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Watauga NC... (more) WA4UNS 5/24/2017

My first ever brand new radio was delivered this afternoon shortly after we got home (more) KA2LHO 5/23/2017
I'm going to miss that was like a signa... N5PR 5/24/2017
ongrad's on the new radio. WG6X 5/23/2017

"Zone of Iniquity" by N0AX N9JF 5/22/2017
I would like to read it Jim NM2L 5/24/2017

Thanks to everyone who worked me going up and coming home for Dayton. WA4UNS 5/22/2017
Have fun Kraig !!! Great job on the CW counties NM2L 5/24/2017
Right church, wrong pew ....You did a great job on the CW as well Doug NM2L 5/24/2017

Cable on the straight key broke in VA. Will switch to (more) KA2LHO 5/22/2017
Great job so far...tnx for the counties. WQ7A 5/22/2017

What did you all do at Dayton??? KA3QLF 5/21/2017
Lowell and I were in charge of the MARAC booth (more) KBBA 5/22/2017
The usual watching the cross section of hamdom... and helped at the MARAC booth WA4UNS 5/22/2017
Helped at the MARAC booth... NFN 5/22/2017

Sat trip KDEQ 5/20/2017
Thanks for the new IN counties on 30m! AD1C 5/21/2017

Sorry I have to shut down. QRT in Washington CO WGXQ 5/20/2017

Thanks Bill k0deq for last 2 in Indiana.... KD5YUK 5/20/2017

Trip to Northern NJ K4YT 5/19/2017

Appologies for my sporadic operation today (more) WGXQ 5/19/2017

Saturday trip KDEQ 5/19/2017

I must be having antenna problems. I can't hear anyone today :-( N7JPF 5/19/2017
That's because we're all at Hamvention. Someday you need to Paul ! NA8W 5/19/2017

FS: Heil HMM hand mikes with Icom Element:: Brown and Black WG6X 5/18/2017

W7GVF SK K7IOO 5/18/2017
So sorry to hear KA3DRO 5/18/2017
Sorry to hear this sad news. RIP AA8R 5/18/2017
Sad news indeed. Many fond memories of Gene. RIP. KC3X 5/18/2017
Rest in peace, Gene. My condolences to his family. K2MF 5/18/2017
Godspeed Gene N8HAM 5/18/2017
Rest n Peace, The gang up there will have open arms & hearts wecoming you. WG6X 5/18/2017
RIP W7GVF W7FEN 5/18/2017
RIP my friend KK7X 5/18/2017
W7GVF was a true gentleman RIP KC7YE 5/18/2017

Now that I have gotten my toes wet in the Mobile CW world (more) N6PDB 5/17/2017
You sounded fine! WMU 5/18/2017
great news Dennis!!! KA3QLF 5/18/2017
Nice to hear u running on CW Dennis . . . Good job too! WGXQ 5/18/2017
Good job Dennis. Hang in there - it gets easier the more you do it!! NKV 5/18/2017
Tnx for the counties... You filled in some needs! K1TKL 5/18/2017
Dennis thanks for all the digital and CW counties AA8R 5/18/2017

After much delay my cardiac has doctor given the ok for the Dayton trip..More WY4D 5/17/2017
See ya at the MARAC Booth also WA4UNS 5/17/2017

I put a dot vs comma in my spot for N2OO deleted the "bad" spot Mia Culpa (more) WE7G 5/17/2017
Just use the normal US English - a comma - Europe is the period. K4XI 5/17/2017
Right I just pressed the wrong key. Didn't pay attention. WE7G 5/17/2017
Don't worry too much "W". There isn't a single one of us who hasn't done it by misteak at some point K2MF 5/17/2017

"Finalized" route to Dayton... (more) WA4UNS 5/17/2017

Suggestion for Logger...Add number pad to log page... KD5YUK 5/17/2017

POTA Spots (more) KA2LHO 5/17/2017

guess Mary AB7NK isn't going to run today N8KIE 5/16/2017
They stopped to visit a friend K4EXT 5/16/2017

My trip to the Denver area has been changed due to predicted snow storm; now leaving on Friday. WGXQ 5/16/2017

