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How about Liberty for last in state KD5YUK 8/18/2017
Can drive abt 20 minutes before get gets uncomfortable, sri distance to far. WG6X 8/19/2017

Nice 5 buck pwr speaker found at Target of all places WG6X 8/18/2017
I have a HEIL PRO5-ic headset listed on Like the ic on my Ic-7300 WG6X 8/18/2017
Does this mean you may be mobile again ? N9QS 8/18/2017
Roy maybe every once in a while I will try to run Escambia & Santa Rosa WG6X 8/18/2017
how about Liberty KD5YUK 8/18/2017

Thanks to all who gave me a contact on my trip up to NJ on Wednesday... (more) WA4UNS 8/18/2017
Same for me. I was listening most of the day. K4YT 8/18/2017
I listened for your Doug NA8W 8/18/2017

Heading back to NC very early Saturday morning... Taking the usual route... (more) WA4UNS 8/18/2017
Rest Stops for CW K4YT 8/18/2017
Stopping to Run CW K4YT 8/18/2017

Watching weather for our Sanibel/Eclipse trip next week. (more) KA2LHO 8/18/2017

the 7 day trip just completed we ran 150 counties and made 2100+ contacts N8KIE 8/17/2017
Thanks for the counties Bob. Great job with such poor conditions. K5GE 8/18/2017
Thanks for all the counties!! W4SIG 8/18/2017

4 left for 7th GA Wilcox .. HI Kauai .. ID Teton .. WI Walworth N8KIE 8/17/2017
WA9DLB Tony how about trying walworth on 40 on your next trip north N8KIE 8/18/2017

Lost Contacts N1API 8/17/2017
Recovered about 500 QSOs N1API 8/17/2017

WQ7A on the road and almost to I-5 @ 1450z N8KIE 8/17/2017
Thanks for the counties power went out just after last new one N8KIE 8/18/2017
Track WQ7A-1 on with county outlines N5NA 8/17/2017
Try again... N5NA 8/17/2017

Lost Contacts N1API 8/17/2017

KY counties today N9JF 8/17/2017
Ky travel (more) K5KDG 8/17/2017
Moonshine, no....dizzy, YES! N9JF 8/17/2017

Quick trip into Oregon today... WQ7A 8/17/2017
Thanks for the help today. 300 miles, lots of contacts. Hope you got yours. 17m sucks. WQ7A 8/17/2017
Thank you for your efforts yesterday, Terry. I listened for you but never heard a peep! K2MF 8/18/2017
APRS.FI using WQ7A-1 WQ7A 8/17/2017
hope to hear you both ways DD from Cowlitz on N8KIE 8/17/2017
Columbia, Washington, Clatsop, WA-Wahkiakum and home up I-5 WQ7A 8/17/2017
but, but, but... I need Coos KA9JAC 8/17/2017
Then go get it You can do that now N8KIE 8/17/2017

Thanks to N9JF for last in TN. Now only 3 left for wbow, PA: Chester, Lancaster, Wyoming. Any help? KC3X 8/16/2017
Can do lancaster Pa for u contact n3rm @ N3RM 8/17/2017
Thanks for last in TN NFN 8/16/2017

Counties on schedule for tomorrow - Thursday K8ZZ 8/16/2017

Phone call from K7TM. Limited operation in Missoula area. Forrest fire smoke. No viz. WQ7A 8/16/2017
he should head to teton, ID N8KIE 8/16/2017

Wednesday Montana NUQ 8/16/2017
You'll be real close to Garfield, MT (few miles) - LC for WBOW 2nd time - N2JNE 8/16/2017
Not close enough. NUQ 8/16/2017
Another time - how and when are you headed home? N2JNE 8/16/2017

Wednesday counties N9JF 8/15/2017

Last three for 5th time... (more) WA4UNS 8/15/2017
Chattooga, GA is a LC for All CW (one of six remaining) WA4UNS 8/15/2017

I want to aologize for allowing K7REL to add comments to the FORUM. His privillege has be revoked. K3IMC 8/15/2017

Wed N4CD 8/15/2017

Heading out at 0900Z tomorrow for NJ... (more) WA4UNS 8/15/2017
Same info on Trips page WA4UNS 8/15/2017

Gee, Icom IC-7100 are down to $775 after mail in rebates, darn it... WG6X 8/15/2017

94 stars collected on N5MLP 4 day trip under 1500 left for Star XX in 39 states N8KIE 8/15/2017

North Dakota counties tomorrow NUQ 8/14/2017
TNX for LC1 for 2x for ND in Billinga!!!good signal N7JPF 8/15/2017
Well put Bill !! Thanks for Hettinger. Will be looking for Williams. WGXQ 8/14/2017

Clay IL N9JF 8/14/2017
Hey Jim... let me know when you wander up to Carroll, IL... LC for N-Prefix in IL WA4UNS 8/14/2017

1500 trans hours (more) K8EMS 8/14/2017
Finally worked 1500 - took 22 years! don/t give up. K4XI 8/14/2017
With very little new blood, it is making it much harder WMU 8/14/2017
Yup... I still need 110 xmts to finish MG WA4UNS 8/14/2017
took us 7 years 3 month to transmit from all 3077 .. it can be done N8KIE 8/14/2017

