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county hunters contest KA3QLF 3/18/2018

Radio conditions (more) K5KDG 3/17/2018
In 4/1979 I was mobile traveling from TX to ID and rig was FT 7B and VK4VU was net control for a cou W7FEN 3/17/2018
Many years ago on ........ K8OOK 3/17/2018
Condx (more) K5KDG 3/18/2018

Trips Posted (more) WYA 3/16/2018

Hamvention NA8W 3/16/2018
Not on 2018 schedule N4CD 3/17/2018
We need a speaker to talk about county hunting. An... W4SIG 3/16/2018

Special thanks to W0MU, N5MLP, and N1API for helpi... W4SIG 3/15/2018
I did manage to work u in the only county i didn't need :) KC3X 3/15/2018
Was glad to make the contacts from the mobile WGXQ 3/15/2018

Double thanks to N2JNE for LC BINGO III WBOW and N-Pre LC for NY WA4UNS 3/15/2018
Charlie, thanks for Schuyler, NY LC in NY for 20 cw. now only 2 left for wbow KC3X 3/15/2018

Thanks N2JNE for LC in NY for all CW. Noble, IN last for WBOW... who wants it. WA4UNS 3/15/2018
BTW... I DO want to give it to a CHer WA4UNS 3/15/2018

County list for LAQP This Saturday.... W3DYA 3/15/2018

Will activate Maui, Hawaii, on Thursday morning ar... W4SIG 3/14/2018

Short notice for planned NY trip for Thursday 15 March is posted - more - N2JNE 3/13/2018

Just wanted to thank those who spotted me during OKQP last weekend. W3DYA 3/13/2018

cw test - slow day N4CD 3/13/2018

Dayton Hamvention is coming... (more) WA4UNS 3/12/2018

Michigan Mini

K8ZZ 3/12/2018

80 Meters N4RS 3/12/2018
Hi Bob: I tried 80M several times in Oklahoma QP but never heard anyone there. W3DYA 3/13/2018
Spot N4RS 3/15/2018
Heard N4RS 3/14/2018
80 meters KN4Y 3/14/2018

headed home N4CD 3/11/2018
Home N4CD 3/12/2018
Thank you Bob for new counties and parks. All of your efforts are appreciated. KA2LHO 3/12/2018
Glad you're home safely, Bob. Thank you for all the new ones on 40m and 30m! :) K2MF 3/12/2018
Thanks for 12 new TX counties KAP 3/12/2018

W4SIG Signal AB7RW 3/11/2018
tnx for Honolulu N4CD 3/11/2018
Yes, the intentional interferring station followed... W4SIG 3/11/2018

OKQP K9MIX 3/11/2018

Will activate Honolulu in the morning (Sunday) aro... W4SIG 3/10/2018
Happy Daylight Savings Time. I hate it.. WQ7A 3/11/2018
I Overslept! NA8W 3/11/2018
Call if you need a relay. Good luck. Terry WQ7A 3/11/2018
1700z on 20m N4CD 3/11/2018

Welcome to USA-CA All Counties to Sharon Kirks W8WKD K1BV 3/10/2018
Congratulations KC3X 3/16/2018
Congratulations on your USA-CA award for 3077 Counties, great job. WB4FFV 3/15/2018
Awesome award Sharon!! WY8I 3/13/2018
CONGRATS!! KU4YM 3/12/2018
Congrats KMAF 3/12/2018
Congratulations Sharon on #1264 W4YDY 3/12/2018
Congratulations! N2JNE 3/11/2018
Congratulations Sharon the way to go 73 W7FEN 3/11/2018
Congrats !!! KD5YUK 3/11/2018
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 3/11/2018
Congrats Sharon!! Way to go! N5MLP 3/11/2018
Congrats.. K8ZZ 3/11/2018
Congratulations Sharon! NA8W 3/11/2018
Congratulations Sharon. WQ7A 3/11/2018
Congrat's on getting it done Sharon. WG6X 3/11/2018
Congratulations Sharon "W" #1251 WE7G 3/10/2018
AWESOME, Sharon. First time is the hardest! Sandra and Lowell. N0XYL and KBBA 3/10/2018
Many congratulations, Sharon! K2MF 3/10/2018
Congrats! WMU 3/10/2018
Congrats Sharon... always nice to have another one on board! N7JPF 3/10/2018
Congrats Sharon!!! WTG!!! K7SEN & AB7NK 3/10/2018
Congratulations!!!!!!!! WA4UNS 3/10/2018

