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Sorry Jerry, no copy on any band at anytime today from Fl!! K4XI 5/16/2021

Vermillion should be Cameron (more) WYØA 5/16/2021

OK Folks here is the latest-More KB6UF 5/16/2021
And I thought you couldn't copy me because I was barefoot with a wire in a tree. W8GU 5/16/2021

new changes to my trip KB6UF 5/16/2021

Tom Francis W1TEF SK (more) K2MF 5/16/2021

Added Wisconsin to trip page KB6UF 5/15/2021

Gas Prices AB7RW 5/15/2021
TX gas price N4CD 5/16/2021
Gas without Ethanol.. AE3Z 5/16/2021
TX gas price N4CD 5/15/2021

Thanks Bill for some need counties and especially for the Second to Last for WBOW NFØN 5/15/2021
Thanks for Trip (more) K4AMC 5/15/2021
thanks for being there WB2ABD 5/15/2021

added Michigan to my trip home, more additions coming KB6UF 5/14/2021

Bill, thanks for the Indiana run! Great job as always! WØGXQ 5/14/2021
Great run, Bill. Some good midwest backscatter on... W9OO 5/14/2021

new home county.... W7EEC 5/14/2021
Good luck at your new QTH, Paul! K2MF 5/16/2021
Great! Much nearer to Ham Radio Supply WQ7A 5/14/2021

Trip Posted WYØA 5/14/2021
Trip Modified Again WYØA 5/15/2021
Trip Modified WYØA 5/14/2021

K0DEQ tnx for Fulton, IN LC for CW in IN and one of last 4 total 3 left in MI N8KIE 5/13/2021
tks K0DEQ for last two in Indiana DL3DXX 5/14/2021
Bob will be in mi on my way home-check my trip page when I post KB6UF 5/13/2021
ok 2 are on a c/l just hour and a half from here the other is north of saginaw N8KIE 5/13/2021

Tnx to K0DEQ cleaning up Randolph, In, I can put my trip home route. KB6UF 5/12/2021
Hopefully will have my trip home post by Sunday evening coming up. KB6UF 5/12/2021

Scam - On veteran gift cards from MARAC.. DO NOT OPEN... K8ZZ 5/12/2021

Thanks for all the help. N8HAM 5/12/2021

Home safe! 6,133 miles. For those who spotted us when no cell cov a huge THANK YOU!!! K7SEN & AB7NK 5/11/2021
Thanks for all the counties W8GU 5/14/2021
Thank you for the counties! Hope you enjoyed the trip. :) K2MF 5/13/2021
Many thanks, Mary & Neil WA3QNT 5/13/2021
Glad you made it home safely. Thanks for all the c... W4SIG 5/12/2021
Thanks for all the counties espicially the LC in TN. Just got my inverted V for 40 back up yesterda W4YDY 5/12/2021
Thanks for a few LC's. Got some missed some. N1API 5/12/2021
Always a hoot following u guys.. Tnx for a few new MD.. K8ZZ 5/12/2021
Glad to see you made it home safe. K7TM 5/11/2021
Thanks a Meg you two! WØGXQ 5/11/2021
Hope you enjoyed the trip, we all enjoyed the counties ;-] AG6V 5/11/2021
Good to hear. Thanks for all the counties. KC3X 5/11/2021

Hoping to have station up soon. WV2B 5/10/2021
Welcome back, old timer! Our last QSO was in 1993!... W9OO 5/12/2021
Gud news Duane - look forward to hearing ur call again... K8ZZ 5/12/2021
Welcome !! (more) K5KDG 5/10/2021

Mobile noise reduction good article WV2B 5/10/2021

Departure from Maine is May 28th 6:00 AM east coast time-more KB6UF 5/10/2021

qrt in Hempstead. rain all day N4CD 5/9/2021
HOWARD is my LC in AR. Thanks for the help ! LY5A 5/10/2021
Propagation to match KE3VV 5/9/2021

Departure date has change it is now May 28, 2021-more KB6UF 5/8/2021
Windom is my LC in VT. What time do you plan to depart? N8MD 5/9/2021

