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G3XBI... just worked on 17M (FT8)... possible bootleg? WA4UNS 12/15/2017
G3XBI KDEQ 12/15/2017
Any info on him???? nothing is showing up in what ham call databases I've tried WA4UNS 12/15/2017
he is on K8OOK 12/15/2017
Thanks WA4UNS 12/15/2017

Merry Christmas Gene & Pat W7FEN 12/14/2017

Merry Christmas to you and yours Gene.... I did the same thing last year.... Not worth it anymore..! AE3Z 12/14/2017
Merry Christmas Gene/Pat. Great to hear from you again. N8HAM 12/14/2017
Yes, it has the 500 CW filter. It was a very reliable rig for me, and Gene is selling the package at WGXQ 12/14/2017
Thanks for the help Jerry N4ANV 12/14/2017
. . . a great price WGXQ 12/14/2017
Great to hear from you Gene.... N9QS 12/14/2017
Merry Christmas Gene K7IOO 12/14/2017
GENE-O... Same to you!!!! Good to "hear" you on the Forum!!!! WA4UNS 12/14/2017

BINGO III WBOW... Lewis, NY... looks like I'll have to wait until the Spring thaw WA4UNS 12/13/2017
Been up there a few times and ran it a couple of times when we lived in upstate NY. (more) KA2LHO 12/13/2017

Terry, WQ7A, is in the hospital.. (more) K8ZZ 12/12/2017
Get well - you and Boni are in our thoughts and prayers. (more) N0DXE & NKV 12/15/2017
Prayers for a speedy recovery Terry W4SIG 12/15/2017
Speedy recovery and our prayers are with you....Jim and Karen WY8I 12/14/2017
Get well soon! KU4YM 12/14/2017
Our prayers are with you Terry. Hurry back. K7TM 12/14/2017
Prayers for a speedy recovery God Bless WE7G 12/14/2017
Best of luck from Jaci and I N8KIE 12/13/2017
Have a speedy recovery, prayers for you. W7FEN 12/13/2017
Get well soon Terry! N8MD 12/13/2017
That news sucks, get well really fast there Terry! WG6X 12/13/2017
Best wishes for a speedy recovery Terry WGXQ 12/13/2017
Hope not too serious and have a speedy recovery. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 12/13/2017
Hope nothing serious (more) WA3QNT 12/13/2017
Prayers coming your way. KC3X 12/13/2017
My prayers are with you, Terry KB8OMG 12/13/2017
All our prayers to Terry and Boni... Don & Marilyn.... AE3Z 12/13/2017
Wishing you the best for a speedy recovery. W8OP 12/13/2017
Best wishes for a speedy recovery Terry! N5MLP 12/13/2017
Prayers for a speedy recovery Terry W4SIG 12/13/2017
get well soon K7IOO 12/13/2017
Get well! Prayers N8HAM 12/13/2017
Take care of yourself Terry... I look forward to seeing your print on digital soon WA4UNS 12/13/2017
I hope Terry gets better and gets home soon! K2MF 12/13/2017
Hope for a quick recovery and you're home soon. N2JNE 12/12/2017
Hey Terry, rest easy and get well very soon. Christmas is coming... Sandra and Lowell KBBA 12/12/2017

Michigan Mini

K8ZZ 12/12/2017

MI Mini April 26 27 28th, 2018.. Time to register as we need cash flow.. Thanks K8ZZ 12/12/2017
Michigan mini registration KBBA 12/12/2017 K8ZZ 12/12/2017

Logger map K9MIX 12/12/2017
Assuming you allowed the std installation----go to C:/progam files (x86)......more N8HAM 12/12/2017
Thanks, worked great K9MIX 12/12/2017

Thanks to K0FG for my next to last in NJ with Cumberland today. Only Hunterton left in NJ. KA2LHO 12/11/2017

Thanks for trying WD4OIN KMAF 12/11/2017

Can't access the MARAc database tonight, is it me or is it down? NA8W 12/10/2017
when updates are done to the database it is taken offline WMU 12/10/2017
About 7pm . . . down here too WGXQ 12/10/2017
Thanks! I never can tell if it's me or the other end. NA8W 12/10/2017

Another SK??.......... K8OOK 12/10/2017
Sorry to hear this. We had several minis at his house back in the early 70's. K7TM 12/15/2017
I have fond memories of Bud back in the 70's he'd pick up the 20M net and run it W7FEN 12/11/2017