Yea!!! Finally worked AK on digital... that completes WAS Digital... (cue happy dance) WA4UNS 8/14/2017
Many congratulations, Doug! K2MF 8/14/2017
Congratulations Doug. W7FEN 8/14/2017
Congrats! WGXQ 8/14/2017
Congratulations KK7X 8/14/2017
It's too bad that MARAC does not have a WAS... but I HAVE wrkd almost 1100 dig WA4UNS 8/14/2017
Congrats Thats a tough one to get Way to Go!! WE7G 8/14/2017
It was WL7CG near Valdez... good signal!!! WA4UNS 8/14/2017
Congrats-Got all the digital stuff just need to hook it up. Well done. KA2LHO 8/14/2017
Well... what's keeping you... make sure you get JT65 and FT8.. lots of activity!!!! WA4UNS 8/14/2017

Aug 11 and 13 trip K8EMS 8/14/2017
Start date tx counties N4CD 8/15/2017
1500 Transmit counties AB7RW 8/14/2017
1500 transmits??? (more) WA4UNS 8/14/2017
No, the contacts are after completing usaca and bingo, service (xmits) is any time... KA9JAC 8/15/2017
That was my understanding as well as I thought somebody had told me that once before (more) K2MF 8/15/2017
the transmitted counties count the MG starts after USACA and bingo N8KIE 8/14/2017

Monday N4CD 8/13/2017

Desk Microphones (more) KC3X 8/13/2017
Don't need a microphone, but... N9JF 8/13/2017
Ditto!! W4SIG 8/14/2017

Next to last AA4GT 8/13/2017

What happened to the Mobile Emergency and Independent County Hunters Net?? N7IPG 8/12/2017
Still up and running on 14.336... Just like the last 50 years....!!! AE3Z 8/14/2017
I have never heard what is on 336 called this. WMU 8/15/2017
Don't think you're old enough. (more) N7IPG 8/15/2017
Yeah right... There a about 5 people who could get help if needed. W8JJ 8/14/2017
It's good to see you back again as AK1WM, Warren. (more) K2MF 8/13/2017
Congratulations Barry for figuring out my new call. (more) N7IPG 8/13/2017
You might be surprised how much in demand you would be... (more) K2MF 8/14/2017
I'll have to work on it. (more) N7IPG 8/14/2017
Sorry for the broken Top List link. (more) K2MF 8/14/2017
And what were you looking for. There are few mobiles running anymore. N8KIE 8/12/2017
Which frequency were you listening to WA4UNS 8/12/2017

Thanks everyone for cards, text, and phone calls. I am doing great, very sore and weak. KC3X 8/12/2017
Glad to see that you are one the air again. W7FEN 8/13/2017
Godd to hear Hollis. N0DXE & NKV 8/13/2017
Glad to hear your doing good Hollis! NA8W 8/13/2017
Glad to hear the great news & keep healing. WG6X 8/12/2017
Glad things went well. Follow the doc's orders and we'll see you back on the air soon! K2MF 8/12/2017
Great news Hollis. Rest is the best medicine, don't overdo it. N2JNE 8/12/2017
Good news. Rest and allow your body to heal. We will still be out there when you are ready. KA2LHO 8/12/2017
Great news (more) K5KDG 8/12/2017
Good to hear brother... get better soon!!!! WA4UNS 8/12/2017

Lower Prices: IC-706mk2g w/extra $400; IC-756 (see notes) $375; IC-7410 $625 WG6X 8/12/2017
Have a interested buyer for the IC-756 WG6X 8/13/2017
IC-706mk2g sold in less then 3hrs on WG6X 8/13/2017
IC-7410 SOLD in less then 2 hrs on QTH.COM & still getting calls. WG6X 8/13/2017

Make sure the file Logger - Spots.WAV is in your data folder and... WQ7A 8/12/2017

Sat N4CD 8/12/2017

And another great MARAC Volunteer giving up because of the Bullying/threatened legal action WMU 8/11/2017
Huh? Who quit? K4EXT 8/12/2017
Looks like MARAC needs a webmaster again (sigh) K4EXT 8/13/2017
More importantly KW1DX was the man behind Logger II WMU 8/14/2017
What!! Dave, KW1DX, quit again?? (more) K7REL 8/14/2017
       Apparently many people don't read the Roadrunner or board minutes etc WMU 8/15/2017
              And apparently certain people have supported Grandinetti all their county hunting lives........(more K7REL 8/15/2017
                     I received this same statement from REL in an email. WMU 8/16/2017
                     Should read - "N4CD, most prolific county hunter"....... K7REL 8/15/2017

Logger 5064 K8QWY 8/11/2017
Works fine here, Did you run as administrator? WEAR 8/11/2017
What does that mean? What do we do?? Not do the new one?? K4XI 8/11/2017
Ditto here. NA8W 8/11/2017

Change of plans for Friday. I will still be going to Levy, FL 8/11 in the am but will NOT (more) KA2LHO 8/10/2017

Yes, Many thanks to N4CD (more) WA3QNT 8/10/2017
Agreed-thanks Bob for several KA2LHO 8/11/2017
new countes and parks. A great adventure you are on. Safe travels. KA2LHO 8/11/2017
Kings probably needed by many . . . including me! WGXQ 8/10/2017

I have 2 TRAVELER -iC8 just back from Heil repair for sale with some extras WG6X 8/10/2017
IC-7100: AF audio at mike per radio manual. Be great for a Traveler headset?? WG6X 8/10/2017
HeilTraveler headsets can be used on IC-7000/7100 with Heil adapter HSTA-iM WG6X 8/10/2017
I still have a couple of the HEIl HHM-ic hand mikes for ICOM. Call if interested. WG6X 8/10/2017