sat N4CD 3/9/2018
condx not good N4CD 3/10/2018

friday N4CD 3/9/2018
Zapata WA3QNT 3/9/2018
Duval? K7DM 3/9/2018

Michigan Mini

K8ZZ 3/8/2018

Really poor condx from Hawaii. Only heard WY8I today but good hearing you Jim N8KIE 3/8/2018
Great hearing you in Hawaii and hope the band get better for more contacts for you Bob! WY8I 3/9/2018
I listened but never heard you. Did call a couple of times. W4YDY 3/8/2018

logger problems KM9X 3/6/2018
When all else fails, save your data and re-install logger. WQ7A 3/6/2018
XP KN4Y 3/8/2018

County Hunter Database Gemini issue WMU 3/5/2018
Fixed WMU 3/6/2018
Tried clearing cached images, pages and cookies and I don't see it fixed here. K2MF 3/7/2018
Was working, now not working....Working on it! WMU 3/7/2018
Fixed........ WMU 3/8/2018
       Looks that way. Thank you! K2MF 3/9/2018

Tuesday N4CD 3/5/2018
frio and maverick are the 2 i need for MD- tnx for Hays! KM9X 3/6/2018
Ochiltree TX N1API 3/5/2018

Michigan Mini

K8ZZ 3/5/2018

Now is the time. Elections are coming up and this club needs volunteers... WQ7A 3/5/2018

Congratulations to all the winners! NA8W 3/5/2018

OK QSO Party This weekend, March 10/11 W3DYA 3/5/2018
OOPS! Saturday 9am to 8pm; Sunday 9am to 3pm - CST. W3DYA 3/5/2018
So Is The WIS QSP N4RS 3/5/2018

My congratulations to all the awardees below. Having trouble with individual messages. N2JNE 3/5/2018

A Member of My Local Club Would Like Your Vote N1API 3/5/2018
PS N1API 3/5/2018

Congratulations to all the new award holders. KC3X 3/5/2018

monday N4CD 3/4/2018
TX Counties N4RS 3/5/2018
Try as I might, condx won't let me work you on any band from Fl-hope for change!! K4XI 3/5/2018

This catches everything up to today. AB7RW 3/4/2018
Tnx for your service Phil.. K8ZZ 3/5/2018
Phil, thanks for your efforts as Awards Secretary (more) WGXQ 3/5/2018
Congrats to all and thanks Phil! WMU 3/5/2018
Thank you, Phil for all of your hard work and dedication to MARAC! K2MF 3/5/2018
Phil, Thank you for all you do!!!!!!!!! N7JPF 3/4/2018

USA-CA 2nd Time Awarded to W1ATV $440 Dtd 8/23/17 AB7RW 3/4/2018
Many congratulations, Walt! K2MF 3/5/2018
Congratulations on the award! WG6X 3/5/2018
Congratulations on your 2nd time USA-CA number. WB4FFV 3/4/2018

County Challange #2 Awarded to N1API #51 on 1/19/18 AB7RW 3/4/2018
Many congratulations, Al! K2MF 3/5/2018
Congratulations on your County Challenge Award. WB4FFV 3/4/2018
Congrat's on getting it finished. WG6X 3/5/2018

Ran All Oklahoma to N5MLP #28 Dtd 9/29/17 AB7RW 3/4/2018
Many congratulations, Ron! K2MF 3/5/2018
A hard one to earn for sure, congrat's! WG6X 3/5/2018
Congratulations to your Ran All Oklahoma Award. WB4FFV 3/4/2018