Award Result: 2021 County Hunter of the Year - SSB is K0DEQ, Bill Morgan ... more N5MLP 5/6/2021
Congrats Bill. K7SEN & AB7NK 5/11/2021
Well deserved, Bill!! W9OO 5/8/2021
WTG Bill, Congratulations !!! WA3QNT 5/7/2021
Congratylations !!!! LY5A 5/7/2021
Congrats Bill N8HAM 5/7/2021
AWESOME ACCOMPLISHMENT, Bill. Congratulations! N0XYL and KBØBA 5/6/2021
Congrat's Bill! N8MD 5/6/2021
Congratulations, Bill! Thanks for making SSB opera... W4SIG 5/6/2021
Coingrats Bill !!! NFØN 5/6/2021
Congratulations Bill KC3X 5/6/2021
Many, many congratulations, Bill! K2MF 5/6/2021
Well deserved Bill . . . congratulations!! WØGXQ 5/6/2021
Award (more) K5KDG 5/6/2021

Award Result: 2021 County Hunter of the Year - CW is K8ZZ, Ed Eklin ... more N5MLP 5/6/2021
Congrats Ed K7SEN & AB7NK 5/11/2021
Well deserved, Ed!! W9OO 5/8/2021
WTG Ed, Congratulations WA3QNT 5/7/2021
Congratulations ! LY5A 5/7/2021
Congrats Ed. N8HAM 5/7/2021
FANTASTIC ACCOMPLISHMENT. Congratulations, Ed! N0XYL and KBØBA 5/6/2021
Congrats Ed !!! NFØN 5/6/2021
Congrat's Ed!! N8MD 5/6/2021
Well deserved, Ed! Congratulations! W4SIG 5/6/2021
Congrats Ed !!! NFØN 5/6/2021
Congratulations ED. KC3X 5/6/2021
Many, many congratulations, Ed! K2MF 5/6/2021
Hearty congratulations Ed! WØGXQ 5/6/2021
Award (more) K5KDG 5/6/2021

Thanks to KN7A for Benton, OR I have 5 left on 40M KC3X 5/5/2021

South Dakota trip posted - May 20-24 2021 NFØN 5/5/2021
May 20-23 NFØN 5/5/2021

Trip Booked to Juneau June 7th to 15th K4YT 5/5/2021
Juneau Trip Update K4YT 5/6/2021
from what I've heard Haines is a better location N8KIE 5/5/2021
Yes! AA9JJ 5/5/2021
AK support KC7YE 5/5/2021
Juneau N4CD 5/5/2021
Running 1st District N9JF 5/7/2021
when we were in skagway in 2007 only place we could get any stateside contacts was N8KIE 5/5/2021

OK-AR trip N4CD 5/5/2021
Can it get worse? N4CD 5/5/2021


Award Issued 5/3/2021 AB7RW 5/3/2021
Many congratulations, Ron! K2MF 5/5/2021
Congrats, Ron! W4SIG 5/4/2021
Congrats.. K8ZZ 5/4/2021
Great Job Ron. KC3X 5/4/2021
Awesome accomplishment, Ron. Congrats!! N0XYL and KBØBA 5/3/2021
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 5/3/2021
Congratulations Ron! WØGXQ 5/3/2021

CORRECTION- chg ur logs - 1705 20m ssb (more) AB7NK 5/3/2021

Awards Issued 5/1/2021 AB7RW 5/2/2021
Way to go Mary and Bill!!! W4SIG 5/4/2021
Congrats to both.. K8ZZ 5/4/2021
Congratulations to both! N9QPQ & AA9JJ 5/3/2021
Congratulations: Mary and Bill, job well done. KC3X 5/3/2021
Many congratulations to Mary and Bill!! K2MF 5/3/2021
A big congrats to both! WØGXQ 5/2/2021

Monday Counties now on trip page for KA4RRU KA4RRU 5/2/2021

Due to number of requests DeKalb, TN will be run in the following order (more) AB7NK 5/2/2021