Thanks to N4CD, K8ZZ, N4UP, WB0PYF, KA2LHO, NF0N, ... W4SIG 8/10/2017
Yes, it great to have many mobiles out running again! N7JPF 8/10/2017

Last County for CW AA4GT 8/10/2017

Failed operation Aug 09 WB4KZW 8/10/2017
Screwdriver name and model pse. There might be help out here for you. WG6X 8/10/2017
It's a Tarheel 100 model (more) WB4KZW 8/10/2017
That ten position Ameritron auto-tuner (If they still call it that.!) was a piece of junk.... more AE3Z 8/13/2017
I had both the Ameritron controller and the simple up/dn controller on my 100. WG6X 8/10/2017
Sorry to hear of the radio troubles. : Thank you for all the counties on your trip! K2MF 8/10/2017
I had trouble with the 7000 when I had either high SWR or low voltage the 706 didn't care N8KIE 8/10/2017
Thanks for the runs Gene, and congrats again on yo... W4SIG 8/10/2017
Sure nice to hear you out on the road again Gene (more) WGXQ 8/10/2017

2018 Dayton CH Forum Moderator Needed W8JJ 8/9/2017
Thanks for all you have done! WMU 8/10/2017
Thanks so much, Tim, for handling this position fo... W4SIG 8/10/2017

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Burke. WQ7A 8/9/2017
My favorite/most often used quote from Edmund Burke.......(more) K7REL 8/11/2017
Thats been happening for about 15 years now..... KA3DRO 8/10/2017
You meant Burp!! didn't you? KD5YUK 8/9/2017
Nope. Edmund Burke. A Whig conservative. Seems appropriate now in our hobby. WQ7A 8/9/2017

2018 Dayton CH Forum Moderator Needed W8JJ 8/9/2017

just 7 left for 7th time GA - Wilcox, ID - Teton, OR Columbia WI - Walworth HI - Kauai N8KIE 8/9/2017
Bob I can pick up Teton, ID Sept 9th or 10th. K7TM 8/10/2017
That would be great. missed it a week ago setting up for trip to NC N8KIE 8/10/2017
I think Hawaii QSO Party is in a couple of weeks... Maybe then?? WYA 8/10/2017
Bob, I will go get Columbia OR for you. Need a couple of days to put the rig in the Jeep. WQ7A 8/9/2017
ok thanks. still looking for a contact in kauai N8KIE 8/9/2017

SpotME stopped working for me. Says not registered. Been using it right along. Sent the email(more) KA2LHO 8/9/2017
Send a note to KW1DX. He can help W4SIG 8/9/2017
Sent a couple of emails and no bounceback. Maybe he is away. I'll live, I just love using SpotME. KA2LHO 8/9/2017

County in GA AA4GT 8/9/2017

Last two AA4GT 8/9/2017

Short WV Trip Postsed for Tomorrow W8OP 8/8/2017

Tmw N4CD 8/8/2017
Bob need many stars in Fulton, Montgomery and Schenectady if your able N8KIE 8/9/2017
Bob you truly are amazing and the amount of ground... K2MF 8/9/2017
Hoorah for Bob..........(more) K7REL 8/10/2017
For sure! Mr County Hunter!! WGXQ 8/9/2017
WOW...what a day... I owe ya!...thanks Bob N7JPF 8/9/2017
Bob is in my log 1784 times! Lots of 5 star contacts in the mix and a few LC WE7G 8/9/2017
Got you beat, Wayne....... K7REL 8/9/2017
And I have Bob in my log 6406 times....thanks Bob !! N9QS 8/9/2017
Geez I only have him in my log 4,148 times... I am a rookie for sure!! WEAR 8/9/2017
There is nobody quite like Bob! N9JF 8/9/2017
Bob, you are one dedicated mobile! Thanks so much ... W4SIG 8/9/2017
WOW...what a day... I owe ya!...thanks Bob N7JPF 8/8/2017

Tnx Bob, N4CD, for LC-2 WBOW- CW only!! Mifflin, PA TU SO MUCH N7JPF 8/8/2017
Was that partly on your new RadioLucky ? N9QS 8/9/2017
Nope, not this time...but..... N7JPF 8/9/2017
Good work, Paul! K2MF 8/9/2017
Way to go Paul, congratulations! N2JNE 8/9/2017
Congrat's on a hard one to earn! WG6X 8/9/2017
Congratulations Paul, super job 73 W7FEN 8/9/2017
Congrats Paul KB8OMG 8/9/2017
Paul, now aren't you glad you took up the key. Congratulations. K7TM 8/8/2017
Good deal Paul KC7YE 8/8/2017
Way to go!! WGXQ 8/8/2017
Congratulations Paul!!! NA8W 8/8/2017
Congrats Paul!!! Great job!! W4SIG 8/8/2017
Congrats Paul. And thanks to N4CD for being there. WQ7A 8/8/2017
Congrats on a very difficult task ALL CW!!. Great job "W" WE7G 8/8/2017
WBOW (More) N7JPF K5KDG 8/8/2017
Congrats!!!! WA4UNS 8/8/2017

Two left AA4GT 8/8/2017

Needs AA4GT 8/8/2017
Where in ID and MT. I don't see them on the needs page? N7JPF 8/8/2017
Last two AA4GT 8/9/2017

Last countys AA4GT 8/8/2017

thanks K8ZZ last county in MI for 7th 9 left N8KIE 8/8/2017

Where can I find the rules for taking credit for county run for awards other than RUN COUNTIES? W3DYA 8/8/2017
Rules changes wording location (more) N5MLP 8/8/2017
Thanks, got a respnse that pointed me to the March RR. 73, Norm, W3DYA W3DYA 8/8/2017
Self credit is available for 12 awards (not natural bingo) that you put out for others .. more.. N8KIE 8/8/2017