Ran all New Mexico to N5MLP #31 Dtd 10/4/17 AB7RW 3/4/2018
Many congratulations, Ron ! K2MF 3/5/2018
Congratulations on your Ran All New Mexico Award. WB4FFV 3/4/2018

Congratulations to all award recipients listed below!!!!!!!!! WA4UNS 3/4/2018
And above! AD1C 3/5/2018

Ran All Colorado to N5MLP #29 Dtd 9/29/17 AB7RW 3/4/2018
Many congratulations, Ron ! K2MF 3/5/2018
Congratulations to your an All Colorado Award WB4FFV 3/4/2018

County Challange #9 Awarded to K2MF #50 Dtd 9/30/17 AB7RW 3/4/2018
Congratulations on your county Challenge Award WB4FFV 3/4/2018

Native American Award to K7DM #56 Dtd 121/22/17 AB7RW 3/4/2018
Many congratulations, Don! K2MF 3/5/2018
Congratulations on Your Native American Award. WB4FFV 3/4/2018

Bingo II Awarded to K8ZZ # 102 Dtd 10/21/17 AB7RW 3/4/2018
Congrats from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 3/5/2018
Nice job Ed, congrats. N2JNE 3/5/2018
Many congratulations, Ed! K2MF 3/5/2018
Congratulations on your Bingo II Award Ed. WB4FFV 3/4/2018

Jack Scroggins (Gemini) was Awarded to W0MU #176 AB7RW 3/4/2018
Many congratulations, Mike! K2MF 3/5/2018
Congratulations To your Jack Scroggins(Gemini) Award. WB4FFV 3/4/2018

USA-CA All CW Awarded to K4AMC #38 Dtd 11/22/17 AB7RW 3/4/2018
Many congratulations on your 2nd Time USA-CW award, Jim! K2MF 3/5/2018
Congratulations to your USA-CA All CW Award. Bet that took some patience. WB4FFV 3/4/2018
Congrat's on a hard one to earn! WG6X 3/5/2018

USA-CA 2nd Time Awarded to K5OH $439 Dtd 10/19/17 AB7RW 3/4/2018
Congratulations! N2JNE 3/5/2018
Many congratulations, Troy! K2MF 3/5/2018
Congrat's on getting it finished. WG6X 3/5/2018
Congratulations for your 2nd Time USA-CA number. WB4FFV 3/4/2018

USA-CA 2nd AB7RW 3/4/2018

USA-CA All CW 1st Time Awarded to K0FG #155 Dtd 2/12/18 AB7RW 3/4/2018
Congratulations from N9QPQ & AA9JJ 3/5/2018
Many congratulations, Fred! K2MF 3/5/2018
Congrat's on a hard one to earn! WG6X 3/5/2018
Well done, congrats! N2JNE 3/4/2018
Congratulations to you on your All CW USA-CA number. WB4FFV 3/4/2018

USA-CA 4th time Awarded to W9DC $170 Dtd 1/9/18 AB7RW 3/4/2018
Many congratulations, Don! K2MF 3/5/2018
Congrat's on the award! WG6X 3/5/2018
Congratulations! N2JNE 3/4/2018
Congratulations on your 4th Time USA-CA number. WB4FFV 3/4/2018

Bingo II Awarded to N0XYL $101 on 11/7/17 AB7RW 3/4/2018
Many congratulations, Sandra! K2MF 3/5/2018
Congrat's , great news! WG6X 3/5/2018
Contratulations! N2JNE 3/4/2018
Congratulations to your Bingo II Award. WB4FFV 3/4/2018

5 Star Awarded to K7REL #79 Dtd 12/14/17 AB7RW 3/4/2018
Many congratulations, Tom! K2MF 3/5/2018
Congrat's on a hard one to earn! WG6X 3/5/2018
Congratulations on your 5 Star Award, that's a tough one to get. WB4FFV 3/4/2018

