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Trying to get a portable radio station ready for travel-More KB6UF 4/21/2024
the hardest island is Molokai. only airline flies Cessna Caravans single engine turboprop N8KIE 4/21/2024
I wrap each piece of equipment in bubble wrap. The... W4SIG 4/21/2024
I also leave Bencher keyer at home. Instead I taje... W4SIG 4/21/2024

W6RK Spots AI5P 4/21/2024
It's there, just checked it. N8MD 4/21/2024 W6RK 4/21/2024
Yep, my mistake! N8MD 4/22/2024
W6rk AI5P 4/21/2024

Does anyone hear me on 20m AB7RW 4/21/2024
Band horrible N4CD 4/21/2024
Just worked you on 20m CW. UR nice 579 hr into San Diego. K7REL 4/21/2024
Phil just called. Has trouble spotting w/ intermittent cell coverage. So, anybody hearing him on 2 K7REL 4/21/2024
Please help by spotting K7REL 4/21/2024
Phil will probably be running 20m CW most of the time. K7REL 4/21/2024

Will start mobile route at about 1300z in the morn... W4SIG 4/21/2024
Correction: starting about 1100z W4SIG 4/21/2024

Found disconnected ground AB7RW 4/21/2024
Great news! W4SIG 4/21/2024

Thanks for the help today activating a park! N9JF 4/20/2024

Bad news AB7RW 4/20/2024
Voltage? N4CD 4/20/2024
I think N8KIE had the same problem with his ICOM. ... W4SIG 4/20/2024
try turning power out down N8KIE 4/20/2024
if you are driving a GM product try running with headlights on N8KIE 4/20/2024
Ground screw W7EEC 4/20/2024

Change in route-more KB6UF 4/19/2024
Reverse order ??? WA3QNT 4/20/2024

back home in Mich. very sucessful trip thru TX in spite of the Malibu rent-a-car (more) N8KIE 4/17/2024
Glad you made it safely. KC3X 4/18/2024

Michigan Mini attendees W8OP 4/17/2024

Lost any.-more KB6UF 4/17/2024
That was 15, 17 and 20 KB6UF 4/17/2024
Predicted geo storm happened N4CD 4/17/2024

Rough day band sucked, heavy rain and wind all day KB6UF 4/16/2024
geomag nrs. not too hot either NS2N 4/17/2024

Trip posted to the Mini in Michigan W8OP 4/16/2024

W7WBZ USACA # 328 SK KM6HB 4/16/2024
Rest in peace Avon!! N8HAM 4/17/2024
Old friends KK7X 4/16/2024
RIP AI5P 4/21/2024
Knew Avon, Ken and Ione for many years from when ... KK7X 4/16/2024
So sad to hear of the passing. They were a fun bunch to work. RIP. KC3X 4/16/2024

Worked AB2NK when I was in Webb, TX for LC WBOW Star XX N8KIE 4/15/2024
Congratulations Mary. I still have 4 to go. KC3X 4/16/2024
Congratulations Bob!! Well done!!! N8MD 4/16/2024
Congratulations on Star XX! You are the first. Gon... W4SIG 4/16/2024
One of the most difficult awards . . . . congrats Bob! WØGXQ 4/16/2024
One of my last ten for CW. KC3X 4/16/2024
Wrong county:::Duvall. KC3X 4/16/2024

change of plans-MORE KB6UF 4/12/2024
Plaqumine first then Jefferson, St Charles St. John baptist KB6UF 4/12/2024

Update on trip NUØQ 4/11/2024
Saturday NUØQ 4/13/2024
glad we could hookup and get you Honolulu N8KIE 4/12/2024

I heard some folks working N8KIEbut I never heard him. KC3X 4/11/2024
I never Heard Bob (more) WA3QNT 4/12/2024
condx not good but I got a few. that is all for this trip antenna packed N8KIE 4/11/2024
plan to be back late November N8KIE 4/12/2024

will run Honolulu tomorrow 4/10 even if it rains running out of time N8KIE 4/9/2024
headed out to set up car will be on abt 2130z N8KIE 4/10/2024
radio keeps shutting off will look into the problem N8KIE 4/10/2024
operator error will try again tomorrow N8KIE 4/10/2024

Attention Attention-More KB6UF 4/9/2024

will try to run Honolulu tommorrow will do cw if I can get the keyer working N8KIE 4/9/2024
I accessed Scorpion Antennas tonight with no issues. Perhaps the web site was down for some reason w NA8W 4/9/2024

