship. Get well OM! K4EXT 9/5/2019
Dave, thanks for your service. AA9JJ 9/5/2019
Many thanks for all the work and effort you have given over the years! WG6X 9/5/2019
Dave has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He will be missed by everyone! K2MF 9/5/2019
Prayers to Dave and his family. What a wonderful j... W4SIG 9/5/2019
So very sorry to hear that. He has done a wonderful job for years. WQ7A 9/5/2019

All confirmations checked and ready to mail N8KIE N8KIE 9/4/2019

September 2019 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 9/4/2019

W3DYA plans for TXQP on the 14th and 15th. W3DYA 9/2/2019
will be listening ... AG6V 9/2/2019

364 stars left for Star XX 79 counties 199/37 in Texas N8KIE 9/1/2019
Wow, you guys are killing it! Congratulations! WGXQ 9/1/2019
Good going. 165 counties to finish. 728 stars needed out of 61540. Only two to finish TX. WQ7A 9/1/2019
85 counties but I do not have a clue how many stars? KC3X 9/1/2019
I am good for 11 stars but doubt I will be in any counties you need on my next planned trip. KC3X 9/1/2019
Actually I need you in at least 51 counties. WQ7A 9/1/2019
       That's is great, I will be listening for you. KC3X 9/2/2019

WV counties Sunday W8OP 8/31/2019

Re working mobile rig-more KB6UF 8/31/2019
Sunday morning 10:00AM KB6UF 8/31/2019

CO and TN QP tomorrow 8/31 N4CD 8/30/2019

We made some minor changes to our trip. KC3X 8/30/2019
I'll be listening for you on 40 the only band I am likely to hear you N8KIE 9/3/2019

WV counties today W8OP 8/30/2019

I need that one so will listen for you K9MIX 8/30/2019

Someone needs Powahatan VA but I can not look it up ... will be there Friday afternoon around 2 pm o KA4RRU 8/29/2019
A LC for me!! W4SIG 8/30/2019
K9MIX does K9MIX 8/30/2019

I have some bad news, and then some good neews on the re-entry of you NEEDS K3IMC 8/29/2019
cross load from AG6V 8/31/2019
cross load from AG6V 8/31/2019
Tnx for your efforts Don.. K8ZZ 8/30/2019
Tnx so much Don. K4YT 8/29/2019
Thanks Don. I have been county hunting for 34 years and you page has always been the best help. KC3X 8/29/2019
Thank you for all that you do for county hunting, Don! K2MF 8/29/2019
Tnx Don for providing this page for us. I use it alot to see others needs. (more) AB7NK 8/29/2019
Many thanks for a;; the work and effort you put into this & county hunting! WG6X 8/29/2019

Our trip planed for 9-12 thru 9-18 /19 is posted on the trip page Thank you. Hope to help many. KC3X 8/28/2019
will work you when I can hear you even if I don't need it N8KIE 8/30/2019
Sorry Hollis, won't be around for your trip, be in California for Mothers Birthday KB6UF 8/29/2019

It appears that all of the needs data has been lost K3IMC 8/28/2019
cross load from AG6V 8/31/2019
Cache view DL3DXX 8/29/2019
Cache view II DL3DXX 8/29/2019
Don, thanks for providing this service to all coun... W4SIG 8/28/2019
Do not attempt to re-enter your needs yet K3IMC 8/28/2019
Well shoot KC7YE 8/28/2019

My Needs are also gone. K4YT 8/28/2019

Trip posted to ND & MN. See trips page. Happy Hunting AB7NK 8/27/2019

September County Hunter News N4CD 8/27/2019
Another great history and geography lesson in a great little on-line news paper. More. WB4FFV 8/28/2019
As usual... N9JF 8/28/2019
Ditto! Way to go, Bob!! W4SIG 8/28/2019

All my needs vanished??? KB6UF 8/27/2019
Yep the needs list appears to be hosed. Maybe Don is working on it. KC3X 8/27/2019
Is this a joke? The damn "needs at a glance" still comes up everytime, without fail!! K4XI 8/27/2019
Ken, have you tried to turn them off? WGXQ 8/28/2019
Yes, every time - started with 5150! Won't stay OFF. Is there some other place to turn it fully of K4XI 8/28/2019
Yup, there is a problem . . . all that I spot checked are missing. WGXQ 8/27/2019
Me too! KC7YE 8/27/2019