USA-CA 7th Time Awarded to W0GXQ #27 dtd 11/6/17 AB7RW 3/4/2018
Congradulations Jerry. N9QPQ & AA9JJ 3/5/2018
Many congratulations, Jerry! K2MF 3/5/2018
Congrat's on the award and all the hard work. WG6X 3/5/2018
Again, congratulations, nice job. N2JNE 3/4/2018
Congratulations Jerry for your 7th Time USA-CA Award. WB4FFV 3/4/2018

CW 7th time Awarded to W0GXQ #1 Dtd 11/6/17 AB7RW 3/4/2018
Many congratulations, Jerry! K2MF 3/5/2018
Way to go Jerry, congratulations! N2JNE 3/4/2018
Wow, Congratulation on your 7th Time USA-CA All CW award. WB4FFV 3/4/2018

5 Band Award to N5PR #78 dtd 10/5/17 AB7RW 3/4/2018
This 5 star award, not 5 band. KC3X 3/5/2018
Many congratulations, Paul! K2MF 3/5/2018
Wow, congrat's on the award! WG6X 3/5/2018
Congratulations! N2JNE 3/4/2018
Congratulations on your Five Band Award. WB4FFV 3/4/2018

Boone County, IL N4RS 3/4/2018

March 2018 County Challenge Top List Now On Line (more) K2MF 3/4/2018
Thanks for doing this! WMU 3/4/2018
Good job Barry WGXQ 3/4/2018

Contest KN4Y 3/3/2018

Database is back up WMU 3/3/2018
What data base? Did not know about it? K4XI 3/3/2018 WMU 3/3/2018

data base KG5J 3/3/2018
I think it's still down WA4UNS 3/3/2018

K5HT,KR5C,K5JF George Lee WB9NUL 3/3/2018
So sorry to hear this news..... many a QSO and great eyeball QSOs as well... RIP KA3DRO 3/5/2018
Rest in Peace George WY8I 3/4/2018
I just worked him again in 2015. My condolences to George's family. K2MF 3/4/2018
R.I.P. George. The gang up there welcomed you will open hearts! WG6X 3/4/2018
RIP George Lee, you will be missed on County Hunter Nets. WB4FFV 3/3/2018
RIP.. K8ZZ 3/3/2018
This is very sad news. Worked him not too long ago WMU 3/3/2018
So sorry to hear of George's passing WGXQ 3/3/2018
Sorry to hear. George was a great countyhunter. RIP George. N8HAM 3/3/2018
Sorry to hear of the passing of a long time County Hunter and friend. KC3X 3/3/2018
One of the good guys... RIP George... AE3Z 3/3/2018
RIP George and our prayers are for his family. W7FEN 3/3/2018

If you track mobile to mobile contacts and have contacts with KA2LHO (more) KA2LHO 3/2/2018

Thanks to Peter, N4UP, for all the GA counties and bands. Nice job. N2JNE 3/1/2018
Thank you Peter for more than 15 new GA counties! KAP 3/2/2018
TNX Peter. Another great run. TU needed GA counties & Polk-TN W4IHI 3/2/2018
Tks counties Peter 80 meters was the band for me K4AMC 3/2/2018
He really filled in a good number of holes for me. Thank you for all the counties, Peter! K2MF 3/2/2018

Last Call before I place the ad on QTH,com Selling my Alpha 9500 with new tube. Any Interest? KC3X 3/1/2018
Darn lotto ticket numbers were wrong again. Great ampifier for sure & want it, but. WG6X 3/1/2018
The amp is now posted on KC3X 3/3/2018

Will be selling some Knwd/Icom speakers with and without acoustic inside soon. WG6X 3/1/2018

New updated MARAC Awards Rules posted on the website WMU 3/1/2018
Tnx Mike.. K8ZZ 3/1/2018
Thanks for getting this up to date! W4SIG 3/1/2018

Michigan Mini

K8ZZ 2/28/2018

Thursday Georgia Counties ( more ) N4UP 2/28/2018
If you go al the way down TO I85 and head east... you can run HART, GA WA4UNS 3/1/2018

