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Question K5KDG 4/9/2020
Goto the AE7Q website KK7X 4/9/2020
License copy (more) K5KDG 4/9/2020
I didn't get one either. Guess you don't need one anymore. KC3X 4/9/2020
License NA8W 4/9/2020
You do not get a paper license WMU 4/9/2020
License NA8W 4/9/2020

The truth behind the virous - copy and paste into your browser AB7RW 4/8/2020
Interesting but no real facts. I think we get bom... WMU 4/8/2020
Hey folks.... I got a bridge to sell in downtown Elmira, NY.... Any takers.....! Hi.... AE3Z 4/9/2020
(Virus) more K5KDG 4/8/2020
Lots of hogwash and dangerous if you believe this crap. N4CD 4/8/2020
But I have been curious as to why KA3DRO 4/9/2020

Cleaning out files... FREE...FREE....FREE KA3DRO 4/7/2020

Does anyone know if you need a passport of Visa to run Dunklin, MO ? KC3X 4/5/2020
Dunklin, Mo (more) K5KDG 4/7/2020
Thanks to W0PF for Dunklin MO, he is on 7047m. KC3X 4/7/2020
That's good, Hollis!Hi! When entering Dunklin on ... W4SIG 4/6/2020
Dunklin N4RS 4/6/2020
Hi Hi! WGXQ 4/6/2020
In the times of COVID-19, maybe an elbow bump will work?? WYA 4/6/2020
Elbow Bump NA8W 4/9/2020
No elbow either. Social distancing.... KA9JAC 4/7/2020

TX State Parks on the Air - canceled for 2020 N4CD 4/5/2020

Maybe I am the last to know, but......... K8OOK 4/3/2020
tnx K7IOO 4/4/2020
A lot of good and old reading. You don't know how long and hard I looked for a ..... N8HAM 4/4/2020

Thank everyone for the ID qso party contacts KV7N 4/3/2020

Gas is 3.24 in Honolulu 2.39 at the local Sams Club an .85 discount N8KIE 4/3/2020
$1.50 in southcentral Kansas WYA 4/5/2020
$2.03 here in Horseheads, and Big Flats New York.... 360 miles from "Cuomo-ville" AE3Z 4/4/2020
$1.12 near me, but 0.97 in at least one spot in WI KA9JAC 4/4/2020

LAQP Saturday 9AM CST start KA3QLF 4/3/2020
rundown KA3QLF 4/4/2020

Georgia QSO Party disallows mobile activity W4SIG 4/2/2020
also KN4Y 4/3/2020

kc3x KDEQ 4/2/2020

K3IMC (more) K5KDG 4/2/2020
Congrats, keep chipping away W4SIG 4/2/2020

KC3X completed Bingo VII and is assigned number TWO AB7RW 4/2/2020
Cogratulations Hollis NA8W 4/9/2020
Fantastic ... N8KIE & N8RLJ N8KIE 4/4/2020
congrats Hollis. K7TM 4/4/2020
Way to go Hollis!!! Congrats 73/88 K7SEN & AB7NK 4/4/2020
That's quite an accomplishment Hollis, Congrats..!! KD5YUK 4/3/2020
Congrats.. K8ZZ 4/3/2020
WOW!! Congratulations Hollis WE7G 4/3/2020
And a BIG Pat on the Back from Florida Hollis.... 73/ka3dro KA3DRO 4/3/2020
Congratulations Hollis !! NFN 4/3/2020
Good job, Hollis....Congrats !! KB8OMG 4/3/2020
That is quite an achievement, Hollis. Congrats! K2MF 4/3/2020
Way to go, Hollis!!! Fantatic! W4SIG 4/2/2020
Way to go Hollis ! What a fantastic feat ! W8OP 4/2/2020
WOW! WMU 4/2/2020
Congrats Hollis!! WGXQ 4/2/2020
Wow W7FEN 4/2/2020