Contacts N4CD 5/15/2017
Afternoon T storms have been a problem here WMU 5/16/2017
I try to work you when I see you spotted N8KIE 5/16/2017
remembering Skip..when conditions were better..more N7JPF 5/16/2017
try the link again N7JPF 5/16/2017
Bob -try to work anyone anywhere but cndx suck here lately lots of 339 or NIL LOL WE7G 5/15/2017
Agreed. Ran two parks today and had trouble meeting the minimum of 10 contacts for (more) KA2LHO 5/15/2017
Craig, you should have run cw on 40, I could not hear you on any of the high bands. KC3X 5/16/2017
I did run 40 cw in both of the parks. That was where I received most of my contacts. No worries. KA2LHO 5/16/2017
I was looking for you in Sommerset. KC3X 5/16/2017
       I tried to spot as often as I could but I may have forgotten to post on W6RK on every band. (more) KA2LHO 5/16/2017

Thanks WA6OCV for LC in OR for 5TH... 6 left in 4 states all east of the Mississippi WA4UNS 5/15/2017

Special thanks to Jim N4JT who traveled to Monroe, KY to give me my last for 1x2 calls. Only took 32 KC3X 5/15/2017
32 years to complete. KC3X 5/15/2017
Hollis doing that quick seems to be to easy done. Hee! WG6X 5/16/2017
Congrat's Hollis !!! Now for 2nd time hi hi... KD5YUK 5/15/2017

A big thanks to Dennis, N6PDB and Susan, WA6OCV for - - more - - N2JNE 5/15/2017

Route 66 trip AI5P 5/15/2017
Tried that last year from west coast. Gave up after 2 days N8KIE 5/15/2017
I don't do Facebook... but will look for you along the route... sounds exciting!!!! WA4UNS 5/15/2017
Trip AI5P 5/15/2017

This is just a personal bitching... (more) WA4UNS 5/15/2017

Not a major trip but I will be in Westmoreland, Fayette and Somerset counties later today (more) KA2LHO 5/15/2017

Will leave this evening for Davenport, Iowa. Retur... W4SIG 5/14/2017
Hey, Kerry, Wave when you go by. We live 10 miles from Davenport! Sandra. N0XYL and KB0BA KBBA 5/14/2017

MARAC Contest W4SIG 5/14/2017
Contest N4CD 5/14/2017

Hancock and Hawkins still to come tonight from N5MLP N8KIE 5/13/2017
Tennessee ... of course N8KIE 5/13/2017

Pretty poor radio conditions lately and a poor weekend WMU 5/16/2017
CH QP KN4Y 5/16/2017
Didn't seem to be much activity NKV 5/14/2017
Not a peep in Pac NW KC7YE 5/13/2017
Heard and worked only WA2VYR, no others, Kn4y to close on 20 - terrible condx!!!! K4XI 5/13/2017
tough day to be out mobile N8KIE 5/13/2017
I sympathize with you brother... WA4UNS 5/13/2017

2017 National WBCQO 5/13/2017
Yup, now in Sep - Sep 25,26, 27 Come join us - lots of fun things to do NDXE 5/14/2017
Colorado Springs, CO September 25,26,27 2017 N8HAM 5/13/2017

N8AIL SK W8OP 5/12/2017
I have Jim in my log from 1981 and 1982. I am sorry to read this and my condolences to his family. K2MF 5/13/2017


MARAC CW Contest KN4Y 5/12/2017
weather..,. KA3QLF 5/12/2017

Thanks N0KV for LC in KS for N-Prefix WA4UNS 5/12/2017

MARAC USA CW CONTEST - Route NM2L 5/12/2017
I hope I can be around when you run Hall... one of three left in GA for 5th time WA4UNS 5/12/2017
AND hope propagation will be working in our favor.... WA4UNS 5/12/2017

7.188 MHz N5PR 5/12/2017
I have found when running counties and also when running POTA sites on 40 ssb that above (more) KA2LHO 5/15/2017
How to resolve your problem on 7188 (more) KC3X 5/12/2017
If there is no problems with other nets near 7.182 then....(more) AA8R 5/12/2017
Randy KC3X 5/12/2017
Thanks Hollis AA8R 5/13/2017
I think I meant to say some mobiles were using 7.1... N5PR 5/12/2017
7.182 N7JPF 5/12/2017