Oops N4CD 8/7/2017
It looks like the (more) K2MF 8/8/2017
Gee Bob, a hole in one while CH'ing! WG6X 8/8/2017
Thanks Bob, I'll be by the radio. Anyone can call me if I don't hear him for WBOW, CW N7JPF 8/7/2017

Back on the road for a few days... K8ZZ 8/7/2017

I understand Hollis, KC3X is heading into the hospital tomorrow. I send him wishes WG6X 8/7/2017
Our thoughts are with you. Get well soon. K7TM 8/8/2017
May God be with you and all the Dr's and nurses.... AE3Z 8/8/2017
Hollis, your on our prayer list , get well soon buddy W8FNW 8/8/2017
In our prayers, Hollis! W4SIG 8/7/2017
Hope all goes well Hollis, will be thinking of you. N2JNE 8/7/2017
My thoughts are with you Hollis! K2MF 8/7/2017
Absolutely--thoughts and prayers heading to Hollis!!! KA2LHO 8/7/2017

LDG AT-100PROII w/ Icom 4 pin cable For Sale $115 mailedto the lower 48 WG6X 8/7/2017

As I sit here by the radios... (more) WA4UNS 8/7/2017
Good Example N4RS 8/8/2017
Frustration runs supreme... I am removing my 5th, Bingo III, and CW Needs... (more) WA4UNS 8/7/2017
Might as well leave them listed. Some of us do che... W4SIG 8/7/2017
And there are also several other benefits you get by keeping your Special Needs lists updated (more) K2MF 8/8/2017
Point taken... I do try to post any TRIPS... (more) WA4UNS 8/8/2017
Needs List.............. K7REL 8/8/2017

New trip to Sanibel Island and back posted 8/21-8/23 10 Bingo Counties will be run. KA2LHO 8/6/2017

I-77 thru Ohio then northern tier west tomorrow N8KIE 8/6/2017

Daggett, UT - 20 ssb/cw, 30/40 cw then 40 ssb. Prob no cell cov. AB7NK 8/6/2017

FWIWI got the 706 in the Jeep so I can be /M again. I'll be testing it around (more) WE7G 8/6/2017

I'll be heading to NJ on Aug 16th to fetch the XYL... (more) WA4UNS 8/6/2017
Seems there is a need for CW in Culpeper, VA. I am considering... (more) WA4UNS 8/7/2017

ICOM 756 PRO II (more) KC3X 8/5/2017
ICOM 756 PRO II sold. KC3X 8/10/2017
anyone is interested? KC3X 8/5/2017
how much? KV7N 8/8/2017
Desk Microphone sold. KC3X 8/7/2017

Might consider Icom HM-219 Mike for IC-7000 & the IC-7100 as cheaper replace WG6X 8/5/2017
If you need a 8 pin mike /Traveler/HSTT to a modular adapter for IC-7000/7100 WG6X 8/6/2017
Wrong not IC-7000/7100 I meant IC-706 series no audio at jack on IC-7000,7100 WG6X 8/6/2017
Adapter free for mailing cost 8pin to modular ICOM WG6X 8/6/2017
IF you have a Traveler/HTSS headset there is no Heil adapter for new ICOM radio WG6X 8/8/2017

Has anyone used acousta-stuf inside their radio speakers like SP-940/820/etc? WG6X 8/5/2017
Insulation N1API 8/5/2017
Thanks: I put it inside the SP-940 not sure I did it right seems a tab better WG6X 8/6/2017

Heading for Russell, VA tomorrow (8/5)... should be there about 1400Z WA4UNS 8/4/2017
Thanks everyone... down to 3 for 5th (all GA) and 12 for BINGO 3 (in 4 states.) WA4UNS 8/5/2017
And thank *you* for the 30m contact from Russell! K2MF 8/6/2017
Thanks Doug for all the contacts from Russell! NA8W 8/5/2017

Down to 4 for wbow (more) KC3X 8/4/2017
Sorry-wrong end of PA. We'll be up there in October but not out east. If were there I would try! KA2LHO 8/7/2017
What award is it for??? I might be able to get Hancock TN... no guarantees WA4UNS 8/4/2017

Well... so much for getting relays on 40M... 2P just showed up to run N8KIE WA4UNS 8/4/2017
Sadly too many other CHers continue to enable this... WMU 8/8/2017
Exactly! W8JJ 8/8/2017
And people wonder why KA3DRO 8/8/2017
none of you regulars do anything if it is not for yourselves. I had to ask him to get my 3 contacts N8KIE 8/5/2017
Not true for me!!! NA8W 8/5/2017
I thought I was helping Friday and Saturday. Should have mowed my grass instead. NA8W 8/6/2017
NA8W I really do appreciate you being there to help. It is frustrating to run counties and N8KIE 8/6/2017
Ah yes... 2P playing IBOT again... stuff it 2P WA4UNS 8/4/2017
Yes Doug, it embarrasses our hobby when rude comme... W4SIG 8/4/2017
It's amazing how recently 2P has discovered that 40M DOES exist... (more) WA4UNS 8/4/2017
Only because N8KIE needed a couple more 40M contacts and he when back to 20 WG6X 8/4/2017
Whenever KZ2P does the relaying dozens of good cou... W4SIG 8/4/2017
Why don't you ask N8KIE... It was "his" choice...!!! Get off it... AE3Z 8/5/2017
Maybe that is true, but in this case N8KIE request him to go to 40M for a contact WG6X 8/5/2017
Ray, you do a great job helping everyone out. It w... W4SIG 8/5/2017
Ray, you do a great job helping everyone out. It w... W4SIG 8/5/2017
       Very true Kerry. I have had some folks come on from time to time and help on 40 as well.. KA2LHO 8/6/2017
       Very true Kerry. I have had some folks come on from time to time and help on 40 as well.. KA2LHO 8/6/2017

