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I plan to be mobile in MSQP next month, April 7 (9AM to 9PM CDT). W3DYA 3/26/2019

With AB8RW's help, I completed the first stage of the ehanced LC processing. Feel free submit reques K3IMC 3/26/2019
Thank you Don & Phil for all your work on this! Hopefully Phil's job will be easier now. :) K2MF 3/26/2019
follow up on new capability K3IMC 3/26/2019

MichMini Link

K8ZZ 3/25/2019

We made it to Ada cty ID today after a multiple day trip from Arizona. We will be here until next K7TM 3/24/2019
next Sunday. K7TM 3/24/2019

W4SIG lost power to his rig. K5GE 3/24/2019
Sad news. As of now the trip is aborted. Thanks for your efforts Kerry K5GE 3/24/2019

so spot Kerry if you copy KC7YE 3/24/2019

Antenna-more KB6UF 3/23/2019

Idaho county run report. Flying to Boise in a few ... W4SIG 3/23/2019
I won't be available today KC7YE 3/24/2019

Bad news KN4Y 3/23/2019

Anyone have plan to be mobile in MSQP? I'm not sure of my plans. 73, Norm, W3DYA W3DYA 3/22/2019
I am going to run about 5 counties along the north... W4SIG 3/23/2019
MSQP County Activity Map N5NA 3/26/2019

Leaving KN4Y 3/21/2019

OOPS - The new awards program is on hold AB7RW 3/21/2019
How inconsiderate of the electric company! Hi! Tha... W4SIG 3/21/2019

I find the an MARAC officer has used very poor judgement in sending the following email. W7FEN 3/21/2019
I apologized and stated it was an oversight. I accepted responsibility. KA2LHO 3/21/2019
Much ado about very little...It is a volunteer organization. K7IOO 3/21/2019
We are lucky to have folks willing to step up and help MARAC. I am thankful for it. WG6X 3/23/2019
Second that! N8MD 3/24/2019
That is very nice of you to say, Ray. (more) K2MF 3/24/2019
It was an oversight. Usually BCC is used, but this... W4SIG 3/21/2019
Should read than a MARAC. W7FEN 3/21/2019

Trip thru southern Idaho posted. W4SIG 3/21/2019
How are you going to get to the other side of the Mississippi N8KIE 3/22/2019

New Awards Program AB7RW 3/20/2019
Thanks Don and Phil for making the Awards Program run smooth again! WY8I 3/21/2019
Tnx guys - Don, K3IMC, is putting on a presentation at MI Mini on this topic Sat morning.. K8ZZ 3/21/2019
Thanks for your efforts Don and Phil----hey weren't they the Everly Brothers! N8HAM 3/21/2019
Great news, Phil and Don! Thanks! W4SIG 3/21/2019
This is great news and thank you to Don and Phil! K2MF 3/21/2019

Leaving early in AM for Texas - will stay on 80 meter CW when I leave.. K8ZZ 3/19/2019

Second District Alaska activation- For the latest ... W4SIG 3/18/2019
Heard him 339 on 20 today but he is working lots o... W4SIG 3/20/2019
VE3LYC N4RS 3/19/2019
Thanks for the info Tom W4SIG 3/19/2019 says he is operating split. Xmit on 14... W4SIG 3/19/2019
Have the 30m frequency tuned in but nothing so far...Still having fun though! WY8I 3/19/2019
Wow! He's doing it under difficult conditions! N9JF 3/19/2019
more N9JF 3/19/2019
Looks like he was on last night NUQ 3/19/2019
Tnx Kerry.. will be traveling, but will watch best I can.. K8ZZ 3/19/2019
DoIOTA spotting site appears to be W4SIG 3/18/2019
Typo! Should read IOTA spotting site appears to b... W4SIG 3/18/2019

What's better..... KU4YM 3/18/2019
I have Targetuner (out of stock now) and Turbo Tuner NUQ 3/18/2019
I have a couple of TuneMatics . . . call me WGXQ 3/18/2019

MichMini Link

K8ZZ 3/17/2019

I hope I didn't dissapoint anyone when I stopped operating in the LAQP... W3DYA 3/16/2019
Your signal was usually good enough... NUQ 3/18/2019
You KN4Y 3/18/2019
Tnx for 20 m were strong into PNW....more N7JPF 3/17/2019
Thanks Norm, it was pretty ruff here in the east to hear anything but the DX Contest. KC3X 3/16/2019