DEC 18 TRIP KDEQ 12/10/2017

Is there some way to check if I've sent a L/C award... W3DYA 12/10/2017
Thanks, Phil. It works great! 73, Norm, W3DYA W3DYA 12/10/2017
PS: If anyone rememers receiving a L/C for pefix in a state, Please email me! Norm, W3DYA W3DYA 12/10/2017

Ten KN4Y 12/8/2017

I'll be returning to NC from NJ tomorrow... burping WA4UNS-9... (more) WA4UNS 12/8/2017
Got my 1500 points for MG... FINISHED... just waiting for Phil to catch up on awards WA4UNS 12/10/2017

My prayers are with you Roy KB8OMG 12/8/2017

I am having a fire sale soon...... N9QS 12/7/2017
Good Grief. Sorry to hear this. Hopefully you will be able to recover. K7TM 12/14/2017
Just now read this on the forum. Best wishes in overcoming this tragedy. PA3ARM 12/12/2017
So sorry to hear. N0DXE & NKV 12/11/2017
So sorry KMAF 12/11/2017
So sorry Silver WA3QNT 12/10/2017
So sorry to hear this. You are in our thoughts and prayers. K5GE 12/10/2017
Silver.... so sorry to hear of this loss.... and KA3DRO 12/10/2017
Sorry Silver, Hang in there it will get better. K8EMS 12/10/2017
Awful news Silver - lots of prayer to ease the pain.. K8ZZ 12/10/2017
Silver and Bonnie (more) KC3X 12/9/2017
Silver that is so sad to hear. glad both of you are OK tho God Bless W WE7G 12/9/2017
Glad youre safe! Thoughts & prayers are with you. K7SEN & AB7NK 12/9/2017
So sorry to hear of your loss, praying for you and Bonnie. W7FEN 12/9/2017
So very sorry to hear the news. Prayers for you and Bonnie. W4YDY 12/9/2017
So sorry to hear about the fire, but so glad you are both our prayers N7JPF 12/8/2017
Very sorry to hear this sad new. We wish you a speedy recovery. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 12/8/2017
Home Loss AI5P 12/8/2017
Silver and Bonnie, we are (more...) KBBA 12/8/2017
Sorry to hear of your loss. Hope you are able to get back on the air from home soon. N8MD 12/8/2017
So sorry to hear about the house fire but least of all you and Bonnie are safe!! WY8I 12/8/2017
I feel your pain having eperienced a houe fie in 1993. Take care of yourself & Bonnie WA4UNS 12/8/2017
So Sorry - Anyone want to help (more) N1API 12/8/2017
Roy--I'm so sorry to hear the news. Hopefully you have a generous and reliable adjuster. N8HAM 12/8/2017
Very sorry to hear that Silver. I went thru that years ago and can sympathize with you. NA8W 12/8/2017
Glad tour safe--Prayers for a fast recovery !! KD5YUK 12/8/2017
tour = "You and Your Family" KD5YUK 12/8/2017
Silver, so very sorry to hear of your loss. My prayers go out for you and Bonnie. WGXQ 12/8/2017
Silver, terrible news. I look forward to hearing you on the air soon. You're in our thoughts. N2JNE 12/8/2017
Very sorry to hear this WMU 12/8/2017
Very sorry to hear of this Silver. Glad you are safe. Prayers for a recovery to your lives. KA2LHO 12/8/2017
Feel encouraged. You can rebuild. This is not a fi... W4SIG 12/8/2017
Silver, so sorry to hear! At least y'all are ok. W4SIG 12/8/2017
OMG! We are glad you are safe. WQ7A 12/8/2017
I am so sorry to read of this, Silver. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. K2MF 12/8/2017
Sorry to hear this news, but at least you and the family are safe. WG6X 12/8/2017
Roy, So sorry to hear of your devestating loss WA9OUE 12/7/2017

Logger KN4Y 12/7/2017
Logger PROGRAM update on MARAC.ORG Logger Update. DB update in the TOOLS menu WQ7A 12/7/2017
Update KN4Y 12/8/2017

County Hunter Map Technical Question W5GND 12/7/2017

Thanks WD4OIN for LC in NC for Bingo III. Need LEWIS, NY for WBOW WA4UNS 12/6/2017
I'll take it any Band, any Mode WA4UNS 12/6/2017