The Marac Database is once again down. WMU 2/28/2018

need 3 to finish all 20m CW any one know who can help. Toombs, GA; Hart, KY; Schuyler, NY KC3X 2/28/2018
Will try to get Hart, KY for you on way to either ... W4SIG 3/1/2018
Thanks Kerry. KC3X 3/2/2018
Toombs on my next road trip, just before GA QSO Party, that will finish running GA for me N4UP 2/28/2018
Thanks Peter, I have sent a couple of the Hams there a request but so far no response. KC3X 3/1/2018

What paddle are you folk using /M? Looking for recommendations WE7G 2/28/2018
TNX for all the sage advice guys. Have a Bencher and Code Warrior type (more) WE7G 3/1/2018
Bencher at home, Palm key in mobile as it is small... W4SIG 3/1/2018
Bunnell Navy Morse WW-2 FlameProof Model CJB (straight key)... Hi... Don AE3Z 3/1/2018
Actually wish I still had mine. Sold it. Sadly now cant afford a replacement. It is and was a great WE7G 3/1/2018
Bunnell Navy Morse WW-2 FlameProof Model CJB (straight key)... Hi... AE3Z 3/1/2018
Pal Paddle from morse express NFN 3/1/2018
Vibbroplx Code warrior 2 or the Katsumi KM-23 both resonable & heavy enough WG6X 2/28/2018
Ray check your email WE7G 2/28/2018
Katsumi KM-23 sold with 1/8 CW cable & Heil Traveler sunscreen. WG6X 3/1/2018
I've been using the Bencher, tried smaller paddles and didn't work me. Prefer the old Bencher. W7FEN 2/28/2018
I use a Whiterook single lever KC7YE 2/28/2018
Leaves me out... still using a straight key WA4UNS 2/28/2018
Looking at the Bengali Traveler WE7G 2/28/2018
Sorry for typo it is Begali mia culpa! I knoiw AI5P uses a Traveler may go that way WE7G 2/28/2018
I use the Bengali Traveler and love it.. K8ZZ 2/28/2018
I use a Bengalie in my truck. Well made produce. KC3X 2/28/2018
Product. KC3X 3/1/2018
Whether mobile or on the desk..... KA3DRO 2/28/2018
i use the Bencher But K4AMC 3/1/2018


Thanks N4UP for LC in GA for ALL CW... I still need NOBLE, IN and WAYNE, NY to finish WA4UNS 2/28/2018

Has anyone else going to MI Mini had fraudulent charges show up on their credit card? KA9JAC 2/28/2018
Nothing here. See you there. Terry WQ7A 2/28/2018
Bob--haven't had a problem but in TC it has always been at the same hotel. N8HAM 2/28/2018

Georgia Schedule Changes ( more ) N4UP 2/27/2018

Thanks to Ray, WB0PYF for Qsos and Counties K4AMC 2/27/2018
Thank you Ray! KAP 3/2/2018
Yes thank you for all those counties, Ray! Hope you enjoyed Orlando. :) K2MF 2/27/2018

Sorry About Barrow County GA ( more ) N4UP 2/26/2018
Wow, thanks for Upson this morning! N9JF 2/27/2018
You're Welcome, Glad that Worked Out N4UP 2/27/2018
Stay safe!!!!! WA4UNS 2/26/2018

Louisiana parishes KBBA 2/25/2018
Thanks for running Louisiana and my LC in LA(LaSalle) NDXE 2/27/2018
It was our pleasure, Pat...(more...) KBBA 2/27/2018