Only 3 to go for WBOW N Prefix. Teton, ID....Nantu... W4SIG 8/25/2019

Short WV / OH trip posted W8OP 8/25/2019

Ran All State Multiple Times AB7RW 8/25/2019
Great news!! Good work team! W4SIG 8/25/2019
Thanks to you Phil and also N5MLP and K3IMC W8OP 8/25/2019

Mc Intosh (my last in ND for 2nd Time) W8OP 8/24/2019

What county in ND is most sought? KEED 8/24/2019
Mc Intosh (my last in ND for 2nd Time) W8OP 8/24/2019
I should have mentioned also this trip won't be h... KEED 8/24/2019
Sheridan Wells for K9MIX K9MIX 8/24/2019
What mode CW or SSB? KC3X 8/24/2019
Looking at CW,SSB and Digital KEED 8/24/2019
KC3X CW needs: Griggs, Mercer, Sheridan, Steel, Wells (Thanks) KC3X 8/24/2019
ALL counties are always needed by someone.. Tnx for joining the ranks.. will listen for you.. K8ZZ 8/24/2019

Freeways home thru Indy not sure how much I will run depends on voice N8KIE 8/23/2019
home after 5 weeks and 8700 miles plus 6000 flying miles tired and no voice N8KIE 8/24/2019

todays will run in this order-20ph(14.336) CW, 40PH/CW, 30CW- KB6UF 8/23/2019

2nd Dist of AK (more) KC5P 8/23/2019

OH QSO Party this weekend N4CD 8/22/2019

Hawaii QSO Party this weekend. N4CD 8/22/2019
HI Stations-- "elusive" ? AG6V 8/22/2019
4 lander in TX! N4CD 8/23/2019

Well I got FT8 up and running! KB6UF 8/22/2019
For even quicker contacts try FT-4 N8CIJ 8/23/2019
Don't fall asleep KC3X 8/23/2019
Congrats! Have fun! W4SIG 8/22/2019

KS QSO Party! N4CD 8/22/2019

HOW ABOUT-more KB6UF 8/22/2019

in Hobbs, MN will run gaines, yoakum and terry in tx tomorrow to start N8KIE 8/20/2019
nm that is N8KIE 8/20/2019

heading up to Oktibeha MS-more in AM-more KB6UF 8/20/2019

Today - Washington Clay Marshall Riley ? K8ZZ 8/19/2019
Fun trip home... Tnx everyone.. K8ZZ 8/19/2019
Thank YOU for all the counties and bands credits! ... W4SIG 8/19/2019

Thanks to K3IMC, K8ZZ, W0GXQ Gave me 5 last counties over last 2 weeks K9MIX 8/19/2019
Glad to help Brent! WGXQ 8/19/2019

19 Counties Needed For TWO MODES N1API 8/18/2019

What's this?? The U.S. is considering buying Greenland?? WYA 8/18/2019
There was nothing there BUT ICE when we built an Army base there... Should be ours....! AE3Z 8/18/2019
depends if a state or territory N4CD 8/18/2019
If by weird reason it became counties I am sure yo... W4SIG 8/18/2019

Trip posted for the Kansas QSO Party WYA 8/18/2019

Headed home to Kansas.. (more) K8ZZ 8/18/2019
Unless Ed got the Amp working, he will be running 15w on the way home. WGXQ 8/18/2019

Many thanks to K8ZZ/W0GXQ for all the Colorado cou... W4SIG 8/17/2019
TNX to K0DEQ for all the spots - sure helped me! 73, Norm, W3DYA W3DYA 8/18/2019
My first time operating in the mountains . . . lots of lessons learned (more) WGXQ 8/18/2019
Lots of scenery, lots to do N4CD 8/18/2019
Thanks W0GXQ/K8ZZ and Also K3IMC (more) K4AMC 8/18/2019
Yes thanks. KC3X 8/17/2019
Colo counties (more) K5KDG 8/17/2019
just the opposite WB2ABD 8/17/2019

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