Trip posted to Texas.. K8ZZ 3/16/2019

Logger Help WB2ABD 3/15/2019
All fixed WB2ABD 3/18/2019
Logger installation available on MARAC.ORG, Logger...... WQ7A 3/15/2019
Bricked Logger WB2ABD 3/15/2019
I can only imagine! :) W4SIG 3/16/2019

I plan to be mobile (CW only) in LAQP on Saturday... W3DYA 3/14/2019
Thanks for the counties despite poor conditions! AD1C 3/17/2019
Might want to avoid 7.040 - WSPR beacons are there. NUQ 3/15/2019
Hope to catch you in Claiborne either 20m or 40m AD1C 3/14/2019

MichMini Link

K8ZZ 3/13/2019

flight home 4/11 thru LAX made reserv. for MI mini and will head for Maine after N8KIE 3/12/2019
Let me know when you hit Steuben orChemung (NY) and I'll buy lunch... or bfst... or.... Don AE3Z 3/17/2019
Looking forward to seeing you and Jaci at the Mini. WQ7A 3/13/2019
I will run 20, 40 and 75 SSB hope to work you in most counties N8KIE 3/13/2019
Look forward to a visit at the MI Mini... K8ZZ 3/13/2019

Anyone have a used OPC-587 separation cable for IC-706MKIIG for sale? Norm, W3DYA W3DYA 3/12/2019
I think I have a new one in supply box, will check later this morning after Doc appt. WG6X 3/13/2019
OOPS! Should have been OPC-581, 3.5M (11.5 ft). W3DYA 3/12/2019
Sorry it was a ICOM OPC-1443. WG6X 3/13/2019
OPC-1443 is for the IC-7000 series. WG6X 3/13/2019
Have to find a home for the ICOM opc-1443 cable. WG6X 3/15/2019

Antenna-see more KB6UF 3/11/2019
Waiting for new resonater, will be testing 40 and 30 out next week, if ok will take short run. KB6UF 3/13/2019
30 would be my choice. KA2LHO 3/13/2019
30M FOR SURE N4CD 3/13/2019
30M FOR SURE N4CD 3/12/2019
30 for sure.. 17 not open enough K8ZZ 3/11/2019
30 meters by far K9MIX 3/11/2019
Thirty for sure Ron. Seventeen still spotty at best. WGXQ 3/11/2019

2019 Nominations are now CLOSED! Voting information will (more) AB7NK 3/10/2019

MichMini Link

K8ZZ 3/10/2019

Short run - see more KB6UF 3/10/2019

Great job. Congrats. KC5P 3/10/2019

K0FG just completed WBOW - - more WB4KZW 3/10/2019
Way to go Fred!! Congratulations WY8I 3/15/2019
Great job Fred Congratulations WE7G 3/12/2019
WTG Fred WA3QNT 3/11/2019
Now that's teamwork! Congrats Fred!!! W4SIG 3/10/2019
Congrats Fred & tnx to WB4KZW for getting your last one!!! 73/88 de K7SEN & AB7NK 3/10/2019
Congrats.. K8ZZ 3/10/2019
Great going Fred, good to see you do it once again !!! NFN 3/10/2019
Congrats Fred, nice job. KC3X 3/10/2019
Fred, congratulations! WGXQ 3/10/2019
Congrat's on gettng it done! WG6X 3/10/2019
Good job Fred. Congrats. WQ7A 3/10/2019
Great job Fred.... Congrats AE3Z 3/10/2019
Nice going! AD1C 3/10/2019

Return trip from TX to MS - - More WB4KZW 3/8/2019
orry to the ad News WB4UHI 3/9/2019
No problem, Gene. You had more important things to... W4SIG 3/9/2019

Street Atlas or substitute on Win 10? N9JF 3/7/2019
Found, installed, working! Thanks!! N9JF 3/9/2019
SA works fine in W10. Been using it for years. However... WQ7A 3/7/2019
Thanks, Terry! N9JF 3/8/2019

Seems to me D-104 - - If want have a decent looking one for 15 plus shipping WG6X 3/8/2019
Yep Ray. D-104 was very popular and so were the Turner mics... Don AE3Z 3/8/2019
Many years ago (1971) I used a Shure 444 desk mike on a HW-101 I built... Don AE3Z 3/7/2019