A request... I need any of the Logger gurus to contact me... (more) WA4UNS 12/6/2017
Thanks to WQ7A for a sample ADIF generated by Logger... (more) WA4UNS 12/13/2017
are your logs in ADIF format? WMU 12/6/2017
Can be... a bit of VBA code in my ACCESS databases can take care of that... (move) WA4UNS 12/8/2017

The Band conditions are terrible--is this the End... KD5YUK 12/6/2017
ARRL Grid Challenge for dead bands - all modes N4CD 12/6/2017
Also seeing DX on 20M PSK31 WA4UNS 12/6/2017
Lots of "good looking" DX on FT8 WA4UNS 12/6/2017
47 countries on FT8. (Nothing new though) WQ7A 12/6/2017
Lots of FT8 activity on 40m, 30m, 20m and 17m today. WQ7A 12/6/2017
Been on 30m all day and working them as fast as I can. WMU 12/6/2017

Trip KN4Y 12/6/2017
Congratulations Ed! What age group does Gator bowl in? WGXQ 12/6/2017
Group KN4Y 12/6/2017
Wow! WGXQ 12/7/2017
Methinks Gator is in the "overaged Kibbitzing" grouping WA4UNS 12/6/2017
Congrats on the Gold Medal!!!! WA4UNS 12/6/2017

Emergency trip up north... (more) WA4UNS 12/6/2017
As usual... I will be "burping" WA4UNS-9 on APRS WA4UNS 12/6/2017

MARAC Awards AB7RW 12/5/2017
Thanks Phil for the update. And thanks for taking ... W4SIG 12/6/2017
I believe that WA4WKL's award date for USA-CA #1260 is 6/20/2017 (more) K2MF 12/5/2017

Thanks to all who helped my wife and me on the run today testing the new bus and antenna (more) KA2LHO 12/4/2017
New bus (more) K5KDG 12/5/2017
Kraig and Deborah, thanks for the Q's and Merry Christmas N2JNE 12/5/2017
Happy holidays to you too, Kraig, and thank you for the counties! :) K2MF 12/4/2017

It's official... Connie got her vanity call - WA4CMH WA4UNS 12/4/2017
Congrat's! WG6X 12/4/2017
Congrats Connie ! W8OP 12/4/2017

Congratulations Dick. W7FEN 12/3/2017
Thank you George; I appreciate it WA9OUE 12/3/2017

Welcome to USA-CA All Countries to WA9OUE K1BV 12/2/2017
Congrats! AI5P 12/8/2017
Congratulations NA8W 12/4/2017
Gongratualtions!!!!!!!!! WA4UNS 12/4/2017
Dick, congratulations! WGXQ 12/4/2017
Congrats from K7SEN & AB7NK 12/3/2017
Congrats!! N8MD 12/3/2017
Congrats.. K8ZZ 12/3/2017
That semed easy.. but... K2HVN 12/3/2017
Congrats !!! KD5YUK 12/3/2017
Thankyou for all your acknowlegments WA9OUE 12/3/2017
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 12/3/2017
Way to go Richard...Job well done! WY8I 12/3/2017
Congrats Dick! N8HAM 12/3/2017
Congrats! N4CD 12/3/2017
Great job, well done, now onto the next one W8FNW 12/3/2017
Congratulations Richard, a well deserved award for the effort required to get it. WB4FFV 12/3/2017
Congratulations! great job WE7G 12/3/2017
Congratulations!! Way to go!! W4SIG 12/3/2017
Many congratulations, Dick! K2MF 12/3/2017
Congratulations Richard! N2JNE 12/2/2017
Congratulations Dick..... N9QS 12/2/2017
A hearty congratulations. Well done! WQ7A 12/2/2017
Way to go! WMU 12/2/2017
Congrat's on getting it finished. WG6X 12/2/2017
Congratulations KC3X 12/2/2017
Congratulations Richard !! Well done ! N5MLP 12/2/2017

December 2017 County Challenge Top List Now On Line (more) K2MF 12/2/2017

Trip KN4Y 11/30/2017

Big tks to KB7NK/K7SEN for those hard to get Ga counties, esp on CW!!! K4XI 11/30/2017
A big Ditto K2HVN 12/3/2017
thanks Mary and Neil for all your time and trouble getting me all those ssb and cw counties WY8I 12/3/2017
It still amazes me (more) K2MF 12/1/2017
Terrific Job there Mary and Neil !!! W8OP 11/30/2017
They took care of many OM-YL and A-Pre needs also WA4UNS 11/30/2017
Also a big thanks for finishing up 30 meters for me. Now only 5 to go for WBOW. KC3X 11/30/2017
Ditto!!! Mary and Neil are doing a great run! W4SIG 11/30/2017