County List for MARAC Contest W3DYA 5/12/2017
Frequenct KN4Y 5/12/2017

Return trip from PA to FL posted for May 22 and 23, 2017 KA2LHO 5/12/2017

Michigan Mini 2017 Pictures ... K4EXT 5/10/2017
Very nice pictures. Thank you, Gary! K2MF 5/11/2017
Thanks N8HAM 5/11/2017
Great Pictures sorry I missed it, thanks for posting. W7FEN 5/11/2017
Had to have been a lot of fun....maybe next year.. KD5YUK 5/11/2017
Great pictures. Sorry I missed it. But my corn got planted. NA8W 5/11/2017
Query about planting corn.... more K1TKL 5/11/2017
Corn Planting NA8W 5/11/2017
I forgot, we plant either in 30 inch rows or 15 inch rows depending on equipment. NA8W 5/11/2017
       And we are going to try planting about 80 acres like we used to plant oats, drilling no rows. WB4FFV 5/11/2017
              I'm envious of your yields. Ours weren't that good last year. Not bad but not excellant. NA8W 5/11/2017
                     Darl, it helps if you live in one of the five richest soil counties in the country(more) WB4FFV 5/12/2017
Great pictures! Sorry I couldn't be there this year. WGXQ 5/10/2017

Heading to Dayton next Thursday... the route up is in freeform... (more) WA4UNS 5/10/2017

Revised trip plan/revised antenna plan NKV 5/10/2017

I finally got the rig in the car, want to run a couple of counties to check it out! W3DYA 5/10/2017
Thanks to those who called me today... W3DYA 5/11/2017

Congratulations Ray WB0PYF for USA-CW #149 W8TAX 5/10/2017
Congratulations Ray!!! 73, de Henry OH3JF OH3JF 5/19/2017
Congratulations W8JJ 5/13/2017
Congratulations Ray !!! NFN 5/12/2017
I Thank everyone who helped WBPYF 5/11/2017
Many congratulations, Ray!! K2MF 5/11/2017
Awesome achievement. Congratulations!! N0XYL and KBBA 5/11/2017
Congrats Ray KB8OMG 5/11/2017
Congrats !!! KD5YUK 5/11/2017
Congrats Ray...... AA8R 5/11/2017
Congrats, Ray. Way to go. KC5P 5/11/2017
Congratulations Ray! N2JNE 5/11/2017
Congratulations Ray, a tough one to get. WB4FFV 5/11/2017
Ray, congratulations! WGXQ 5/10/2017
Congrats.. K8ZZ 5/10/2017
Super achievement. Takes a lot of Qs to get 3077 all CW - 73 "W" WE7G 5/10/2017
WTG, Congratulations K1TKL 5/10/2017
Congrad's on doing it the hard way. WG6X 5/10/2017
Congratulations!! KPFV 5/10/2017
Way to go Ray....congrats !!! N9QS 5/10/2017
Congratulations Ray, well done. WQ7A 5/10/2017
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 5/10/2017
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W9MSE 5/10/2017
WTG Ray !!! WA3QNT 5/10/2017
Congratulations KC3X 5/10/2017
Congratulations Ray !!!! NM1G 5/10/2017
Way to go! WMU 5/10/2017
Congratulations!!!!!!! WA4UNS 5/10/2017
congratulations Ray W7FEN 5/10/2017

Weekend trip to North Central PA from Western PA posted. KA2LHO 5/10/2017

Looks like W6RK is spots problems. K1TKL 5/10/2017

Coax problem NKV 5/9/2017
Hate that when it happens KC7YE 5/9/2017

Remote Radio WMU 5/9/2017
I would also be interested in hearing comments on this for my Florida winter home. NA8W 5/10/2017
Remote ops NKV 5/9/2017
Mike, it would be a GREAT topic for the National crowd . . . Perhaps W4SIG or K8ZZ would volunteer? WGXQ 5/9/2017
Ask Donna, AG6V - she's active using remote rigs. W3DYA 5/9/2017
Remote K7DM 5/9/2017
Perfectly legal WMU 5/10/2017
I will gladly share my experiments with Remote - to much to write, call me or see me at National in K8ZZ 5/11/2017
Some thoughts.... K1TKL 5/9/2017
Many EU's/VK etc have come to the USA to run and work counties WMU 5/10/2017
Remotes (more) K5KDG 5/10/2017
Yes, if we are mobile and we work a remote station, (more) K2MF 5/10/2017
I used a couple of remotes during NPOTA but always gave the state of the remote location. KA2LHO 5/9/2017