NA QP KN4Y 8/4/2017

IYou can edit your needsm but it takes maybe a minute for the page to load for a state K3IMC 8/4/2017
It is a problem I don't understand. You just have to wait for several minutes K3IMC 8/5/2017
Excuse my naivete... (more) WA4UNS 8/6/2017
Thanks for working on this Don! W4SIG 8/4/2017
Don, I just waited for 4 minutes after selecting state, and it continued to spin. Thanks KC3X 8/4/2017
Thanks Don... much appreciated WA4UNS 8/4/2017

Radios 4 SALE: IC-756 w/both CW filters; IC-706mk2g w/both filters & extras. WG6X 8/4/2017

NEW FREE for mailling cost: MFJ 382 12v pwr speaker NIB Mailing cost only ++ WG6X 8/4/2017
Added note: The Heil HSTA-i8 adapter cable is getting hard to find for new radio WG6X 8/4/2017
Somewhat confusing HSTA-iC8 seems to be the right adapter 8pin to 8pin w audio WG6X 8/6/2017
FREE mail cost: HEIL AD-1-icM : split lead Heil headsets to modular IC706/7000 WG6X 8/4/2017
FREE : ICOM OPC-589 8 pin to modular adapter (used on HSTT/Traveler 4 706 WG6X 8/4/2017

5 hours of fierce rain storms today thru IL and IN.. could not run - safety first K8ZZ 8/3/2017
Went thru here about 8pm and I drove for over an hour in it with the... AE3Z 8/4/2017
You're not kidding!! N9JF 8/3/2017
N9JF (more) K5KDG 8/4/2017
Probably in Allegan MI N9JF 8/4/2017

Bradley, Polk TN then Cherokee, Graham, Clay, Macon, and up to Ashe NC then Gaston N8KIE 8/3/2017

My apologies to those who might have needed IN counties on 20 SSB N9JF 8/3/2017
Sadly too many other CHers continue to enable this... WMU 8/8/2017
Sadly too many other CHers continue to enable this... WMU 8/8/2017
Welcome to the club! I will never run on 14336 ei... W4SIG 8/4/2017
N9JF (more) K5KDG 8/4/2017
Only about five left (more) W8JJ 8/4/2017
I wish more people would feel that way (more) NA8W 8/4/2017
darn, thought this "issue" had calmed down. KC7YE 8/4/2017
Never... 2P cannot forget his grudges WA4UNS 8/4/2017
Well Jim all I can say is Welcome....(more) AA8R 8/4/2017
Just head to 324 the MARAC net frequency. Use Spot me to tell us you are there WE7G 8/3/2017
That's okay Jim... Welcome to the Black Sheep... (more) WA4UNS 8/3/2017

I'm down to 4 to finish 5th time... (more) WA4UNS 8/3/2017
Doug I will be headed to Florida. ( More) NA8W 8/3/2017
Thanks Darl... I'll keep my needs updated WA4UNS 8/3/2017

DeLorme street atlas AJ5ZX 8/3/2017

Garfield, MT - Last for 2nd Time. Just staying on everyone's radar - more - N2JNE 8/3/2017

Is anyone experienced problems with the SPECIAL NEEDS page? K3IMC 8/3/2017
I see that you can't edit your needs, I am woirking on it K3IMC 8/3/2017
Thanks Don WA4UNS 8/3/2017

Tnx WB4KZW for LC in GA for W-Prefix. Down to 5 (2 in TX, 2 in WV and 2nd Dist AK[ WA4UNS 8/3/2017
Five to go here after 60 years of ham radio. Good Luck! WQ7A 8/3/2017

August 2017 County Challenge Top List Now On Line (more) K2MF 8/3/2017

Will start out in Calloway, KY and head for NC tomorrow N8KIE 8/2/2017

8/3 counties - I-5 to Redding CA all on the fly. NO cw on the fly. Last will be Trinity SSB & CW. (M AB7NK 8/2/2017

There is a good chance that I will be making a day trip over to Citrus County, FL (more) KA2LHO 8/2/2017

If anyone has an email address for WB5TMW please send it to me at the email below. (more) KA2LHO 8/2/2017

Rude Question? Tarheel, Scorpion, or Hi-Q-brand ? ( more ) N4UP 8/2/2017
I used a Tarheel 100 on all HF bands mobile for 11 years and it worked perfectly... Never needed any AE3Z 8/3/2017
Murphy's law says, don't fix what isn't broke. WB4FFV 8/2/2017
Thanks for all the replies ... ( more ) N4UP 8/2/2017
Peter, take a look at the new Tunematic. KC3X 8/2/2017
I have also sent an email to Tunematic asking some questions. N4UP 8/3/2017
I Have looked at it, will send you email shortly, thanks N4UP 8/3/2017
I was always told I had a great mobile signal with my 100 tarheel & what hype Ha WG6X 8/2/2017
I love my Scorpion! If I can hear them they can hear me. NA8W 8/2/2017
Don't know why you want to upgrade. You always have an outstanding mobile signal. KC3X 8/2/2017
Upgrade (more) K5KDG 8/2/2017
IMHO the Tarheel is a better bang for the buck. I'm using the M300 with 60" stinger WA4UNS 8/2/2017