Kenwood TS480HX 200 watt output. Only one left. (more) KC3X 11/29/2017

I may have missed this... is Phil taking LC1/LC2 applications???? WA4UNS 11/29/2017
Please continue to hold off for now. They are still working on the huge backlog WMU 11/29/2017
Copy that WA4UNS 11/29/2017

REMOTE N4RS 11/29/2017
:o) Here in Ocala, FL only Verizon seemed to have no down time during Irma. (more) KA2LHO 11/29/2017
Kraig... I am on the west side KA3DRO 11/30/2017
The folks we were staying with are on ATT and had some brief outages and I have (more) KA2LHO 11/30/2017
WOW! Gotta get one of those... wait, is CW an option? W3DYA 11/29/2017

December County Hunter News N4CD 11/29/2017

IC 7300 K7IOO 11/29/2017
Great radio & shop ham stores for best deal, Also IC-7100 been great.MORE WG6X 11/29/2017 has great info on the IC-7300 WG6X 11/29/2017
Great Radio--lots of working features for the price.. KD5YUK 11/29/2017
I have one at my house in Florida and love it! NA8W 11/29/2017
thanks you K7IOO 11/29/2017
Bill, I sent you an email, did you get it? KC3X 11/29/2017
reply to email K7IOO 11/29/2017

Operations today 11/28 AI5P 11/28/2017

Remote operation (more) K2MF 11/28/2017
I have tried a few times to ID on CW /P and remote I am using.. it turns into a 5 time repeat.. more K8ZZ 11/30/2017
Actually, I think /P is unnecessary, particularly once we get to know somebody (more) K2MF 12/1/2017
I shouldn't have used angle brackets (what was I thinking). This is what I meant to say (more) K2MF 12/1/2017
all noted.. K8ZZ 12/2/2017
Currently, all of my contacts are via a remote sta... W4SIG 11/30/2017
Many of these same issues can occur with anyone you work unless you attempt WMU 11/29/2017
Indeed and I fully agree! (more) K2MF 11/30/2017
IMHO WA4UNS 11/29/2017
Sri... a quick enter key WA4UNS 11/29/2017

December 1-2 Eastern Shore ( more ) N4UP 11/28/2017

What's left... (more) WA4UNS 11/27/2017

Lowndes Ga added for Tues. Orange & Hardin TX eliminated. The remainder of trip as posted. AB7NK 11/27/2017

Extra parts for IC-7000 - MB-62 and MB105 W3DYA 11/27/2017
GONE! W3DYA 11/28/2017

Iowa counties N9JF 11/27/2017

A BIG Thank You to AB7NK for Last County WBOW 5th time... Upson, GA 11/26 WA4UNS 11/27/2017
Way to go Doug...I was there when you got it. WY8I 12/3/2017
Congrats.. K8ZZ 11/29/2017
Many congratulations, Doug! K2MF 11/28/2017
congrats! WMU 11/28/2017
Congratulations Doug, now you can start over... W7FEN 11/27/2017
Congratulations Doug. What next? K7TM 11/27/2017
What's Next? (more) WA4UNS 12/1/2017
WTG Doug!!! WA3QNT 11/27/2017
Congrats Doug. N8HAM 11/27/2017
Congrats, Doug !D Great job ! W8OP 11/27/2017
Congratulations Doug. WQ7A 11/27/2017

Due to a computer glitch (probably op error) we lost the entire trip the first full day in GA. (mor AB7NK 11/26/2017
You guys are doing a great job.. Tnx K8ZZ 11/27/2017

DEC 1 KDEQ 11/26/2017

Anyone have installed HF radio/antennas on 2017/1818 Toyota Camry ? WG6X 11/26/2017
Not a Camry but our new 2017 Explorer still had the accessory terminals on both battery (more) KA2LHO 11/26/2017
I use alligator clips to the posts on my battery, just ground ur rig. I have 2017 camery KB6UF 11/26/2017
So yor sayi, just the normal battery hookup or that plus the rig must be gnd also? WG6X 11/26/2017
Power cable directly to battery. Positive to positive negative to negative- ground radio at operatin KB6UF 11/27/2017
Thanks for the reply & info. WG6X 11/27/2017
2017/18 Toyota Camry (never could type and always forget to proof read). WG6X 11/26/2017