Posted my last run in Maine. See trip page KB6UF 5/2/2021

May 2021 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 5/2/2021

Trip back to VA starts Sunday ... more KA4RRU 5/1/2021

Update I'm recovering from a blood cloth on my left leg. This happened 25th of April. Still very w W7FEN 5/1/2021
Scairy things, Larry. Rest and get well! N0XYL and KB0BA KBØBA 5/2/2021
Hang in there Larry. You will be back on the road in no time. K7TM 5/2/2021
Sorry to hear this Larry. Prayers for your total recovery. WØGXQ 5/2/2021
Praying for a quick recovery Larry! W4SIG 5/2/2021
Larry, I am so sorry to hear this. I had the exact same thing in September 2020 (more) K2MF 5/2/2021
Prayers for a speedy recovery. K7SEN & AB7NK 5/1/2021
Prayers are coming your way. KC3X 5/1/2021
Praying for you KK7X 5/1/2021
Best of luck on your recovery N8KIE 5/1/2021
Sri to hear Larry.. Keep us posted.. K8ZZ 5/1/2021
Health (more) K5KDG 5/1/2021
Correction Clot. W7FEN 5/1/2021

AI5P/M Eagle and Clear Creek CO 30 April AI5P 5/1/2021

York and Cumberland me-more KB6UF 5/1/2021

Trip updated - some added, others deleted (more) AB7NK 4/30/2021

My Kansas City trip this weekend, May 1-2 NFØN 4/30/2021

QP Weekend! N4CD 4/29/2021

If I get sent to Portland,me for any reason I will run Cumberland and York-will post when on trip pa KB6UF 4/29/2021

If I get sent to Portland,me for any reason I will run Cumberland and York-will post when on trip pa KB6UF 4/29/2021

More counties added thru Tn. Will figure route hm & post later. AB7NK 4/28/2021

Friday trip posted KB6UF 4/28/2021

Well my K3 power out has quit. I will have to use the /M. Oh well. KC3X 4/28/2021
worse problem here WB2ABD 4/29/2021
should be incorrect cw database: still blind WB2ABD 4/30/2021

Maine counties-more KB6UF 4/27/2021
Trip posted KB6UF 4/28/2021

Counties added. Cell spotty in areas - appreciate any spots. More to follow AB7NK 4/27/2021
Scott added AB7NK 4/28/2021

Awards Issued 4/26/27/2021 AB7RW 4/27/2021
Congrats to all.. K8ZZ 4/30/2021
A hearty congratulations to Hollis & Ron! K2MF 4/29/2021
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 4/28/2021
Congrats on huge achievements! W4SIG 4/27/2021
Congrats guys!!! K7SEN & AB7NK 4/27/2021
Congratulations Hollis and Ron! WØGXQ 4/27/2021

K9MIX Memorial EVent Station NFØN 4/26/2021
Also will be an article in RoadRunner from coordin... W4SIG 4/27/2021

Need to make a quick trip to Page Va on Tuesday.. more. KA4RRU 4/26/2021

Will work my way into Maine-more KB6UF 4/26/2021

Will start in Rockwall in morn. AB7NK 4/26/2021

May County Hunter News N4CD 4/26/2021
I echo that sentiment! :) K2MF 4/27/2021
Excellent reporting W9OO 4/27/2021
FCC exposure limits? W7EEC 4/26/2021

County lines for the Garmin Nuvi GPS... more W4YDY 4/26/2021

Logger 2 installations will begin soon. Find out how to sign up. K3IMC 4/26/2021

Heads up -more KB6UF 4/26/2021
I will let Karl know W4SIG 4/26/2021

Barnstable will have to wait to AM, wing of hotel caught fire can’t get at car now. KB6UF 4/25/2021
Wow! Be safe W4SIG 4/25/2021

Done with Nantucket. Barnstable about an hour and tomorrow morning. KB6UF 4/25/2021

Change of trip routings-more KB6UF 4/24/2021
Suffolk, MA N1API 4/25/2021
Al, any chance on 80m? W4SIG 4/25/2021
SB WBW, (Whole Ball Of Wax) N1API 4/25/2021
Will run 80 Cw and 80 ph will throw in 40 ph. All got to be there at the radio KB6UF 4/25/2021
No antennas for 80 or 30 meters. 2 meters through 40 and the 40 meter antenna not so hot. N1API 4/25/2021
       Al, try to load your 40 meter antenna up on 80 with your tuner. Might work NFØN 4/26/2021
              No that won't work. I was right NOT A PEEP ALL DAY. N1API 4/26/2021
Start time about 11:30 plus or minus KB6UF 4/24/2021
Thank you for the update....Safe travels W8OP 4/24/2021
While on island will take a minute or two to change resonates for different bands. KB6UF 4/24/2021