8/7 Trip Morris County NJ to Lake Placid NY More AJ2I 8/2/2017

Wed 8/2 counties - cell cov unlikely (more) AB7NK 8/1/2017

Is the "Needs Editing" still inop? WGXQ 8/1/2017
Yes. Don is in Canada for a few more days WA4UNS 8/1/2017
thanks WGXQ 8/1/2017

Trip posted starting Wednesday or Thursday.. K8ZZ 8/1/2017

POTA and County Hunting-There is an increasing level of interest in County Hunting (more) KA2LHO 8/1/2017
Thanks, Kraig! And you are correct W4SIG 8/1/2017

Going for 2nd time! KG4CRJ 7/31/2017
Thanks for the call today at the park in Alachua County!! KA2LHO 7/31/2017
Alachua County KG4CRJ 7/31/2017
Glad you are back... a pleasure working on my Northern Neck excursion WA4UNS 7/31/2017
Need 'em all again! KG4CRJ 7/31/2017

Four-Day Trip Posted for Next Week August 7-10 --- KY TN AL GA N4UP 7/31/2017

Sure sounds good to hear 14.336 back to it's old ways... AE3Z 7/31/2017
If you mean the "good ole days" mean a NCS refusin... W4SIG 8/1/2017
Guess I must be listening to a different frequency... I sure haven't heard that... AE3Z 8/4/2017
Guess I must be listening to a different frequency... I sure haven't heard that... AE3Z 8/4/2017
Yup. Bailed me out in a park where I had no cell signal on Friday. He spotted me and shared (more) KA2LHO 7/31/2017
What??? Did 2P try to tell Mary and Neil they couldn't communicate with me on the C/L?? WA4UNS 7/31/2017
NO he didn't!! He asked if we were ready for relays. Terrible QSB today! AB7NK 7/31/2017
I LOVE it when I can just barely hear him or not hear him at all... makes my day WA4UNS 7/31/2017
(sixteen years and still counting) WA4UNS 7/31/2017
Yes! Only problem is that Jim is the only one I hear in Fl!! K4XI 7/31/2017

IN counties N9JF 7/31/2017

Planning a Trip --- KY TN GA AL GA --- August 7-10 ( more ) N4UP 7/31/2017
I'm going to run KY: Union, Crittenden, Livingston, Lyon, Trigg and Calloway 8/2 N8KIE 7/31/2017
Just Checked, I need Livingston and Trigg first time, so will stray home on 8/02 ! N4UP 7/31/2017
Very Helpful, Thanks. I'll be running Johnson, Menifee, Estill, and Jackson KY on 7th N4UP 7/31/2017
if your planning to hit Menifee from the south on sr77 NADA Tunnel is that way .. more N8KIE 7/31/2017
Hey that tunnel trip proves you are a CH'er nut mobile & oh yes,take off antennas WG6X 7/31/2017
That Would be Fun, But the Plan is US-460 from East to West, Darn It ( more ) N4UP 7/31/2017
:) W4SIG 7/31/2017

Mon 7/31 counties - NV: Esmeralda, Mineral, Lyon & Churchill. "Happy Hunting" AB7NK 7/30/2017
Scratch Churchill for today. Will run on 8/5. Sorry for the mix up. I'm not use to trying to be orga AB7NK 7/31/2017

If you need to convert the old 6-pin power plug to the new 4-pin plug get them at WG6X 7/30/2017
CW OP's: Moving up from most HF rigs to IC-7100 CW jack is 1/8 (3.5m)not 1/4 WG6X 7/31/2017
the cw jack on the radio body is for a straight kry N8KIE 7/31/2017
The CW jack on Controller is 1/8 stereo elect-key & the Main Body is also 1/8 mono WG6X 7/31/2017
Really!!! AE3Z 7/31/2017

Just the IC-706mk2g with SSB &CW filters installed ::shipped FEDEX $445.00 WG6X 7/30/2017
Filters SSB: FL223 & CW: FL232 , Thats about $200 filters cost bought new WG6X 7/31/2017

Anyone have an idea of who the idiot is with the noise source on .336? (more) WA4UNS 7/30/2017
Really loud in Kansas! WYA 7/30/2017

Counties will be posted nightly. Sun 7/30 - AZ: Yavapai, Mohave - NV: Clark, Nye - CA: Inyo (more) AB7NK 7/29/2017
I was wondering when you were going to be mobile again. Youve been home way too long!! NA8W 7/30/2017
I was wondering too Darl :) AB7NK 7/30/2017

You might want to clean your fuse blocks on you 12VDC cables. WG6X 7/29/2017

is there a national convention form for those of us without msWord N8KIE 7/29/2017
Print it out from MARAC.ORG Events More Details Here Registration WQ7A 7/29/2017