Tnx N9QS for Amherst & Floyd VA. Only 12 to go for 3rd time. Any help appreciated. AB7NK 11/25/2017
lad I could help.... N9QS 11/26/2017

Mag mount W8OP 11/25/2017

Antenna tuner advice K7IOO 11/25/2017
Tuner KC7YE 11/26/2017
Thanks for the invite K7IOO 11/26/2017
tuner K2HVN 11/26/2017
I have used an MFJ 929 for some years - great-200 watt limit K4XI 11/25/2017
Great talking to you Bill.. WELCOME BACK to CH'ing! N7JPF 11/25/2017
I use the LDG Electronics Z100 auto tuner with my 706MkII in the mobile.... W8OP 11/25/2017
Another good one RT-11 maybe on EBAY/ also inferface cables needs WG6X 11/25/2017
I second the Z100, might check EBAY and for used tuners. WG6X 11/25/2017
thanks K7IOO 11/25/2017
and in addition.... K7IOO 11/25/2017
I standardized on Icom KC7YE 11/25/2017
Tnx for the great advice K7IOO 11/25/2017

Thanks Mary for Lamar GA CW, last in state and one of final 4 for all cw (more) N8CIJ 11/25/2017
Glad to help!!! Best of luck on the others. 73/88 AB7NK 11/25/2017

Fayette GA - will run agn on cw in the a.m. Terrible noise where we were earlier. Happy Hunting AB7NK 11/24/2017
Thanks for another new one in Fayette, GA today. Always appreciate hearing you both. KA2LHO 11/24/2017

ANTENNA N4RS 11/24/2017

It's Turkey Day!!!! (more) WA4UNS 11/23/2017
I lost 2 pounds quite easily by moving the scales back 10 pounds. WG6X 11/25/2017
I will be "burping" WA4UNS-9 on APRS WA4UNS 11/23/2017

Thanks Mary, AB7NK, for WBOW CW II, Cleburne, AL K4AMC 11/23/2017
Glad to help out Jim!!! 73/88 AB7NK 11/24/2017
Great job Jim, now on to the next one W8FNW 11/24/2017
Congat's on the award and there are more out there. WG6X 11/24/2017
Naw, not until you have done it seven times . . congrats Jim!! WGXQ 11/23/2017

Please welcome KA3QLF as MARAC's New Great Lakes Director! WMU 11/22/2017
Tnx for ur service Scott.. K8ZZ 11/24/2017
Much appreciated Scott! WGXQ 11/24/2017
Congratulations for stepping up Scott WA4UNS 11/23/2017
Welcome aboard Scott. Thanks for taking the slot. WQ7A 11/23/2017
Thanks for taking on the work and support of county hunting. WG6X 11/23/2017
Congratulations, Scott and thank you for your service! K2MF 11/23/2017
Congrats Scott....thanks for stepping up! N7JPF 11/22/2017

Operation today from Lake Fenton State Park AI5P 11/22/2017
Glad to see you out in the POTA world running counties and parks. Lk forward to a contact w/you. KA2LHO 11/24/2017

Deborah and I hope that everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving. KA2LHO 11/22/2017
Happy thanksgiving to you, Kraig and all county hunters, everywhere! K2MF 11/23/2017
Same to you and all the County Hunters! Have a great Day! WMU 11/22/2017

We got a new vehicle, same radio, new antenna and everything working great (more) KA2LHO 11/22/2017
Great News Kraig. Will be listening for that strong CW signal. Good luck with that last 1000. KC3X 11/24/2017

Sorry for cutting it short today (more) N9QS 11/21/2017
Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours, Silver, does this........ K8OOK 11/22/2017
I've been there too Silver... It's called "old age".... Don AE3Z 11/22/2017

Heading South of Richmond, VA today and thru some western counties on the way home tomorrow. K4YT 11/21/2017

Sorry for your loss. N2JNE 11/21/2017
Mike, intended for you and your family. N2JNE 11/21/2017