Trip to west in TX N4CD 4/24/2021

Trip to Florida Weds and Thurs see trip page KA4RRU 4/24/2021

Now only 1 cw, Stonewall; and 1 ssb for usaca Meade. SD KC3X 4/24/2021
Stonewall is for CW 5 KC3X 4/24/2021

Mobile trips for NF0N in May NFØN 4/24/2021

I worked Paul NU4C many times while he was mobile and then when I was mobile. Vy Sad. RIP K4YT 4/23/2021

Master Gold-----more NN9K 4/23/2021
Great News. Now for Mobile Platinum!!!! K4YT 4/23/2021

Award Issued 4/23/2021 AB7RW 4/23/2021
Way to go, Pete!!!!! W4SIG 4/25/2021
Congrats Pete.. K8ZZ 4/25/2021
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 4/24/2021
Pete, a big Congrats to you!! WØGXQ 4/24/2021
Congratulations Pete !!! NFØN 4/24/2021
Many congratulations, Pete! K2MF 4/24/2021
Way to go, Pete, Congratulations! N0XYL and KB0BA KBØBA 4/23/2021
Congrats Pete!!! K7SEN & AB7NK 4/23/2021
Thanks Phil for processing my application so quickly! NN9K 4/23/2021
Congratulations Pete. Well done. KC3X 4/23/2021

NU4C Paul Milward USA-CA#1206 SK KM6HB 4/23/2021
Worked him many times.. RIP K8ZZ 4/25/2021
Condolences to Paul's family. Sad to see this. RIP. K2MF 4/24/2021
RIP Paul. N8HAM 4/23/2021
Very sad news! RIP Paul K7SEN & AB7NK 4/23/2021

Conditions (more) K5KDG 4/22/2021
de NS2N same here WB2ABD 4/23/2021

Hampshire, WV 1200-z KB6UF 4/22/2021
is Ron OK? Deafening silence for hours... AG6V 4/23/2021
Ron fine N4CD 4/23/2021

Question can I get self credit for my K call? KB6UF 4/21/2021
Yes WØGXQ 4/22/2021
Under what rule? AE3Z 4/22/2021
USA Prefix Award (USA-PA) page 35 (Revised 03/08/21) WØGXQ 4/22/2021
Logger won’t take it? KB6UF 4/22/2021
A Recalc fixed him up WØGXQ 4/22/2021

1200-Z Wirt, WV KB6UF 4/21/2021

Please keep 7.188 clear for the Caribbean Emergency and Weather Net...St. Vincent volcanic activity W8OP 4/21/2021

Jim N8BNI sk K7TM 4/21/2021
I worked Jim mobile in 1981, 1984 and 1991. Condolences to Jim's family. RIP. K2MF 4/24/2021
RIP Jim! K7SEN & AB7NK 4/23/2021
Condolences to family.... many qsos with him over years ago....... KA3DRO 4/23/2021
Really sad to hear. I enjoyed many conversations with Jim over the last 35 years... RIP Jim... AE3Z 4/22/2021
Sorry to hear this. Jim was one of the early entries into my countyhunter log. RIP N8HAM 4/21/2021

Florida QSO Party this weekend N4CD 4/21/2021

Abt 1230z will start In Pocahontas wv KB6UF 4/20/2021

10 to go for 4th time! KM6HB 4/19/2021
Prairie MT July 2nd WØGXQ 4/20/2021
Tnx info Jerry! 73 KM6HB 4/20/2021

Testing this am-more KB6UF 4/19/2021
No results on 30 or 80 KB6UF 4/19/2021

Trips posted N8MD 4/18/2021

KC3X need 2 for cw: 1 in TX, 1 in NJ, Need 2 for USACA: 1 in SD and 1 in IN. Help pse KC3X 4/17/2021

MI QSO Party N4CD 4/17/2021

April CCA Top List submissions for May posting K2MF 4/17/2021

Leaving house Sunday morning-more KB6UF 4/16/2021

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