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One day test run July 14 KBBA 7/12/2020

Needs Posted . . After long absence . . . NKV 7/12/2020
Great to see, Barry! Will see what we can do W4SIG 7/12/2020
Glad to help Barry - you gave me a bunch over the years. Check my trips. more trips not posted K8ZZ 7/12/2020
Nice to see your listings Barry (more) WGXQ 7/12/2020

There is currently a cookie issue on the W6RK spotting site if you use email alerts (more) K2MF 7/12/2020

w8 N8KIE 7/11/2020
Aborted trip... W8OP 7/11/2020
Yep ur, can relate Alan. Spent two nights in Pine Bluff, AR due to vehicle repair. K8ZZ 7/12/2020
at least your safe and didn't have to backtrack too far N8KIE 7/11/2020
W8OP had problems with vehicle and had to about trip N8KIE 7/11/2020
abort trip 3rd time is the charm I hope N8KIE 7/11/2020

Trip posted NV/CA/UT/ID/MT/WA July 19-28. A lot of... W4SIG 7/11/2020

KA4RRU short trip on Sunday VA and WV see posted trips KA4RRU 7/11/2020

Congrats to all award receivers K9MIX 7/11/2020
Great job on all the RAS awards by KB6UF, KC7YE and N8OYY. Congratulations! K2MF 7/11/2020
Congrats to all!! W4SIG 7/11/2020

KC3X Award Issued" AB7RW 7/10/2020
Way to go Hollis!! WGXQ 7/12/2020
Many congratulations to you, Hollis! K2MF 7/11/2020
Congrats, Hollis, Fantastic!!! W4SIG 7/11/2020
The 17m awards is actually NR2 - Correction AB7RW 7/10/2020

KB6UF Awards Issued: AB7RW 7/10/2020
Congratulations KC3X 7/11/2020

KB6UF Awards Issued: AB7RW 7/10/2020
Congratulations KC3X 7/12/2020

KC7YE Award issued: AB7RW 7/10/2020

N8OYY Awards Issued: AB7RW 7/10/2020

National Convention refunds ... (more) AG6V 7/10/2020
Thanks Donna for all your work on this! W4SIG 7/11/2020

Monday trip to New Orleans the county hunter way-more KB6UF 7/10/2020

will start out on 14.056.5 then 14.336, then 7.188=/-, 7.056.5 and then 30 today at 1900Z -more KB6UF 7/10/2020

Trip posted.. K8ZZ 7/9/2020

Tangipahoa and Washington Parish's tomorrow 1900Z, trying to help out Dietmar DL3DXX, but all are we KB6UF 7/9/2020
that's Welcome :) KB6UF 7/9/2020

2 Trips Posted ! KY & NC W8OP 7/8/2020
Note ! I have listed the frequencies that I hope to run.... W8OP 7/11/2020
Will be listening thx N8KIE 7/9/2020

i see that the convention has been cancelled N8KIE 7/7/2020
yes, cancelled ... (more) AG6V 7/8/2020
Thanks for your hard work trying to make this possible N8KIE 7/9/2020

Wake up call! WB4KZW 7/7/2020
Gene... re: the Neuropathy... KA3DRO 7/10/2020
We do miss you, Gene and we are praying that you will feel better soon! K2MF 7/9/2020
Stay in and be safe counties will be there K9MIX 7/8/2020
Radio AI5P 7/8/2020
Praying you get some relief soon, Gene W4SIG 7/8/2020
sorry to hear of your problem. bet of luck N8KIE 7/7/2020

Added Cumberland and Adair KY to my trip KB6UF 7/7/2020

K5HKG. Al (more) K5KDG 7/6/2020
RIP old friend. K7TM 7/7/2020
RIP Hong Kong Gorilla K8OOK 7/6/2020
Steve, checked MARAC DB, he has been gone since 2010 K8OOK 7/6/2020

Heading home in AM.. Interstate all the way.. Will monitor 30 meters and may or may not run counties K8ZZ 7/5/2020
And thank you for Christian, IL on 30m CW, my last for USA-CW-II in IL! K2MF 7/7/2020
Many thanks for the Back East Counties, Ed ! W8OP 7/6/2020
Ed: thanks for the two last counties for WBOW. 17m and 5band 17m. Hollis KC3X KC3X 7/6/2020
Really big congrats, Hollis! Don't forget to submit your Top List slot totals this month. :) K2MF 7/7/2020
Wow! Congratulations Hollis!! W4SIG 7/7/2020

Congrats Phil & tnx for all your hard work. K7SEN & AB7NK 7/4/2020

Congradulations on your awards Ron!! WY8I 7/7/2020
Congrats Ron!!!!! N8HAM 7/7/2020
Congratulations Ron! W4SIG 7/7/2020
Congratulations Ron! W4SIG 7/6/2020
Congratulations Ron! W4SIG 7/5/2020
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 7/5/2020
Congratulations Ron KC3X 7/5/2020
Congratulations Ron! W4SIG 7/5/2020
Many congratulations on those multiple RAS awards, Ron! K2MF 7/5/2020
More congrats Ron! WGXQ 7/4/2020