NX4W Silent Key WMU 11/20/2017
So sorry to hear. RIP. N0DXE & NKV 11/26/2017
So Sorry to hear of Lloyds passing, Our prayers to his family. K1SO 11/24/2017
So sorry about Lloyds passing. He will be missed. RIP. K2MF 11/23/2017
Sincere condolences AI5P 11/22/2017
Our sympathies to the family... RIP... KA3DRO 11/22/2017
Love and prayers for you, Mike, and family (more) KBBA 11/21/2017
Sad news indeed. R.I.P. Lloyd. K7SEN & AB7NK 11/21/2017
Sorry to hear about Lloyd. He will be missed. N9QS 11/21/2017
Sorry to hear about Lloyd NFN 11/21/2017
Sorry to hear. We had many conversations at many conventions. RIP KC3X 11/21/2017
Sorry to hear this sad news. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 11/21/2017
Our thoughts and prayers go out to your entire family during this time of loss. KA2LHO 11/21/2017
RIP my digital friend... you are missed WA4UNS 11/21/2017
Lots of contacts in the books with NX4W over the years... RiP friend.... Don AE3Z 11/21/2017
Sad news.. Great guy.. K8ZZ 11/21/2017
He was not my Grandfather. I copied the passage from his Facebook page WMU 11/21/2017
Very sorry to hear of Lloyd's passing and my sympathies to Mike and family NA8W 11/21/2017
Sorry for your loss Mike N8HAM 11/21/2017
Sorry for your lose Mike, Our prayers to you and the Family and Friends. (More) WB4FFV 11/21/2017
Sorry for your loss. RIP Lloyd KU4YM 11/21/2017
My Condolences - Lloyd was a pioneer of digital moible communications. N1API 11/21/2017
Another great County Hunter passed into his heavenly home. RIP W7FEN 11/21/2017
He will always be in your heart and thoughts, so sorry for your lost. WG6X 11/21/2017

For sale: LDG AT-1000 (built-in Meter) Auto memory Ant Tuner (more) WGXQ 11/20/2017
Bencher paddle sold WGXQ 11/22/2017
OC dipole NFN 11/21/2017
Sold . . tnx Mike WGXQ 11/21/2017

GA counties & Thanksgiving run (more) AB7NK 11/20/2017
Please use 7113.... W3DYA 11/20/2017
Thanks Mary for the update WA4UNS 11/20/2017

No trip south this winter KC7YE 11/20/2017
Perhaps you will be able to find another vacation spot next year, Jack. Hang in there! K2MF 11/23/2017

Belated THANK YOU to WQ7A (more...) KBBA 11/20/2017
Always fun to help out. Thanks. 73/88 Terry WQ7A 11/20/2017

I will try to run these counties today...... N9QS 11/20/2017
Thats York county. N9QS 11/20/2017

CW N4RS 11/19/2017
Always!! W4SIG 11/20/2017

Sorry about Saturday 11/17/17 N9QS 11/19/2017
Your wife is by far most important. WG6X 11/19/2017
Always family first. I'm sorry your wife wasn't feeling well. I hope she is feeling better now. K2MF 11/19/2017
Family first. We hope Bonnie is feeling better today WA4UNS 11/19/2017

Just a recap of needs... (more) WA4UNS 11/17/2017
With the right station... I need 9 counties to finish three awards... help please... (more) WA4UNS 11/18/2017
Pike &Upson on our list. No idea which day well get there. This is your adv notice! Happy Hunting AB7NK 11/18/2017
Thx... I have your trip list and hope I can be available WA4UNS 11/18/2017

A BIG!!!!! THANK YOU to N9QS for getting WASHINGTON, IN for me... (more) WA4UNS 11/17/2017
CHATTOOGA, GA didn't print WA4UNS 11/17/2017

Illinois Counties Saturday NN9K 11/16/2017
Will be listening for you Pete.. K8ZZ 11/17/2017
Could use Lawrence for my 4th star if u cud run it on this trip K4YT 11/17/2017

If people are arouond I will go to.. K2HVN 11/16/2017

Trip Today to Garrett, MD K4YT 11/16/2017

I'm looking for an ICOM IC-7000 OPC-1443 Separation cable and MB-105 mounting plate. W3DYA 11/15/2017
I have both...(more) KD5YUK 11/16/2017

No SSB on Sat 11/18 & limited on Sun 11/19 due to SSB contest. Well stop to run cw in (more) AB7NK 11/15/2017
Hi Mary, how about 17 SSB, no contesting on 17 mtrs K8OOK 11/16/2017
Hopefully 17 will be open. Tnx for suggestion Mike! AB7NK 11/17/2017

On the road again... KBBA 11/15/2017

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