N6PDB is having radio problems. He will try to fix in the next county. WQ7A 5/9/2017
Was wondering what was going on, only able to work him one mode last county on 20m KC3X 5/9/2017

MARAC Contest this weekend KA3QLF 5/8/2017
MARAC KN4Y 5/8/2017
Son's graduation and mothers day weekend WMU 5/8/2017

Home safe with nothing big broken, but... WQ7A 5/7/2017
Glad you made it home safe. Sorry we missed you at the Mini. Thanks for the contacts! NA8W 5/10/2017
Thank you for all the counties, Terry! K2MF 5/9/2017
Thanks for all the counties! WMU 5/7/2017
101 new double diamond counties from you many thanks N8KIE 5/7/2017
Thanks Terry for many new ones K4YT 5/7/2017
Tnx for all the counties! Rest up and relax. K1TKL 5/7/2017
Good to hear you and Bonnie made it home okay. (more) AA8R 5/7/2017

99 cent tool for County Hunters with smartphones(more) KA2LHO 5/7/2017
Nice App, Thanks for the heads-up. NM1G 5/10/2017

Well... so much for finishing ME for YL and Team. Maybe the next team to go up there WA4UNS 5/6/2017
Androscoggin, ME... double LC (YL and Team) WA4UNS 5/6/2017

Finally!!!! Thanks N0DXE for LC in NY for 5th time!!! WA4UNS 5/6/2017
Know the feeling - Essex was my last but he didn't do it on 20 cw!! It can wait! K4XI 5/6/2017

10:10 KN4Y 5/5/2017

Maine counties on CW - will be tough tomorrow with qp's. GL to us all. AB7NK 5/5/2017
Thanks so much for finishing ME for me! It is very much appreciated. KA2LHO 5/6/2017
And another huge thanks for finishing RI!!! KA2LHO 5/7/2017
I hope I can hear you and Neil... four more to finish ME OMYL (2 for YL)... GFI WA4UNS 5/6/2017
Just use 14..113 on 20 WMU 5/5/2017

any of you master plat. people getting close to finishing mobile diamond. we could use a few more N8KIE 5/5/2017
Only 1800 to go for Mobile Diamond! W4SIG 5/9/2017
Can't even get Platinum done, much less anything beyond... KA9JAC 5/6/2017
Platinum need KBBA 5/5/2017
you can get it by transmit .. I did N8KIE 5/7/2017
It surely won't be this year N8KIE 5/6/2017
Not me!!! AB7NK 5/5/2017

Two western PA parks and counties 5/617 (more) KA2LHO 5/5/2017

Thanks AB7NK for LC in ME for A-Prefix... down to 170 to finish... WA4UNS 5/5/2017
Glad to help! AB7NK 5/5/2017

Spot Them K8EMS 5/5/2017
Great work on this. I have it automatically open via batch file when I open Logger. Thanks Mike KA2LHO 5/5/2017

Thanks K8ZZ for LC in MI for CW. Seven remain in four states WA4UNS 5/5/2017

Leaving Michigan in AM.. Due to flooding - trip plan will change accordingly??? K8ZZ 5/4/2017
I will be looking for you in Ionia (LC in MI for CW) WA4UNS 5/4/2017

Question about connecting radio to battery on 2017 Chevy Sonic W3DYA 5/4/2017
Don't do it N4CD 5/4/2017
Don't do it N4CD 5/4/2017
Norm here is some advice FWIW WE7G 5/4/2017
Thanks, W. The author must get paid by the word? 73, Norm, W3DYA W3DYA 5/4/2017

I hope 40M condx to upstate NY are better tomorrow... (more) WA4UNS 5/4/2017
Yeah, I'd just write it off WGXQ 5/4/2017
I don't know how Mary and Neil installed the rig... but they seem to have better "ears" WA4UNS 5/5/2017
The "Isolated" North East Corner of the US N1API 5/4/2017
I just hope I can hear them in ME... props have been fairly horrible here in NW NC WA4UNS 5/4/2017