3 Day Florida Panhandle Florida State Park and County run posted (more) KA2LHO 7/3/2020

Today - Maybe some counties late afternoon into Michigan.. K8ZZ 7/2/2020
Thanks Ed who would have thought 9 left for CW 5 in MI 3 in IN and 1 in NC N8KIE 7/2/2020

July 2020 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 7/2/2020

AB7RW (Phil Yasson) was awarded the Custodians Award on June 26, 2020 (more) N5MLP 7/1/2020
Congrats, Phil! AI5P 7/8/2020
Congrats, sorry more stuff coming ur way :) KB6UF 7/4/2020
Thanks Phil! We appreciate all you do for us. K5GE 7/4/2020
Well deserved Phil, tnx for your service work.. K8ZZ 7/3/2020
Thanks Phil! Appreciate what your doing for MARAC! N8MD 7/2/2020
Congratulations and great JOBS. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 7/2/2020
Congrats Phil! Appreciate all the hard work on thi... W4SIG 7/2/2020
Congratulations Phil, thanks for all your hard work. KC3X 7/2/2020
Congratulations Phil . . . a well deserved award! WGXQ 7/2/2020
Many congratulations, Phil! K2MF 7/1/2020

K3IMC (Donald Flynn) was awarded the Custodians Award on June 26, 2020 (more) N5MLP 7/1/2020
Congrats, Don! AI5P 7/8/2020
Tnk Don for your hard work! K7SEN & AB7NK 7/4/2020
Thanks Don! We appreciate all you do for us. K5GE 7/4/2020
He Deserves It. WB4UHI 7/3/2020
Well deserved Don, and tnx in advance for your efforts in our NEW Logger program.. K8ZZ 7/3/2020
Thanks Don! We appreciate your efforts. N8MD 7/2/2020
Congratulations and TNX for help to all of us. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 7/2/2020
Congrats, Don! Well deserved!! W4SIG 7/2/2020
Congratulations Don, thanks for all you do for county hunting. KC3X 7/2/2020
Don, congratulations! Thanks for all your efforts with MARAC software issues. WGXQ 7/2/2020
Many congratulations, Don! K2MF 7/1/2020

REVISED MARAC Awards Rules Doc Posted - Here is what changed! ... (more) N5MLP 7/1/2020
Thanks Ron for all the work you perform for the county hunters. KC3X 7/5/2020
Thanks Ron for your volunteer work for the club an... W4SIG 7/1/2020
still no credit for natural bingo for the mobile so will not run those N8KIE 7/1/2020
Pretty tough scheduling a trip to avoid all the K's, I's, and E's. WGXQ 7/1/2020
didn't say I would avoid them just not run N8KIE 7/1/2020

Camping in Baker and Grant OR for the next 3-4 days. 20 ssb, maybe FT-8. Watch for me N7JPF 6/30/2020

Wednesday: Stark Tuscarawas Harrison Jefferson Belmont Monroe Noble Washington (more) K8ZZ 6/30/2020
Add Carroll after Tuscarawas K8ZZ 6/30/2020

posted tentative trip to KY KB6UF 6/30/2020

County Hunter News July 2020 N4CD 6/28/2020

Ed picked a great day to run sw PA Thunderstorms N8KIE 6/27/2020

KB6UF Ran All Arkansas and received #26. He completed this on 11/28/1999 AB7RW 6/25/2020
Congrats Ron . . . nice to see you playing catch up! WGXQ 6/26/2020
yep Jerry, just cleaning up some long ago stuff KB6UF 6/27/2020
I need to do the same I thought that when you got ran all it would have done it N8KIE 6/30/2020
Congratulations KC3X 6/25/2020
Many congratulations, Ron! K2MF 6/25/2020

I wonder how log before they start changing the county names e.g. Jefferson Davis N8KIE 6/24/2020
Washington was a slave owner as were most if not all Presidents up to Lincoln. WMU 6/25/2020
Proposal to rename Johnson County IA to ... Johnson County NUQ 6/25/2020
Junior Johnson N8KIE 6/27/2020
How about the "United States".....! AE3Z 6/25/2020

Trip posted for July (more) WGXQ 6/24/2020

Ohio today: Lake Geauga Portage Summit Medina Cuyahoga K8ZZ 6/24/2020
Congratulations KC3X 6/24/2020
Ed, go back and get your phone!! WGXQ 6/24/2020
All good WGXQ 6/24/2020