National Convention still a go.... (more) AG6V 4/2/2020
rumor K7IOO 4/3/2020
But will it KA3DRO 4/4/2020
cribbage and .... (more) AG6V 4/6/2020
full contact K7IOO 4/4/2020
Great, looking forward to it. Sure missed Michigan WQ7A 4/2/2020

April 2020 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 4/2/2020

NE QSO Party - counties N4CD 4/1/2020
correct call is N0HJZ N4CD 4/2/2020

WM5H/M will run LA counties on Saturday in the LAQ... W4SIG 4/1/2020

This weekend QSP Parties in LA, MS, MO, and NE. H... W4SIG 4/1/2020

Operating FT8/FT4 is like watching Soap Operas on TV you come back 3 wk later, still same story. KC3X 3/31/2020
While y'all are waiting days for mobile I'm collecting counties on digital. 2360 so far... WQ7A 4/1/2020
Really??? (snicker snicker) WA4UNS 4/1/2020
That's kinda like talking to Ireland on two meters ((((thru your computer))))...!!! AE3Z 4/1/2020
Yup... Did that during the last JOTA at our local troop... wow'd the kids WA4UNS 4/1/2020

Gas in Sherman, TX: $1.22 at Sam's club, $1.26 at Walmart W5GND 3/31/2020
Still 3$ here. Demacrats... WQ7A 4/1/2020

Wheres my wallet??? W4SIG 3/31/2020
Been there, done that. One hear headed for South Texas on a... WQ7A 4/1/2020
I like your reminder policy. Amy has started mine ... W4SIG 4/2/2020
AAA N1API 3/31/2020
Tnx for all the counties Kerry - fun working you K8ZZ 3/31/2020
Thank you for 6 new MS counties on 80m. What an adventure you had! K2MF 3/31/2020
I paid $1.99 at Safeway in Kingman yesterday WE7G 3/31/2020
Murphy's law !!! Lol. (More) K5KDG 3/31/2020
Thanks Kerry for 6 New Counties-You are a real trooper to start all over again K4AMC 3/31/2020
Gas AB7RW 3/31/2020
Thanks for 6 new MS counties KAP 3/31/2020
Nice story, Kerry....made me smile....glad all turned out ok for you KB8OMG 3/31/2020
Now that would be a trick I would do. Glad things worked out for you. W8OP 3/31/2020

Super Trip Kerry. Tnx for many new Bingos and band modes on 80 m. 73. K4YT 3/31/2020
Thanks for LC in MS for both CW and Bingo ! W8OP 3/31/2020
Correction. Carroll was Next To Last in MS for Bingo. Not last. W8OP 3/31/2020

N3DRO ( cont) K5KDG 3/30/2020

Silent key NT9V 3/30/2020
Barb will be greatly missed. She was Always a big help with the Michigan Mini. RIP our dear friend AK8A 3/31/2020

N3DRO, Barb became a SK March 26, 2020. I for one will miss her. WB4FFV 3/29/2020
Particularly sad news for me to hear (more) KA3DRO 3/31/2020
So sorry to hear about Barb, Met her back in the 80 and she was a regular on the 80M net. RIP KC3X 3/30/2020
Barb was a special lady. I always enjoed visiting with her at the Mich Mini's. She was my WBOW for B N8HAM 3/30/2020
Rest in peace Barb and God speed. N8HAM 3/30/2020
RIP K7IOO 3/30/2020
RIP, Barb. My sincerest condolences to Mike and his family. K2MF 3/30/2020
A little county hunting history of N3DRO and her husband, N3PM, Mike. WB4FFV 3/29/2020

Monday Mobile trip thru Mississippi posted. W4SIG 3/28/2020
Be safe! I will be looking for you in some of these on 80m. (more) K2MF 3/30/2020
Be safe Kerry - will work you when I can.. K8ZZ 3/29/2020
Travel safe N4CD 3/29/2020
Be Looking for you--80 meters, don"t Leave Home without it. HI. K4AMC 3/29/2020
Will start each run on 80 cw and ssb W4SIG 3/29/2020
I'll be looking for ya with club call W8SP W8OP 3/28/2020