I will try to run Honolulu tomorrow 4/4 abt 2000z weather permitting N8KIE 4/3/2024
just another rainy day in paradise N8KIE 4/4/2024
Bob, will you have a key? I need it for CW W4SIG 4/3/2024
yes N8KIE 4/4/2024

What a mouthwatering Trips Page this month!! :) WØGXQ 4/3/2024
mouthwatering, how about Jack and Coke, TX? Hi Mr Jerry K8OOK 4/7/2024
Hi Mike! J & 7 for me :) WØGXQ 4/7/2024

One day Nebraska trip for some of the most needed NE counties - April 4th 2024 NFØN 4/2/2024
Trip also posted on Trips Page NFØN 4/3/2024

Kerry mentioned ad App for the i-phone. I use the App--WhereAmI on my Android. Find it right on. N8HAM 4/2/2024
Where Am I works just fine on iphones also. KA9JAC 4/2/2024

April 2024 County Challenge Top Lists Now On Line (more) K2MF 4/2/2024

Award Issued 3/2/2024 AB7RW 3/30/2024
Congratulations ! LY5A 4/5/2024
Congrats.. K8ZZ 4/2/2024
Congrats Mary. Huge accomplishment! W7EEC 4/1/2024
WTG Mary !!! WA3QNT 4/1/2024
Congrats Mary! Is Neil far behind? W4SIG 4/1/2024
Wonderful achievement! Congratulations to you, Mary! K2MF 4/1/2024
AWESOME ACCOMPLISHMENT, Mary. Congratulations! Just me, N0XYL KBØBA 3/31/2024
Congratulations Mary KC3X 3/31/2024
Congrats Mary! Is Neil far behind? W4SIG 3/31/2024
BZ Mary for your award ! AG6V 3/31/2024
Congrats Mary! Is Neil far behind? W4SIG 3/31/2024
Congratulations Mary! Happy Easter! K5GE 3/31/2024

Home in Florida last night NA8W 3/30/2024
Glad you made it home safe and sound, Darl! And thank you for helping Mary with the M-M award! K2MF 4/1/2024
Thanks for the counties Darl. Happy Easter! K5GE 3/31/2024
Glad you made it home safely! Happy Easter! W4SIG 3/30/2024

Adding crib notes -MORE KB6UF 3/29/2024
Added Dickey to my ND run KB6UF 3/30/2024

CT new counties-more KB6UF 3/28/2024
NO! N1API 3/29/2024
Same for me. I just finished running all CT. Do I have to drive back to rerun them for credit? K4YT 3/28/2024

Anyone happen to have a M-M plaque that I could see a picture of? Tnx AB7NK 3/28/2024
check your message box KB6UF 3/28/2024
Tnx Ron! You should have M-M #2 by now :) AB7NK 3/28/2024

WB0W - Mobile - Mobile Award (more) AB7NK 3/28/2024
Congratulations Mary!! Glad I could have a very small part in helping. NA8W 3/30/2024
Congrats Mary from M-M 19 N8HAM 3/29/2024
Congratulations Mary! N8MD 3/29/2024
Congrats Mary on a hard one to get! Thanks Darl fo... W4SIG 3/28/2024
Way to go Mary! WØGXQ 3/28/2024
congrats KB6UF 3/28/2024
Congratulations, Mary!! And Thank you Darl for helping. K7REL 3/28/2024
Congratulations KC3X 3/28/2024

Solar Eclipse in Lorain OH... WA4CMH & WA4UNS 3/27/2024
The eclipse was FANTASTIC where we were!!!!! WA4UNS 4/15/2024
We will be at Fairfield Innn in Elyria WA4UNS 4/5/2024

Today and Tomorrow trip NA8W 3/26/2024

Awards Issued 3/26/2024 AB7RW 3/26/2024
Many congratulations to Karl and Jimmy! K2MF 3/28/2024
Congratulations!!! N8MD 3/27/2024
Congratulations guys! WØGXQ 3/27/2024
Congratulations Jimmy and Karl! W4SIG 3/26/2024

April County Hunter News N4CD 3/26/2024

Trip posted.. K8ZZ 3/26/2024

Holy Cow! K index of 8 - N4CD 3/24/2024
Yesterday NA8W 3/25/2024
With all that, I worked HK6RF on 6 meters with an 80 meter dipole, go figure NFØN 3/25/2024
Yep, upper bands 10-15 came back first. some weird skip. N4CD 3/25/2024
OTOH ... NS2N 3/24/2024
You are Right, Bob. Unbelievable!! K7REL 3/24/2024

Just in case a counter hunter is using the Tacoma Remote and forgot to disconnect (more) WØGXQ 3/23/2024

Today's Counties K4YT 3/23/2024

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