NEW by BETTER RF the model I-MATE (enables voice messaging on Icom radios WG6X 7/28/2017
Have a taker on the I-MATE WG6X 7/29/2017
I-MATE Sold WG6X 7/30/2017
I have 2 Heil ICOM Handmiks Model HMM Brown and Black 8 round 8 pin MORE WG6X 7/29/2017
NOMIC RIGblaster in the box. Tested & used a couple times ( ICOM ) $48 mailed WG6X 7/29/2017
Like new KAMSUM Model KM-23 Iambic double boxed shipped lower 48 $85 WG6X 7/29/2017
I have if I remember corectly 50 ft of Cable with Yeasu G-800SA connector NEW WG6X 7/28/2017
NIB: several Hustler coils and mo-2 mast along with this and that. Call me WG6X 7/28/2017
Have received a email on the coils. WG6X 7/29/2017
FREE just pay the mailing: Truck Stake Mount never used. Little heavy. MORE WG6X 7/28/2017
FREE for mail cost: NIB Olympus VN-1000; RCA model RP5010B dig. recorder WG6X 7/28/2017
The two tape digital recorders gone. WG6X 7/29/2017
K5KDG your email bounced ?? Package mailed @ $3.75 cost today WG6X 7/30/2017
K5KDG (MORE) K5KDG 7/30/2017
Lots of things: Yeasu G800SA rotator controller, 2 & 3 position coax switches, & WG6X 7/28/2017
I have a couple 40 meter coaxial dipoles, if interested call me in the afternoon WG6X 7/28/2017
Seemly no one is interested in the 40m Bazooka Antennas; They are great dipoles WG6X 7/31/2017
HEIL BM5-ic single-side headset like new (tested only) w/AD-1-ic adapter **plus** WG6X 7/28/2017
HEIL PRO-5-ic single-sided PRO headset with Icom adapter & push to talk button WG6X 7/28/2017
Found one new rca to 1/4 cable to go with the PRO5-ic WG6X 7/28/2017

JT65 on 60M... just had a QSO with Bob, K7TM on channel 2... hope to do more on 60M WA4UNS 7/28/2017
also new digital modae FT8...having ...more... N7JPF 7/28/2017
I have been using it on 6 meters also. Love it! NA8W 7/28/2017

Found 2 disc KWIKLOG PLUS 2000 & KWIKL COUNTY MAP who wants them? WG6X 7/28/2017

Down to ONE, Mifflin, PA...more LC-CW N7JPF 7/28/2017
I had luck with WA3RNC for last 20m CW county in P... K2MF 7/30/2017
Thanks Barry, email sent N7JPF 7/30/2017
likely target if mobile plans work out for PQP KA3QLF 7/29/2017
W3TDF is last QSO in my log from Mifflin AD1C 7/29/2017
W3TDF (SK) 2016...thanks for the lead however. N7JPF 7/29/2017

1800 cw 14.056 AA4GT 7/28/2017
I was on at 1825 but was not running anything at 1800. I have you in the log on 40 cw at (more) KA2LHO 7/28/2017
I tried to hear you again today (more) N9QS 7/28/2017
We'll get it. Levy is next door. KA2LHO 7/28/2017

Band cbdx terrible (SN=0-10)=bands above 40 unusable Good grief WE7G 7/28/2017

Updated Logger version 5064 and updated master Follow WQ7A instructions WE7G 7/28/2017

4-SALE: IC-706mk2g w/both filters, MB-63 & 706 Traveler IC headset $545 ship US WG6X 7/28/2017
I found a used seperation cable with the screw now in box. WG6X 7/28/2017
Wow... great deal Ray... I wish I could go mobile again... Sold both of my 706's last summer after c AE3Z 7/28/2017
Don, I believewith the extras the price is quit fair & good. Hope a CH'er gets it. WG6X 7/28/2017
Will be selling a ICOM IC-756 shorty at $440 ship lower 48: call if interested. WG6X 7/28/2017
The IC-756 has both CW filters installed which makes it a quite decent CW rig. WG6X 7/29/2017
Gee, I see I was using capital letters above ad, sorry. WG6X 7/28/2017
Yes it comes with the MB-62 mobile mount bracket -used & shorten PWR cord. WG6X 7/28/2017

More IL Counties N3MRA 7/27/2017

Heads up-Lafayette, FL will be added as a side trip on our trip home from Franklin, FL-7/28 KA2LHO 7/27/2017

Lowell and Sandra (more) KC3X 7/28/2017

811H Amp For Sale KD5YUK 7/27/2017

Old used Baker Williamson Model 425 Low Pass Filter FREE Pay mailing cost. WG6X 7/27/2017
No takers yet for free Low Pass Filter. WG6X 7/28/2017
Cleanup AI5P 7/27/2017
Yes, Col. clean out time. Lots to go including mobile coils/masts/headsets/etc. WG6X 7/27/2017
Will be selling IC-706mk2g & IC-756 very soon at I believe nice price. WG6X 7/27/2017

2017 National Convention, Sept 25-28, Colo Springs (more) N0DXE & NKV 7/27/2017

Thanks to all of the county hunters calling on park activations. It helps us reach the minimum of 10 KA2LHO 7/27/2017

Route 66 Prize winners AI5P 7/27/2017
WOW Thanks Rick didn't keep count but glad you did. 73 "W" WE7G 7/27/2017

IOTA KN4Y 7/27/2017
Just spent a couple of days out there and in Apalachicola. Incredible scenery and love the town. KA2LHO 7/30/2017
Yes KN4Y 8/1/2017

Down to 2 left for USA-CW N7JPF 7/26/2017
oops...meant N9JF......TNX N7JPF 7/26/2017

Free for mailing cost: NEW 4-pin power cable with fuses abt 3 ft long. 1st email. WG6X 7/26/2017
4 Pin Power cable taken, but the Kenwood adapter cable this here for the taking. WG6X 7/26/2017
FREE for mailing cost: NEW HEIL AD-1-K Kenwood Adapter 1st email gets it WG6X 7/26/2017
Kenwood adapter gone to a blind ham. WG6X 7/26/2017