We will likely be in Honolulu till end of April Safest place for us old people N8KIE 3/28/2020
Probably an excellent thing to do right now. It looks like our stay in FL will be extended as well. K2MF 3/30/2020
Sounds like a good idea. Stay safe. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 3/28/2020
Wise move. Be safe, Bob W4SIG 3/28/2020

W8ILC, Ron, USA #398 N4CD 3/27/2020
I didn't know Ron but sincerest condolences to his family. RIP K2MF 3/28/2020
sorry to hear about Ron. He was in my log many time. Prayers for the family. KC3X 3/27/2020
Sorry to hear. Met Ron several times at the conventions... God be with his family.... Don AE3Z 3/27/2020

historian? AK8A 3/27/2020
We desparately need a historian. I am in a limited space situation at my home or I would take them. KA2LHO 3/30/2020
Looks like no interest (more) AK8A 3/28/2020
Sadly, in January MARAC lost its historian of many years, Gary Beam K4EXT. (more) K2MF 3/30/2020
Pictures etc (more) K5KDG 3/29/2020
Didn't read down enough. Thank you for housing these valuable items. KA2LHO 3/30/2020

Is there a contest on for the weekend? KB6UF 3/26/2020
CQ WW WPX SSB is this weekend WMU 3/26/2020
Tnx-was thinking about running Tensas la and surrounding parishes-but wont fight the noise. KB6UF 3/26/2020
Could still do CW low in the bands .... (more) AG6V 3/27/2020

Honolulu county has abt 1 million residents and 68 virus cases no deaths N8KIE 3/25/2020
Looks like Oakland county is not doing well. Might be better to stay in HI for a while. NM1G 3/26/2020
All locked down here. Everything is closed. Hope you get home ok. WQ7A 3/26/2020
and the oldest population in the US N8KIE 3/25/2020

Frank Tissot KEAY USA-CA #848 reported Silent Key on January 18, 2019 K2MF 3/25/2020

April Issue of the County Hunter News N4CD 3/25/2020

no virus K4YFH 3/24/2020
Lots of counties on FT4 and FT8. Now have 2355 on digital. WQ7A 3/24/2020
FT8/FT4 KK7X 3/27/2020
FT8/FT4 KK7X 3/27/2020
Digital N8CIJ 3/27/2020
Terry is correct, have made hundreds of new modes, bands and other contacts to increase NFN 3/26/2020
8 new confirmed all FT8 KC7YE 3/26/2020
Too darn boring. KC3X 3/24/2020
Try 20m FT4. Not at all boring. Hard to keep up. WQ7A 3/24/2020

Florida State Parks on the Air - canceled for 4/4 N4CD 3/24/2020

Florida State Parks on the Air - canceled for 4/4 N4CD 3/23/2020

Alan, thanks for the heads-up! Hopefully a bunch o... W4SIG 3/23/2020
I only heard 2 station work him W8OP 3/23/2020
I could hear him in Kansas, but not well enough to try to work him.. WYA 3/24/2020
Does he have CW? It's one of my last 8 for CW III... W4SIG 3/23/2020
Darn virus! Oglala Lakota was on my return trip from the Mini. A long way off, but I'll use the same WGXQ 3/23/2020
Yes, Jerry I was hoping to work you there in April but this virus has upset everything. W8OP 3/23/2020
itinerary next year. WGXQ 3/23/2020
No, Gary does not have CW. Nor does he do CW. Sorry W8OP 3/23/2020

Question-when did self credit take effect? KB6UF 3/21/2020
Self Credit is valid for QSOs after 2/15/2017 K3IMC 3/23/2020
Looked at MARAC rules and the official date that s... W4SIG 3/23/2020
Self Credit AB7RW 3/21/2020

VA QSO Party this weekend N4CD 3/19/2020
Need: Floyd, Greenville, New Kent. Tnx! LY5A 3/20/2020
ALSO KN4Y 3/20/2020
I'll be listening AG6V 3/19/2020