Anyone going to Tillamook OR ? KC7YE 5/4/2017
7QP N1QY 5/4/2017

SpotMe Information KW1DX 5/4/2017
Thanks for all the work with SPOTME Dave great CH aid for sure WE7G 5/6/2017
Thank you for this really useful and easy to use program, Dave! K2MF 5/6/2017
Great program, great support and...(more) AA8R 5/5/2017
Great program Dave !! K8EMS 5/5/2017
Without SpotMe I probably wouldn't even run. Works great! Thanks Dave. WQ7A 5/4/2017
SpotMe makes life much easier when running mobile. Thanks a bunch. KA2LHO 5/4/2017
Thanks for all the work with SPOTME Dave great CH aid for sure WE7G 5/4/2017

Happy Star Wars Day N1API 5/3/2017
May the force be with you WY8I 5/4/2017
Awesome! Thanks for the reminder W4SIG 5/4/2017
I will wait for the dvd for many reasons most due to health. Hee! WG6X 5/4/2017

spot me KU4YM 5/3/2017
Your all set up, I sent you an email with all the info. KW1DX 5/4/2017
Instructions? We don't need no stinkin' instructions. Get in touch with... WQ7A 5/3/2017

If you are planning to come through St. Louis.........DON'T...(more) N9QS 5/3/2017
"Missouri is closed" N9JF 5/3/2017
Is I 70 open?? K8ZZ 5/4/2017
As far as I know I-70 is open in the St Louis Metro area. (more) N9QS 5/4/2017
We know your pain, our prayers are with you, still some are flooded here in NC. KC3X 5/4/2017
Travel Arkansas and Missouri (more) K5KDG 5/3/2017
Hopes and prayers that all remain safe in those areas. KA2LHO 5/3/2017

E-Skip Season is Here! (more) N2MH 5/3/2017

NY, VT & NH route change (more) AB7NK 5/3/2017
need all your stars from both teams lol N8KIE 5/3/2017
ditto..... AA8R 5/3/2017
DITTO!!! N9QS 5/3/2017

If you haven't been listening to 80m lately then....(more) AA8R 5/3/2017
Thank you Peter for the many new ones you've given me on 80 M CW W8OP 5/3/2017
Since I am apparently not operating on 80 meters maybe I should delete ( more ) N4UP 5/3/2017
Since I am apparently not operating on 80 meters maybe I should delete ( more ) N4UP 5/3/2017
Thanks Peter for all the 80 CW contacts. The few m... W4SIG 5/4/2017
I love 80m CW night-time, but cannot drive safely in the dark ! N4UP 5/4/2017
I tried too...even pointed my 15-element 80-m yagi that direction N7JPF 5/3/2017
Paul, are those wide spaced? WGXQ 5/3/2017
yes, they go from one end of our trailer court to the other end...over 4 blocks (stealth) N7JPF 5/3/2017
Paul I'm coming to your house if you have that antenna!!! Ha NA8W 5/3/2017
Wish I could be can't hear them from CA N6PDB 5/3/2017
Did not hear any of the recent mobiles from So. Calif. K1TKL 5/3/2017
Also, no copy from Florida K4XI 5/3/2017
Very little to no copy on ssb here in NC. I can copy some of the CW operators on 80 M KC3X 5/3/2017

May 2017 County Challenge Top List Now On Line (more) K2MF 5/3/2017

7 QP trip posted KC7YE 5/2/2017


Big QSO Party Weekend KS5A 5/2/2017
7QP K8QWY 5/2/2017
PSK KS5A 5/2/2017

Dodge Caravan/Chrysler T&C N9JF 5/2/2017
Thanks, all! N9JF 5/2/2017
I have used 4 Dodge Caravans over the past 20 plus years and have had (more) W9MSE 5/2/2017
As a Chrysler retiree I would be happy to get you a discount N8KIE 5/2/2017
yes...several of them.... N7JPF 5/2/2017

W PA and NW WVA County and KFF/POTA Run for May 3, 2017 posted. KA2LHO 5/1/2017

May 5th N1API 5/1/2017
Si Si Senor!! I will use Hellman;s N9QS 5/1/2017

Many Thanks N4RS 5/1/2017

Needed Ohio Counties? K8INA 5/1/2017
Adams, last OH.Need help. Tnx! LY5A 5/2/2017
Hello Jeff.... N9QS 5/1/2017
Hey Jeff... check the special needs page on this site... lots of listings WA4UNS 5/1/2017