KB6UF Ran All Alabama completing on 6/8/2020. He is assigned #26 AB7RW 6/23/2020
Congratulations KC3X 6/25/2020
Congrats!!, 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 6/24/2020
Good job, Ron. Congratulations! K2MF 6/24/2020
Congratulations Ron! WGXQ 6/24/2020
Congrats Ron for running all AL! Nice Job! N5MLP 6/23/2020

KB6UF Ran All Alaska completing on 6/20/2006. He is assigned #24 AB7RW 6/23/2020
Huge congrats Ron!!! 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 6/24/2020
Lots of congratulations to you, Ron! K2MF 6/24/2020
Catch up time! Congrats Ron! WGXQ 6/24/2020
Congrats Ron! Hard state to run! Go again. N5MLP 6/23/2020

N8OYY Ran All Pennsylvania completing on 6/19/2020. He received #26 AB7RW 6/23/2020
Way to go!!! Congrats. 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 6/24/2020
Hearty congratulations, Ed! K2MF 6/24/2020
Ed, congratulations! WGXQ 6/24/2020
Congrats again Ed! Nice achievement! N5MLP 6/23/2020

N8OYY Ran All Ohio on 6/16/2020. He received # 32 AB7RW 6/23/2020
Congrats 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 6/24/2020
Many congratulations, Ed! K2MF 6/24/2020
Congratulations! WGXQ 6/24/2020
Congrats Ed! Way to go! N5MLP 6/23/2020

I listened all day for N7JPF and heard nothing from eastern NC. KC3X 6/23/2020
conditions were really bad yesterday for out west.. hopefully better today N7JPF 6/24/2020
Nil from northern Minnesota either WGXQ 6/24/2020

Good News N4RS 6/23/2020
Congrats Tom! 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 6/24/2020
Congratulations Tom! WGXQ 6/23/2020

N4ANV Gene Tyree Obituary KM6HB 6/22/2020

MARAC link for June minutes INOP KM6HB 6/22/2020

While we're begging.... :) N9JF 6/22/2020

Begging - have needed 3 to finish 30 meters for 2 years.. see below K8ZZ 6/22/2020
Kauai on 30m AD1C 6/22/2020
Tnx Jim - email sent K8ZZ 6/23/2020
I'd check with K9JF and KA9JAC. N9JF 6/22/2020
Kauai, Hawaii KM6HB 6/22/2020
Many tnx Mark.. Will contact them. K8ZZ 6/22/2020

4th Quarter & ByLaw Voting - If you did NOT receive (more) AB7NK 6/20/2020

Silent Key WB2NFB 6/20/2020
RIP My Friend AI5P 7/1/2020
A true loss to the Old Time CHers....(more) KA3DRO 6/22/2020
Condolences to the family.. Many contacts in the log.. RIP K8ZZ 6/21/2020
RIP Gene N8MD 6/21/2020
A great guy and County Hunter... One of the first CH's I met when I started out... God Speed... Don AE3Z 6/21/2020
Requiescat in pace Gene! Gene was a great countyhunter who put on a couple of very .... N8HAM 6/21/2020
RIP Gene KC5P 6/21/2020
Sorry to hear. Many good memories. RIP Gene. K5GE 6/21/2020
Very sorry to hear this N1API 6/21/2020
RIP Gene. I first met him on the air in 1981. My condolences to his family. K2MF 6/21/2020
R I P Gene LY5A 6/20/2020
So sorry to hear of Gene passing. We became friends in 1985. RIP Gene. KC3X 6/20/2020
So sorry to hear. RIP Gene W4SIG 6/20/2020
Silent Key N4ANV not WB2NFB WB2NFB 6/20/2020
Sorry to hear this sad news. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 6/20/2020
Condolences to the family . . . sorry to hear this news. WGXQ 6/20/2020
RIP Gene. (More) WB4FFV 6/20/2020
Our condolences to the family. K7SEN & AB7NK 6/20/2020
N4ANV SK RIP OM. 73 WMU 6/20/2020
Two losses...sad K7IOO 6/20/2020

Tnx for riding along - was busy running so many bands. will post if any day trips. K8ZZ 6/19/2020
Thank you for Hardin, next to LC-1 for USA-CW-II in OH. :) K2MF 6/20/2020

MARAC Digital Historian needed (more) AG6V 6/19/2020

And then there were TWO ! W8OP 6/18/2020
McIntosh, ND planned for August.. K8ZZ 6/21/2020
Terrific ! Holding my breath..... W8OP 6/21/2020

Antenna repaired N8OYY 6/18/2020
I always carried a spare for my antennas. Still got several "stingers" here plus three sets of... AE3Z 6/19/2020
three sets of mobile antennas... Anybody need a Hustler...!! Don AE3Z 6/19/2020

Trip modified.... N8OYY 6/17/2020
When it rains it sometimes pours. Hang in there, Ed! K2MF 6/18/2020