Whatcom WA KC7YE 7/26/2017
Home KC7YE 7/26/2017

trip delayed a week due to severe weather forcast N8KIE 7/26/2017

ON THE ROAD AGAIN .... KBBA 7/25/2017

August 2017 County Hunter News OnLine N4CD 7/25/2017

FYI need list edit (More) KC3X 7/25/2017
It would appear that you aren't the only one experiencing this issue. K2MF 7/31/2017

October and PA County Needs--Heads Up and South Florida-Gulf Side (more) KA2LHO 7/24/2017
PA qso party October 14th, 15th KA3QLF 7/26/2017
I will look into it. Thanks KA2LHO 7/26/2017

Short Drive Up to Louisa VA and Back Tuesday N4UP 7/24/2017

Short Drive Up to Louisa VA and Back Tuesday N4UP 7/24/2017

Short Drive Up to Louisa VA and Back Tuesday N4UP 7/24/2017
You should go through Buckingham etc... I couldn't hear anyone ... (more) WA4UNS 7/24/2017
Okay, Will do ... ( more ) N4UP 7/24/2017
Cumberland and Buckingham worked out well ... ( more ) N4UP 7/25/2017

Down to 4 to finish 5th time... (more) WA4UNS 7/24/2017

Down to 6 to finish CW... (more) WA4UNS 7/24/2017

Monday's Counties K4YT 7/23/2017

Down to 6 for WBOW (more) KC3X 7/23/2017
wyoming, pa KA3QLF 7/26/2017
Thanks KC3X 7/26/2017

On the road again. Headed out Wednesday ,, more N8KIE 7/23/2017
I'll be going through Levy Florida on Wednesday morning. Try to listen for you to get it for you. KA2LHO 7/23/2017
bingo 5 and no star N8KIE 7/23/2017
After we get back I can run down and pick up Hernando for you as well. Not far away from (more) KA2LHO 7/24/2017

Back home safe although we did have some close calls. Thanks for riding along and K5GE 7/23/2017
Thanks Gene.. K8ZZ 7/24/2017
Thanks for the counties. KA2LHO 7/24/2017
Thanks for all the New Ones Gene, and the Last county in SC K8EMS 7/24/2017
New ones plus all those stars....Thanks Gene N9QS 7/23/2017
Thank you for all the counties, Gene and glad you got home ok! K2MF 7/23/2017
Tnx Gene for many MD, XX,Cinco points K4YT 7/23/2017
Thanks for LC in MS. KC3X 7/23/2017
Got a bunch of new ones from you. THANKS WQ7A 7/23/2017
172 stars collected (1795 left) 27 counties filled up 178 dbl diamond Headed out Wednesday N8KIE 7/23/2017

BullDog MiniKey Model BD2 New in Bag $25 mailed USA Nice tiny bkup Iambic WG6X 7/23/2017

Sunday's Counties K4YT 7/22/2017

My thanks also, Gene K8OOK 7/22/2017

Many thanks, Gene, K5GE WA3QNT 7/22/2017

Trip to IL N3MRA 7/22/2017

FREE:ICOM Cellular earset & Adapter Model-IC by N1GY pay shipping WG6X 7/22/2017
Again modular mike connector not 6, 8, or what ever round mike. Waiting on #2 email WG6X 7/22/2017
Gone to #2 WG6X 7/22/2017

RON Denver K4YT 7/21/2017

FREE - MRC's made by N4UJK. If you has a use for them let me know & I'll send them out. Tnx AB7NK 7/21/2017
Gone - tnx much AB7NK 7/23/2017

Route 66 - Done AI5P 7/21/2017
Another goal crossed off your bucket list Rick! WGXQ 7/21/2017
Way to go Col.& congratulations on getting it done. WG6X 7/21/2017
WOW what a feat! got a few new band counties and some 5 star TNX "W" WE7G 7/21/2017

Home N9JF 7/21/2017
Tnx K8ZZ 7/24/2017
What a wonderful trip ! W8OP 7/21/2017
Quite a challenge Jim! Thanks for making the trip. WGXQ 7/21/2017
Thanks for all the help, Jim and glad you are home safe and sound! K2MF 7/21/2017
Great ruins. Thanks N7JPF 7/21/2017
Great runs. Thanks for them all N7JPF 7/21/2017

planning a trip next week to IN, KY, TN, NC WV, OH to get last 2 for WY8I N8KIE 7/21/2017

Thanks Gene K5GE .. 172 Stars (1797 left) finished 27 counties (338 left) and 178 DD N8KIE 7/21/2017

RON Salida, CO K4YT 7/20/2017

N4CD Short Trip to OK N4CD 7/20/2017

Thursday's counties K4YT 7/20/2017

Guess I've been living under a rock W8OP 7/19/2017
What!!? I've been waiting for Shannon, SD for las... W4SIG 7/20/2017
OK, dumb question KC7YE 7/20/2017
Same county, just different name. No need to re-work AD1C 7/20/2017
Brings up the question about Bingo and Natural Bingo. They are separated by date now. WQ7A 7/20/2017
TNX KC7YE 7/20/2017
A county since May 2015 W8OP 7/19/2017

Spot Them More K8EMS 7/19/2017
Thanks Mike. Looking forward to using it again. KA2LHO 7/19/2017

There is a new update to the KFF County Excel file. (more) KA2LHO 7/19/2017
Thanks to all who got the update done quickly once... K2MF 7/20/2017

Trip today N9JF 7/19/2017

Trip Today AB7RW 7/19/2017

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