March County Hunter News N4CD 2/23/2018
K4AMC CW II Certificate Received-If I dont post it no one else will K4AMC 2/27/2018
Job well done Jim!!! Awesome award WY8I 3/1/2018
Congrats.. K8ZZ 2/27/2018
Congrat's on a hard one to earn. WG6X 2/27/2018
Don't feel like the Lone Ranger, Several of my awards were never posted. KC3X 2/27/2018
Hollis Sorry about your awards not being posted WMU 2/28/2018
Sorry that this was not announced earlier WMU 2/27/2018
Many congratulations, Jim! K2MF 2/27/2018
My MG award is dated 12/9/2017 WA4UNS 2/26/2018
Couldn't find that info - N4CD 2/27/2018
Couldn't find that info - N4CD 2/26/2018
Phil has it in his notes... it didn't get posted. Just thought I'd let everyone know WA4UNS 2/26/2018
Huh...! Don't seem like it used to be that way....!!! AE3Z 2/27/2018
       Would you like volunteer to help instead of being mean spirited? WMU 2/28/2018

Anyone have any interest in an IC-706, original not MKIIG? W3DYA 2/23/2018
Thanks for the response; it's committed. 73, Norm, W3DYA W3DYA 2/23/2018

Will be mobile this evening thru Saturday afternoo... W4SIG 2/22/2018

Trip Posted Five Days North and West Georgia 26 Feb - 2 Mar N4UP 2/22/2018
Added 5 GA Counties Hall, Forsyth, Dawson, Cherokee, Cobb N4UP 2/23/2018

Well guess what folks! More... KBBA 2/21/2018
Operator error...I am too familiar with those! W4SIG 2/22/2018
Operator Error N4RS 2/21/2018

Dead radio and suggestions for replacement? N9JF 2/21/2018
Maybe IC-7100: small and does about everything quite well or the IC-7610/7300 WG6X 2/21/2018
KX3 is only 15 watts. Cute radio, It might do 2m with an addon. WMU 2/21/2018
I have a 100 amp made for it.. fits under the seat.. nice K8ZZ 2/21/2018
amplifier K8ZZ 2/21/2018
480 with 200 watts does not have a built in tuner WMU 2/21/2018
Love my Kenwood TS480SAT. Internal tuner. But no 2... W4SIG 2/21/2018
I love the Kenwood TS 480 HX with 200w output. KC3X 2/21/2018
I love me Elecraft KX3.. Best mobile receive radio I have used.. K8ZZ 2/21/2018
Definitely look at the Icom 7300. Great reviews. I use one in Florida. NA8W 2/21/2018
IC-7300 or IC-9700 N7JPF 2/21/2018
I have both the IC-7300 and FT991A. NFN 2/21/2018

my LC needs KMAF 2/21/2018

Best made plans of mice and men... KBBA 2/20/2018
You've just been Murphy'd!!!!! WA4UNS 2/26/2018
That's a bummer, just when you where going to have all that fun putting out (more) WB4FFV 2/21/2018

Michigan Mini

K8ZZ 2/20/2018

The Best Time N4RS 2/19/2018
Best time (more) K5KDG 2/19/2018
Yup! Been there. KA2LHO 2/19/2018
How true!!!! WA4UNS 2/19/2018

Late notice for trip starting Monday, February 19 KBBA 2/18/2018

TARHEEL MOBILE MOUNT available KA3DRO 2/18/2018

I have received a response - will add msg offer is still open if it doesn't work out. Norm w3dya W3DYA 2/17/2018
Hateme if u want. Price to low PS-125 $100 & 7000 $600 note ship below WG6X 2/17/2018
I think a 50% discount from what I paid is fair! I just want to pass it on. W3DYA 2/17/2018
Sent email offering $100 & FedEx ship for the power supply, Yes ur price it. WG6X 2/17/2018
Giving the low end sale price on IC-7000. WG6X 2/17/2018
Typo: In header line: ON MIKE should be NO MIKE! W3DYA 2/17/2018

Does anyone need Honolulu county? Been here 2 months and haven't unpacked the radio N8KIE 2/16/2018
You've been too busy surfing on the North Shore! W4SIG 2/16/2018
Too old for that nonsense N8KIE 2/16/2018
Maybe not to old to watch the young ladies doing it. Hee! WG6X 2/17/2018
When the surf is running you would spend hours trying to get there thru the traffic N8KIE 2/19/2018

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