Living right !!!!! K5KDG 3/19/2020
Great! Keep chipping away! W4SIG 3/21/2020
Anything is great with this virus thing all about. N8KIE 3/20/2020
Excellent!!!! WA4UNS 3/20/2020

Michigan MARAC Mini CANCELLED W4SIG 3/17/2020
Smart move. Id already sent Dori a note saying I wouldnt be attending. Stay home & hopefully be sa NM1G 3/18/2020
and be safe. Best wishes to all. NM1G 3/18/2020
We are working on getting your advanced funds refunded to you.. K8ZZ 3/18/2020
Thank you for all the hard work to make this happen. Hopefully, things will be better next year. K2MF 3/18/2020
Thanks to the organizers for all their work. Hope to see you next year N8KIE 3/17/2020
Existing Hotel reservations-Ed informs me that he ... W4SIG 3/17/2020
Reservation canceled N4CD 3/18/2020

Surgery went OK KC7YE 3/17/2020
That is great news Jack. KC3X 3/17/2020
That is very good to hear, Jack! Enjoy the rest. :) K2MF 3/17/2020
good to hear. Get better soon. WQ7A 3/17/2020

Bugcatchers antenna??? K5KDG 3/17/2020

Sorry, but I messed up the website Sunday morning. I had it fixed soon after K3IMC 3/17/2020

Washington Trip postponed...more N7JPF 3/16/2020

Dayton Hamfest canceller N4CD 3/15/2020
See all y'all next year. I feel a hamfest withdrawal coming on WA4UNS 3/17/2020

MI Mini April 23 24 25th, 2020 Its time to sign up - MARAC site K8ZZ 3/15/2020
Not as of now - we are monitoring everything.. small gathering K8ZZ 3/16/2020
Will this be affecting the Michigan Mini?? WYA 3/15/2020

headed home to MICH 4/4/2020 n8kie bob N8KIE 3/14/2020

Thunderstorm decides to park over Southern Oklahoma & North Texas! YUCK! W5GND 3/14/2020

Summer is over AB7RW 3/14/2020

marac website KDEQ 3/14/2020
Working fine here Bill. KC3X 3/14/2020
Working fine here at 1617z. WQ7A 3/14/2020
Works for me, but QRZ.COM is down NUQ 3/14/2020
All working OK now NUQ 3/14/2020
QRZ working fine here Bill. KC3X 3/14/2020

okqp N4CD 3/13/2020

Gene Olig, KD9ZP the author of Logger WQ7A 3/13/2020
Get well Gene your in our prayers WY8I 3/15/2020
Good luck on a rapid recovery N8KIE 3/14/2020
Prayers your way Gene and Dottie.. Tnx for the update Terry.. K8ZZ 3/14/2020
Gene, good luck with your recovery. WGXQ 3/13/2020
So sorry to hear about Gene. We wish him a speedy recovery. He is in our prayers. KC3X 3/13/2020
Sorry to hear. Another great county hunter needs our prayers.... AE3Z 3/13/2020
My thoughts and prayers are with Gene and Dorothy. I hope he gets better soon! K2MF 3/13/2020

MI Mini April 23 24 25th, 2020 Its time to sign up - MARAC site K8ZZ 3/12/2020

Visalia DX Conference Cancelled N4CD 3/11/2020

New Awards AB7RW 3/11/2020
Way to go and great job folks!! WY8I 3/12/2020
Congratulations to all!!!!! WA4UNS 3/11/2020
Congratulations guys! WGXQ 3/11/2020
Congratulations to all winners. KC3X 3/11/2020
Congratulations to all! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 3/11/2020

Selling a complete set MFJ SWR Analyzer KA3DRO 3/11/2020
I advertised one (in basically NEW condition) awhile.... Never got response.... (more) AE3Z 3/11/2020
Mobile antennas K5KDG 3/13/2020
Ok Steve... Will do... AE3Z 3/14/2020

OK QSO Party /ID QSO Party N4CD 3/10/2020
Three Contest This Weekend OKQP, IDQP, WIQP K4AMC 3/11/2020

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