Glad to hear the mobiles using NA8W 4/30/2017
I use a multi resonator Hustler system hitch mounted with an LDG tuner but forgot more) KA2LHO 5/1/2017
Tarheel 400, TuneMatic controller, hitch mount. WQ7A 5/1/2017

FL QP - for the 4th year, I could not hear Baker or Bradford! I am too close in Orange - condx impo K4XI 4/30/2017
I got on for a bit trying to pick up some FL counties from PA but many were only running 40m (more) KA2LHO 5/1/2017
Mixed Results also for 4 years ... N4UP 5/1/2017


MARAC CW County Hunter Contest and Request for comment NM2L 4/29/2017
What about 2 separate contests ... MARAC CW and MARAC KFF? K4EXT 4/30/2017
Sounds great to me! N9JF 4/29/2017
For whatever value it is worth, I participate in both CH and KFF/POTA and think it is a great idea. KA2LHO 4/29/2017
Contest Scheduling - OOPs sorry for dupes NM2L 4/29/2017
News flash: N9JF 4/29/2017
2nd weekend is normally Mother's Day. WMU 4/30/2017

May County Hunter News OnLine N4CD 4/28/2017

The Michigan Mini is out for Us....... W8FNW 4/28/2017
Having a great time here at the Mini. Sorry you are not with us. Have fun. WQ7A 4/28/2017
Contest Scheduling NM2L 4/29/2017
Contest Scheduling NM2L 4/29/2017

FQP KN4Y 4/27/2017

We got the dreaded phone call today and told us we had to evacuate our home because of the flood. (m KC3X 4/27/2017
My Prayers are with you Hollis....stay safe ! N9QS 4/29/2017
Our prayers are with you my friend NM2L 5/1/2017
You are in our prayers amigo... stay safe and dry WA4UNS 4/28/2017
We are in the same Hotel and same room as the flood 6 months ago. Have fun at the mini. KC3X 4/27/2017
I am also very sorry to read this, Hollis. I am hoping that there will be NO flood! K2MF 4/28/2017
Hollis, so sorry to hear this. Hope this turns out to be precautionary and not necessary. N2JNE 4/27/2017

I hope everyone has a good time at the michigan Mini NA8W 4/27/2017
I would like to add my best wishes for a good time at the MI Mini. (more) K2MF 4/28/2017

Starting for Michigan early in AM tomorrow. Will p... W4SIG 4/26/2017

Dayton 2017 AC9GK 4/25/2017
Prayers for relief and recovery. My wife went through 6.5 weeks of daily radiation. Hang in there. KA2LHO 5/1/2017
The "tired's" hit me after Day 20 of radiation treatment. We're parying for her WA4UNS 4/28/2017
Having gone through radiation treatments myself, I know it can be exhausting. (more) K2MF 4/28/2017
I understand (more) W8JJ 4/27/2017
Prayers are for the treatments to go well. W4SIG 4/26/2017
I'll miss seeing you Steve. I always enjoy talking to you there. Prayers for your wife NA8W 4/25/2017
Thanks for the prayers. Yes we will miss everyone.... AC9GK 4/26/2017

Thanks AB7NK for LC in WI for A-Prefix... excellent timing!!!! WA4UNS 4/25/2017
I had gotten back to my truck after class about 3 minutes before Mary came up on 40M WA4UNS 4/28/2017

Just added Lewis, Wolfe, Breathitt KY for Thursday, May 5 ( more ) N4UP 4/25/2017

Thanks AB7RW for LC in OR for Bingo 3... now 24 counties in 7 states to go WA4UNS 4/24/2017

Thanks K8ZZ for LC in MO for Bingo 3... 25 left in 8 states to finish WA4UNS 4/24/2017

MARAC website down?.... K1TKL 4/24/2017
Back up! WMU 4/24/2017
Our 'IT' group is working on it AA8R 4/24/2017
The hosting company is working on the problem. No ETA WMU 4/24/2017

I can't get my "spotme" app to work on my phone (more) N9QS 4/24/2017
Maybe not using the current version? WQ7A 4/24/2017
I was looking for the upgrade but(more) N9QS 4/24/2017
Presuming you have registered for SpotMe v3 (more) K2MF 4/24/2017
KW1DX is on vacation WMU 4/25/2017

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