4th Quarter & ByLaw Voting for activity during Apr & May (more) AB7NK 6/17/2020

Leaving early in AM.. will monitor 80m 3556.5.. K8ZZ 6/16/2020

MARAC Historian needed (more) AG6V 6/16/2020
Many thanks for your service.. K8ZZ 6/21/2020
Thank you, Bill. I haven't worked you since June 1992 so maybe we'll see you on the air again soon! K2MF 6/18/2020
wow K7IOO 6/18/2020
Thank you so much, Bill!! W4SIG 6/18/2020
Thank you Bill K7IOO - more... AG6V 6/17/2020

W0GXQ Ran All Wyoming and received #27 AB7RW 6/16/2020
Awesome, Congratulations! N0XYL and KBBA 6/16/2020
Many congratulations, Jerry!! K2MF 6/16/2020
Congrats Jerry!!! K7SEN & AB7NK 6/16/2020
Congratulations! Thx for putting out so many counties. AG6V 6/16/2020

N8OYY Complied 200 Last Counties and receives #128 AB7RW 6/16/2020
Congrats.. K8ZZ 6/21/2020
Many congratulations, Ed! K2MF 6/19/2020
Way to go Ed! W4SIG 6/18/2020
Congrats Ed! K7SEN & AB7NK 6/17/2020
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 6/17/2020
Congrats Ed! WGXQ 6/17/2020

Thanks everyone who road along... N8OYY 6/15/2020
Great job Ed.. K8ZZ 6/16/2020

Thursday June 18th -- WA Greenstamps trip posted AG6V 6/15/2020

june 15 trip KDEQ 6/15/2020
correction KDEQ 6/15/2020

What is that? KC3X 6/14/2020

VHF Contest This Weekend N1API 6/14/2020
P.S N1API 6/14/2020

That was WA3QNT. My three key quit. AB7RW 6/14/2020

WAQNT worked all Counties for 5th Time. Awarded number 119 on 1 June 2020 AB7RW 6/14/2020
Congrats, Bob!! W4SIG 6/17/2020
Congrats Bob! K7SEN & AB7NK 6/16/2020
Congrats.. K8ZZ 6/16/2020
Congratulations Bob! K5GE 6/15/2020
Awesome! Congratulations. N0XYL and KB0BA KBBA 6/14/2020
Bob, congratulations!! WGXQ 6/14/2020
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 6/14/2020
Great achievement, Bob. Many congratulations! K2MF 6/14/2020
Congrats Bob. N8HAM 6/14/2020
Congratulation Bob, great job, now for number 6. KC3X 6/14/2020

NU0Q is awarded BINGO II number 107 awarded on 8 June 2020 AB7RW 6/14/2020
Congrats.. K8ZZ 6/16/2020
Congrats Bill. K7SEN & AB7NK 6/16/2020
Congrats Bill. Onto the next goal! N7JPF 6/15/2020
Congratulations Bill! K5GE 6/15/2020
Way to go! N0XYL and KBBA 6/14/2020
Congrats Bill WGXQ 6/14/2020
Many congratulations, Bill! K2MF 6/14/2020
Congratulations Bill, we need you to get 3 more for 5 cinco. KC3X 6/14/2020

Bill - K0DEQ - 10-10 #4665 AE3Z 6/13/2020
Bill: Ten meters here in upstate NY is defunct...! I haven't been able to check into the..... AE3Z 6/14/2020

Many thanks to Jerry W0GXQ W8OP 6/13/2020
Thanks Jerry Great Trip 9 New Counrties K4AMC 6/14/2020
W0GXQ (more) K5KDG 6/13/2020
Jerry finished me for USA-CW-II in WY on this trip! Thank you, Jerry! K2MF 6/13/2020

N9JF is awarded Bingo and assigned #373. Completed on 8 June 2020 AB7RW 6/13/2020
Congrats Jim! k7SEN & AB7NK 6/16/2020
Congrats Jim. On to the next goal! N7JPF 6/15/2020
Congratulations Jim! K5GE 6/15/2020
Congratulations Jim! WGXQ 6/14/2020
Congrats Jim N4CD 6/14/2020
Congrats Jim!! W4SIG 6/14/2020
Congrats Jim. 73, J WE2KEY 6/13/2020
Awesome accomplishment! On to Master Gold!! N0XYL and KBBA 6/13/2020
Congrats.. K8ZZ 6/13/2020
Congratulations, OM! :) :) K2MF 6/13/2020
Congratulations ! LY5A 6/13/2020
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 6/13/2020
Congrats! WMU 6/13/2020
Congratulations Jim, well done. KC3X 6/13/2020
Gongratulations from WQ7A 6/13/2020

VE1OP - SK N4CD 6/12/2020
Very sorry to hear. RIP. KC3X 6/12/2020

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