MichMini Link

K8ZZ 3/6/2019

This AM KN4Y 3/6/2019
That's too cold for bowling too! W4SIG 3/6/2019
What? KN4Y 3/8/2019

Trip tomorrow (wed. 3/6/19) in NM posted in trips K7TM 3/5/2019

Home...more N8HAM 3/5/2019
2 weeks ago 88 deg in Fla, last night -6 wind chill. N8HAM 3/5/2019
Jim... you took the warm KA3DRO 3/6/2019
Fingers too fast......balance of message : KA3DRO 3/6/2019
Ron--all the way up to 33 expected here today. N8HAM 3/8/2019
Move South farther. Last night upper 40's today 68. Lake Placid FL NA8W 3/6/2019
       Just moved here almost 2 years ago..... KA3DRO 3/8/2019
Thanks, Jim (more) WA3QNT 3/5/2019
What a trip! Thanks for the counties, Jim. W4SIG 3/5/2019
Thanks Jim, great operating. Most SSB I have worked in a long time. Think I will try some on next tr K8ZZ 3/5/2019

MichMini Link

K8ZZ 3/4/2019

March 2019 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 3/3/2019

Kerry, some Mobile Diamond needs posted. :-) WGXQ 3/2/2019
Right on! W4SIG 3/3/2019

Trip starting 3/3 N4CD 3/2/2019
wednesday N4CD 3/5/2019
monday tuesday N4CD 3/4/2019

Logger ver .5134 (more) KC3X 3/1/2019
5134 K8QWY 3/11/2019
Old problem returned K8QWY 3/11/2019
The delete county has a problem also, continuous loop. KC3X 3/10/2019
If you mean Delete a contact, it works ok here. Takes about 8 seconds. WQ7A 3/10/2019
Also found Version 5134 to be slow and problems with digital totals N1API 3/5/2019
Ver 5105 took 2:04 to update Master. Ver 5104 took 2.10. Longer would be computer problem. WQ7A 3/9/2019
Meant to say 5134 took 2:10 to update. Otherwise is is a computer problem. Most... WQ7A 3/9/2019
Enter key got me AGAIN WQ7A 3/9/2019
       1:05 in Save mode. More... WQ7A 3/9/2019
Best Buy had installed Webroot. It has been remove and logger is working much better. KC3X 3/1/2019
Have heard many stories about the invasiveness of Web Root and slowing computers. WQ7A 3/1/2019
Kaspersky is just as bad... I bought a laptop with it on it and it's slower than this 10 yr old mach AE3Z 3/5/2019
How can we check for it/remove it if found? N8HAM 3/1/2019
"Webroot" is an antivirus- you or someone has to install/uninstall the program. KD5YUK 3/2/2019

Friday's Trip K4YT 3/1/2019

Thursday Update K4YT 2/28/2019

MichMini Link

K8ZZ 2/27/2019

Thursday's Route K4YT 2/27/2019

last county for WBOW KFG 2/27/2019
WBOW - - more WB4KZW 3/8/2019

N8HAM---Tomorrow I'm going to run counties to the East of those along I-75. N8HAM 2/27/2019

Is it now ok to submit LC1 and LC2 awards ??? WA3QNT 2/27/2019
The system is still down AB7RW 2/27/2019

Possible 2nd district of Alaska operation KM6HB 2/26/2019
I hope they can spend some time. N9JF 3/1/2019
Jim, are you sure you don't want to go in the win... W4SIG 3/4/2019
From looking at its location on the map the 2nd Di... W4SIG 2/27/2019
Diomede Island N4RS 2/27/2019
I wonder also if CQ magazine will accept it for first timers. WQ7A 2/27/2019

Mobile Diamond Trip to western PA Feb 27 to Mar 2. See Planned Trips K4YT 2/26/2019

March N4CD County Hunter News N4CD 2/24/2019
I find the renewed interest in Ham Radio for Training by the US Navy comical... (more) WA4UNS 2/25/2019
The entire Navy is a "Comedy" today... You can read all about the "antics" via the... AE3Z 2/26/2019
Maybe rut causes:women & gay on ships/submarines/fighter squadrons social this WG6X 2/26/2019
CW in navy/coast guard drop because civil marine shipping stop using it. WG6X 2/26/2019

MichMini Link

K8ZZ 2/23/2019

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